You might be an STF …

Hello all. I know I’ve been absent a while now. This jet lag really takes a toll on you. I would also like to apologise to those who commented earlier but I was not able to approve them sooner because I just recently got back. Now while I’m recovering, here is a little thing I jotted down about the STF I encountered whilst I was traveling around. For the unaware, STF stands for SPECIAL TASK FORCE which mainly consists of boys in the Ministry who have been given special privileges. So for those who are wondering if they are STF or maybe if your sons are, here are a few clues… (in the style of comedian Jeff Foxworthy*)

If you have been in and around Central for 4 years and never been assigned to a province…you might be an STF.


If you carry around a Mac laptop to class instead of a Bible… you might be an STF


If you know what the ISO setting should be on the camera but can’t explain Isaiah 43:3-4…you might be an STF

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 4.57.58 PM.png


If you still can’t speak a straight sentence of Tagalog after 4 years in the Philippines…you might just be an STF

If the Sunday School teachers teach better than you…you probably are an STF


If you are already a District staff and yet have never officiated a Holy Supper, a Baptism and /or a child offering…you might be an STF.


If you’ve spent more time behind a camera instead of a podium…you might be an STF


If you married the daughter of one of the high ranking Ministers in Central… you probably are an STF.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.35.54 PM.png

If your shoes and your young wife’s designer handbag are more than the Sunday’s local fund offering… you ARE an STF.


If you say or you make brethren say “Thank you po” & “We love you po” to the “Beloved” Leader more than you do to God and Jesus…oh yeah, you are definitely an STF.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.24.25 AM

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 12.01.19 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.36.05 AM


*if you don’t know who in the world is Jeff Foxworthy, here’s an audio clip. ENJOY!

10 thoughts on “You might be an STF …

  1. Matthew 15:14 Don’t worry about them(STF)!! They are “Blind Leaders” of the BLIND: and when one Blind man leads Another,both Fall into a ditch.!! TEV rendition


  2. If your parents gave you an expensive car as a high school graduation present, you may be an STF. They got things handed to them. Bunch of spoiled brats. Probably worse alkies and more promiscuous than the so-called “worldly” they denounce. How many have gotten busted but it was swept under the rug?


  3. When you’re always at every service officiated by the Beloved Envoy armed with your ever ubiquitous DSLR camera and operate the very expensive HD drone camera, you’re definitely an STF.


  4. August 31, 2009 – the day the church members wept…an inglorious day of mourning for a dedicated servant of God left the fold…leaving the faith of millions into uncertainty, for no clear successor is at hand. Who will lead, then, the flock towards salvation? EVM was a clear choice to succeed, but…, & the rest is history! Focus of this OWE-INC 2009CE is towards commercialism(UNLAD, FYM Foundations,etal) and politicking (influence-peddling in government affairs, etc.) and WORST EVERYONE MEMBER ENJOYED THE SHOW…


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