Are We Really that United?

The events of last week and the last 2 worship service lessons has made me really think about this question: Are we really that united?

Before we get into this, one of the main verses we often hear regarding unity is Psalm 133:1 wherein it says:

 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

It is a good thing to have unity. But should the Church leaders proclaim that we are truly UNITED when the unity is not there? Let’s understand unity first before anything else then. The dictionary has multiple definitions, some of which are:


  • The state of being one
  • Oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.



So if the Iglesia Ni Cristo members are indeed united, then we should be in that state of oneness, in one mind and in agreement with every doctrine. So let’s think about this for a moment…

Why then does the Beloved Executive Minister, the Church Council and all the Ministers spend every week campaigning and pushing for brethren to attend worship service?

Why is there the constant preaching about giving offerings? Why the continuous warning not to step down from your duties or leaving the Church?

If we are truly united, shouldn’t all the brethren already be following?

Let me put it this way; if the parents told their child to clean their room, and the child does it every week, would the parents have to keep badgering the child? Of course not! They are already in agreement.

So what is the reason the Church leaders keep mentioning attending worship services, giving offerings, staying in the duty and in Church? Because not everyone is obviously in agreement.

Makes you wonder, what is the number of attendance every week? Do you notice  how the Ministers often mention how many countries the church is in? That there are many who are joining the Ministry? Considering that the Administration LOVES statistics, why is it that the ATTENDANCE NUMBERS are never mentioned? Could it be that it is VERY LOW? (Especially during playbacks?) Would this not be an indicator that the unity is not there?

You cannot say that we are united if there is not 100% participation in activities or attendance. If the leaders will disagree, then how do you measure unity? 90%? 50%? Is that still unity? There is either unity or there isn’t. You cannot say that we are partly united or some are united.

Let me take another example. The bearing of fruit or conversion of non-members to the Church. This is often touted as “one of the successes of the Beloved leader” and a sign that “God is guiding him”. Let’s take the recent event; The “Guinness world record breaking” Baptism of 18,272 people. It may have been an impressive event. It was even a record breaking event. But consider this. Is the baptism of 18272 people a sign of unity of the church?

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.36.23 AM.png

If the church members around the globe really united themselves in the missionary works, (especially there was such a strong push to bear fruit in time for the 10 anniversary of the Beloved EVM’s Administration over the Church that they even FLEW IN Non Filipino candidates for Baptism for the event), you’d figure the baptism would be in the millions.

(2 side notes: 1. It is NOT a coincidence that the Guinness Baptism was done on the 10th Anniversary of the Beloved One and 2. It is NOT a coincidence that there are Non Filipinos in a lot of the shots – The leadership is still trying to shake off the image that this is a Filipino Church)


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.36.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.35.41 AM.png
Interesting how INC Media just happen to capture NON FILIPINOS in the shots

Anyway, back to the issue of Unity. Since the church LOVES numbers, let’s calculate: Let us say that there are about 3 million members worldwide. What is the percentage of the record breaking baptism to the Church’s serial number? The answer: 0.61% That is 0.61% of church members worldwide were able to bear fruit. Are you telling me that despite the vigourous campaign of Ministers, that only 0.61% of the 3 million church members were able to bear fruit?

United? I will let you answer that.

I am not saying we should not be united. What I am trying to get at is DO NOT FLAUNT that this is another “SUCCESS” that we are all UNITED when the real numbers show otherwise.

The truth of the matter is, attendance is at an all time low. Most activities are attended by mostly officers and church offerings are constantly pushed because not everyone gives. This is the reality. I wish the Church Leadership would stop pretending. Time to face the truth. There is a growing problem under this current Administration and no amount of fancy video editing and tight shots will solve the real issues.

Unity can only come when brethren are convinced that there is no corruption, no abuse of power, no deception, no money laundering, no diversion of funds, no election tampering, no changes in doctrine.

Unity is easy –  when God and Jesus is with us. No amount of record breaking stunts can equal that.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.35.11 AM

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.33.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.36.08 AM.png
Not an accident that the Non Filipinos are in these shots


20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. John 17 20-23


48 thoughts on “Are We Really that United?

  1. Any blind Freddy can see the true intentions of this mass baptism. To be in the Guinness World of Record so glory and fame goes to evm and all his cohorts. To prove that evm’s so called leadership is blessed by God.

    They totally disregarded the sanctity of the baptism and the importance of bringing souls to the Church for one’s salvation. evm and cohorts use this event to big note themselves; all self praise. In reality, God doesn’t come in their equation, If ever they mention God, it is lip service, nothing else. We know very well – talk is cheap!

    Time will show how this exercise pan out. Who will stay and become a steadfast member after all the pampering and showered perks is gone.


    1. Totally agree on what you said! There is no sanctity in anything & everything they do. They made a mockery of anything & everything Holy, all for self praise, self gratification. I’ll just wait for the great fall, when the true fallen are fully revealed.


  2. Yes Bro.,PERFECT UNITY is: If God n Christ is TRULY with Us.!! How do we proved it,not Merely by saying n proclaiming that “God is with Us”. By REALITY,by TRUTH– by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    We don’t have to BRAGG about it!! People of this world will be the One to tell n say about it.!! Not by our own LIPS n bragging mouth.!! Very true also as you said,WHY REPETITIOUS “sermon” about “w.s.,offerings,obedience,donations,missionary,don’t leave the church” so on and so forth?
    Allow me to say it in tagalog,BAKIT Paulit-ulit na Aral o Turo ? Wala ng iba pang Bagong mga leksyon sa mga Pagsamba—same topics? Alin sa mga dahilan: 1.) Hindi tumatalab ang TURO o Wala ng INTERES ang mga nakikinig.!!
    2.) WALA ng BISA ang PAGTUTURO.!! 3.) Sawang-sawa na ang sumasamba at ayaw ng pansinin ang leksyon. 4.) Kung baga sa school,mahina ang ulo ng iba at ayaw tumalab o di maunawaan ang leksyon. 5.) HINDI “marunong magturo ang Guro o Nagtuturo” kaya di maintindihan ng nakikinig.!! 6.) Pinakamahalaga– Wala na o HINDI na kasama ang Dios,Cristo at E.Santo sa mga
    PAGSAMBA kaya WALA ng mga Bisa sa pagtuturo at sa nakikinig.!!
    Halos lahat ng ginagawa NILA ay Ritual na lamang.!! Proof — mga Pagpapanata,maraming WALA,HULI at walang paghahanda. Noon pa nangyayari na ITO,ngayon pa kaya? Kahit wala o nahuli sa PANATA sa panahon na tutupad sa Pagsamba ang mga MT—PATUTUPARIN,na labag na labag sa Tuntunin!!!
    Pakunwaring UNITY na lang iyang Isinisigaw Nila.!!! Yep,they were bragging—250k ang tatanggap ng bautismo sa ika-10 taon ni eddieboy— ilan ang bunga? 18k+!! yayabang kasi eh!!!

    Isigaw man ninyo ng isigaw na “kasama ninyo ang Dios”,HINDI TOTOO yan.!! Mikas 3:11

    The city’s RULERS govern for BRIBES,the PRIESTS interpret the LAW for PAY,the PROPHETS give their Revelations for MONEY,and THEY ALL CLAIM that the Lord is with THEM. “No HARM will Come to Us”,They Say, “The Lord is with Us”!!

    Di ba sa “inyo” ito tupad na tupad?? keep saying — kasama namin ang Dios kaya kami nagtatagumpay? Tama mga OWE? Ang Diablo nagpapanggap na “Kaliwanagan”,huag nyong kalimutan iyan.!!!
    Maraming “relihiyon” na lumakas,dumami at kumalat sa buong mundo— sa TUNAY na Dios ba sila? Kayo na sumagot mga OWE!!!


  3. I forgot to mention, that is why There is no Unity in the “new Church”,those were the reasons, I mentioned above === especially,NO power of the Holy Spirit in their Preaching.!!
    Sabi nga sa pilipino,pumasok sa isang Tainga,Lumabas sa Kabila.!! Walang Bisa sa mga nakinig.!!!
    Maliban sa mga Bulag at Panatiko na parang Robot na Susian mo aandar o susunod.!
    Sabi nga ng Sugo at ka EGM– ang Aral o Mangangaral na may SALUNGATAN ang TURO ay walang Patnubay ng E.Santo.!! Kaya paano “sila lubos na magkakaisa”?


  4. Miko is right. Boasting “everywhere”– to the Whole World– Guinness again!! “United” in Boasting and Praising EVM in his 10th yr as their Leader.
    Luke 16:15 — Jesus said to them,”You are the One’s who make Yourselves look right in other people’s Sight,but God knows your hearts.!! For the Things that are considered of Great Value by MAN are worth NOTHING in God’s Sight.!!


  5. I waited for the final outcome of the numerous devotional prayers to baptize 1Million new souls. As i expected from the very beginning it will turn out as a total failure. We know our God is not with evm anymore. Many officers who are attending pagpapanata feel it their hearts. The prayer itself during panata are all more spirit. Officers attend because they dont want their names to be called in front.


  6. Thank you Bro. for “telling the Truth”. Ilan kayang MT na tulad mo ang magsasabi ng Katotohanan na ang PANATA,(as I kept saying,just Ritual na lang) ay Rituwal na pauli-ulit na lang and some are just doing it because THEY are afraid to the minister or church workers.
    Nakakatamaran na ang Ritual na iyan sapagkat– Walang Bisa,wala ka ng madama sa mga pananalangin na paulit-ulit na wala ng masabi sa huli kundi IPANALANGIN si beloved eddieboy.!!
    That is the proof that the H.Spirit is Not with them “anymore”. They don’t even know/realize that PANATA is a very SOLEMN and DELICATE Thing in the Eye of GOD.!! This is ONE thing these New Officers don’t even know.!!
    Ask those new MT, I am very sure they don’t KNOW.!! Kung noon na dkno ako,lalo dito sa Tate,HINDI alam ng mas Maraming MT ang Halaga ng “kaselanan ng Pagpapanata sa Dios”,Ngayon pa kaya na pati karamihan sa STF na ministro WALANG ALAM.!!
    Alam ba “nila” MT man o Hindi na kapag NAGPANATA ka at di mo Tinupad Nagkakasala ka? O heto,baka sabihin nyo nagsisinungaling lang ako —-
    Deut.23:21 When You make a VOW to the Lord,be prompt in Doing whatever it is You PROMISED Him,for the Lord Demands that You promptly FULFILL Your Vows: it is a SIN if You Don’t.!!
    In Eccles. 5:4 — So when You talk to God and VOW to Him that You will do something,Don’t Delay in doing it,for God has No Pleasure in FOOLS.!! TLB rendition
    Tama yang nakasulat di ba ka PDC at mga Bro.? Kung the OWE ay nagbabasa dito,Alam na Nila ngayon he he he he ang halaga ng devotional prayers.!!


  7. The glorious Church of Christ left by ka EGM is No More, the name is there, no denying about that! But the “…body of Christ…” which are the true believers still remain. Its new name is One With EVM Church of Christ. Its distinctness is in its doctrines taken from the Holy Book but are “twisted” to conform with their personal agenda. Sadly, followers were blinded to idolatry and fix their focus to EVM,


  8. Tama ba ang napanood through the ws ni ka lowell menorca? Kasi si radel cortez ay nasa stage pa ng PA when the ginuess book awards INC the most number of baptize? Confirmed naman na tiwalaga na sya pero nakabalik agad?


  9. Ang pagtitiwalag sa mga Sangoons ay “palabas lamang”.Kaya di kataka-taka na “ibalik kaagad” ng tahimik.Nobody knows he he he he.. what are Friends for? Same feather– in pilipino — Kabalahibo nila yan— sila-sila!!!
    Tama si ka Magna– dala lang ang ngalang INC,preo di na sila kay Cristo,kay EVM na.!!


  10. Why then does the Beloved Executive Minister, the Church Council and all the Ministers spend every week campaigning and pushing for brethren to attend worship service?

    Why is there the constant preaching about giving offerings? Why the continuous warning not to step down from your duties or leaving the Church?

    Why? Well the answer is that has been the worship service message for the past 100 + years, nothing has changed


    1. Huh? That’s the answer? So aren’t there other other doctrines? When was the last time we heard about 666? Space of 1/2 an hour? Tattoos? Every lesson is the SAME.
      I’ll give you an example: The lesson the other week was about Holy Spirit. Here is the verse – “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption” Eph 4:30. The minister says, what grieves the holy spirit? When you do not attend WS. When you do not give offerings. When you do not submit to the Administration.

      Actually the answer is in the next verses: “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE ABOUT OFFERING AND ADMINISTRATION.


      1. Jerry can deny it all he wants but the truth is since 2015 every WS is about offering & submission to the administration, that is if these so called “chosen” faithful ones are actually paying attention to the lessons. Different titles, different intros but towards the end, it will always boils down to the big 4, worship service, missionary works, offerings & absolute submission. They all pretend there’s more than what it actually is.
        Truth is – whatever they need to say/do just to make their mini god EVM smile. Smh…


  11. Pitiful Blind n Fanatics members!! They were boasting n bragging cash or cheque donations of $10k here in U.S,Canada,Australia etc etc. n they are All very Proud.!!
    But they don’t SEE,their Leaders asking for MORE Donations and Offering for (kunwari lang) Chapels Renovations n maintenance of each Locales.!!
    Hypocrites and Pasikatero— namimigay kuno ng pera,pero nanghihingi ng pera at donasyon para sa chapel renovations n maintenance?? di ba napakabulag ng mga MIEMBRO nila.!! Ginigisa sila sa sarili nilang mantika… very proud at tuwang-tuwa na NILOLOKO sila.!!!
    Then they will all be saved? What verse in d bible says that Blind n Fanatics will be saved?


  12. Ka AE is absolutely Right.!! Those “wooden Plaques” from Guinness is THEIR “new gods” (dios-diosan),replacement of Wood,Silver n Gold images or statue of Catholics saints or dios-diosan.!!
    Very,very TRUE.It was ALL displayed in their Museum para “Hangaan,Pagparangalan at Ipagyabang” sa buong Mundo.!!
    Ano “kaugnayan ng mga ITO sa KALIGTASAN”? Sabibihin nyo nga mga OWE na bulag at panatiko!! Maililigtas ba kayo ng mga Iyan? Kahabag-habag na mga nilalang ang mga ITO.!!


  13. Oh, just read JERRY’s comment.In 100yrs no changed in doctrines?? It changed in Sept. 7,2009,especially on July 23,2015 till NOW. How long have U been in the True Church of Christ,Jerry?
    Do you know in the Time of ka FYM n ka EGM there’s No such thing as– I am One with FYM/EGM?
    Now you have One w/ EVM- same or not?
    In Time of Sugo n ka EGM — NEVER they were The Most Impt.Men in the WORLD.!!
    Now EVM is the Most Impt.MAN in d World.
    In Time of Sugo n ka EGM , No Teachings that THEY Do Not make Mistakes.
    Now they Teach that EVM DON’T Make MISTAKES.!!
    Then — NO Finger Print or THUMBMARK with name FYM or EGM
    Now– all over the Pasugo,Banners etc U have THUMBMARK with EVM’s NAME.
    Then– Donations was Prohibited n not IMPLEMENTED by ka FYM n ka EGM
    Now–every Worship services,meetings etc THEY Don’t STOP mentioning It.!!
    So forth n so on JERRY— Open your EYES,HEARTS n MIND.Don’t be Fanatic n Blind!!
    Okay Impt. Doctrine— what VERSE from the Bible GOD n CHRIST says– OBEY ME/Us and Don’t Complain? Read Exodus chapters 3-4 and checked How Many Times MOSES Complain to GOD!! Read Exodus chapter 32:10-14 HOW Moses give Advice to God.!!
    You can ASK n COMPLAIN to God,but You “cannot do this to EVM n His Sangoons!! STUPIDITY right,Jerry? Those people or your “Now are Better than Almighty God” of Abraham,Isaac,Jacob n Christ? Think about it Jerry!!!

    Now,Still NOTHING has Changed Jerry??


  14. The SDAs mentioned praying to baptize 120,000 in the Philippines in a recently read article and they didn’t go having Guinness record it. Being recognized by a beer company cheapens the holiness of baptism.

    In the meantime…. the Pope and a Muslim Imam signed a unity document not long ago. On Sept 25-27 there is going to be a “Seventy Nation Conference” where the Muslims and the Jews are also supposedly going to sign a unity document. According to right wing evangelicals this is supposedly the start of the One World Religion and the 7 year Tribulation of Dan 9:27. Meanwhile, things are escalating in the Middle East.

    I hate to say it, but the Seattle arson attack that occurred the Thurs before the PA synagogue shooting was a warning by God. INC members have this false sense of security preached by the ministers. The chosen ones are few in number (read Rev 7:4; a certain number will be sealed and none of the Defender camps are willing to teach it).

    The Defenders aren’t united either. There has been a conflict between the “Remnants” and Samson’s “Restore the Church” camp. On top of that, Jon Dizon and a handful separated from the “Remnants”.

    Many will be blind-sided.


  15. true Bro.,sad to say—it’s happening.!! defenders are not united too.!! If Satan was able to control evm church, “he” is trying too to divide the defenders.
    mas galit si satanas sa defenders kaya trying his best to conquer n divide it. His Time is very,very SHORT.!! very true—only very FEW will be Saved.!!
    Rev.12:12– For the Devil has come down and Filled with Rage,coz He knows ,He has Only a little Time Left.
    Romans 9:27— even if the people of Israel are as many as d grains of d sand by d sea,ONLY a FEW will be Saved. Ka FM was right,the devil will divide or create divisions among the Defenders.


  16. Have you noticed Brethren? I would say “all” church workers n minister “finished the course in Ministry”,right? They keep bragging Baptizing diff.races, from educated n non-educated people,pwd persons,pastor or preacher n members of diff. religion etc.,etc. so forth n so on..
    The “very simple verse from the Bible,they Don’t UNDERSTAND it.!! What verse is it that?
    In the book of Mark 16:15-16 RSV And He said to them,Go into all the world and PREACH the Gospel to the whole CREATION. He who Believes and is Baptized will be saved.

    It is very CLEAR (they cannot See n Understand it,that’s Why They keep Bragging) Preach the Gospel to All CREATION,so no matter WHO YOU are if the gospel preached to you,you believed n baptized,YOU WILL BECOME a member of ANY Religion you heard.!!
    So why brag about people being CONVERTED in ANY Church or Religion,especially this evm church? What’s NEW About it?
    Other religions do the same n converting people in their religion.!!! I believed the verse in 1 Cor.1:19-20 and 3:18-19 fulfilled to OWE n STF ministers.!!!


  17. For this weekend’s “Super” Donation drive, it seems to me that EVM and his minions are in panic mode because they are now resorting to tactics which had never been used during EGM’s time. In the midweek worship service that I attended, an old, EGM-era minister asked the congregation to remain after the last prayer and participate in the devotional prayer. Then he said that he was sent to help remind everyone of the importance of the drive to fund the renovation of a selected locale in the District in line with EVM’s “build and repair chapels” project. Ironically, he read 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 and emphasized that members should “give what you have decided in your heart to give” and yet he exhorted the brethren to obey the administration’s instruction for everyone to fill up a “pledge” form and show 100% unity instead of the less than 50% compliance so far. I was told by some friends that they overheard someone blurting out the word “extortion” because of the way donations are being sought after. Others simply ignored such desperate efforts to generate funds which they suspect would be used to help pay off the Philippine Arena loans. This is another instance which tempts me to agree with the observation that the INC doctrines really have not changed, i.e., technically. In other words, the same verses are cited but the interpretation and application have changed. I remember that there was a time when EGM even instructed the officers not to bring Special Offering envelopes to brethren’s houses nor put them at the lobby but rather at the Finance Office where brethren were supposed to voluntarily pick them up themselves. This way, any hint of directly influencing a member’s decision to give is avoided and the spirit of giving offerings voluntarily as specifically stated in 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 is strictly observed and protected. But then again, there are really NEW doctrines being peddled by EVM to boost his ego and carve out his own legacy. In fact, I swallowed one such new teaching “hook, line and sinker” the first time I heard it before the crisis erupted. I am referring to the mission supposedly assigned by God to EVM as differentiated from the missions assigned to FYM and EGM. And this is the propagation of the gospel throughout the world which must be accomplished before the end will come. Hence, there is emphasis on Matthew 24:14 and verses such as Isaiah 54:2 to justify EVM’s obsessive desire for all things BIG in support of his INC expansion drive. However, unlike FYM and EGM who were guided by the Holy Spirit in their decisions and actions especially when it comes to loving even our enemies (Matthew 5:43-47), EVM chose to follow the principle laid down by that notorious, unscrupulous medieval politician Machiavelli – “the end justifies the means”.


  18. Maraming salamat ka Tacio sa mga inilahad mong Katotohanan.Tunay na “napakasama na Nila”.
    Sa “Kasakiman nila sa salapi”,OKAY lang sa “kanila” na ang Tamang Doktrina o salita ng Dios ay BALUKTUTIN ang kahulugan,ang Pamamaraan na pagpapatupad para lamang MAGKAMAL ng Salapi.!!
    Napakalinaw ng UTOS– Magbigay ang BAWA’T Isa,ayon sa PASIYA ng PUSO,Huwag Mabigat sa Loob o dahil sa Kailangan,sapagka’t INIIBIG ng Dios ang NAGBIBIGAY ng MASAYA.!! Sa “kanila babasahin kunwari ITO subalit TATAKDAAN ka at isisingit yung utos na PASAKOP at Dapat SUNDIN si EVM.!!
    Napakasamang mga TAO nito,dahil sa pag-ibig sa SALAPI niloloko at dinadaya ang mga miembro.!!! Ang Totoo,ako naniniwala,Ninanakaw NILA Lahat ang naipon na pera noon ng ka EGM para sa IGLESIA.Kayang-kaya IPATAYO lahat ang nasa ciudad victoria na iyan na DI Dapat mangutang sa mga BANKO.
    Natatandaan ko noon sabi ng ka EGM,ang Pera ng Iglesia “kayang bayaran ang lahat ng Utang ng Pilipinas at Kayang BILHIN ang Pilipinas.!! Samakatuwid HINDI na dapat ipangutang at isanla ang pag-aari ng Dios KUNG hindi nila ninakaw ang NAIPON na abuloy,handugan at pasalamat na perang NAIPON para sa Dios.!!
    Nasusuka ako tuwing iisipin ko ang “kalapastanganang GINAWA NILA sa mga HANDOG sa Dios ng mga kapatid na tulad natin noon na BUONG puso na sumasamplataya na ito ay para sa DIOS at CRISTO.!!
    Pati yang sa Mateo 24:14 at Isaias 54:2 ginagamit NILANG PANDAYA para patunayan na “natupad daw iyan kay EVM.!!?? Heto ang TURO ng SUGO ukol jan— sa Leksyong pang-Ministeryal pp.42

    * Ang “SINUGO ang NAGPAPATOTOO” ng KATUPARAN ng Hula — —- Juan 1:19-23
    * Gaya din ni Jesus ———————————————- Lukas 4:16-21
    * Sa aral Makikilala ——————————————— Juan 17:17,18,16
    *Walang “salungatan” ——————————————- 1 Corinto 2:13

    Tanong sa mga OWE— Kailan ITINURO yang talatang iyan sa mga pagsamaba maging sa mga palabas sa INCTV ni EVM na sa KANYA natupad yang mga talatang Iyan? May mga lumang Plaka noon ang SUGO o baka kahit dun sa Movie Niya na FYM Story pinakita roon na binabasa o binasa ng ka FYM ang mga Talata sa Isaias at Apocalipsis ng KATUPARAN ng pagka_SUGO sa kaniya.
    Alam natin ito,maging pagka-Sugo kay Juan Bautista,Cristo at Pablo — SILA ang nagpatotoo na ISINUGO sila ng DIOS.!! Sige mg OWE,magsalita kayo ng Katotohanan–kailan anong buwan,araw at Petsa —Itinuro ni EVM na natupad sa kanya iyang Mateo 24:14 at Isaias 54:2??
    Turo ni Juan Baptista– siya ang Maghahanda ng Daan ng Panginoon,katuparan sa kaniya– Mateo 3:3 ganun din sa Marcos,Lukas at Juan 1:19-23
    Turo ng Cristo– Pinahiran siya ng Espiritu upang ipangaral ang mabuting balita Lukas 4:16
    Turo ni Pablo— siya ang gagawing Ilaw sa mga Gentil para magbalik loob ang mga ito sa Dios– Gawa 13:47
    Kahit sa Tuntunin at Ministerial Ethics,napakahigpit ng tagubilin ng ka ERDY na HUWAG KAILAN MAN “Takdaan” ang mga Kapatid ukol sa Pag-aabuloy at mga Handog page 132 at 214
    Kaya ako,kahit ulit-ulitin man NILA na sa Dios SILA,hinding-hindi ko ito Pinaniniwalaan. LAHAT ng Payo,Paalaala at Utos ng Sugo at ka Erdy–na mga TUNAY na HALAL ng DIOS– sinuway at Nilabag nila.Ngayon higit sa lahat, Pati mga UTOS ng DIOS Binabaluktot at Sinusuway NILA dahil sa SALAPI,Kapangyarihan at Kapalaluan sa mundong ito—paano magiging sa Dios ang mga IYAN? Sa “dios SILA ng SANLIBUTAN” maniniwala pa ako “, ang Diablo.!!!
    Pasensya na kayo mga Bro sa pananalita kong masakit—kaka-high blood yang evm church na yan.!!! Isa pa na nakakabuisit o nakakalungkot? matatandang ministro na mga Duwag at Nasuhulan na rin para Ipagtanggol si evm.!!! Sa DDA ang bahagi ng mga Duwag at Sinungaling Apoc. 21:8. Sa Dios daw sila? mga…. ewan….


  19. Jeremias 14:14 Nang magkagayo’y sinabi ng Panginoon sa akin,Ang mga Propeta ay nanghuhula ng KASINUNGALINGAN sa Aking Pangalan:
    Hindi ko sila Sinugo(Inihalal),o Inutusan Ko man sila,o nagsalitan man Ako sa kanila:
    “sila’y Nanganghuhula sa Iyo ng sinungaling na pangitain,at ng PANGHUHULA”, at bagay na WALA,at “DAYA ng KANILANG Sariling PUSO”.

    In english same book — chapter n verse TLB — Then the Lord said:The Prophets are telling Lies in My name.I didn’t Send (Chose) them or Tell them to SPEAK or Give Them any MESSAGE.They prophesy of visions and Revelations They Never Seen nor HEARD;They Speak Foolishness concocted out of their OWN Lying Hearts.!!

    Like Matthew 24:14 and Isaiah 54:2? Fulfilled to Eddieboy?? What is the Truth?
    John 17:17– Sanctify Them with the Truth,THY WORD is TRUTH.!!!!


  20. Ano ang TAGUBILIN at UTOS ng ka ERDY sa SANGGUNIAN noong nabubuhay pa Siya? “Maghalal o Magkaroon kayo ng HALALAN sa/ng “papalit sa Akin”.!!
    Nasunod ba ito o HINDI,Jun Santos n the Sangoons?? Sa Dios kayo di ba? Sagutin nyo ng BOONG Katotohanan!!!


  21. Did anyone notice in a couple recent worship services that the last series of verses read were Rev 7:13-17 (about surviving the Great Tribulation)? JUST MAYBE somebody in the OWE Administration is realizing that things are going to hit the fan.

    Another thing is the reluctance of the Defender camps to discuss the 144,000. Rev 7:2-4 is clear that is number sealed with aid by an angel from the east. Many on both the OWE and Defender side need to pay attention because figuratively a very few are chosen. Rev 14:1-5, Eph 5:27 and Matt 5:8 go together.

    The events with the Pope and Muslim Imam plus the “Seventy Nation Conference” (Sept 25-27; apparently related to the third temple) should be paid attention to. Although these appear to be part of the “One World Religion” conspiracy, nonetheless, we should see how it evolves.


  22. The lesson in this past weekend worship service was about the good traits INC members are known for, e.g. as dependable workers whom employers prefer hiring, and therefore should be consistently upheld in order to preserve INC’s reputation in the workplace. It was obvious that the young regular worker (who officiated the service) lacked experience in what he was talking about and so his exhortations rang hollow. I miss the lessons outlined by EGM and preached by veteran ministers who spoke from the heart, based on long years of experience ministering to the flock. And in connection with this, I am reposting the following comment I made in Sher Lock’s blog in response to the negative and hateful comments I noticed from both sides (anti-EVM members vs. OWE members):
    Lamberto JayTy ‪(aka Filosofo Tacio)
    ‪Bilang isang handog sa loob ng INC, ako ay nagpapasalamat sa Diyos na narating ko ang gulang (higit sa edad ni EVM) na batbat ng karanasan sa panahan ni EGM. Huwag nating kalimutan na ang ating kinukuwestiyon at binabaka ay ang mga maling aral at tuntunin na siyang maglalayo sa atin sa Diyos. Dahil hindi ko maipapangahas ang aking sariling talino, ang ginagawa ko lang ay paghambingin ang mga pagtuturo at pamamalakad na ginagawa ni EVM versus nina FYM at EGM at nasa kanya-kanya nang pagpapasiya kung ano ang marapat na reaksiyon. At pangunahin na dapat nating tandaan ay huwag masumpungan ang poot sa ating mga puso laban sa kanino mang tao at bagkus ay sikapin nating sundin, bagama’t totoong mahirap, ang tagubilin ng Panginoong Jesucristo na tinanggap natin sa pamamagitan ng Sugo at Ka Erdy:‬
    ‪Mateo 5:43-47 Ang Bagong Tipan: Filipino Standard Version (FSV)‬
    ‪Ang Pagmamahal sa Kaaway‬
    ‪43 “Narinig ninyong sinabi, ‘Mahalin mo ang iyong kapwa at kamuhian mo ang iyong kaaway.’ 44 Ngunit ako ang nagsasabi sa inyo: Mahalin ninyo ang inyong mga kaaway at ipanalangin ninyo ang mga umuusig sa inyo, 45 upang kayo’y maging mga anak ng inyong Amang nasa langit. Sapagkat pinasisikat niya ang kanyang araw sa masasama gayundin sa mabubuti, at nagpapadala siya ng ulan sa mga matuwid, gayundin sa mga di-matuwid. 46 Sapagkat kung ang mamahalin ninyo ay iyon lamang nagmamahal sa inyo, ano’ng mapapala ninyo? Hindi ba’t ganyan din ang ginagawa ng mga maniningil ng buwis? 47 At kung sa mga kapatid lamang ninyo kayo bumabati, mayroon ba kayong ginagawang higit kaysa iba? Hindi ba’t ganoon din ang ginagawa ng mga Hentil?‬


  23. Tunay at totoo yang talatang iyan ka Tacio.Palibhasa nga Tao tayo,aaminin ko,mas madalas naiinis o natatangay ako/tayo ng ating Damdamin lalo na nga at ALAM natin kung Katotohanan o Kasinungalingan ang “sinasabi o itinuturo ng evm church”.
    Lalo na ako,pag AGAINST and I know it’s NOT in the Bible”— buwisit na buwisit ako. But sa pagbubulay-bulay ko,M asking forgiveness. Naiinis ako dun sa mga Turo o kung ano-anong kasinungalinagn ang propaganda o sinasabi nila,nadadamay lang yung tao na nagsalita o nagturo,ngunit doon sa sinabi o sinulat na itinuro ako inis talaga.
    TOTOO rin na kaya tayo naririto ay para IHAYAG ang mga Mali at Kasinungalingan Ninoman lalo na sa dating INC na mga ministro pa naman. Kung may alam tayo na katotohanan na kalaban ng kasinungalingan,Iyan o Iyon ang dapat Ipaalam sa lahat.
    Tunay at dapat na MANAIG ay ang KATOTOHANAN na mga SALITA ng DIOS sa anomang paksa na NAUUKOL sa tunay na paglilingkod sa TUNAY na DIOS,CRISTO at Tunay na IGLESIA o Relihiyon.
    Hindi Maiiwasan na magalit o mapoot ang WALA sa tunay na relihiyon kapag Katotohanan ang Nakasagasa sa “kanila”,gaya ng sabi ni apostol Pablo sa Galacia 4:16 — Kaya nga AKO baga ay naging KAAWAY Ninyo,sa Pagsasabi Ko sa Inyo ng KATOTOHANAN?
    Kaya ako madalas tinatanong ko mga OWE na kilala ko— PAGLABAN ba kay “ka” EVM kung Nagtatanong ka ng mga BAGAY na Nakagugulo sa pagiging INC mo? Na nakagugulo sa Pananampalataya Mo? Na ang mga Naririnig mo ngayon ay “sumasalungat sa mga dating ARAL.Turo at Tuntunin noon” na Natutuhan natin/mo/ko sa Sugo at ka EGM?
    Papaano naging PAGLABAN ang pagtatanong o paghanap mo ng KALIWANAGAN sa isang bagay na sinabi o itinuro na ALAM mong Wala o Labag sa Biblia?
    Kaya TAMA si apostol Pablo— dahil ba sa naghahanap ako/tayo ng KATOTOHANAN__ang TURING Nila sa atin–KAAWAY-Fallen Angels? Sinong matinong tao na may pag-iiisip na HINAHANAP mo ay Katotohanan—ituturing kang KAAWAY?
    Bakit di nila sundin yung sabi o utos ni apostol Pedro sa 1Pedro 3:15— na LAGI Kayong maging HANDA ng PAGSAGOT sa bawat Tao na HUMIHINGI sa INYO ng KATUWIRAN o mga salita ng Dios na Katotohanan?
    Bakit magagalit at ituturing kang kaaway at SISIRAAN ka na sa Boong Iglesia at di ka na kakausapin at itatakwil ka na?
    SINO ngayon talaga ang sa DIOS? Yung naghahanap ng katotohanan o yung Ayaw sumagot ng boong katotohanan at IPIPILIT pa na “sila” ang sa DIOS??
    Di ba weird na weird,You cannot answer the Truth but you are of God!!

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  24. Lagi kong tinatandaan yung payo o aral ng SUGO: heto sabi Niya,sa paglilingkod at pagsunod sa Dios,ang dapat Nating pakinggan at sundin ay ang mga Propeta,ang P.Jesucristo at ang mga Apostol. Sila lamang ang mga Tunay na may karapatan na magturo ng tamang pamamaraan sa paglilingkod sa DIOS.
    Isipin nyo ni hindi Niya (ka FYM) isinali sarili niya bagama’t siya ay Sugo!! Di tulad ni EVM,pakinggan nyo sa mga pagtuturo niya sa Utube.May sinabi siya na sundin nyo ako o sumunod kayo,Ako ang mananagot sa Dios. Meron ganyan,unless dinelete na nila sa Utube.
    At paulit-ulit na: Sa BIBLIA KAYO SUMUNOD,huwag kay Manalo.Kapag Wala o Salungat sa Biblia HUWAG KAYONG SUSUNOD,hindi kayo Maliligtas!!!!
    Ngayon ano utos, SUMUNOD KAYO sa PAMAMAHALA,pag di kayo sumunod,HINDI kayo Maliligtas,di ba,mga OWE? Ganyan o ganito TURO nyo sa Pulpito???
    Sabi ni apostol Pedro: Sa DIOS Muna KAMI susunod,BAGO sa mga TAO.!!! Kalaban kayong mga OWE ni apostol Pedro!!!! Gawa 5:29


  25. Just watched Phil.News,galing ni DU30 ah!! Hinahamon ng DEBATE ang lider ng UN at iba pang mga KRITIKO niya (lumalaban o naninira sa Administrasyon Niya). Iyan ang Lider,matapang.Sinabi pa niya na “matapos Nila akong Tanungin (sa debate),Ako naman ang magtatanong sa “kanila”.!!
    Oh mga OWE na MK,bakit di nyo gayahin si DU30, kayo makipagdebate sa mga Defender,live sa TV station na NEUTRAL.Alam nyo magandang paksa– PATUNAYAN ninyo na TOTOO ang turo nyo na si EVM HINDI Nagkakamali at negative side ang Defender.!!
    O kaya patunayan nyo na TUNAY na TP si EVM at ang Defender ay sa negative side.!! Di ba magandang debate yan? Tutal “naniniwala kayong lahat na sa DIOS kayo at Cristo”,di ba? Dapat lang na magkaroon ng Debate ukol dito para “matapos na lahat ng pagtatalo”.!!
    Tutal gagaling ng debater nyo,si Ventilacion,Parba.Bularan at si Mikehell sguro magaling din?
    O, hihintayin ko ang pagtanggap NINYO sa suhestiyon kong ito,maasahan ko ba mga OWE/STF?Ano ikatatakot nyo,sa Dios kayo di ba? Lagi nyong sinasabi “kasama namin ang Dios”,PROVED it mga OWE.!!
    Tutal sinasabi nyo lagi,Naninira,Lumalaban at Naiinggit “lamang” kami sa Inyo at kay Eddieboy,Now is the time to Proved to Us na TUNAY na nasa Katotohanan Kayo.!!
    I/We will wait your announcement in worship services,OK.mga OWE? Ito ang d best Debate para “malaman kung sino talaga ang sa PANIG ng DIOS”,di ba mga OWE?


  26. I read again ka AE’s article — Addicted to worldly records, ka AE is absolutely Correct. EVM should be in Guinness World Record as LEADER of “true’ Christian Religion that DISRESPECT and DISOBEY His “Parents” n HATES His “enemies”.!!
    Which contradicts Ephesians 6:1-2 and Matthew 5:43-44


  27. A close relative, who keeps complaining against the never-ending donation campaigns and other instances of EVM’s questionable leadership, posed this question which, I am sure, many members have also been asking: “why is God allowing these to happen to the church today?”. Other than the usual answer that “we are being tested”, I shared my own personal experience many years ago when I tried counseling an inactive member who had doubts about some of the INC teachings. This member was particularly bothered by the concept of predestination such that he felt that Judas Iscariot was not to blame for what he did to our Lord Jesus Christ because that was the role that God “destined” him to play. I told this member that, as one of God’s creations, I found it not only beyond my capacity but also the height of insolence and arrogance to “examine”, let alone question, God’s thinking and motives. (If I remember correctly, I think I cited the following bible verses in support of my position: Romans 9:20-24 and Isaiah 29:15-16.). That is why I miss Ka Erdy very much because it was during his time that we were free to ask questions and air our doubts even about church doctrines. We trusted the ministers to help us find answers and if they couldn’t give specific answers that would satisfy us, they still would give the loving advice that, in our search for answers to our questions, we should just make sure that it would lead us closer to and not away from God. So very different today when all you can hear ministers say is “just obey and never complain”.
    ** P.S. Another take on this article’s theme, as cryptically forewarned by Ka Erdy:
    “The INC office is open; if you can find even just one church property with a lien on it, let us all part ways.”.
    Unless EVM can honor EGM’s open-door policy and prove otherwise, the issue of Philippine Arena-related loans continues to hang like an albatross around EVM’s neck and causes disunity in the INC.


  28. Iyan ang “isang matibay na Katotohanan na may BAGONG ARAL sa Iglesia” na kaiba sa Natutuhan natin at itinuro sa atin noon ng Sugo at ka EGM. Noon KAHIT ano itanong mo maging sa Aral at Tuntunin—nakakakuha ka ng kasagutan na NAKABATAY sa BIBLIA.
    Kaya Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga Ministro lalo na yang Matatanda na WALA RAW NABAGONG ARAL noon at ngayon.!!
    Matagal ko ng Iniisip kung bakit itinuro NILA yang Obey n Never Complain. Una,para SUMUNOD na ang lahat at wala na “silang problema anoman ang ipagawa o iutos nila” sa mga kapatid o miembro. Pangalawa– AYAW nilang magtanong tayo o sinoman sapagka’t WALA o HINDI Nila kayang SAGUTIN ng BOONG Katotohanan ng NAKAAYON o nakasalig sa Biblia at Mapapahiya o Mabubuko ang mga KASINUNGALINGAN nila.!!
    Ito ang matibay kong opinyon– di “nila kayang LAHAT sumagot ng boong katotohanan” mula sa Biblia. Isang halimbawa uli bagamat madalas ko na itong ITANONG at walang makasagot sa mga nakausap kong ministro at mga PD at MT,
    Ang utos ng DIOS sa pagtitiwalag o pag-aalis ng PANGALAN sa talaan na, “kung SINO lamang ang nagkasala ay Siyang dapat BURAHIN ang ngalan sa aklat”. (Exo.32:33) (Deut. 24:16) ay NILALABAG ni EVM at R.Cortez .Kung magtiwalag sila BOONG Pamilya!!! Labag na labag sa UTOS ng Dios.!!!
    Hindi nila masagot iyan mula sa Biblia (sarili lang nilang mga kung ano-anong pangangatwiran ang sinasabi). Ang panglawa,idagdag ko na,ANO at SAAN sa Biblia ang naging batayan at ITINURO na si EVM ay HINDI NAGKAKAMALI? Sabi ko pa sa kausap ko noon,ang alam kong TAO na di nagkamali at Nagkasala ay ang CRISTO lamang.!! Hindi rin masagot ng mga magagaling na nakausap kong MK,PD at MT.!!
    Iyan ang katotohanan,kaya naisip nila at nakakita sila sa Bagong mga Salin ng Biblia na Obey n Never Complain kaya Ipinatupad nila iyan.!! Kaya ang lagi kong tanong sa kanila— SAAN “mismo na Dios at Cristo ang NAG-UTOS na,Obey Me/Us and never Complain”??
    Napakalinaw ng UTOS ng DIOS– heto ang Buhay at ang Kamatayan,”mamili ka”!! Sumpa o Pagpapala? Sabi pa ng Dios,PILIIN mo ang buhay,pero WALANG PILITAN.!!! Hindi inutos na ,basta piliin mo buhay ha!!!pag di mo pinili yan parurusahan o ITITIWALAG Kita.!!!
    Wala talagang turo sa atin na predestination,medyo talaga mahirap unawain o ipaliwanag yang predestination lalo at di naman tayo nag-ministro.Yan ngang ilan na ministro nahihirapan ding ipaliwanag yan noon,NGAYON pa kaya ? I doubt it!!!
    Ito “AKIN lang”,Totoo tayong mga INC ang sabi sa Efeso 1:4-5 — bago pa itatag ang sanlibutan eh pinili na ukol kay Cristo,nakasulat yan.Parang ganyan din si Judas,maging si Esau,di ba? WALA namang nakasulat na dahil “pinili o napili ka na eh SIGURADO ka ng LIGTAS”?,di ba?
    Pinili ka na pala bakit napahamak ka pa?
    IISA lang ang dahilan,HINDI ka LUBUSANG SUMUNOD sa mga UTOS o Kautusan ng Dios kaya “namali o napahamak ka”. Parang iyong KERUBIN,di ba PERPEKTO pa nga,bakit naging diablo o naging masama? Eh ALAM niya TAMA, na DIOS lamang ang dapat Sambahin at Sundin,pero lumaban siya at gusto pang PANTAYAN ang Dios di ba?
    Ganyan ang nangyari kay Judas at Esau,ALAM ni Judas ang mga UTOS,pero nagpatalo siya sa PAG-IBIG sa SALAPI(sound Familiar ba?) kaya siya ang nagpakasama.Kaya sa halip sana na maliligtas,NAPAHAMAK.!!
    Si Esau,alam niya na ang PANGANAY ay ukol sa Dios,pero dahil din sa MATERIAL na bagay, (another familiar ba?) ito pagkain lang,ipinagbili niya kay Jacob yung pagkapanganay niya,so napahamak din (Gen.25:29-33) siya.Ang BASBAS na para sa Kanya kay JACOB Napunta.
    Kung totoo yung predestination,dapat di “napahamak sina Judas at Esau”,kasi “napili na sila” di ba?
    Kaya di dapat natawag o napili ka lang,dapat maging TAPAT at SUMUNOD sa Dios,tama ba mga Bro.? Ito ang “sarili ko lang opinion”.Hindi ko ito ipipilit sa inyo mga Bro.,kaya kung HINDI TAYO Manghahawak sa mga SALITA ng DIOS na tulad ng CRISTO– Mateo4:4,—-Matutulad tayo sa mga OWE na bulag at panatiko kung Bibitaw tayo sa Salita ng Dios.!!! Kaya sa akin,di na sila sa Dios sapagkat maraming “katanungan ngayon” na AYAW o HINDI na Nila masagot MULA SA BIBLIA.!!!
    Tama ang ka EGM,yung Tatalikod ang Magtitiwalag at Uusig sa inyo,lalo na sa kanyang Pamilya.!!! Nanjan ang STF,si Jojo de Guzman at Jezebel di ba? Wala naman sila sa ating mga Defender. he he he he he nasa kanila lahat ang SUMUWAY sa PAYO at UTOS ng ka EGM,ito ang katotohanang Hindi nila mapapasinungalingan– pati yang dating Sanggunian,naging SANGOONS.!!! right mga BRO.!!!


  29. Who is this son of King Josiah–Shallum, like someone in our Time? In Jeremiah 22:13,15-16

    Woe to Him who builds his house w/o righteousness,And his upper rooms w/o justice,who uses his neighbor’s services w/o pay and does not give him his wages….?
    Do you become a King because you are competing in cedar? Did not your FATHER eat and drink,And DO JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS? Then it was WELL w/ Him.
    HE Pled the cause of the “Afflicted and Needy”; Then it was WELL.
    “Is not that what it MEANS to KNOW Me”?
    But your eyes and your heart Are “intent” only upon your OWN Dishonest Gain,
    And on “Shedding Innocent Blood and on Practicing Oppression and Extortion”.!!
    from the NASB bible rendition


  30. Sorry Bro. Edge M not really good in english,that’s why I prefer writing in pilipino. Ka Tacio,tama ka pala na NAGTUTURO sila ngayon ng bagong bagay para palabasin na LEGAL si EVM as TP.
    I just got a msg na “patutunayan pa raw na matroong pang Huling-Huling Sugo” at may “paririnig o patutunyan din na INIUTOS ni ka EGM ang ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION” sa Igkesia. Napaka-diablo na talaga ng mga ITO,!! Napakadidilim na ng Budhi,puso,kaluluwa at demoniong pananamplataya…. (.the information I got was true)
    Sasamba na ako for this whole month of October,marahil sa buwang iyan “magtuturo ng mga kasinungalingan” para lalong Mailigaw ang mga Tupa ni Cristo na halos lahat na nga ay “naagaw na ng Diablo”.!!
    Sorry for my language.!!!


  31. sorry make mistakes again: If the information I got was true…mayroon not matroong…
    Iglesia not Igkesia.
    Mga Bro.makinig tayong maigi at Suriin nating mabuti ang mga “ituturo nilang mga bagong kababalaghan o milagro” para patunayan na may huling-huli raw SUGO?
    Samakatuwid MALI si ka FYM at ka EGM sa pagtuturo na ang huling ELIAS ay ang kapataid na Felix Y. Manalo.?
    So patutunyan nila na si EVM HINDI NAGKAKAMALI at SIYA ang TAMA??? wow ang bigat!!!!


  32. Latest update on my favorite EVM alter ego, US Pres. Trump, who is now the subject of a formal impeachment inquiry: As I have indicated in my previous postings, I see a remarkable parallel between the two except the fact that the US is a democracy (with a constitution and formal system of checks & balances) and the INC is a theocracy (with only the Bible serving as constitution with no formal, “human” check and balance on the Executive Minister.). Unlike the INC members though, the Americans have 2 powerful weapons against an abusive and corrupt leader: impeachment and election. As the article pointed out:
    “As Jeffrey Engel writes in Impeachment: An American History, the authors of the Constitution foresaw the possibility of a corrupt president who abuses his power to stay in office. James Madison argued at the Constitutional Convention that it was “indispensable that some provision should be made for defending the community against the incapacity, negligence, or perfidy of the chief magistrate.” George Mason asked, “Shall the man who has practised corruption and by that means procured his appointment in the first instance, be suffered to escape punishment, by repeating his guilt?” And as Gouverneur Morris concisely put it, “This Magistrate is not the King but the Prime Minister. The people are the King.” …
    “What the Framers may not have contemplated, however, is the extent to which a demagogue is capable of convincing his supporters that the president and the people are one and the same, and therefore, the president is incapable of betraying the people, because he is their purest expression made flesh. Trump is but a crass distillation of this anti-democratic idea, but if it were not deeply rooted in the Republican Party, he could never have ascended to its leadership.”
    Isn’t this exactly what EVM is trying to do to the INC members (at least those who behave like the Republican Party’s most conservative members), i.e., brainwash them into thinking that the Executive Minister and the Church are one and the same? In contrast, FYM kept repeating that we should only believe in the bible, not him. And EGM has instructed ministers not to let God’s words be superseded by anyone (See page 95 of EGM’s collection of lectures entitled ‘Pangalagaan Ninyo Ang Kaniyang Kawan’ – Mga Lektura Tungkol Sa Pagpapatibay Sa Mga Kapatid, Mga Maytungkulin At Mga Ministro Sa Iglesia Ni Cristo – Isyung Pang-alaala Sa Ika-30 Taon ng Pamamahala Ng Kapatid Na Erano G. Manalo Sa Iglesia Ni Cristo (Abril 23, 1993) – “… mga kapatid, ang tunay na ebanghelyo o ang Salita ng DIYOS ay huwag nating ipailalim sa kagustuhan ng kahit sino, KAHIT NA SA TAGAPAMAHALA PA NINYO.” –
    ** NOTE: To mark his 30th year of leading the church, one of the things that EGM did was to publish a compilation of his lectures which future generations can refer to. In contrast, to mark his 10th year, EVM launched a Worldwide Donation Campaign and a PA Grand Baptism to target a Guinness World Record. How ironic!


  33. My PD friend told me that a minister after reading Isaiah 54:2 — it’s the Proof that Prosperity Gospel was fulfilled to EVM. OMG!! This OWE’s minister/ministers are really Blind n Fanatics.!!
    First of ALL,where in the Bible can you read a Prosperity Gospel? Second WHO was a PROPHET n APOSTLE — Preach about Prosperity Gospel?
    Even our Lord J.Christ NEVER Taught a Prosperity Gospel.!! These OWE’s Ministers are all FALSE TEACHERS.!!! They are teaching “new gospel” that are AGAINST to what was ALREADY WRITTEN.!!!
    All they KNOW about God’s Blessing are MATERIAL THINGS.!! They dont know anymore about SPIRITUAL Blessings like ka EGM’s teachings or advice. Let me say it in Pilipino: Ang paliwanag ng ka Erdy ay ganito: Kung sumasampalataya ka at lubos mong ginagawa na taos sa puso at masaya ka sa Paghahandog o Pag-aabuloy “MAAARING” basbasan o pagpalain ka sa buhay na ito,mapalad ka kung gawin ito sa iyo ng Dios at di ka magbabago.
    Ngunit HINDI ang “pagpapala ng AMA ay sa kabuhayan LAMANG”. Kung payapa ang sambahayan mo,walang nagkakasakit,may kapayapaan sa mag-asawa at sa mga anak,lahat ay masigla at mananamplataya— ITO ay Pagpapala at BASBAS ng Dios sa iyo at sa iyong sambahayan. Mas mahalaga ito sapagkat ito hanggang sa buhay na walang hanggan.!!
    Papanong magiging sa DIOS ang mga Tao o Mangangaral na ang nasa isip ay ITURO na lang ang UKOL sa SALAPI.!! Anong klaseng mga Tagapangaral ang mga ganyan,maka-LAMAN at maka-Material na bagay na lang.!!
    Nalimutan na nila ang talatang ito sa Mateo 5:45— Upang kayo’y maging mga anak ng inyong Ama na nasa langit;sapagkat PINASISIKAT Niya ang Kanyang araw sa MASASAMA at MABUBUTI,at Nagpapaulan sa mga GANAP at sa mga HINDI GANAP.!!
    Pagdating sa pagbibigay ng PANGANGAILANGAN ng ” Tao o mga Tao” ang Dios ay nagkakaloob sa kung SINO ang gusto Niyang Pagpalain o Basbasan. Ang LINAW — sa Masama o Mabuti o sa
    Ganap at di Ganap— nagpapaulan o nagpapasikat Siya ng BIYAYA.!!!
    Di tulad ng mga “Nangangaral ng SALITA ng DIOS na Ipinandadaya o ipinanlilinlang sa mga KAANIB para Lumikom ng malaking HALAGA ng SALAPI.!!! Napakasamang mga Tagapangaral daw ng Dios—- IPINANDARAYA pa ay Salita ng DIOS.!!!
    Paaano kayo maliligtas at nasa inyo ang Dios kung “mismong” SALITA pa ng DIOS ang Ipinadaraya ninyo para kumita at Lumikom ng SALAPI.!!! Daig nyo pa si Judas Iscariote at Ananias at Safira.!!!!
    Mula Genesis- Apocalipsis—- wala kayong mababasa na PROSPERITY GOSPEL.!! Imbento yan ng mga PROTESTANTE at ginagaya ng ng EVM Church!!! Tapos sa Dios kayo!!!?????


  34. Another hope inspiring instance of contrast worth pondering –
    A WELCOME RAY OF LIGHT – The Supreme Court of Canada “has done what Canadian politicians and political parties find so achingly difficult to do — that is, the palpably, plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face right thing.” Finally, after 10 long years, justice for a man arrested for carrying the Canadian flag
    ** Stirring words from the Supreme Court of Canada:
    “…. a free and democratic society cannot tolerate interference with the rights of law-abiding people as a measure of first resort.”
    “There is a line that cannot be crossed. The rule of law draws that line. It demands that, when intruding on an individual’s freedom, the police can only act in accordance with the law.”
    “it’s better to protect the rights of the innocent rather than force him to cease exercising them.”
    ** Reminds me of EVM’s “Obey and Never Complain” policy which resulted in the expulsion of many innocent members like Ka Tenny and courageous ministers and members who simply told the truth about what is happening in the INC and got expelled under the pretext of causing disunity in the church. No honest-to-goodness evaluation and resolution of the complaints was done and instead, only blanket denial or silence for such things as INC’s connection with the disappearance/murder of some “defenders”, existence of PA loans, and transparency in the use of the never-ending additional donations solicited from the members. Any perceived aberration in EVM’s decisions and actions, which drastically differ from those of FYM and EGM, simply gets gradually transformed into something normal and not to be questioned at all.


  35. Other Nation or Countries “Law of the Land and Regulations” are much better and Humane than the “law n regulations” of so called “true christians church”.!!! do everyone noticed or knew it?
    Actually even “some” Leaders of the Nation/Country are TRYING Their best to Eliminate” in their Administration or Govt. “those CORRUPTS employees,even Officers in their Group.!!
    They are more God fearing Leader rather than those Religious so called “leaders”,that they are “true n God fearing christians”.!!!


  36. Ang isa o dalawang Tao na Sinasaluduhan at Hinahangaan ko ngayon sa Pinas ay sina dating Gen. Magalong na Mayor ngayon ng Baguio City at yung Aquino na may ranggo din sa PNP.
    Nagsabi sila ng mga Katotohanan sa mga kamalian o katiwalian ni Gen. O.Albayalde.
    Tiyak mapapasa panganib ang buhay nila at pamilya nila. Walang iniwan yan sa “Iglesia Nila” ngayon.
    Alam natin na marami sa “kanila” ang “nakakaalam ng Katotohanan”,ngunit TAKOT magsalita o Nasusuhulan. Nakakalungkot di ba,naturuan at naaralan ng Katotohanang mga Salita ng Dios,ngunit mga Duwag at daig ng suhol.
    Mabuti pa ang mga taong di tunay na Cristiano,matatapang Magsalita o Magsabi ng Katotohanan.!! Kung nanonood kayo ng Balita sa Pinas ukol dito sa mga “ninja cops” na tiwali,alam ninyo ang sinulat kong ito. Saludo ako sa mga Taong Nagsasalita ng Katotohanan,lalo na kung ukol sa Relihiyon.!!


  37. Do everyone Notice,neither Govt. or Religion,”if you Tell the Truth” you are d ONE who is Lying?
    You n your Family’s LIFE will be in DANGER? Persecution,kidnapping,torture,threat,imprisonment and lastly DEATH.!!! As M listening in Phil news,Mayor Magalong n Mr.Aquino’s Life n their Families are in DANGER now. Same in d “new church now”.
    If you expose d TRUTH— you n your loved ones will be in DANGER.!!! That’s what happen when WOLVES and in SHEEP’s Clothing were UNITED.!! Remember the “1st century church when those Bishops that replaced the Apostles UNITED with the Wolves”( Emperor Constantine) the Govt. at that time–severe persecutions n deaths to all True Christians.!!!!


  38. Daniel 8:23 “And in the latter period of their rule,when the Transgressors have Run their “course”, A KING will Arise “Insolent and Skilled in Intrigue. And His Power will be Mighty,but NOT by His OWN POWER,
    And He will Destroy to an Extraordinary degree and Prosper and Perform HIS Will; HE will Destroy mighty men and the HOLY People.
    And through HIS SHREWDNESS, He will CAUSE “deceit to succeed by His INFLUENCE; and He will Magnify HIMSELF in His HEART,
    And He will Destroy many while they are at ease. He will even OPPOSE the Prince of princess,but He will be broken w/o human agency.
    DANIEL 7:25 “And HE will Speak out Against the Most HIGH and wear down the Saints of the Highest ONE, and HE will INTEND to make ALTERATIONS in times and in LAW;…
    DANIEL 11:23-24 And after ALLIANCE is made with Him, He will practice DECEPTION, He will go up and GAIN POWER w/ small “force of people”.
    In time of tranquility He will Enter the Richest parts of the Realm,and HE will ACCOMPLISH what His FATHERS NEVER DID,nor HIS ANCESTORS; HE will Distribute PLUNDER,BOOTY, and POSSESSIONS among THEM,and He will DEVISE His Schemes against strongholds,but only for a time.


  39. INC is far from united. I can easily conclude it is true looking from inside out.
    Ministro narin ang nagsasabi na
    1. kapag hindi ka dumadalo ng gawain sa pagpapalaganap ay hindi ka kaisa ng pamamahala. Ilan ba ang dumadalo sa gawain? Hindi nga lahat ng MT may bunga at di rin nakakadalo ng gawain.
    2. Sa gawaing paghahandog Ilan % ba ang nagTTH at naglalagak lingo lingo? Less than 50%. Kahit nga pag sabayan at malakihang handugan at paglalagak madami parin ang di sumasama
    3. Sa pagiibigang magkakaparid? Hay naku napakarami ang magkakaaway at magkibuan.


  40. The latest circus is now the “remnants” are bickering among themselves about pronouncing the Tetragrammaton “Yahuah” (most are used to “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”). Here’s the story: YHWH is written 6822 times in the Old Testament. There really is no exact transliteration. The word “Jehovah” was coined by a Catholic monk named Raymundus Martini in 1278 AD. Yahweh is the closest pronunciation. Jesus teaches us to address God as Father in Matt 6:9.

    Samson finally spoke up about it. Good for him.

    “remnants” are not limited to INC members. They denounce people who decide to remain active as condoning EVM. Nonsense! “Silent defenders” have other means of exposing evil deeds.

    I’m done. Let God take care of business.


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