Will Justice Be Served?

The truth of the matter is, partly because of the close knit relationships of Church members, oftentimes, even the innermost secrets are shared. So just as good news is often shared, the bad and the ugly also have to come out.

The latest blazing news is – and this has been shared to me by more than 4 different people –  is that there is trouble in Paradise – meaning inside the Church leadership itself. Looks like as a result of the recent elections in the Philippines, some of the ugliness of politics is seeping in deeper inside the Church.

What I am referring to is that members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo council of elders are under internal investigation for corruption. What kind of corruption? They have been caught taking in dirty money from politicians. Let me spell it out for your: B-R-I-B-E M-O-N-E-Y. Because imagine what politicians can do if they have the powerful Iglesia Ni Cristo vote to influence your election bid – so you buy Council members with cold hard cash. Here are 3 of them so far:

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.18.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.33.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.30.49 AM.png

There are a couple of others who I am not too familiar with. But I am sure their names will be brought out soon enough. There are always relatives inside, right? Why bring this out? Because dirt floats to the top for all to see, especially when non members and politicians are involved.

Do you remember my article “The Injustice League”? These are the very same people. Let me refresh your memory a bit:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.56.40 AMScreen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.56.28 AM

Do you notice both of their WEAKNESSES?


I know some Ministers and even the Beloved Leader himself declare that the “Defenders” and others are trying to embarrass the Church. Well, let me put it this way, I am only stating reality. This is not spreading of lies. This is CURRENT EVENTS. If the church is being embarassed, then blame the leadership for their actions, not ours!

But to me this issue is so important to talk about. This is the very reason I continue to write. This is about JUSTICE. What will happen to these so called Ministers? Will action be taken on them? Will they merely get a proverbial ‘slap on the wrist’ doing a naughty thing? Or will they be expelled?

Why shouldn’t they be expelled? Why shouldn’t their names be announced in the Worship Services like so many others? Others have been expelled for lesser reasons. Some of the people I know have been expelled for not giving their thumbprint; some have been expelled for “sharing”  or “liking” posts on Facebook. Now you have top ranking ministers in the Council of Elders taking in millions in bribes and they will NOT be announced NOR expelled?

You then who teach another, do you not teach yourself? You who preach not to steal, do you steal? You who say not to commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who detest idols, do you rob temples? Romans 2:20-22

So the bottom line is, Brother EDUARDO VILLANUEVA MANALO, WHAT WILL YOU DO? WILL YOU EXPEL THE WICKED AMONG YOU? Or will you cover up more corruption? If you truly “LOVE” the Church, you don’t “protect” it by hiding all the dirt inside and declaring that all is well. You clean house dear brother.



” for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others. Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye? How dare you say to your brother, ‘Please, let me take that speck out of your eye,’ when you have a log in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Matthew 7:2-5




32 thoughts on “Will Justice Be Served?

  1. My wife told me this as well. And she also included Rodel Cabrera, one of the Sanggunian (though not sure of his position), and the district minister of Metro Manila East, Eliseo Valle.

    I also asked Sher Lock about this whether if this is true or not.

    If this is true though, what will EVM do? Will he expel them or just spank them in their asses? Let’s find out in their next episode!


  2. According to what I heard,the One that reported these maka-Dios was the one got Expelled.Like ka Jun Samson,when he reported JS or one of the Sangoons to Lord EVM,He was the One imprisoned in Central compound n later on, they(his family) got Expelled.!!
    That’s what I told to my son n deender friend— IF they will announced it on W.Services,then it is NOT a FAKE News,but just like that,it’s JUST PALABAS or DRAMA .!!!
    EVM n JS n Jezebel won’t have Guts to Punished those Sangoons?


  3. Iyan ang BUNGA na Pag-ibig sa SALAPI at POSISYON.!!! Come on Matt Pareja—start WAILING–Amaaaaaa,tulungan mo po kamiiiiii!!!! Puksain mo ang mga Magsususpendi at Magtitiwalag sa Amiiinnnn!!!! Ha ha h ah haaa…… Patayin mo na poo silaaaaang lahaaaaat!!!! he hehehe hee…


  4. Ano sabi ni EVM noon? WALANG Korapsyon at Anomalia.Paninira lang Iyan!! Kanino kayo Maniniwala,sa AMIN o sa mga kumakaaway sa Iglesia o sa atin? Iyan bang tumanngap ng SUHOL a pulitiko hindi Corruption?
    Sa Gob.napakasama ng CORRUPT di lalo na sa mga TAONG mga Ministro daw ng Dios na mga CORRUPT!!! Kakaawa kayong patayin,Kakainis kayong Buhayin.!!!! Magtuturo pa rin kayo ng mga Salita ng Dios sa TRIBUNA?? Talaga!!!! kapal ninyo.!!!!

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  5. Update: seems that the top Sanggunian members were kicked out by EVM himself. According to my wife, the expulsion was announced in the Central Temple.


  6. IF EVM according to His co-Ministers is TRULY of GOD,IF He is TRULY ELECT by GOD,IF He is TRULY na Tagapamahala ng BAYAN ng DIOS — then HE SHOULD DO the RIGHT THING.!!! NO COVER-UP!! NO HIDING of anything!!! SPEAK THE TRUTH– according to GOD’s WORDS!!!
    Kung TOTOO at TUNAY kang maka-DIOS at maka-CRISTO—-gagawin MO ang TAMA at MATUWID na KALOOBAN ng DIOS.!!! Hinahamon ka naming mga Defender na sinasabi ninyong kalaban Ninyo na maka-DIOS at kami ang Masasama at mga Mapanira.!!
    Patunayan Mo na TUNAY kang nasa Panig ng DIOS,CRISTO,E.SANTO at KATOTOHANAN na siyang mga SALITA ng DIOS at tunay kang C R I S T I A N O—sumusunod kay CRISTO na ULO ng Tunay na IGLESIA.!!! Prove it EVM.!!! Prove it.!!


  7. Somebody txt me . 2 More.Only Pareja n Cortez. How about Benefrido n Rodel Cabrera or Edz Codera? Coz some says its Codera or Cabrera???


  8. I dont know,I smell something fishy about that expulsion!!! Is it real?? Or just “palabas” to show that EVM is Righteous in d eye of the Members!!! Na wala siyang “pinipili kuno”? How many wks or months,THEN they will ask for Forgiveness. To show that EVM is “compassionate.merciful and LOVE the Sheep(black), HE will Forgive these 2 or 4 later on or next chapter.!!! RIGHT???


  9. A brethren from the PHL messaged me that the recent expulsion letter that was read already had the name of Rene Panoncillo, instead of the usual Radel Cortez.


  10. Are they Lying?(always he he he) Bro? Baka iyon ang Nag-ulat,kc balita yungnag-ulat ang Ititiwalag o natiwalag he he he..


  11. While many thinking brethren can see the big picture that everything bad that is happening to the INC is directly traceable to the spurious leadership of EVM, it is still a formidable issue when it comes to the inability of the majority of the brethren to break away from the traditional respect and trust in the church administration. For how else can you explain reactions such as “the officers refrained from discussing the high profile expulsions while in the chapel premises” or, “we pity EVM because he probably is greatly disturbed by the treachery of his primary helpers” (masyado siyang nahapis sa kataksilan ng mga katulong niya) or, worst, “now the demons (fallen angels) are probably rejoicing”. As I have committed myself to doing, i.e. try to come up with counter-measures and not simply attack EVM and his administration, I can only borrow ideas from the parallel developments involving my favorite EVM “evil twin” (Trump) wherein some astute observers pointed to the responsibilty of the US Congress to hold hearings in order to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC and let them decide if impeachment is warranted. This is precisely what the expelled ministers, blog writers and “undercover” (not silent) defenders are doing, which hopefully can expand and get additional traction as EVM continues to shoot himself in the foot. (See US Congress’ job to educate the people:


  12. Yang nangyari kay EVM parang yung mga Bigatin at matagal ng mga kandidato na BIGLANG Natalo o Tinalo ng mga bagito!!! Mga OWE, nasaan na yang: Walang Korapsyon o Corrupt na Ministro!! Mga maka-Dios kami!!
    Kay ka SL nga may nagreport na yang TATAY ni Jezebel–Friend ng Mayor ng San Jose City N.Ecija na mga TIWALI ang gawain pero siyang IBINOTO nila.!!! Kakulay kc o pareho ng Kaliskis ha ha ha…. Mayor Mario Salvador n friend RIC VENTURA ,di puede ito imbestigahan,magagalit ang munting “dragon”,takot lang ni evm!!!
    Dapat bago ka maglinis ng ibang bakuran o bahay,simulan mo sa sarili mong Bakuran/Bahay di ba? Balita pa rin,DADALAWA pa lang binabasang pangalan,di ba Big 4 yan? Nasaan yung 2 pa?
    Baka na Price is right na o Lagay is my Guy?????


  13. Ka Mag Mighty,hindi binasa dito sa Westcoast U.S ang Big 4 na Corrupt.!! Ngunit magtanong ka lang,lumaban ka na at babasahin sa buong Iglesia di ba?


    1. The expulsion letter wasn’t read here as well in Europe. Despite the news blackout, the officers know about it already.


  14. Saan mapupunta ang SINUNGALING? Nagsisinungaling pa sila sa mga kapatid sa boong mundo!!
    Ang NAGTATAKIP ng KASALANAN ng kapuwa “ministro”, KABANALAN ba? Wala mga IPOKRITO pa rin Siya/Sila!!! Paano sasamahan ng E.Santo mga ito eh Pinipighati ang E.Santo!!! Sa halip na sabihin ang Katotohanan,ayaw Ihayag!!!
    Maka-Dios? Maka-Cristo? Tunay na INC? ewan sa inyo mga OWE!!! bahala kayo sa buhay nyo!!


    1. Saang talata ng Biblia mababasa na MALILIGTAS ang TIWALAG o NASA LABAS NG TUNAY NA IGLESIA? Hindi ba’t kaya kayo INALIS o ITINIWALAG ay dahil MASASAMA KAYO? SAGUTIN N’YO ITO,

      Kapag TIWALAG o nasa labas ng tunay na Iglesia ay may hatol o parusa ng Diyos sa impierno (I Cor. 5:13; Roma 6:23; Apoc. 20:14).

      Kahit magpatong-patong sina Marco, Angel, Isaias Samson, Cayabyab, Boy Adon, Yuson, at iba pa, ay HINDI NILA KAYANG TUTULAN IYAN.


      1. Thank you for visiting my site. Here’s an answer to your question. Was Ananias and Safira expelled? Was Judas Iscariot expelled? Will they be saved? So to reverse your question, will all those NOT expelled be saved? I’ll wait for your answer.

        Think before you answer. You might be shocked at the truth.


  15. I told you guys they won’t be announced, hahaha!

    And now, the minions were telling the members that Ka Tenny was already dead. When I read AE’s entry and asked Sher Lock about Ka Tenny’s death, they both said it wasn’t true, Ka Tenny is pretty much alive. The minions were just spreading this fake news to divert the brethren to the real issue.

    Erratum: Eliseo Valle wasn’t included in those who were expelled. He was promoted to the Sanggunian instead.


    1. Valle is included. He is the 2nd guy smong the 2 who were expelee last sunday. Its in PH. The resosn for expulsion is clesr- paghingi ng pera sa mga pulitiko


  16. Totoo? Ikinakalat ng mga Minions na patay na ka Tenny? Mga Diablo talaga mga iyan!!
    Anong say ng maka-Dios na TP? wala!! Ok lang ??


    1. Yes, it’s been spread here in our locale. Of course it’s the diversionary tactic of EVM and Co. to cover up his former minions.

      When a minion asked me about my proof that Ka Tenny is still alive, I asked him back about his proof that Ka Tenny is dead. He just said “sabi nila.” I told that guy that as long as there is no concrete proof that Ka Tenny is dead, I will still believe that she is alive. I won’t expect the people who are hiding Ka Tenny to say much since anything that they will say will endanger her life.


  17. EVM n HIS Companies are COWARDS n FEARFUL that If they will Announce to the Whole Church the Big 4 Corruptions,MANY MEMBERS will be OFFENDED n some might OPEN the EYE n HEART and They will LEAVE the Church.
    This is the Truth,tha’s why they don’t want to READ the Circular Letter all over the world for the GLOBAL Church!! he he he… Cowards ‘coz they are AFRAID of the TRUTH.!! If U R afraid of the Truth,then U r NOT of GOD.!!! The Devil is d One I know Afraid of d TRUTH.!!!


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