Open Letter to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo – October 2019

I know I’ve written an open letter before and I have no idea if you even bothered to read it. These days anything that is considered a “negative remark” against you is simply discarded as someone who is “jealous” or “envious” of the Church or the Administration.

You would be surprised actually of how many people feel the way I do. I write this not to attack you or to rebel against you but to simply speak my mind and to speak on behalf of those who choose to remain silent for fear of reprisals.

It has been 10 years since your father passed away and you took over the leadership role. Ten years is a mighty long time. I was hoping by now you would be secure enough to feel that no one is trying to take your job away from you. In the last Video recorded worship service, you had your minions praying to God for you again so many times that they all forgot to pray to Jesus Christ. Yes, that’s right, NO ONE prayed to or praised the name of Jesus, as we were commanded to by God. It is really tiring that YOUR NAME has to be mentioned in all these prayers and lessons. IF YOU ARE REALLY THE APPOINTED ONE BY GOD, THEN HE SHOULD KNOW YOUR NAME RIGHT? The Ministers do not need to mention it in EVERY PRAYER – – “Our beloved Executive Minister….. (in case you don’t know his name, Lord, it is) Brother EDUARDO V. MANALO!” tears. tears

My point is that since you have been Administrator for 10 years perhaps you don’t have to try so hard to try and “PROVE” that God is “guiding” you. Stop trying to force every little event as some kind of success. For example, what was supposed to be a sacred event, the Holy Baptism – an occasion where a soul is cleansed of sins, forgiven of past trespasses and the person is inducted into the body of Christ – became a circus where you had non members going around COUNTING how many were dunked in the pool.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.36.23 AM

You had your little minions there with their big DSLR cameras pointing at the ones about to experience a once in a lifetime moment of their old sinful selves being buried in the water and to arise a new person cleared of guilt. Instead they are shared for media consumption. WHY? To PROVE that our ‘great leader’, on the very day of his 10th anniversary was able to ACCOMPLISH another “world record breaking” feat??

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 9.57.46 PM.png

Who do you think were impressed by that? Maybe the farmers in Mindanao? The squatters in Tondo? What’s next to desecrate? World Record for Biggest Chalice in Holy Supper?

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.16.38 PM.png
Will this be the next world record?

The last 10 years there have been all kinds of activities which, for some, may be considered “amazing” but the truth of the matter is, most of us really think that they are a bunch of gimmicks. I mean what’s the point of breaking the world record for largest picture mosaic Does it bring us closer to God? Does it make the non-members say, “oh, this must be the true Church because they just broke the record for the largest picture mosaic”? Those are what many people call G-I-M-M-I-C-K-S. You just made a sacred occasion into a sideshow! What is that Bible translation that you like to use? Oh that’s right, The Message:

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.04.35 PM

“Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts. Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth; avoid careless banter, white lies, and gossip. Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions.” Proverbs 4:23



I watched the news the other day. It was about this Dallas Policewoman who shot this man in his own apartment. She was found guilty of murder. But what was amazing with this story, which captured my attention was even with the loss of a family member, the youngest brother of the victim spoke in court and FORGAVE the former police officer. He gave her a hug and it touched the hearts of so many people, including mine.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 4.25.36 PM.png


Then I wondered, why is it that you cannot forgive your own brother who did not kill anyone but simply refused to leave his own residence? Even if you say that he committed a crime, you cannot find it in your heart to forgive him? He’s still sitting in jail for years now without a trial. I won’t even mention your own elderly mother whom you expelled. It’s a shame we can’t see a sight like this:

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 4.26.03 PM.png

Does it not say:  “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”


Putting on a show

We all understand that the Church should have a clean image. It is the bride of Christ that should be presented as a “chaste virgin”. But again, you cannot force that. You can’t force a good image or insist for people to like us. What am I talking about? 1. Don’t push the brethren to go on the Church’s Facebook account and press the “like” button so that if there are enough “likes” we would be trending. That is not really going to convince anyone to convert to the INC. And 2. Giving away loads of cash with IMMENSE CHECKS does not make anyone believe that we are “good” people. It only makes us look more desperate in trying to improve the Church’s image by putting on a show. You say it is NOT for show? Then why the LARGE SIZE? Is this the normal check we bring to the bank?

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.28.14 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.28.54 PM.png

It only reminds people of winning a lottery or the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. It is a S-H-O-W.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.19.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.20.03 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.20.37 AM.png

Hard to tell the difference isn’t it? What makes these pictures worse is that the cash you just threw at people were from people who are even poorer. They came from hard working church people who believe that their offerings would be used to build them a chapel, and instead it is used for blatant shows like these to merely improve our image. People earn a living and save every cent from their blood, sweat and tears; many sacrifice so much, even missing out on their meals, that they would have something to drop in the pouch, and then it is used for showy activities. You think that these people would even remember the church in 2 months? Do you remember that gross special event years ago in Times Square New York? How much was spent on that event? Millions on giveaways? How many joined the church? Many could not even remember, let alone pronounce the foundation. They said, Felix Manolo. Yes, I was there. Waste of the contributions of the poor brethren.

Is this what you want the Church to be? A group of people who likes to break records and do gaudy giveaways of giant checks for all to see? Is it how Brother Felix Manalo envisioned the Church? Throwing away cash at strangers so they can say we are not all thugs? Is this why you keep pushing for donations and super-duper special offering Sundays? You know what? I will just quote your favourite Bible translations again in Amos 5:21-24 Message

“I can’t stand your religious meetings. I’m fed up with your conferences and conventions. I want nothing to do with your religion projects, your pretentious slogans and goals. I’m sick of your fund-raising schemes, your public relations and image making. I’ve had all I can take of your noisy ego-music. When was the last time you sang to me? Do you know what I want? I want justice—oceans of it. I want fairness—rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want.


We know your Birthday is coming up. As I said at the start, I am not attacking you. I wish you the best. I wish that God really would bless you with wisdom. Then you can see what the brethren really are thinking; you would see what we truly need. We don’t need all kinds of gimmicks or schemes or special goals. We just want to serve God in purity and humility. We don’t need all kinds of flashy events to show you love us. All we want is for God to love us.


I truly wish you would see that. Your ministers will tell you what you want to hear. They don’t want to get in trouble or get you angry so they will keep their mouths shut and pretend everyone enjoys all these activities and are eager to attend these long Webex recordings. Keep it simple and humble brother Eduardo. Stop trying to flash “your badge”. We know you are the leader. You’ve got the job. No one is taking it. Now do it well and do it right. You are losing people. Brethren don’t want to speak up, but they are tired of the nonsense.


So as your birthday nears, Brother Eduardo, I pray to the Father, may He give you advisers who will tell you the truth. May they be honest enough to say the Church is hurting from all this giving and giving and giving. We have our limits. May God let you see what the Church truly needs. We need a leader who is not about himself, not about breaking records or being praised by others but one who is simple and humble and merely want to lead us in peaceful worship and humble service to God.


Life is hard enough as it is. Please don’t make it harder by adding additional burdens and call it our “sacrifice“. Every penny we put is a sacrifice – don’t allow your ministers to despise or disdain what we offer. Stop creating “mandatory” events then push officers to attend. Your father understood how everyday people lived. You now live in the castle in the sky and forgot how us mere mortals live. We are not lazy. We are not rebellious. We try to be religious. Every day we live in this world is already a challenge; every day is a sacrifice; every day is a battle for us to live good Christian lives. We do not need extra invented events to make us “active”.


Lastly, many still pray for your family. Not your queen sitting on the throne, but your real family; the mother who raised you and your siblings you grew up with. The Bible said “nothing is impossible with God”. So would you give up on them? I pray that they are all safe. I pray that they are healthy and most of all, I pray that you would resolve this because it would show to the church that you are indeed a leader who leads by example and can forgive just as God forgives us.

44 thoughts on “Open Letter to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo – October 2019

  1. GOD BLESS you Bro.Edge!! God gave you a wisdom to tell the TRUTH what really happened in 10yrs of EVM’s Leadership in d True INC,w/c “turned away in True faith” (evm church now)!!
    From: Sept.7,2009 to Sept.7,2019 till GOD hands will STOP THEM.!!!
    Everything HE did was for His OWN Glory n with His Sangoons n Blind-Fanatics Followers.!!!
    In d Book of Daniel 8:23, 7:25, and 11:23-24, I believed, is for EVM.!!!


  2. I really Admire n Salute you Bro.Edge,your compassion,mercy n advice to EVM. All I know is,
    if you Go Against or Rebel sa “TUNAY na TP na Lagay” ng Dios, it is a Sin against the H.Spirit.!! Like what happened to Teodoro Santiago n others that go against ka FYM.
    They were not forgiven by God even ka EGM forgave them n re-enlisted in the Church but Still they were SEPARATED later on through their own will. (Matthew 12:11-12 and Hebrew 10:26,29)
    I remember what ka Erdy said, Ako maibabalik ko KAYO (mga Lumaban) sa Iglesia,ngunit kung DIOS na ang AYAW sa inyo,Ibalik ko man kayo,AALISIN pa rin kayo ng Dios.!!!
    Kung IBINILAD Mo sa KAHIHIYAN ang “Marangal na Pangalang CRISTO at IBINAON sa UTANG at IBINENTA at ISINANGLA ang PAG-AARI ng DIOS patatawarin ka pa kaya???
    “Napakabanal at Napakalinis” ng Ngalang CRISTO na “ginawa” ng Dios— Sinalaula at binaboy mo,patawarin ka pa kaya?
    Nilapastangan mo ang IYONG mga MAGULANG sa halip na IGALANG Mo,Patatawarin ka pa kaya? Sabi ni Cristo ang Lumapastangan sa Magulang “walang salang Papatayin”!!!
    BINAGO Mo ang Ilang ARAL at mga TUNTUNIN para “masunod ang gusto Mo”,patatawarin ka pa kaya? Nilapastangan Mo/Ninyo ang mga Banal na Handog sa Dios,patatawarin pa kayo???
    Iiwan ko na ang mga katanungang ito sa lahat, Defender man o mga panatikong OWE.!!!


  3. Can someone confirm if radel cortez is really back as member and worst as member of sangunian! I mentioned it here before coz I saw him in the picture where GBR gave their awards. But it seems everyone is silent about it. And if rc have indeed returned then evm could have forgiven him of his corruption, but he cannot forgive his own brother. What a big show


  4. I remember too, a Filipina Actress Cherry Pie Picache— I saw it in TV Show,SHE FORGAVE
    Her Mother’s KILLER. She even Hug the Guy in Bilibid Prison in Pinas. They are both CATHOLIC!!
    She even say,Let’s Forget what ever happened, Let’s moved On.!!
    I almost cry watching it on TV program coz I can’t Believed Ms. Cherry P. Picache can Forgive her Mother’s Murderer.!!!
    Now a Professing TRUE Christian Leader Rejecting n Persecuting His OWN Mother n Siblings,doesn’t KNOW n Understand the meaning of Love n Mercy???


  5. “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”


  6. Spirit of Satan —- Let no one in any way Deceive you,for it will not come unless the “apostasy” (turning away from True Faith) comes first,and the MAN of Lawlessness is revealed,the Son of Destruction..
    Who Opposes and Exalts HIMSELF “above” every so-called god or Object of Worship,so that He takes His seat in the Temple of God,Displaying HIMSELF as being God.
    And with “all” the Deception of Wickedness for those who Perish,becoz they did not Receive the Love of the Truth so as to be saved,
    And for this reason God will send upon Them a Deluding influence so that they might believe what is FALSE.!! 2 Thessalonians
    According to ka EGM— “those” who will turn away from TRUE Faith are the ONES who will “CHANGED the Church REGULATIONS and TEACHINGS.!! HE even says — Whoever he is,whatever he is,IF His Teaching are NOT or AGAINST the Bible, go away from that preacher/person,He is from the DEMON.!!!
    I told before,I have ka EGM’s audio recording about this.I just don’t know how to upload it here, so everyone can hear it.!!
    Kaya ang sinomang Tao ng Relihiyon na Palalo,Mayabang,Pasikatero, Mapagmataas,laging Bida sa Lahat ng Bagay at sa lahat ng mga ginawa o nagawa “niya”– sa DIOS?? o sa dios ng mundong ito!!!


  7. I am one with you brothers in the faith in praying to God to look down to His people who are poorly administered by the self-proclaimed executive minister and change his heart to walk the path of righteousness. Sana po ay huwag mahuli ang lahat bago magising sa katotohanan si evm.


  8. Eddieboy,listen to Bro.Edge.Nobody is trying to replace YOU.!! Kayo lang naman ang nagkalat na Gustong Agawin ng mga kapatid mo yang Position mo,di ba? Una,papaano aagawin yan eh IKAW o KAYO ang nanjan at makapangyarihan.
    Pangalawa HINDI AKO Naniniwala na ganyan kasalbahe mga kapatid mo.Pinalaki kayo ng ka EGM at ka Tenny bilang tunay na Cristiano di ba? Alam mo yan,huwag mong sabihin na MASAMANG Ama ang ka ERDY!!
    Kung “kami na mga HINDI niya kadugo,sumasampalataya na Matuwid at Mabuting TAO ang ka EGM,ikaw pa o kayo na mga ANAK? Nagsisinungaling ba ako sa pagsasabi kong Mabuting Tao at TP ang iyong AMA?
    Pangatlo,nasaan ang mga kapatid mo na kahit pera ay wala,papaanong aagawin sa iyo yang position mo? Si ka Marc di nga namin alam kung nasaan? Sina ka Angel nakakulong at lahat ng mga sumusuporta sa kanila na nahuli ninyo,Pinakulong ninyo at ang iba ay patuloy na :nagtatago”.
    Kaya saang “panaginip ninyo inimbento” na may mang-aagaw sa puwesto mo? Di ba katawa-tawa yang mga pinag-iisip ninyo para lamang papaniwalain pa ang mga Miembro na nasa panganib ka?
    Kakampi mo mo na nga ang Gob at iba pa,sinong katatakutan ninyo? Kami nga at iba pang mga tao ang Takot sa inyo ngayon…. delikado buhay namin di ba?
    Ang nakakalungkot,natatakot kunwari kayo na may mang-aagaw sa puesto sa DIOS na MAKAPANGYARIHAN sa lahat,kayo ng mga KASANGGUNI mo na mga ministro pa daw ng Dios,Walang Tako at Di Natatakot sa Tunay na DIOS.!!!
    IISA lang ang alam ko.kung Pinapagdilim na KAYO ng Dios,hindi na KAYO Mangagsisisi!!! Tama si ka EDGE at ka Magna—sana hindi pa huli ang lahat… kayo ang kahabag-habag sa bandang huli kung di kayo tunay na Magbabago na.!!!!
    Global o Universal ang nadaya ng Diablo—sindami ng Buhangin sa Dalampasigan. “kakaunti ang tunay na Hinirang”.!!!


  9. Mga Bro. I don’t think “they will Changed”. Watch on says: Live Streaming,
    Worship Service from Central Phils. in GERMAN Language.!! Anak ng tinapa,nasa Pinas nagtetexto ng ALEMAN para daw kuno sa mga nasa Europe!!!
    Napakayabang ng mga ITO.Sabi pa ng Mk na nagsalita ,yan daw ang ISA sa patotoo na sinasamahan o kasama NILA ng Dios dahil nakapagtuturo na ng iba’t-ibang wika sa mga pagsamba.!!
    Pardon my language— napakayabang at napakatanga ng mga ito— nasa PILIPINAS ka magtuturo ka sa Pagsamba in GERMAN LANGUAGE??? Mga buang na talaga ang mga ito!!
    Nagturo lang ng ibang lenguahe— KASAMA na ang Dios,ngunit ang PINASALAMATAN si EVM.!! BS!!!!
    Pasensya na mga Bro.,makapagyabang lang mga ito nasa Utube at nakaBalita na agad!!! Baka sa susunod pati pag-ihi at pagdumi ni EVM ibalita na NILA!!!!


  10. If that is the case, when will evm officiate a worship service in English when he is abroad (webex) or even just when he officiate in any locale in Pinas? They can have more to brag then!!!!! This is a dare to evm!

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    1. I wish I had added that point. The Beloved One does not realise how many people are so irritated having to sit there in Tagalog Worship Services. I know a lot want to speak up and say SPEAK ENGLISH!


      1. Ka Erdy understands the social etiquette of politeness and respect when one is in another country. He even insisted back in those days that if Filipino brethren are amongst non Tagalog speaking brethren, speak in English so the English speaking brethren don’t feel left out or out of place. It is their country after all. That’s how intuitive and progressive thinker ka Erdy is.

        For a UP graduate, I don’t really know where eduardo’s brain is!


  11. TAMA kayo mga BRO. ha ha ha ha… nag-aral sa UNIVERSITY of the PHILS.,hindi makapagtxto
    ng/sa English!! Di lalo na siguro prayer in English too.!!
    Hindi nyo rin ba napapansin,THEY are Bragging Leaders of Different Religion being converted sa Iglesia nila,but when it comes to POLICE or MILITARY in d Phils.
    THEY are very QUIET,specially if it’s a HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS in Police n Military!! Like the One appointed in Bilibid Prison Gen. BANTAG– member of INC.
    Good, Eleazar was not appointed as PNP Chief– Siya ang kasama sa mga HUMULI kina ka Angel n Company noon sa T.S residence.
    May balita na INC yan tulad ng Humuli noon kay ka Menorca sa Bicol from Quezon City Police Dept. Marami ng “tuta sina evm n jsantos na naka-Puesto sa Gob ni DU30”.
    Nauulit ang kapangyarihan ng mga Papa noong Middle Ages or DARK Ages– panahon ng Kadiliman!!!


  12. Nakakatakot na ang sinasabi ng mga ministro sa pagsamaba. Kahapin lang ay halos ipagduldulan nila sa mga sumasamba ang marapat na pagtrato ky EVM. Ang pinaka sa lahat ay ng sabihin ng ministro na pagka nawala ang pamamahala ay mapapasama ang ating kaluluwa kaya dapat natin silang ipanalangin palagi. Tama at nasa bibliya pero iba na ang takbo ng utak nila, dahil ba ky evm kaya tauo maliligtas? Maari naman na magkaroon ng papalit na TP na totoo! At akala ko ba dina matatalikod ang INC?


  13. Ka PDC hanggang may Naninindigan na tunay na Kapatid sa mga Aral at Salita ng Dios HINDI MATATALIKOD ang Iglesia.Tayo ang Iglesia,TAO hindi yung basta “samahan lang ng isang Grupo”
    Malinaw ang TURO,hangga’t may NAKATAYO sa ibabaw ng Bato”.yun ang tunay na INC.
    Hindi ka na dapat magtaka o magulat sa ISIPAN ng mga Bulag at Panatiko,sa kanilang paniniwala at pananamplataya,si EVM na ang TAGAPAGLIGTAS nila. Kaya bulag na bulag na ang mga iyan. Natupad na yung nasa 2 Pedro 2:1-2. Ayaw lang nilang tanggapin ngunit ITINATATUAWA na nila ang Cristo.!! Si EVM na ang Tagapagligtas Nila!! Si EVM lahat ang PINASASALAMATAN at PINUPURI.!! Para silang Katoliko,sinasamba ang mga Larawan at rebulto pero Itinatanggi.!! Ngunit nakikita at ginagawa nila sa mga pangyayari o nangyayari.!!
    Ano sabi ni Pablo—KAYO nga ang Katawan ni Cristo,kausap mga Kapatid(tao) na “bumubuo sa Katawan o Iglesia” 1 C0r.12:27. Kaya sa atin natupad yung sinabi ni ka ERDY— may mga kapatid na maninindigan na natuto at naturuan ng dalisay na Aral.
    SILA ang Tumalikod at Tumatalikod— sila ang Nagtitiwalag at Nang-uusig at Nananakot at pumapatay. Nasa “kanila si Jojo de Guzman,STF at Jesebel(Babylyn) na sinabi ni ka ERDY na mga kakasangkapanin ng Diablo upang “italikod ang Iglesia”.
    Ano ba ang palatandaan ng mga Tumatalikod o Tumalikod— “babaguhin ang tamang Tuntunin at tama o dalisay na ARAL ng Dios.!!! Kaya nga “tayo humiwalay o itiniwalag ang iba’ dahil AYAW NATING sumunod o sumang-ayon sa mga BAGO nilang Tuntunin at Aral.!!
    Ito lang tanong na ito HINDI masagot ng mga maka-Dios daw na mga Iyan: Ano ba nag Iniutos o Sinabi ni EVM sa Nanay niya at mga Kapatid at HINDI Siya sinunod? Bakit ayaw nilang SABIHIN sa buong Iglesia? Kung TAMA ba yung Iniuutos NIYA na Nakasalig sa Biblia,hindi susunod sina ka Tenny”?
    Naniniwala ako LABAG sa Biblia ang ipinagagawa o gusto NIYANG sundin ng Nanay at mga kapatid Niya kaya AYAW Pasakop nila ka TENNY. Uulitin ko lang,Hindi TUTURUAN ni ka ERDY ang ka TENNY at sina ka Angel at ka Mark at ka Lottie ng LABAG sa Biblia.!!
    SINIRAAN lang “nila” ang Mag-iina at ikinalat ito sa buong Iglesia para pasamain sina ka Tenny at mga anak.!!!
    Hindi “kailanman tuturuan ng ka ERDY ang pamilya niya ng Kasamaan,maliban kay EVM na nagpakasama dahil sa Pera at POSISYON.!! SIYA ang TUWIRANG LUMABAN sa Tunay na PAMAMAHALA kasabwat ang Sanggunian,asawa Niya at ang manugang niyang si Nognog!!
    SILA ang bumuo ng STF— SATAN TASK FORCE (S.T.F)!!!!– nakasama at nadaya Nila ang Kadugo ko ( ngayon ay ministro na rin nila) na kaeskwela ni Jojo de Guzman– kaya ako naniniwala sa kasamaan ni Nognog.Siya ang LEADER ng STF na ang Iba ay natiwalag at ang iba ay pinauwi dito sa Amerika. Ang tawag pa kunwari nila noon ay NEWGEN o NEXTGEN—mga kasangkapan ni SATANAS!!!!
    May mga kaibigan pa akong MT na ang mga anak ay STF na rin at isang naging kaibigan pa naman.Mga NADAYA sila,kaya AKO talaga naniniwala jan sa NxtGen oSTF na ngayon na “nagpasok ng pagbabago sa Tunay na INC” na EVM CHURCH na ngayon!!!!


  14. Mga Natiwalag noong Buhay pa ang ka EGM.Pagkamatay na pagkamatay ng ka ERDY at “pumuesto” si EVM, IBINALIK uli Lahat ng Itiniwalag ng ka ERDY, at Ipinakasal pa sdi Gemma kay Nognog.
    Pati yang si Rosquites,isa sa best friend ng Kadugo kong STF na STF. Bulag na bulag at panatiko na rin. Nilinaw ko lang,medyo magulo yang una kong paliwanag sayo ka PDC,baka malito ka at ilang bumabasa.
    Kahit si EVM naparusahan yan at ang buong pamilya niya.Yung “salaysay nila” ang hinahanap nila kaya yata ISA pa sa dahilan kaya Winasak ang mga bahay ng ka Erdy at pati na yung sa 36 TS.
    Mahirap nga naman.baka BIGLANG lumabas IYONG “salaysay nila”, Bukong-buko sila ng Pamilya niya na talagang SINUWAY Nila ang ka EGM sa mga UTOS at PAYO nito kay EVM n ASAWA niya.!!!


  15. M reading at INC-Anti-Corruption site.isang defender heto ang sulat Oct.13:

    Hindi “kataka-taka” na Yumaman o mayaman na si GLICERIO SANTOS,Jr. dahil BUHAY pa ang ka ERDY ay Nagnanakaw na IYAN.!!
    May NAWALA noon na pera sa Pasalamat sa Baliuag at Pulilan,Bulacan. Ang pera ay inilagay sa banko ni Arnold Andaya.bata-bata ni JS na ministro sa UPCB Bank sa Baliug,Bulacan.!!

    WOW!!<noon pa pala Magnanakaw na talaga si Judas Iscariote kaka Jun $anto$,kaya di kataka-taka na BIHASA at SANAY na ito sa pagnanakaw ng ABULOY para sa Dios at Tinuruan sina EVM at lahat ng Sangoons n DM…OMG!!! ang lupit mo J$!!! Matindi ka talaga,panahon pa pala ng ka ERDY Matakaw ka na sa PERA.!!!


  16. Ka PDC,tiwalag pa rin si Radel Mambubogbog,kasama yung Tatlo(kunwari lang Tiwalag).Punta ka site ng INC Anti-Corruption Ministry,mababasa mo lahat. Pero heto isang bahagi ng nag-msg na defender doon ukol sa BIG 4:
    Si Rodel Cabrera–bumibili ng bagong CAR sa Toyota Car dealer sa Commonwealth with BODYGUARDS!!
    Si Benefrido Interrogator– nakatira sa 1st class or 5 star hotel na SHANGRILA
    Si Matt Mapera panay ang Pamamasyal sa labas ng Bansa
    Si Radel Berdugo– nagbibilang ng KITA ng Hotel at mga Gasolinahan Niya.

    Saraaap ng buhay ng mga hinayupak ano?? Iyan ang msg dun sa INC Anti-corruption site ng kapatid na nagpost nito.
    Pero kung defender ka–hahantingin ka,lalo na kung tiniwalag ka na.Ipakukulong ka o titigukin ka.Pero yung 4 palibhasa kasangga Nila,kunwari tiwalag pero saraap ng mga buhay ano?
    IYONG INA at mga KAPATID Niya patuloy na inuusig at pinahihirapan– maka-DIOS?? in his dream!!!!


  17. I went to site of and click on Iglesia ni Santos…was funny n got surprised.!!
    A picture of OBAMA in his Office HOLDING “picture of the THUMBMARK One With EVM”,says Nabentahan din pala si Obama.!! It’s funny ha ha ha ha ha….
    OBAMA is One with EVM!!! ha ha haaa…Kaya pala “maraming member na DEMOCRAT n hate Republicans,especially Trump..ha ha haaa.


  18. Ka bibliko noong sumamba ako last sunday ay sinabi talaga sa panalangin ng batang manggagawa ang ganito
    “….panginopng Dios basbasan at ingatan ang aming tagapamahalang pangkalahatan ang…(we know who….) sapagkat sya ang pinakamatibay na ugnay namin sa Iyo”….

    Super ang pagkalapastanga!
    Pinalitan na talaga nila ang panginoong Jesu Cristo.


  19. Yep Bro. itinakwil na nila ang PANGINOONG JESUS CRISTO na “bukod tanging tagapag-ugnay o tagaapamagintan sa Dios at sa mga Tao. Bulag na “sila”,hindi na “nila” alam na matagal na nilang ITINAKWIL ang Cristo. EVM=makapagliligtas,tagapag-ugnay /tagapamagitan,Pastor at Bantay ng Kawan,HINDI nagkakamali,pinaka-Importanteng Tao etc etc pa. Lahat ng mga binanggit ko ay mga “katangian” ng P.Jesucristo,na INIUUKOL na nila kay EVM. Kaya tupad sa kanila yung nasa ika-2 Pedro 2:1—mga Bulaang GURO na magpapasok ng Hidwang Pananampalataya at “itatakwil ang Panginoon na bumili sa kanila…..


  20. Heto Bro. sa Magandang Balita Biblia sa ika-2 Pedro:
    Sa inyo ay may lilitaw na mga bulaang GURO.Gagamitan nila ng “katusuhan ang pagtuturo ng mga ARAL” na makakasira sa inyong Pananampalataya.Itatakwil nila ang Panginoong nagligtas sa kanila,….pati ang Daan ng KATOTOHANAN at malalapastangan.
    Sa “kanilang”Kasakiman,”lilinlangin kayo ng matatamis na pangungusap upang Makuha ang inyong KAYAMANAN”. Matagal ng handa ang HATOL sa kanila.!!!
    Tupad na tupad di ba,kasama pati kasakiman sa kayamanan o SALAPI.!!! Tapos tayo ang pinagbibintangan na Hindi Ligtas.!!!
    Eh sa kanila tupad yang sinulat ni apostol Pedro ha ha ha ha…puro,abuloy,handugan,lingap at epesyal na handugan at lingap,pati na Pasalamat.!!!
    BUKOD pa ang mga DONASYON.!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Ayon sa Aral at Doktrina ng mga Paring Katoliko,ang INVISIBLE Head ay si Apostol Pedro, ang PAPA ay VISIBLE Head ng Iglesia Katolika.
    Sa panahon natin ngayon,yung “dating INC” na EVM Church na ay kagaya na rin ng IKAR. Ang Invisible Head ay si Cristo at si EVM ang Visible Head “nila”.
    Dahil sa lahat ng Papuri at Pag-Idolo nila kay Eddie Boy,nalimutan na nila na siya ay SANGKAP din ng KATAWAN at hindi ULO, na ganyan na ang “Paggalang at Pagpuri Nila” kay EVM.!!!
    PAREHO na sila di ba? Pareho pang may TANDA ng Hinlalaki ng kamay,may mga NEGOSYO,Nagpapahalik sa KAMAY,Nakadisplay ang mga LARAWAN ng Papa,si EVM ganun na rin. Parehong may aral ng demonio,sabi ni ka EGM,kapag ang Aral at Turo ay Wala o Kalaban ng Biblia,sa DEMONIO yan.!!!
    Ano pa sabi ng ka EGM,kapag ang Matuwid na TUNTUNIN,”hindi ninyo ipinatupad”,Tanda Iyan ng Pagtalikod.!! kaya pag tumalikod ka,Hindi ka na sa Dios.!! Kung di ka na sa Dios,sa Diablo ka na!!!
    Ang Papa ayon sa kanila Hindi nagkakamali sa pagtuturo ng Dogma o aral. Si EVM ayon sa itinuro ng mga OWE sa pagsamba hindi rin nagkakamali. So, IKAR at EVM Church,pareho na talaga.!!


  22. How time flies! In Rita Bou Chebel’s FB site, there is a shared link from Sofia Salem to the English version of the Open Letter to EVM by concerned brethren (dated June 12, 2013). I think I have seen the original Filipino version which I am sure EVM could understand better. Now, compare it with other Open Letters such as shown here and we will all notice that after so many years, the same questions and pleadings remain and no amount of genuine concern for the church can move this so-called leader of the church.
    ** The appeal was heartfelt and straight-forward: “We hope you don’t disregard this message of ours. It has been the center of discussion and many brethren are talking about this amongst themselves from different countries and many provinces in the Philippines. If you don’t address this issue, scandal in the church will grow and will bear more talking and division among the brethren especially when we see the corruption growing and the obvious division in your family.
    We would like to hear you explain yourself regarding these issues because they deeply sadden and worry us brethren. If this is not true, we want to hear your voice regarding this matter through a Church circular. If we hear that these issues are resolved, it will reassure us and strengthen us because the troubling news weakens our faith. We are hoping that if this isn’t true that we will see your family united helping one another serve God. Eversince Ka Erdy passed away we haven’t seen you all together like when he was alive.”
    ** The ending paragraphs were ominous because our fight for the truth continues: “We are having a hard time and this is causing us grief. Hope you don’t disregard this letter because it will just worsen the division in the Church and hope the worsening rumors stop. Hopefully this will be the answer to the 99th anniversary of the church.
    If this doesn’t reach you and our messages to you keep getting hindered, we will make a way to find out the truth and put an end to the anomalies if we find out that what we hear is true.”


  23. TRUMP analogy update:
    Just like EVM who assumes a cloak of infallibility, US Pres. Trump has embraced the ultra-conservative position that the President can do anything he wants while in office and hence, cannot be indicted or even impeached. Note the radical Republican congressmen trying to disrupt the impeachment inquiry where Committee members from their own party are already represented. Just like EVM’s minions, they are trying to deflect people’s attention from the serious charges against their leader instead of allowing the investigations to continue and establish the facts. It is indeed a nightmare in US politics but at least, they have the chance to rectify the situation through their system of check and balances which, unfortunately is non-existent in the INC today.


  24. Matthew 10:17-18 — But “beware of Men”; for they will deliver “you” up to the “COURTS”, and “scourge you in their SYNAGOUGES; and “you” will even be brought before Governors and Kings for My sake,…
    21 — And “Brother” will deliver up”brother” to death, and a father his child;and Children will Rise up against “PARENTS”, and “cause Them to be put to DEATH”.
    22 — And “you will be Hated” by All Account of MY Name,..
    26 — Therefore Do Not Fear THEM ,for there is Nothing COVERED that will Not be REVEALED, and HIDDEN that will Not be KNOWN.!!
    27 — What I TELL “you” in the Darkness, SPEAK IN THE LIGHT, and what “you Hear in Whispered in your Ear”, PROCLAIM in the Housetops.!!
    28 — And Do Not Fear those Who KILL the Body, but are Unable to kill the Soul; but rather FEAR Him who is able to Destroy BOTH Soul and Body in Hell.!!

    At present times, Who are the Persecutor and who are being Persecuted because of the TRUTH w/c is the WORDS of GOD? The Powerful or the Powerless? Those who are Telling the TRUTH or those who are LYING?? Answer it Truthfully n of our FAITH n CONSCIENCE Brethren!!


  25. As so “many FAKE News” around the World Now”, SAME as FAKE (false) Preachers of Religions around the world, Preaching in the Podium — Lies to Get Rich in preaching d so called “properity gospel”.
    These “preachers have No More Fear of GOD,using God’s Words in MILKING their so called Brothers and Sisters in the Faith. How EVIL are these kind of “preachers”!!!!
    Making GOD’s WORDS a TOOL for BUSINESSES to feed “their own Stomach n Personal INTERESTS.!!
    The Fulfillment in 2Peter 2:1-3 Good News Bible or Mabuting Balita Biblia.
    And the fulfillment of ISAIAH 5:20 — Truth becomes Lies,Darkness becomes Light,Sweet becomes Bitter so forth n so on, w/c are HAPPENING Now in this Crooked and Perverse World/SANLIBUTAN.!!!
    Tupad na tupad na ang kasamaan ng TAO o mga TAO,tunay man o nagpapanggap na RELIHIOSO, napakasamang panahon natin gaya ng Sulat ni apostol Pablo sa ika-2 Timoteo 3:1-4
    Di ko matandaan may sinabi ang Cristo na ganito: “Higit na Mapagpapaumanhinan/Mapapa- tawad ang KASALANAN ng Sodom at Gomora “kaysa LAHING Masamang Lahing ito.


  26. Bros. I encourage you to watch in UTube.Senator Manny PACQUIAO,give away Monies in people of Bacolod City. I don;t know how many Thousands of taga-Bacolod. 1,ooo pesos each.!! Kahanga-hangang Tao,daig sina JS at EVM na HINDI MAGAGAWA ang ganito sa mga “mahihirap na kapatid sa Pinas”.!!
    Kaya lang nilang “tumulong” o Magyabang sa ABROAD.Sa mayayamang bansa gaya dito sa U.S,CANADA,JAPAN,SINGAPORE etc etc.Ngunit ang MAHIHIRAP na kapatid na Ginatasan nila para makapagyabang sa abroad HINDI nila “malingap’.!!!
    Daig sila ni M.Pacquiao na hindi tunay na Cristiano,ngunit may magandang kalooban sa mga Mahihirap na kababayang Pinoy.!!! I salute Sen. M.Pacquiao,mabuhay ka.!!!


  27. It’s been a few weeks now since I sat down and pondered on a few posts here and there. I must congratulate you on this latest article. It is really an eye-opener for anyone who appreciates it with an open mind and heart. Kudos, my dear friend. Take care too.


  28. Bro. WS, I’ve been missing INCReflections. What happened? I was hoping we can raise our postings to a higher level considering that more and more brethren realize the sad state of the INC today under EVM’s questionable leadership. A close friend who has been a choir leader for decades commented that worship services today are no longer spiritual especially when the focus is on offerings and idolizing EVM. She complains of the heavy load imposed on officers especially in key positions so much so that she feels empty whenever she participates in all INC functions and activities. That is why it is important to have as many forums as possible where we can intelligently discuss options on how to deal with the present situation facing “thinking, principled” brethren as they ponder upon their life and future inside the “transformed” INC under EVM.


  29. As posted in William Smith’s blog:
    Filosofo Tacio said:
    December 20, 2019 at 12:11 am
    Trump impeachment update: “For all the talk of an Imperial Presidency, Speaker Pelosi has just reminded Americans that when they have the power and the will, congressional majorities can still respond with force and vigor to a President who listens to no one.” This is a very helpful hint for the thinking, concerned TRUE INC members if paraphrased this way: “For all the talk of an infallible self-serving INC Executiven Minister or TP, all the prolific anti-EVM protestors and writers/bloggers (whether out in the open or incognito) should continue reminding the INC members that with God’s help they do have the power and the will to be member majorities (even if mostly misconstrued to be so-called SILENT) who can still respond with force and vigor to a TP who listens to no one.”


    1. Ms Hope:

      Organized religion has been exposed for misdeeds since 1978 (Jonestown). Erwin Zalkin is representing child molestation victims of Catholic priests and Jehovah’s Witness elders (the damages against Watchtower are over $70M). Fifth Estate Church of Secrets has over 1 million views. One hour in Rev 14:7 is 41 years and 8 months.

      U2 posted a big screen of Maria Ressa in Philippine Arena. Democrats support Leila DeLima.


  30. Ok Embry….

    You still need to explain your 6 foreclosures and one chapter 7. Furthermore, you’re not worth a pimple on my ass you lamebrain. Get a life. A person who posts bankruptcy papers of others yet has one himself is a hypocrite.

    Explain who the 144,000 are.

    The Chris Brown case was weak because of the technicalities of The Hague Convention.


    1. and to all your idiotic friends who claim to be “true Christians” and post pornographic comics of Soriano, you’re on the tracks and train is coming, buttheads.

      Your boy Sandoval attempted to hit on two sisters plus during his time at Net 25 and Ka Erdy reprimanded him.

      What happened to the 5 million dollar lawsuit Rommel San Pedro filed against AE? It got thrown out by Orange County as frivolous. I doubt the appeals court will reverse their decision.

      Your President Donald Trump was impeached.


      1. Oh yes, Mr Embry….. the Pope and a Muslim imam signed a unity document on Feb 14. The Chrislam Center is scheduled to open in 2022.

        Are you ready to be beheaded for witness of Jesus as written in Rev 20:4?

        They are teaching Rev 7:9-17 in the worship service, BTW.


  31. may napapansin lang ako mga Bro.,bakit “pinagsasama sa mga komento ang Relihiyon at Pulitiko”? Ang “layunin” ng mga kapatid na Defenders na may ganitong lugar o blog site ay para IHAYAG ang mga Mali at di Wasto na gawain ng evm church—ang Iglesiang tumalikod sa dalisay na Aral at Turo ng SUGO at ka ERDY mula sa Biblia — walang Bago,Binago o Pinilipit na mga ARAL.!! Ngayon “mabibilang mo na sa daliri ang mga binago at pinilipit na Aral at Tuntunin sa “kagustuhan NILA” na mga makabagong Hudas Iscariote!!!


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