June Toons c

Webex of the Week

I waited for the Webex rerun of the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Beloved Brother EVM. There were 3 thoughts that ran through my head:

  1. The prayers were less irritating. No more Matt Pareja squealing since he was expelled. Thank God for that.
  2. The lesson was no different from any other lesson. “Attend Worship Service”. Gee. Surprise.
  3. The Minister prayed for the Beloved One multiple times and even asked God to make him more prominent in the world that people would know him. WHY? If you want more people to be saved, why not pray that the CHURCH would be known? Why not ask that more people would know GOD? But to pray that EVM would become more prominent?? Seriously?


Thus, another gathering passed without the Holy Spirit’s presence. Oh, the people know it. They know.


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  1. Once again the “video streamed” worship service was dated, with EVM’s intro mentioning the fact that it was still May and we were still commemorating FYM’s birthday. The sycophants, though no longer like wailing banshees, were still equally irritating in their lavish praise and adulation for EVM, with the last prayer even asking God to make EVM the most well-known (“tampok”) person in the world. EVM was his usual “trying hard” self, preaching another shallow topic and delivering it with mediocrity. I only remember the verse (Proverbs 23:26 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition) which he used as theme, i.e. giving our heart to God. Curiously though, I checked the entire chapter and am confused how he managed to pick this single verse and spin it off for an entire sermon. (See sample adjoining verses:
    “25 Let your father and your mother be glad, and let her who bore you rejoice.
    26 My son, give me your heart and let your eyes observe and delight in my ways,
    27 For a harlot is a deep ditch, and a loose woman is a narrow pit.”
    ** As one officer labels it, “pay per view” time again.


  2. Haha, when The Special Envoy asked, “anong araw ba ngayon? (What day is it today?)” the webex brethren said “Biyernes (Friday)” I softly said “Sunday” which it really was, with a sheepish grin to my seatmate, who grinned back. It’s a good thing less and less people answer to stupid questions, especially coming from a recording.

    By the way, I only attended the webex because I know that the wailing banshee Pareja will no longer be there to shatter my eardrums. It’s the same old, same old for The Special Envoy. On the next webex showing, I will be back to regular programming i.e., sipping freshly brewed coffee in a coffeehouse.


  3. Actually, bro. EVM made an error when he said that the verse from the book of Job in the first part of the lesson was uttered by God when it was actually said by Zophar, a friend of Job on Job 20:5-7. You are really not that keen in observing the lessons taught by ka. EVM. But nevertheless, remember that he is appointed by God to lead His nation. We cannot judge ka. EVM since our judgment is too small. God sees our hearts, and we don’t. At the end, God appoints, we follow.


    1. God appoints we follow. What if one is a fake leader? History tells us that there were lots of leaders who simply grabbed power either by military coup or assassinating the legitimate leaders. Since I have no personal knowledge of EVM’s succession whether or not it was legitimate or the late EGM himself who was opposed to his son’s succession, I cannot make a conclusion. But, what we did not know and might never know was what transpired during the dying days of the late EGM. The only ones who could have personal knowledge of the events before his death were his immediate family members that included his wife Ka Tenny and perhaps some close ministers. And like the typical Mafia, no one especially those around EVM dares to talk about it.

      I’m intrigued and curious by this “The prayers were less irritating. No more Matt Pareja squealing since he was expelled. Thank God for that.” Are we certain that Parejo and the rest of those ministers accused of receiving money last election were expelled or merely demoted? They could have been demoted and only lost their rights to preach as ministers; but remain as members. Therefore, who knows someday they shall be reinstated.


    2. We follow EVM even if he is wrong? Are we insulated or excused by him from the judgement of God because we follow the man He appointed (accdg to you?). Is it not that we will pay for our own sins come judgment day?

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    3. Ang sabi ng sugo sa isa nyang pagtuturo,” Wag kayong basta maniniwala sa aking sinasabi, MAGSURI KAYO. Bakit? pag nagturo ako ng mali at inyong sinunod ay hindi kayo maliligtas.” Come to think of it, the Sugo himself advised his congregrants na MAGSURI, THEN WHY YOU WOULD EVER THINK THAT WE JUST FOLLOW WHAT EVER EVM SAY EVEN IF IT IS WRONG.

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      1. Sis Janine, I heard that preaching too and how I wish we could locate and post an actual recording by FYM to help educate and convince the rest of the brethren. I don’t know precisely where you stand but upon visiting your FB blog, I am thankful for the link to AE’s updated article which I find to be still as true today as when it was written more than two years ago,


    4. Ka EVM may have been appointed but is he doing his job? It is evident that his fanatics are running amuck considering they are defaming not only his own family (by drawing devil horns on Sis Tenny) but other religions (such as Soriano, Catholics, Eddie Suguitan, Jehovah’s Witnesses; Michael Sandoval is not worthy of being a minister). Also attempting to ruin lives of former members. The dart throwing contest between the likes of Embry and some of the “remnants” is petty BS. Non members are well aware of their antics. They have even resorted to mocking former INC members who became Born Again (such as LJ Caraang) and many are using profanity.

      Many INC members are going to be in for a rude awakening on Judgment Day. First, read Rev 7:2-4; it is clear 144,000 are sealed and not 4 million. 2nd, read verses 9-17 (survivors of the Great Tribulation). Lastly read Rev 20:4-6; “beheaded for witness of Jesus” means martyrs and that is the first resurrection. The “defenders” are also reluctant to teach these too.

      Also pay attention to world events. The Pope and a Muslim imam signed a unity document. Evangelicals are posting this could be the start of the One World Religion.

      The Seattle arson attack is evidence that even INC is not immune to the rash of hate crimes against houses of worship since 2013. 97 dead in shootings.

      Did anyone notice what appears to be Rene Panoncillo sitting on EVM’s left? (viewer’s right)

      Christendom has had its fair share of anomalies exposed since 1978 (Jonestown). Catholic priests for pedophilia. The TV preacher scandals of 1986. The Jehovah’s Witnesses had two exposes on A & E about covering up child molestation (Leah Remini on Nov 13). Fifth Estate has over 600,000 views. The problem is Satan is using this exposure to draw people away from worshipping God.

      Did anyone notice INC rarely bashes Catholics and vice versa these days?

      The worship services are the same old thing week after week: guard your election, INC are the only ones who have their prayers answered. Countless victories. Missionize. Implying anyone not with an office is scum. Give offering. Participate in Church activities. Not a thing about the divinity of Jesus, gossip, etc.

      Hate to say it, but there is a train wreck coming and a lot are going to be blindsided


      1. have to wonder about OWE fanatics like Edwin Embry. Imagine someone boasting about not only 6 foreclosures and one bankruptcy but also about his house in Los Angeles being destroyed by an earthquake. Oh yeah, he has one criminal case in his background check (whoever wants to spend $38 to find out at mylife.com can do so). Did this dumb-ass ever figure that God is just getting started on him?


    5. Actually I agree with you on a few things; I didn’t pay much attention last Sunday. I was quite sleepy. My brain sort of shut down listening to another of the same lesson. I used to listen intently but that feeling has waned over time especially when all you hear is OBEY, SUBMIT, OFFER. You can put a lot of frosting on top to make it sound fresh and interesting in the beginning but if you really listen intently that’s what it always comes down to.

      As for judging him, I also agree. I am not the one to judge him in the end. But, even if he is appointed by God, it does not mean he is infallible. This is what it’s all about. That is the bottom line. All these articles is not a judgment on whether I am holier than he. It is all the praise and adulation that is really overboard. Did you see my comment above? When have you ever heard anyone say that about ka Eraño or the Messenger? That they may become more known or prominent?? We have always prayed that the true gospel may be known or that God may be known but never the Administrator. That is directly opposite of what bro. Felix used to say: “Don’t believe Manalo!”

      It is also when he says things like “there is no corruption”, expels people who claim there is, and then when corruption is exposed at the highest level, all these ministers exclaim, “oh it is the cleansing!” As I previously commented, why would there be a cleansing if there was no corruption? So were those who were expelled right or wrong?

      As for being appointed, that does not guarantee success or righteousness. Saul was appointed by God himself to be the first king of Israel. How did that one turn out? Moses, whom the Administration loves to cite as a leader whose siblings disagreed with, how did it turn out for him in the end? We don’t have to judge those past leaders but you can see by their actions that they were flawed.

      What I wish, want, pray, whatever you want to call it, is for all these suck up ministers to stop praising EVM like he is God incarnate and that we cannot utter a word of disagreement with him. I will obey God’s words. I will put into practice God’s teachings. But it does not mean I have to agree every little thing said about EVM. Not every thought and action of a leader is God inspired. Brother Eraño even admitted that. Once in a while, he would just say, “we will see” meaning the outcome of his decision will show whether or not it is what God wants.

      The problem nowadays is the Church has become like a ‘police state’ where every comment, every post and every thought that is not to the liking of the Beloved Leader, there is venom that is spewed out, with even some Ministers prayed for God to take revenge and strike down those who would oppose. Do they even remember the New Testament? Do they even remember the teachings of Jesus?

      The problem also with some people who read here, is that they already have their minds set. No matter what is written, they have already decided to disagree and have already made up their minds to just go on the offensive and insult the writer, which they believe weakens the arguments. IT.DOES.NOT.


      1. Bro, don’t know if you have ever heard of Chick tracts (chick.com) but there are a couple where a couple mega-pastors met a rude awakening at the White Throne when the words of Matt 7:21-23 were uttered. They were thrown in the lake of fire.

        The INC under Ka Erdy was truly a Church. It is almost a clone of Watchtower (absolute obedience and shunning the expelled) now.

        The fanatic vigilante groups were even around during Ka Erdy’s time but they weren’t as brazen as now. The ADD groups are reminding us in no uncertain terms (People vs Abella, Marcus Mataro, Sandoval’s death threats to Soriano). One has to ask why the Catholics are silent about Mayor Bote and Fr. Nilo even though the suspects are INC.


    6. If you are correct that EVM made error in his statement then he is not true preacher then!

      You watch the True Defender episodes in the youtube you will see there how michael sandoval berated Dizon for stating that a specific word is a latin not hebrew and for pronouncing a word with wrong accent. From there michael concluded that Dizon is not a true minister. Which one is heavier mistake?


      1. Sandoval is a dirt bag.

        He almost got his ass kicked at Central by a pissed off boyfriend during his Net 25 days. Ka Erdy reprimanded him for womanizing.


  4. Tama ka Bro.”appointed” siya ng dios,to lead His followers to DDA. Peke siya!! Napakayabang at napakataas!! Di nyo ba Nakikita.lahat ng Papuri sa Kanya.”hindi” Niya sinasaway? Gustong-gusto niya!!
    Sino ba ang Lider o Pasimuno ng Pinaka-TAMPOK na Nilalang ng Dios?.. ang Diablo di ba? Ganyan Kataas at Palalo ang Diablo,tapos sasabihin mo EVM was appointed by God? Paghatol ba ang sabihin mo na Mayabang at Palalo siya?
    Humble ka ba kung aminado ka na IKAW ang Pinaka-importanteng TAO sa buong mundo? Na hindi ka Nagkakamali,na Ikaw ang Bantay ng Kaluluwa ng mga iagasunod mo.na Ikaw ang Maghahatid sa kanila sa Kaligtasan etc etc na PAPURI na isa man sa mga ito ay WALA siyang Itinuwid o sinaway? Na ang mga papuring ito sa Kanya ng mga tagasunod Niya ay “katangiang Taglay ng CRISTO”?
    Sige kaibigan,God appoints n you follow– kahit LABAG sa Biblia ang gagawin o ginagawa–Susunod ka? Baka si Obey n never complain ka bro.? ikaw na lang.!! Isipin momg Kayabangan yan!! Makilala ka sa buong mundo na PINAKA-TAMPOK o SIKAT o whatever?? Sino sya? ULO ng IGLESIA? Di ba yang ministro na “nagdasal” na iyan,Kinalimutan na ang CRISTO? Si Edong ang Dinadakila at Pinupuri? Di ninyo Maunawaan at di Makita sapagkat mga Bulag na ang Puso at Pag-iisip ng mga Tagasunod sa evm church!!
    Napakadilim na ng mga ito,wala ng makitang katuiran at katotohanan.Labag na labag na sa Biblia,Pinaniniwalaan pa!! Ano sabi sa aklat ni Lukas— ang DINADAKILA ng TAO(si EVM) ay Kasuklam-suklam sa MATA ng DIOS!!
    Kaawa-awa kayong mga Nalinlang!! Sinasamba at Dinadakila na ninyo si EVM!! Para kayong katoliko.sumasamba sa rebulto,ngunit itinatanggi.!! Pero doon nakaluhod at nananalangin.Ganyan kayong mga OWE,hindi,hindi namin sinasamba si EVM. Napakabulag na nga ninyo!!!
    Nag-anak sa kasalang katoliko,Nakiapid sa Gobierno as Special Envoy — Natutuwa pa kayo at nagmamalaki sa ginawa ni EVM!! Kailan nakiapid sa Gob ang Sugo at ka EGM? Kailan naging pinaka-importanteng tao sa buong mundo ang Sugo at ka EGM? Ano sigaw ninyong mga OWE,wala,walang nagbago sa Pamamalakad sa Iglesia!! mga Bulaaag at Panatikoooo!!!


  5. Di ba “kahabag-habag” at wala sa “katinuan” ang mga Idolatriko kay EVM? Pilit pinasisikat at itinataas sa kalagayan o posisyon si EVM at Nakikipagkumpitensya sa 2 Patay na Namahala sa Iglesia?
    Di nyo ba napapansin,pilit Nilalagpasan ang mga Nagawa ng 2 lalo na ang ka ERDY!! Saan ka nakakita ng mga taong MATINO ang ISIP na nakikipagkontest o kumpitensya sa mga Taong Patay na? Sabihin nyo ang Totoo,Nasa Katinuan ba ng ISIP at UTAK ang mga ganitong TAO?
    Ke halal siya (evm) o hindi ng Dios,ang Malinaw,marami siyang Binago na Aral at Tuntunin,Nakiapid sa Lobo at NAGMATAAS na Pinaka-Importanteng TAO sa boong Mundo??
    Hindi siya naging Tapat sa Naglagay(kuno) sa kanya.
    Ako talagang HINDI ako naniniwala na inilagay sya jan,pumuesto siya at hinayaan na, “kung” gagawin ang kalooban ng Dios.Pero wala,tayo ang mga saksi—SINIRA NIYA ang Kalinisan at Kabanalan ng Tunay na INC.!!!
    Sa loob ng halos 10 taon na,ano ang nasaksihan natin di ba panay Gulo,Anomalya,Pag-uusig at pati pagpatay!! Sinong “tunay” na Tao na may Takot sa DIOS ang Lalapastanganin ang “sariling INA”? Kayo mga Bro.kapag ba nagalit o napoot kayo sa Magulang nyo, lalo na sa Nanay mo, Itatakwil mo at hahayaan mong lapastanganin at Babuyin ang Litrato ng iyong Ina ng mga Kaibigan,kakilala at mga kapit-bahay Mo?
    Pagkatapos haharap ka sa DIOS —Sasamba,magtuturo ng Salita ng Dios? Nasaan ang BUDHI at KONSENSYA mo!!! Napaka-Ipokrito mo,sasabihin mo pa na IKAW maghahatid sa mga kapatid sa Kaligtasan?? Matino pa ba Utak mo? Paano mong maihahatid sa Kaligtasan ang mga kapatid o tagasunod mo—ISINUMPA at ITINAKWIL mo ang sarili mong INA!!
    Kaya ako diring-diri ako kay EVM!! Napakasamang Tao– the Greatest Hypocrite!!!
    Ang sinabi ng Cristo,at hindi “mababago”—ang Manungayaw sa Ama at Ina,mamamatay ng walang pagsala—Gaano pa ang Isumpa at Itakwil mo mga MAGULANG MO!!! Mateo 15:4,ano kayang PARUSA ang Igagawad sa Iyo!!
    Nagpipilit “sila” na tunay silang Cristiano,kasama daw ang Dios at Cristo, Tunay na TP na may karapatan na Magturo ng Salita ng Dios.— pero Mapagmataas at gustong-gusto na Pinupuri at Nilulualhati ang Pangalan niya na EVM— OWE!!! Akala ng mga bulag na OWE si EVM na ang ULO ng IGLESIA!! Lahat tayo SANGKAP ng KATAWAN at sa mata ng DIOS at CRISTO..pantay-pantay,magkakapatid period!!!! Mateo 23:8 1 Cor.12:27 Kaya huag ninyong SAMBAHIN si EVM mga Bulag at Panatiko!!! Gustong-gusto naman ni EVM,hindi SINASAWAY ang mga alagad Niya!!
    Di tulad ng ka EGM,gumawa ng Palibot Liham,HUAG na NINYONG babanggitin ang pangalan ko sa mga Pananalangin mula sa komite lalong lalo na sa mga pagsamba!! Ang sabihin ninyo ay PAMAMAHALA,hindi PANGALAN ko!! Huag na rin ninyong Itatawag kahit kaninong Ministro ang katawagang SIR,labag iyan sa Biblia.Ibinawal ng Cristo–Doktrina yan,hundi tuntunin Mateo 23:10 SIR= Master,Lord,Teacher or Leader,iyan ang mga kahulugan ng SIRE na pinaikling SIR!!
    May KOPYA ako ng Sirkular na iyan ng ka ERDY.!! Sayang i don’t know how to post it!! but I have a copy of it.!!!


  6. Ang mga Lider Katoliko ay “takot” sa EVM Church kaya tahimik sa pagpatay kay Mayor Bote at Pari na si Nilo.Nawala na nga sa NEWS yang mga kasong iyan dahil involved ang SCAN di ba? Ganyan na “kinatatakutan” sina EVM n Sangoons–like in the time of Dark Ages,time of Papacy.!!
    Pangalawa,”abala” ang mga Lider Katoliko sa Politiko— mas gusto nila na Makialam sa Politiko kesa sa Kaluluwa ng mga Tao.!!
    Parang sina EVM ngayon,unti-unti na nilang nakokontrol ang PAGBOTO na may “lagayan”,so sa mga susunod na Halalan,Lahat na ng gusto nilang “ipanalo” na manok nila,magagawa na nila.!!
    Ganyan na ang magiging kalakaran ng Halalan ng mga uupong Lider ng bawat bayan at siyudad sa Pinas in d future.!!! Kaya huag na tayong umasa na ang mga nasa DILIM na iyan ay magbababgo pa.!! Ang SALAPI o pilak o Ginto o kayamanan ay NAKASISILAW na dahilan ng Pagka-BULAG ng Mata,Puso,Isip,Unawa at Kaluluwa ng “kahit na”, TAO o Halal pa ng Dios.!! Nangyari na iyan kay SOLOMON na pinakamatalino at pinakamakapangyarihan na HALAL ng Dios, na dahil sa Karangyaan,Kapangyarihan,Karangalan at Kayamanan—TINALIKURAN ang DIOS.!!!
    Inuulit lang nila EVM n Sangoons n Jezebel— same old music n history!!! At natutupad o natupad lamang ang sinabi ng E.Santo sa pamamagitan ng ka EGM na dadaaan ang mga TUNAY na TAO ng Dios sa Apoy ng Pagsubok. Di ba lahat tayo nagulat sa nangyaring ito? Mismong mga LIDER na dati ay mga Tapat sa Dios,ngayon “sila” ang mga matakaw sa Pera,Posisyon,Katanyagan at lahat HALOS ng MAKA-LUPANG katangian at kapangyarihan na siyang Sumira,Nagbigay Kapintasan sa Malinis at Banal na “ngalan ng Cristo”??
    Tupad na tupad ang sinabi ng ka ERDY– Ititiwalag kayo,Uusigin kayo,Itatakwil kayo…. di ba nasa EVM church ang lahat ng Karapatang gumawa nito sa mga KAANIB? wala naman sa mga Itiniwalag o mga Defender di ba? Kaya sila ang mga Ganid na Lobo na “magdadala ng mga alagad sa kanilang likuran”— Gawa20:29-30 —- natupad na “muli” ang ibinabalang ito ni apostol Pablo sa IGLESIA sa HULING ARAW na ito.!!
    Kaya Tiyak ako na “sila” ang Tumalikod,hindi tayong mga Defender na TUNAY sa Panig ng KATOTOHANAN,CRISTO at PANGINOONG DIOS na MAKAPANGYARIHAN sa LAHAT.!!! SILA ang mga NAGPASOK ng mga PAGBABAGO sa Tunay at Malinis at Banal na INC noong 1914 na naging EVM Church noong Aug,31,2009 at LUBOS na naging LIKONG Iglesia noong Sept.7,2009 ng Iproklama na “nila” na si EVM na ang tunay nilang TP.!!! Iyon ang “simula ng lahat ng Pagbabago” sa tunay at dalisay na INC na pinamunuan ng Sugo at ka EGM.!!!


  7. Thenetimes If you are correct that EVM made error in his statement then he is not true preacher then!

    You watch the True Defender episodes in the youtube you will see there how michael sandoval berated Dizon for stating that a specific word is a latin not hebrew and for pronouncing a word with wrong accent. From there michael concluded that Dizon is not a true minister. Which one is heavier mistake?


  8. I cant help to share my experience last night WS.

    The minister texto: dapat tayo ay sumasamba hindi para maaaliw ang ating sarili kundi amg Dios.
    Same minsiter prayer: …..Ama aliwin mo po kami…..


  9. Ka PDC mukhang yang ministro yan ay sanay ng Magliwaliw ah!! Yang salitang iyan ay sa mahilig sa kasayahan o kalayawan.ALIWIN,MAALIW,KAALIW-ALIW he he he. Dapat, para ang DIOS ay MALUGOD,MALUALHATI at DAKILAIN ang Marangal na Pangalan.!!!
    Hindi ka sumasamba para ALIWIN ang Dios na para bagang nalulungkot at may problema ang Dios na dapat mong ALIWIN he he he…sanay na sanay na yata mga OWE sa mga PAGLILIWALIW sa mga Kasayahan at Kalayawan ah!!!! haaaay buhaaaay talaga sa mundong ito!!!! ha ha h a haaa…


  10. Maalaala ko mga Bro.,nasaan na sina Rudy Fernandez at Martin Flores? Bigla lang pumasok sa isipan ko? Nagtataka ako sa mga OWE n Die Hard EVM,susulpot sandali dito o kaya ka WS tapos pag sinagot natin–Umuurong!!!
    Nasaan ang “paninindigan ninyo na tunay kayong sa Dios”? Dun kay ka SL kung magsalita ang mga OWE dun– sa Diablo kayong mga tiwalag na “lumalaban sa Pamamahala ng INC(evm church),ng ka EVM”.Nanggugulo at naninira lang kayo!!! Hayan ang mga banat nila,o cge ,nasaan kayo ngayon? Sagutin nyo mga tanong namin mula sa mga Talata sa Biblia,OKAY??
    Patunayan ninyong sa DIOS kayo!! Napakarami na naming TANONG sa inyo na di ninyo masagot!!! Kayo yata ang dapat Magsaliksik at Magsuri sa Biblia at ibatay o iparis ninyo ang mga Turo at Sinasabi ng mga Ministro nyo kahit si EVM na mga “nagtuturo sa mga Pagsamba pa naman”.!!!
    Napatunayan ko na sa Biblia nasa Huling Araw may mga TATALIKOD sa pananamplataya di ba Mr. M.Flores? Sa 1 Tim.4:1-2 — Makikinig sa mga “espiritung mapanghikayat”,ang aral ng demonio ay di lamang bawal mag-asawa at kumain ng karne.
    Yan kasi nakatanim sa isipan ng nakararami,ANOMANG ARAL na Wala at Laban sa Salita ng DIOS,aral yan ng Demonio at espiritung Mapanghikayat.!! Ito ang katotohanan,di ba? Basta labag,salungat,wala sa biblia,kontra—di HINDI Aral ng Dios.!! Kundi aral ng Dios eh di sa demonio,right??
    Kahit aral TAO,kung salungat sa Biblia,di hindi rin sa Dios,kung hindi sa Dios di rin ikaliligtas,right mga OWE?? Di ba nasa biblia,ang aral at utos ng TAO walang kabuluhan pag gagamitin sa paglilingkod sa tunay na Dios? Mateo 15:9
    Ayon sa SUGO kapag “nagturo ka ng salungatan”–WALA kang Patnubay ng E.Santo!! Di nyo alam ang DAMI nyong TURO na salungatan?? Isipin nyo,kung di nyo alam,kawawa nga KAYO!!! ha h a ha ha ha… dapat alam nyo kung may patnubay kayo ng E.Santo, RIGHT!!!
    Kaya may PAGTALIKOD NGAYON at “kayo iyan”!!! Sa amin natupag yung sinabi ng ka EGM,”kami ang Maninindigan at Naninindigan sa KATOTOHANAN.!!! Sagoooot mga panyeros!!!


  11. Hindi pa ako inaantok at ako na ang magbibigay ng mga Aral at Turo ninyo(evm church) na wala o salungat sa Biblia for R.Fernadez and M.Flores information dahil “bago kayong miembro” sa Iglesia ni Edong.Kasi d nyo pa lam ano?
    Itinuro ni EVM na ang pagsusugo ng Dios ay “INCIDENTAL”— walang ganyang turo ang Sugo at ka EGM at wala iyan sa Biblia.!!
    Itinuro ni EVM na ang “tunay na Nagtitiwala sa Dios ay ang Naghahandog”— Hindi itinuro yan ng Sugo at ka EGM,wala iyan sa Biblia.!
    Walang One with FYM n EGM noong panahon NILA– si EVM meron nyan ngayon at pag di ka EVM ITITIWALAG ka!!
    Walang Ipinatupad na “Obey n Never Complain” ang Sugo at ka EGM lalo na ang DIOS at CRISTO “mismo” ay hindi nag-utos ng ganyan sa BIBLIA.!!
    Hindi tumanggap ng TUNGKULIN sa Gob. ang Sugo at a EGM na tulad ni EVM ngayon.!!!
    At sa HULI,tama na siguro ito,napakarami ninyong(OWE) na dapat sagutin at ipaliwanag ano?
    Kailan Nagninong sa KASALANG KATOLIKO ang SUGO at ka EGM,na ginawa ni EVM? Kumpare niya si ACUZAR at ATIENZA na magulang ng mga ANAK nila na ikinasal sa Las CASAS FILIPINAS sa BAGAC,BATAAN June 2014.!!
    O, mga OWE n SANGOONS ,sige pakisagot yan,kasama nga si JUN $ANTO$ at asawa niya with Jezebel as Ninong n Ninang too sa kasalang ito,right?
    Heto ang kinuhanan ng site at sana di pa nadedelete ukol sa kasalang ito: http:/www.philstar.com/business-life/2014/06/30/1340083 Bigatin ang iba pang mga Ninong at Ninang —- House Speaker Sonny Belmonte,BDO boss-Tessie Sy Coson,Executive Sec.Paquito Ochoa,former Vice Pres. Noli de Castro and Jack Lam n Julie Rose Defensor.
    Checked nyo yan,sana di pa nadelete.!!!
    O paano yan mga OWE/STF,MK at mga MT at lahat ng Bulag at Panatiko!!! Iyan ba ang mga LIDER na sa DIOS?? Sige sagutin nyo iyan,huag PURO KAILA at sasabihin Tsismis at Paninira!!!
    Mga SANGOONS cge patunayan nyo na may TAKOT kayo sa DIOS at sa DIOS kayo talaga— sabihin nyong di nyo alam ang mga ITO!!!??


  12. Prominent — Notable,Eminent, Distinguished, a PERSON of Great Reputation from New Ideal Webster’s Dictionary

    Hindi na “kinilabutan angg ministro na nanalangin ng patungkol kay EVM” sa Salitang ito? Dakilang Pagkatao o Ugali o Asal? LAPASTANGAN SA AMA AT INA— dakilang ugali o pagkatao o kaasalan?
    Ano ang prayer,ganito ba?,– that they may known to the World,our BELOVED Bro.EVM as a Person of Great reputation?? OMG!!
    Makapanindig balahibo!!! Tao na Itinakwil at Hinamak at Inapi ang SARILI NIYANG “Ina” at mga Kapatid o Kadugo— Prominent Person??
    NAGTUTURO ng Salita ng DIOS sa mga Pagsamba pa sa DIOS, “nilapastangan at itinakwil ang Sariling mga Magulang,at pilit na Binubura ang LAHAT ng ALAALA-ALA ng ka ERDY sa boong Iglesia.!!!
    Sigurado ako,marami ang sumagot ng AMEEEN!!! Kahabag-habag ng mga “nalinlang”!!!! At ito naman ang ginagaya ng nakararaming miembro— na kapag natiwalag ang isa o mga mahal sa buhay— Itinatakwil na rin,ni ayaw kausapin o dalawin man lang kahit anong meron na okasyon sa mahal sa buhay na Itiniwalag.!!!
    Alam ko kasi may kilalang-kilala ako na natiwalag na pamilya– yung magulang nung babae,mula sa mga Magulang hanggang sa mga kapatid niya,wala ng pakialam sa kanila kahit sa mga apo sa anak nila na natiwalag.!! Napakasamang Halimbawa at Iniutos na ito sa mga “nagpapakilalang mga TUNAY na CRISTIANO”!!!
    CRISTIANO–tagasunod ni Cristo at ng mga ARAL ni Cristo, nasaan ito ngayon? Pagpapanggap na lamang sa TAWAG na INC,ngunit sa katotohanan,EVM Church na!!! Sapagkat hindi ganyan ang ARAL ng tunay na Cristiano.!!
    Kaya kahit pa sabihin na natin na “tunay na TP” si EVM,ngunit HINDI NIYA Iginalang,sa halip Sinumpa,Itinakwil at Nilapastangan niya ang Kaniyang mga MAGULANG, hindi siya kapatdapat na Kilalanin at Igalang na Lider ng Bayan ng DIOS.!!!
    |Paano kayo Maniniwala na INIIBIG niya ang DIOS at CRISTO na HINDI NIYA Nakikita,eh iyong PINAGKAKAUTANGAN Niya ng Buhay na kinasangkapan ng DIOS para siya maging TAO— SINUMPA at TINAKWIL niya.!! At patuloy pang pinahihirapan at inuusig ang kanyang Ina at mga kapatid, lalo na sina ka Angel at ka Lottie.!!!!
    Ito ang di makita ng mga Nabulag at naging Panatiko.!!! Napakasamang ANAK,pero sa kanila,si EVM ay Dakila at dapat purihin at sambahin.!!! Naglilingkod sa NILALANG ang mga ITO kaysa sa LUMALANG na dapat luahatiin at purihin,ang Dios na Makapangyarihan sa LAHAT.!!


  13. Kailangan ang Mataas na Uring Moralidad—- itinuturo ng Biblia kung bakit kailangan ng MINISTRO ang mataas na uring MORALIDAD.

    Uliran ng Iglesia ang Ministro:

    a. ULIRAN ng Kawan ———————- 1 Pedro 5:1-3
    b. Sa LAHAT ng bagay ——————— 1 Timoteo 4:12
    c. HINDI “maibigin sa SALAPI” ———— 1 “” “” 3:3
    d. Mabuting “mamahala” ng Pamilya——– 1 “” “” 3:4-5
    e. Walang “kapintasan” sa pagka-MAY-ASAWA Tito 1:6
    f. HINDI dapat “Masumbatan” sa gawang MASAMA Roma 2:21-213
    g. Kailangan ng Ministro ang “espriritu”—— Mikas 3:8
    h. Upang IKATIBAY ng Iglesia ————- Roma 1:11
    i. Ang “Hindi tatanggap” ng espiritu ——— 1 Cor. 2:14

    Ito ba ang mga KATANGIAN ngayon ng mga Ministrong OWE?
    Kayo na ang sumagot mga Bro. at lahat ng OWE!!!

    Fr: Ministerial Ethics page 7


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