Ka Erdy

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Brother Eraño Manalo died August 31 2009. I have been thinking of words to say about the deep impact he left in our lives but I couldn’t find the right words. The death anniversary passed and still could not say what is in my heart. No words can capture how much he meant to the Church, so I won’t try.


10 years ago, Brother Manalo passed away and the Church members around the world were in utter shock. The grief was so much. The pain was so much. It was unlike we had ever collectively felt before. The entire Church wept. We were in pain. I cannot describe the grief. Many of us have lost a parent or a loved one. But this is a different kind of grief; it is a spiritual mourning. It cannot be described.


Our hearts were broken in a way that can never be mended. He was the guide for our generation and we felt like we were left behind. Like what the Apostles described:

“Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.” Mark 6:34


Sheep without a shepherd. 10 years later and our hearts are still aching.


Ka Erdy, we miss you.


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18 thoughts on “Ka Erdy

  1. Kapatid na ERANO G. MANALO:

    Tunay na Halal at Nilagay ng Dios sa INC na Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan
    Tunay na may Pag-ibig at Pagmamalasakit sa mga KAANIB.
    Tunay na Marangal,Mapagpakumbaba at Mapagmalasakit sa KAWAN.
    Tunay na Mapagmahal,Matiyaga at Malinis na Pangangasiwa sa Kawan.
    Wala tayong Maisusumbat at Maipipintas sa Pamamalakad at Pangangasiwa sa buong Iglesia.
    Malinis at Maayos lahat ang pamamalakad,lalong-lalo na sa Pananalapi ng Iglesia.
    Walang UTANG at ISINANGLA na “pag-aari ng Dios at Cristo”.
    Tunay na may BANAL na TAKOT at tunay na TAPAT sa DIOS.
    Walang ginawang mga “bagong Utos o Aral o Tuntunin na WALA sa Biblia”,lahat ng
    tuntunin ay Nakabatay sa Biblia,sa lalong Ikatitibay ng Utos ng Dios.
    Kailan man ay di “nagpatupad” ng mga Utos o Tuntunin na SAPILITAN at PAGSUNOD o Pasakop
    na “lamang” at basta sumunod.!!
    Hindi kailanman “ninakaw ang abuloy at handog” ng mga Kapatid sa Dios,para Magpasarap at nagpatayo ng mansion na mahal pa sa Templo at namuhay ng MALUHO.!!!

    Puede kang sumulat (tulad ko),MAGTANONG o Nagtanong,Humingi ng Payo at Magsuhestiyon!! Kung di ako nagkakamali mga 3 0 4 na beses akong sumulat sa ka ERDY, 1 “o” 2 beses ng nanjan pa ako sa Pinas at 2 “o” 3 beses ng dito na ako sa Tate.
    Nagtanong at nagsuhestiyon ako,HINDI ako itiniwalag,sabi nga ni ka Ben Santiago,natuwa pa sa sulat ko noon jan sa Pinas.!! Sayang kalilipat ko,nawala yung sulat na SAGOT sa akin ng ka EGM sa pamamagitan ni ka Ben Santiago.
    Totoo ito,”hindi ako nagsisinungalling”.!! Ka EGM answer my letter thru bro.Benjamin Santiago,Sr.

    We missed you ka ERDY!! Nakapanghihinayang na noon akala ko, IKAW na ang Kasama ng Iglesia na sasalubong sa P.Jesucristo na Buhay at Malakas. Ganun pan man,IKAW pa rin angMakaksama ng mga Maliligtas sa Araw ng Paghuhukom.
    Sapagkat “lahat” ng Nagsiliko at Natalikod na mga pastor ng Kawan—Hindi sasalubong sa Cristo.!! Lahat ng mga Duwag at Sinungaling laban sa katotohanan na Salita ng Dios–parurusahan!!!

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  2. Sorry, nagkamali ako,sa Pangunguna na SUGO at ka EGM,sasalubong ang Iglesia sa Panginoong Jesucristo sa Araw ng Paghuhukom. Silang 2 ang Mangunguna!!


  3. The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office. Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power & it’s a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.


  4. It seems so blatantly disrespectful, if not downright repulsive, of EVM to prefer to highlight his 10 years of so-called inspired leadership of the INC rather than remember the 10th death anniversary of his father who is truly an inspiration for all. For those of us who are not privy to what really transpired within Ka Erdy’s family that led to the expulsion of Sis Tenny and children and the ongoing crisis in the INC, can we be blamed if we give credence to the reported vow of EVM’s wife to erase the memory of EGM? For how else can you explain the absence of any mention of EGM’s death anniversary during this week’s worship services as contrasted with the nauseating adulation of EVM by his minions in their prachings and prayers? And in the absence of any meaningful and poignant way of remembering EGM in the INC today, I did a bit of researching on how to remember a loved one such as EGM and found some sample helpful guides as follows:
    ** 9 ways to remember a loved one who has passed away
    1. Keep something of theirs with you – Ex. EGM’s lessons/audio-video preachings, personal gifts, etc.
    2. Support a cause close to their heart, and yours – Examples: financial support for EGM’s expelled family, personal donations to needy brethren
    3. Make a tribute donation to a nonprofit organization – Examples: real charity organizations with noble cause: cancer research foundations, doctors without borders, perhaps including independent, principled journalists such as Rappler.
    4. Create a living reminder – Ex. planting trees, memorial garden, etc. in their honor
    5. Dedicate an event to their memory – Ex. Holding special family gatherings similar to Thanksgiving Day & Memorial Day celebrations.
    6. Start a new tradition – Ex. releasing chained letters or message links; Church of Christ 2014 Ministries Special Worship Services
    7. Share their stories and photos – Ex. through sociall media postings
    8. Live your best life – Ex. avoiding bitternes and negativity and instead trying to become the best person you can be by upholding the pristine gospel learned from EGM and FYM
    9. Do any combination of the above

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    1. The outpouring of “unforced love” of brethren to EGM was manifested in his time of death, and this truth hurts so much those who hated ka erdy and his family…thus, the cleansing that even a mention of his name means expulsion from synagogues. May God have mercy on these darkened souls… thank you bro for a nice piece of information.


  5. I actually had been writing an article but the lesson this past weekend truly ruined my stream of thought. What I thought was a lesson about the late Brother Eraño Manalo quickly turned into another campaign for the World Wide Donation – pretty much another drive to boost funds. For what? Who knows. All I know is that the 10 year anniversary of the Beloved one is coming so there cash had better be on hand to be used as giveaways to maintain Ministers’ loyalty and I can assure you right after this drive there will be another world tour. Bet the house on it.

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    1. Back then, growing up, I used to be so proud to tell all my friends that the INC never accepts donations of any type, unlike the Catholics & the Protestants. Now, all they do is campaign for Donations, Donations & more Donations like no other religion in the world, a bunch of good for nothing hooligans. World tour here, world tour there, while so many brethren in the Philippines couldn’t even afford life’s necessities let alone leisure.

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  6. That is the reason Bro. I am really very,very Lazy in attending w.s since 2017. Just ONCE in a while to see if there’s a NEW Lesson n Topic.But saaaad to saaay….SAME TOPIC…all about HIM,Offerings,Doing good(daw) for the Poor? etc etc etc for their own Glory.!!! They are ALL Hypocrites like in Matthew 6:1-3:
    …do NOT perform Your RELIGIOUS duties in PUBLIC so that People will SEE what you do.!!
    …when You GIVE something to a NEEDY person,Do NOT make a Big SHOW of IT,as the Hypocrites do in HOUSES of WORSHIP and on the STREETS. …do it in such a way that EVEN your Closest friend will NOT Know It.!!! T.E.V rendition

    Very,very TRUE— their DOING it on Chapel Compounds and on the Streets,RIGHT!!!


  7. Oh I forgot,after “on the streets”. THEY do it so that people will PRAISE THEM.!! and Christ’s added…. If you do THESE Things Publicly,you will NOT have ANY REWARD from your Father in heaven.
    Very clear,NO REWARD,but they insist—“God is with Us”. So who is LYING,Christ or THEM?? Whom are we going to BELIEVED,”them” or the Head of the Church? haaay OWE!!! blind n fanatics!!!

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  8. I remember ka EGM’s date of passing away. That is something I will never forget for as long as I live. The ensuing unfolding of events that happened to the Church and still happening up to this very minute will never be forgotten as well.

    There will always be comparison of how our beloved Church used to be administered with love, compassion, genuine concern for our spiritual and moral edification. And that is how ka Erdy lead and managed the Church. For that, I will always remember ka Erdy, he continue the way ka FYM used to lead and look after the Church and the brethren.
    The two great men will always be remembered with respect, admiration and much affection.

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  9. How about Elijah, Moses, Peter or Paul? Is Ka Erdy greater than them? How about follow Jesus if you really want to commemorate Ka Erdy…


  10. 2019-09-01 Sunday Worship Service lesson in Washington DC District
    – All about donations and propagation; announcements: (1) Special District Offering: Sept. 6,7,8 during weekend w.s. to help renovate Wash. DC damaged chapel, (2) World-wide donation: Sept. 21-22 to help fund big projects; 1 week devotional prayer [NOTE: Both sounded similar to lottery fund-rising whereby a selected recipient/amount is targeted and it is hoped that collections will exceed what is needed, so can be diverted to other expenses such as PA loan repayments?] (3) International EVM Online and On-Air: Sept. 2-9. (4) District baptism: Sept. 8 Sunday (to coincide with Philippine Arena baptism)
    *********************** VERSES CITED ***********************
    to highlight EVM focus on (1) chapel construction (2) charity/propagation:
    ** Hebrews 6:10-13 The Certainty of God’s Promise
    ** Matthew 6:31-33 God knows what we need
    ** Isaiah 54:2-3 to support EVM’s self-peddled prophecy about his own mission and legacy which he tries to compare with those of FYM and EGM: worldwide expansion and chapel construction esp. big ones (fat lie, subtle deception to cover up his erroneous decisions such as building PA and incurring loans, expelling his mother and siblings, etc. .?)
    ** Haggai 1:8 usual verse for chapel building
    ** 2 Corinthians 9:12-13 donations will make others learn about God
    ** 1 Chronicles 29: 1-3, 6-9 Sample Gifts for Building the Temple
    ** Exodus 36:3 Continuous offerings for chapel building
    ** Jeremiah 10:3,2. ???
    ** Acts 4:32-35 The Believers Share Their Possessions
    ** 2 Cor. 4:8 subliminal message to continue donating generously despite hardships in life
    ** Malachi 3:10 prosperity gospel: if hands are open in giving, God’s hand will also be open in helping you (blessing livelihood) … true INC members will never be offended in giving donations; God will not forget them
    ********************** CUNNING DECEPTION *****************************
    All these verses were already regularly used during EGM’s time but there was no need for extra fund-raising drives. As emphasized by EGM himself: https://youtu.be/TXRRYPNt6Tk “… your regular Thursday and Sunday offerings, including Thanksgiving and Special Offerings are enough. We never asked for additional offerings because we did not start any project unless the finances were sufficient.


  11. Miko was right,it’s ALL about Donations,Monies and Prosperity for “them”.They are the Ones Who needs it!!! They are “just using GOD’s Words so the “members” will OBEY.!!
    EVM is not a true TP,so who Taught and explain that Isaiah 54:2,3 is a Prohecy about HIM?
    Remember John the Baptist,our Lord Jesuschrist,Apostle Paul and bro.FYM? “THEY are the Ones” teaches the prophecy that were fulfilled on Them.
    They ALL have the guidance of the Holy Spirit coz they were TRUE Messengers of GOD. EVM is self-appointed,we know it especially the Sanggunians or Sangoons.!! The truth is,I never Heard EVM cite in the Bible about Prophecies except those Prophecies TAUGHT by ka FYM n ka EGM. Not like ka FYM n ka EGM that teaches or taught about Prophecies in the Bible.!! Especially the return of INC in Jerusalem,Gentiles and in Rome,and when it was fulfilled in the West.
    The prophecy of ka EGM was fulfilled— there will be an apostasy before the end,but will not Succeed coz of “some or small” (numbers) of BRETHREN will DEFEND the words of GOD. Because of these,ka Erdy said,YOU will be expelled and persecuted!!
    Who has the RIGHT in Expelling Brethren in the Church or Synagogue? The Defenders or the EVM Church now? Kanino ba Tupad na Tupad ang mga Itinitiwalag? sa ating mga Defenders o sa Kanila? Nakanino ba ang STF? Si Jojo de Guzman at si Jesebel? Ang Likong Sanggunian,nakanino ba,nasa Defenders o nasa EVM Church?
    Here is the explanation of Isaiah 54:2,3 by the AUTHORS of The Orthodox Study Bilble na mga Theologians at nagsuri ng Biblia.

    54:2;3 —- “Enlarge” and “spread out further” suggests that the Church of the “Gentiles” will be MUCH GREATER and LARGER than the “Tabernacle” constructed by MOSES.!! Is the INC in d Philippines Church of the Gentiles??

    Sa bibliang tagalog ang banggit ay SION,hindi “anak ng Sion”. Ang SION sa old testament tumutukoy sa Israel/Jerusalem at Unang INC,hindi sa huling araw.
    Hayan ang pagkaunawa ko sa mga narinig ko sa pagsamba noon at sa mga audio tape ng Sugo at ka EGM,correct me kung mali ang dinig ko.!!

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  12. Tama ba sa tagalog — Ang Isang Dekada o 10 Taon ng Mabiyayang Pangunguna o Pamumuno?
    Pardon me Bro.Edge, M not really good in english,iisa-isahin ko lang ang “mabiyaya daw na Pamumuno ni Beloved Eddieboy with His kaSangoons: (short for kasamang Sangoons)
    Almost Sept 7 na jan at sa Pinas ay Sept 7 na ng umaga at dto sa Tate ay hapon o gabi pa rin ng sept.6/19.

    1) Suway sa Tunay na Pamamahala ng ka EGM — Hindi binuwag ang STF,Jojo pinakasal sa anak niya at hinayaang makialam ang Asawa Niya sa Iglesia.
    2) Itinayo ang PA, (sinabi pa na plano na ito ng ka EGM,sinungaling) sa pamamgitan ng Utang.
    Itinayo “daw” para sa Kapurihan at Kalualhatian ng Dios. Idinagdag pa ni E.Zabala na “anoman ang mga gawain sa Arenang ito ay Nakaayon sa Tuntunin at Aral sa Biblia para sa kapurihan at Kalualhatian ng Dios.
    3) Itiniwalag ang Ina at mga kapatid dahil Lumalaban(daw) sa Pamamahala Niya/Nila.
    4.) Winasak ang Tahanan ng ka Erdy at ang #36 T.Sora na binili (daw) o nabili kina ka Lottie at asawa na ka Eduard Hemedez. Nakita ko sa Utube(take a picture) ang Death Certificate ni ka Eduard Hemedez,April 15/13.Sa “kasulatan,kuno, ng bilihan o pagbili sa bahay ay may petsang April 2/15,na kung saan ay NAKAHARAP sa Notario Publiko sina ka Eduard Hemedez at ka Lottie at Pumirma o nakapirma sa nasabing bilihan ng bahay sa T.Sora. Sa Death Certificate ay EDWARD ang ngalan,sa Bilihan sa bahay ay EDUARD…halatang dinoktor ano!! Kasi 2 TAON NG PATAY si ka Eduard, Mali pa spelling ng pangalan,nagmulto at pumirma sa bilihan ng bahay!!! matinding bilihan ito!!!
    5) Lahat ng Tumutulong kina ka Angel,kundi Nawawala,Namatay o nakakulong na rin.
    6)Nangutang at nagbenta o nagsanla ng Pag-aari ng Dios at Cristo na mga Lupa,kapilya at mga condo o apartment.
    7) Nagpasok ng mga BAGONG Tuntunin at Aral lalo na ukol sa Abukuyan at Pagpapasakop.
    8) Nagahaman sa Kapangyarihan,Papuri,Kasikatan na naka-mundo (guinness etc etc) at pinanakot ang pagtitiwalag,pang-uusig,pagdedemanda.
    9) Ang paraan ng Pagmimisyon ay Hinaluan ng Suhol na material at pagbibigay hanap-buhay para Maakit ang mga Tao na makinig at umanib sa Kanila.
    10) Ang Pagboto ay naging SUHULAN na at kapag malakas ka sa kanila,Hindi ka Ititiwalag!!

    Tama na yang 10 na iyan,marami pa….tama na yan sa ika-10 taon ng Pamumuno Niya/Nila kasama ang mga Sangoons at MK na OWE at mga Bulag at Panatikong “I am OWE”.!!
    Biyaya ba? Pagpapala ba ng Dios ang mga ganyang nangyari sa 10 taon??


  13. 1) Sumuway not suway nalimutan ko rin– PA aka Baal Arena ginagamit sa Pagsamba,Pamamahayag — pinaupahan din sa mga palabasa na maka-SANLIBUTAN tulad ng walang Habas na SAYAWAN at KANTAHAN na gya ng Guns n Roses,Katy Perry with Egyptian Idols etc etc na Saksi tayo lalo na mga taga Pilipinas kaanib man o hindi sa Iglesia. Kaya kasinungalingan na PLANO iyan ng ka EGM. Plano yan ni EVM n Jun $anto$!!!
    Nagtayo pa ng kapilya katabi halos ng Baal Arena–pilit pinagsasama o pinagkakaisa ang sa dios-diosan at ang Dios!!Sabi ni Pablo HINDI puedeng :magsama ang DIOS at ang dios-diosan.!! 2 Corinto 6:16


  14. To: EVM,Jun $anto$,Sangoons at Lahat ng OWEng MK:

    LUKAS 16:15 At sinabi Niya sa Kanila,KAYO ang mga NANGAG-AARING-GANAP sa Inyong SARILI sa PANINGIN ng mga Tao;datapuwat Nakikilala ng Dios ang INYONG mga Puso; sapagkat ang DINADAKILA ng mga Tao ay KASUKLAM-SUKLAM sa PANINGIN ng DIOS!!!

    Sige kunin na ninyo o mapasa inyo na lahat ng Karangalan sa buong MUNDO sa mga Pagyayabang nyo ng kung ano-anong WORLD (maka-mundo,maka-laman) Records,ngunit sa DIOS—Kasuklam-suklam KAYO.!!!


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