Publicity Stunt

I recently read the post of Antonio Ebangelista or AE for short (INC Silent No More) which was actually a repost of a reporter writing a harsh truth about the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

This does not come as a surprise since in the last few years, the Church has been under great scrutiny in the public eye and has constantly remained in the negative light. Why? Some may ask, is it something that the so-called Defenders have done? Or is it as what Jesus declared, that there would be persecution? No, everything has been pretty much self-inflicted.

Self inflicted wounds

What are some of the news that has had such a negative impact? Well, for a start,

  • the expulsion of the wife and children of the former leader, Brother Eraño Manalo,
  • the very public arrests and imprisonment of the Church leader’s brother and nephew;
  • there are the allegations of corruption within the Administration,
  • the mass expulsions;
  • allegations of interference and corrupting of public officials;
  • tragic deaths in public events;
  • allegations of murders of former members,
  • boycotts of news services;
  • hacking of private accounts;
  • rallies in protest of the present church leadership;
  • legal troubles;
  • secret business ventures;
  • money laundering investigations

…the list is just endless. In truth, we’ve heard and seen all these matters in the last few years; probably some are even sick and tired of reading about all the rubbish that the leaders are doing. But there are two words in the AE article that stood out to me. Yep, that’s right – it’s in the title; PUBLICITY STUNT.

First, let’s be clear on what a Publicity Stunt is and what is it’s purpose:

“Organizations sometimes seek publicity by staging newsworthy events that attract media coverage. They can be in the form of groundbreakings, world record attempts, dedications, press conferences or organized protests. By staging and managing the event, the organization attempts to gain some control over what is reported in the media. Successful publicity stunts have news value, offer photovideo and sound bite opportunities, and are arranged primarily for media coverage.” – Wikipedia

What does one do when you have such negative and disastrous stories under your Administration? Well, like the title says: you create publicity stunts! What are some of the more ridiculous attempts of the Church Administration to convince people that they are “guided” by God?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 19.52.09

Charity Work

In the cheapest attempts to gain positive public opinion, the Church launched various works of charity in the Philippines and in different parts of the globe. Of course, what better way to say, “hey, we are good guys” than giving away stuff to people in need and affected by calamities. Acting like Marvel Superheroes swooping in to save the day, the Church Initiated massive campaigns to wipe away any negative impressions the public may have.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.50.04

But in doing so, the Church leaders neglected one of the fundamental Christian principles when it comes to charity work:

“Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.  When you give to someone in need, don’t do as the hypocrites doblowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I tell you the truth, they have received all the reward they will ever get.  But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Matthew 6:1-3

Which part of that verse is not clear? Not only has the Church blown its own trumpets, we publicise and transmit world wide, literally, every type of “good deed” we ever do. As Jesus said, that is what “HYPOCRITES DO”!

One of the main arguments now being used by the Church Council and regular Ministers, especially in trying to stop the negative press, they state, instead of looking at all the bad stuff, why not look at all the good things that we are doing?

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 7.55.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-02-20 at 7.52.43 PM.png

That sounds fine and dandy but it does not erase the bad stuff. Let me give you concrete examples, (which I read from this article:

I encourage you to read this interesting post. The article describes the “GOOD WORKS” that these groups / individuals did:

  1. The Yakuza provides relief after Natural Disasters
  2. Al Capone set up one of the first Soup Kitchens during the Great Depression
  3. Pablo Escobar built a whole neighbourhood for the poor.

So should these drug cartel leaders and mobsters just say, “just look at the good we are doing instead” as well?

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 7.40.35 PM

 World Record breaking accomplishments

In connection to the Charity work, it has not been enough that we ourselves DECLARE our own works of charity to the poor, we make sure it is make it OFFICIAL. How? By letting it be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records! What a sleazy way of trumpeting our so called noble acts.  We televise and we print all these actions, causing massive traffic jams for the public and headaches for commuters just to show that we are holding a large event. So large is our good intent that we end up breaking bloody World Records. How’s that for publicity stunts? So what is the message it conveys? That the Church and her leaders want nothing but to do good things for you. I mean, who doesn’t want to abolish poverty in the Philippines and Africa? I am not the only one who wondered about this. Many brethren are quietly asking the same thing; what is the PURPOSE of breaking world records? Say it with me now… PUBLICITY STUNT! See Records*

But not all Stunts of the Church leaders are all for the general public. Some of their ideas and decisions are also for the internal. They have created all kinds of events to get to the good graces of her own people. To take away the bitter taste constant family expulsions in the last few years, there have been endless activities for the “joy and fun” of church members: The international sports events known as Unity Games where the best teams and athletes of the Church from around the world get to travel for free to the Philippines to compete. There are also the Musical competitions, in Piano, Voice, classical musical instruments and so on, where Church members from around the world get to compete to be the finalists and get to travel to the Philippines for free… well you get the idea…

What is the point of all these? What is the message being conveyed, especially to the younger members? Do you see? “The Church leaders want us to have enjoyment! They LOVE US!”

Even from within the ranks of the Ministers, the Administration wants to make sure that there are events that demonstrate the “kindness and love” of its beloved leader. How? How about a yearly lottery drawing for BRAND NEW CARS? Or better yet, how about a round trip all expenses paid trip to the Holy Land? (the one in the Middle East, not the heavenly one) Now why would any Minister speak up against the corruption if you are being provided fancy vehicles and holidays for free, eh? Remember this?

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 1.14.26 AM.png

The District “Growth”

I have to admit, not all Church news directly costs money but it is also aimed to have the same effect. One of the favourites of the Beloved One and his Leaders, is the announcements of new Districts around the world. In his recent Sermon, the Beloved Leader said the current number of districts and then stated that “who knows, by the time we get back to the office more would have been added.” He is pleased when there are more and more Districts because, to him, this is the big sign that the Church is growing immensely at a rapid rate never been accomplished by his predecessor nor by the Messenger from the Far East himself. The point of it all? HE is guided by God. Let me cut this concept short. That the increase of the number of Districts is a “proof of God’s guidance”. (For those who are not familiar with Iglesia Ni Cristo terminology, one district is composed of several congregations – similar to one Catholic Diocese headed by a bishop.)

Permit me to head off into this direction for a moment, for arguments’ sake, let us say that IF the increase of Districts is equivalent to success then it means the Church is growing at a rapid rate, correct? So IF let us say that in 2009, the number of Districts for example, in America were 8 and say the number of members were an even 100,000. Now the Districts in America in 2019 are, let’s say 16, would it not mean that there should be about 200,000 members in America alone? The Church members can answer this one. LOOK AROUND. Have you doubled in membership? Are the chapels no longer able to hold the ever expanding number of people joining the Church of Christ? Sure, we keep hearing about the establishments of new congregations and new Districts, but what is actually happening? Is it because the chapels are too full that they demand to become a separate congregation? NOPE. More often than not, it is the District Minister who will push for it, under pressure from the Church Administration, to split congregations,

so what was a District of, say 20 congregations has now DOUBLED into 40! When in fact, what has happened, is the old pizzaanalogy. I’ve previously written about this. Love Thy Neigbour. In short, there is no real growth but an illusion of it. Like the one single pizza pie, you cut it up into 8 pieces or into 16 pieces, IT IS STILL THE SAME SIZE!

So in the eyes and ears of the mindless or the unaware, all they hear is GROWTH! PROGRESS! SUCCESS!! All equivalent to the Administration must truly be guided by God. Hence, publicity stunts in the name of God.


Smell good

Are Publicity stunts bad? By itself, it is not necessarily an evil thing. Corporations and businesses do it all the time. But when the purpose of it is to simply smell good in the public eye (or nose) and to convince its own people that these actions are part of God’s plans and are done only for His glory, then we are delving into fairy tales and nonsense with the purpose of distracting us from the harsh reality.

I only wish that people would use their minds. If some would accuse me of causing divisions, so be it. But if the church members are true thinking Christians, we would not be mindless zombies merely fanatically following whatever we are told. True Christians KNOW what they are doing. They are MINDFUL. They can discern what is right from wrong. They are not blind. They are truly enlightened. Isn’t this what God really warned about?

 “They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch” Matthew 15:14-15

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.04.05 PM
Times Square NY 2012:The SHOW

So to the Church leaders, if any of them are reading this: Publicity stunts are exactly what they are; STUNTS. This is not a SHOW nor a CIRCUS. This is RELIGION. People are trying to find their way to God. Don’t distract them with your foolishness!

Permit me to use a translation often preferred by our currrent leaders:

Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts. Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth; avoid careless banter, white lies, and gossip. Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions. Watch your step, and the road will stretch out smooth before you. Look neither right nor left; leave evil in the dust. Proverbs 4:27-28

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 8.57.06 PM.png

27 thoughts on “Publicity Stunt

  1. Everything you wrote Bro. were TRUE.!! Truly they are Hypocrites!! They Disobeyed what our Lord jesus Christ proclaimed in MATTHEW 6:1-4. WHOM they copied or their Inspiration was JUDAS ISCARIOT in John 12:3-6—as if He (JIscariot) REALLY cares for the POOR.!! Lahat ng Paraan ay Ginagawa nila EVM n Santos para “libangin” ang lahat ng member mula sa mga Ministro hanggang sa mga kapatid na musmos (CWS) para HINDI mapansin o Hindi mapag-ukulan ng Panahon ang MAGSURI sa mga MALI nilang Gawain. Mga “kaparaanang pang-aliw o pampasaya at pampalibang o kawanggawa Kuno,para palabasin na Sila ay mga Mabubuting LIDER na nagmamalasakit sa kapatid”. Napakatuso ng Diablo sa pagkasangkapan sa Kanila para Dayain ang mga kaluluwa ng mga kapatid.!!
    Ang “kakapal ng Budhi,Kaluluwa at Puso (kung meron pa ang mga iyan) Nila”!! Isipin nyo,”naniniwala sila sa Tunay na Dios,Cristo,INC.Na sila ay mga “tunay na Ministro ng Dios”,Nagtuturo sa tribuna,Nangangaral ng ebanghelyo,sabi nga ni apostol Pablo “kamanggagawa kami/kayo ng DIOS”,ano Ginawa NILA? Inilubog sa UTANG at ISINANLA ang pag-aari ng Dios!! Ninakaw ang ABULOY,HANDUGAN,LINGAP at iba pa,sa mga Pagtuturo sa pagsamba,binabago ang kahulugan ng Talata at Pinipilipit. Patuloy na naninira ng katauhan ng mga itiniwalag at kung ano-ano pang kasinungalingan ang sinasabi sa mga mananamba para “patunayan na Sila ang Mabuti at Tama”.
    Hindi naman “kataka-taka na IPILIT nila na sa Dios pa sila,sa Kanila NATUPAD itong nasa MIKAS 3:11 Ang mga Pangulo niya’y nagsisihatol dahil sa SUHOL,at ang mga Saserdote niya’y nangagtuturo dahil sa UPA,at ang mga Propeta niya’ynangangahuhula dahil sa SALAPI gayun ma’y SILA’Y Sasandal sa Panginoon, at Mangagsasabi,HINDI baga ang Panginoon ay nasa GITNA NATIN?”walang Kasamaang darating sa akin.!!(atin)
    Totoong-totoo di ba mga BRO.–kaya kami nagtatagumpay dahil kasama namin ang Dios!! ganyang-ganyan ang SINASABI at ISINISIGAW NILA di ba?,pero puro Sinungaling at mga Magnanakaw at mga PAKITANG-TAO (banal-banalan sa harap ng mga kapatid at taga-Sanlibutan) di ba!!! Di baga Tuwang-tuwa SILA dahil Hindi sila pinapalo o itinutuwid ng Dios at dahil jan,they believed that God is with Them and God Loves Them!! Is their Belief about this is True? Let’s see what apostles Paul said about THEM — in HEBREW 12:6,8 For those whom the Lord LOVES He disciplines,And He Scourges every Son whom He receives. 8) But If You are without Discipline,of which all have become partakers,then YOU are ILLEGITIMATE children and Not Sons.!!
    Kawawa naman sina EVM n Company,natutuwa sila at walang sinoman na pinapalo (walang naaaksidente,nagkakasakit etc, etc) at yun daw katunayan na LAGI nilang kasama ang Dios kaya sila nagtatagumpay!!! Sa sinasabi Nilang mga Tagumpay Nila,mukhang Tinanggap NILA yung ALOK ng Diablo kay Cristo sa Mateo 4:8-9 —lahat ng Kaharian at Kaluwalhatian ng SANLIBUTAN “ibibigay ko sa Iyo/Inyo–sambahin(sundin) Mo/Ninyo “lamang AKO”.!! Napakalinaw niyan,kapangyarihan,karangalan,kaluwalhatian,kasikatan,kayabangan,kasakiman
    kapaimbabawan,banal-banalan,maawain at napakabuti o napakabait kuno at mapagkawanggawa at Mapagmapuri sa mga nagawa nila.!!!


  2. Iyang Publicity Stunt “nila” kunwari lang kabutihan at ayon sa gusto ng Dios gaya ng sabi ni apostol Pablo, Roma 10:2 — Sapagka’t “sila’y” pinatotohanan ko na may mga Pagmamalasakit sa Dios,datapuwat Hindi ayon sa “pagkakilala”. (ang pagkilala sa Dios ay Tuparin ang Kanyang mga Utos 1 Juan 2:3-4). Kung binabago mo o pinipilipit ang salita ng Dios sabi ni apostol Pablo sa
    ika-2 Cor.11:13-15 ay bulaangApostol,magdarayang manggagawa na nagngagpapakunwaring mga apostol ni Cristo,tulad ni Satanas na nagpapakunwaring Anghel ng Kaliwanagan.!! kaya hindi malaking bagay na ang Kaniyang mga MINISTRO ( ni Satanas) ay magpakunwari na Ministro ng Katuwiran (Salita ng Dios).!!! Kunwari sa kapurihan ng Dios at Cristo,ngunit sa Katotohanan,
    Salamat po,salamat po Mahal naming kapatid na EVM!! Salamat po ng marami sa IYO.!! he he he… para po sa Matagumpay MONG PAMAMAHALA mula noong Sept.7,2009 hanggang ngayon!
    Tama mga OWE,di ba ganyan kayong lahat Pumuri at Lumuwalhati kay Lord EVM nyo.!!!


    1. dear kuya, I just hope threats violent in nature are not from the Defenders for it is our fervent prayers that they who are blinded by a false TP will realized the truth and get out quickly from satan’s captivity inside this INC institution. May the protection and guidance of the Holy One be with the Defenders, esp. the Ministers, always.


      1. Only the EVM camp are capable of doing such despicable & violent acts because they follow & honor a MAN. True defenders are followers of Christs & God, they know in their hearts that God is watching them & they are loyal to God’s commands & will never do such despicable things.


      2. The arsonist in Seattle was a black man. Initially CAIR denounced it as a white supremacist hate crime. Then some OWEs tried to blame it on the defenders. Lastly, some INC Trump supporters blamed it on the liberals.

        The Florida attempt was a disgruntled former member.

        A black church in MS had an arson attack in 2016 where the person scrawled “Vote Trump”; it was a black man.


    2. And what does Embry resort to from Wed’s lesson about foolishness? Play the adultery and character assassination card on Menorca. His boy Sandoval is no saint (not unknown Ka Erdy reprimanded him and that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself). And there are a number of screenshots where he mocks others besides Soriano (including an SDA and an IG profile of a JW).


  3. Ka Magna,ang TUNAY na “Cristiano” kahit hindi kapatid o di Iglesia,HINDI Magbabanta,Mananakot,Mananakit o Papatay ng Kapuwa TAO. Hindi Mamiminsala ng mga pag-aari o kasangkapan ng kapuwa TAO. kaya kung may mga Tao na nagsasabing tunay na INC o Cristiano pero nananakot,nagbabanta,nambubogbog etc,etc at NANINIRA ng BAHAY(nambabatao,namamaril) at NANINIRA ng CAR,Binabasag ang salamin,hinahagisan ng LIKIDO para masira PINTURA o BINUBUTAS ang Gulong ng Kotse,mga PEKENG Cristiano ang mga IYAN.Nagpapanggap na maka-Dios at maka-Cristo.!! Kaya “napakasamang mga TAO niyan,ginagamit ang ngalang CRISTO di ba??

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  4. POWER Corrupts,when You are CORRUPT,the More Power You WANT.!!
    Whom do U think this quotation is Applicable? Your guess is as good as Mine.!!
    he he he he he…..


  5. Mga Bro. paano kung wala na sina ka AE n ka WS? Si Bro.Edge na lang ang pag-asa natin para makapag-sulat o makapag-koment? Kasi m checking ka AE n ka WS blog—walang bagong mga article since 1st wk of January. Kapag tumigil o nawala “lahat” pagtatawanan tayo ng mga OWE.!!
    Iisipin ng mga “mababait na iyan”,talunan na tayong mg defender,at tiyak,ang “yayabang ng mga iyan”.!!


  6. Never in my many decades of membership in this church have I seen that the focus on offerings is more intensive than what I see now.

    There’s a District-wide “special offering” where I live and the brethren are instructed to have individual offerings for their PNK children and, bring them to the adult worship service on the day of the offering to personally let them put in their special offerings in the box. This means that the parents will have to unnecessarily drag their kids in adult worship so they can submit to the whims of whoever ass-licking minister who ordered this worthless exercise.

    It used to be that the most important and holy event in any INC life is the Holy Supper, owing to the preparation that each member devotes to it. Fast forward to the present day INC and the Holy Supper being the most important event has since been trumped by these special offerings which has been announced at the start of the year.

    The sad thing is there are still multitudes who will blindly follow this brain-numbing shenanigan.


    1. Looking at the INC from a distance, an astute, objective observer will consider the “special offerings” and “publicity stunts” as normal activities for a charitable organization. In other words, EVM’s greatest “accomplishment(?)” is the gradual conversion of the INC into a full-fledged fund-raising charitable organization which effectively relegates purely religious activities (such as edification/worship services) to merely being “incidental” to their quest for more revenues to pay for their obligations/loans and finance their pet projects and lavish lifestyle. I am sure there are excellent sources of information on the internet which descibe the operations of big fund-raising organizations. For instance, a write-up on “How charities make money” ( lists 5 five primary ways they get money which the INC is actually doing right now:
      1. Volunteerism – free labor for chapel renovation and other activities
      2. Gala events – Centennial Special Offering, Pastoral visitations, movie premieres, etc.
      3. Product sales – Unlad products and similar items for sale
      4. Other Events and performances – concerts, movies, Worldwide Walk, food drive, tournaments, etc.
      5. Publicity – as adequately described in this blog
      (Note: hope this gets posted because some of my comments have been marked “awaiting moderation/for approval” and eventually disappeared.)


  7. Ako rin yung isang koment ko nawala.It’s ok baka may censorship na si Bro. Lahat ng Publicity Stunt “nila”– pakunwari lang,para makatawag pansin sa mga member at sa mga taga-sanlibutan.Kasi kunwari lang mga “banal,mabait,mapagkawanggawa etc etc” ngunit Napakasama na ng mga Aral at Tuntunin.Nilabag na ang kalooban ng Dios na “huag daragdagan o babawasan ang Kaniyang mga UTOS”.
    Sino kaya ang LIDER “nila’ o pasimuno sa Publicity Stunt na ginagawa nila? Heto o napakahusay na P.Stunt–akala mo sa Dios,yun pala HINDI.!! Sa 2Corinto 11:14-15…sapagkat si SATANAS man ay “nagpapakunwaring(stunt di ba) Anghel ng KALIWANAGAN.”…ang KANIYANG mga “ministro”naman ay “waring ministro ng Katuwiran”. Hindi ba napakagaling ng Publicity Stunt NILA.!! Eh iyong LIDER “nila” ngayon ano ang P.Stunt,sa 2 Tesalonica 2:4– Na “sumasalangsang sa Lahat na Tinatawag na Dios” o sinasamba;ano pa, at SIYA ay “nauupo sa Templo ng Dios”,na Siya’y Nagtatanyag sa kaniyang “sarili” na TULAD sa Dios.!!
    O Hindi ba “napakalaking Publicity Stunt” niyan.!! MAGKUNWARI KAYO na “ministro ng Kaliwanagan”,maka-Dios daw at turo ng turo sa tribuna kahit Baluktutin o pilipitin ang mga kahulugan ng TALATA ng Biblia.? Di ba napakalaking P.Stunt yung sinasabi nila–“salamat sa Dios,sa Kanya ang kapurihan etc.,ngunit sa HULI,salamat po sa IYO ka EVM sa bigay mo sa aming Kapilya,sa mga Lingap Mo etc etc. Pinakmamahal ka NAMIN at handa Kaming Ibigay ang aming Buhay alang-alang sa IYO!! Amennnn he he he .Di ba ganyan KAYONG mga Bulag,Panatiko at mga SIPSIP na ministro at DM para lang mga PROMOTE sa posisyon.!!! Ang Husay nyo talaga sa Publicity Stunt—manang-mana kayo sa Inyong AMA ng Kasinungalingan.!!!


  8. Ka Mag Mighty baka TEXTO sa Banal na Hapunan–Abuloy,Handugan at Donasyon.Kapag di mo sinunod matutulad ka kay Ananias at Sapira ha ha h a haa… panakot nila.!!! Tunay pa ba ang STA.CENA nila? Kung di na nila kasama ang E.SANTO na patnubay ng Katotohanan,sino magbabasbas sa Banal na Hapunan? Inordenahan kayo ng hindi Tunay na TP,paano kayo mangangasiwa ng “tunay na Sta.Cena”? nagtatanong lang po mga OWE/STF!!!


  9. Heto mga Bro.,naalaala ko lang.Tanda ninyo yung FYM movie? Ano yung isang Eksena dun na “Publicity Stunt”? Iyong eksena na “pinatawag ng Sugo si edong at pagkatapos ay Ipinanalangin!!
    remember?,sabi ng nakararaming OWE,iyon “daw” ay patotoo na si edong ay talagang magiging TP paglaki.!! Gusto kong humagalpak ng tawa ng marinig ko yun,kc “wala namang Nakarinig at Nakakaalam ng Panalangin ng Sugo”, binigyan na Nila nga pakahulugan na si edong ay magiging TP in the future.!! Bagay nagkatotoo,yun nga lang PEKE.!!! Kaya nakatanim sa isipan ng mga OWE at bulag at panatiko na dahil sa tagpong iyong sa movie (publicity stunt),hayan naging TP si Edong.!! Ang galing,ang galing…..he he hehe hee..yep but FAKE.!!! Baka nga panalangin noon,huag na sanang lumaki itong batang ito,baka ito pa ang Magtalikod sa Iglesia ha ha ha haa..


  10. One more Publicity Stunt nila.Kapag ang Kapilya ay nasa City o Kabayanan,kapag ni-renovate minsan o madalas bini-video at ipinalalabas sa inctv o net 25.Panay ang papuri sa pagsasaayos at sa mga kapatid na mga nag-volunteer kuno sa pagsasaayos ng kapilya. Todo video at medyo mahaba ang pagbabalita.Ngunit kapag ang kapilya nasa “malalayong probinsiya,lalo na nga at halos singlaki lang ng “garahe yung kapilya”—tahimik ang mga OWE at miembro,kung maari nga lang WALANG makapansin o makapuna na HINDI maisaaayos ang kapilya,di ba mga OWE?
    Malinaw na publicity Stunt pag nasa mga siudad o kabayanan o kilalang probinsiya ang isasaayos na kapilya.Ngunit pag nasa tagong lugar o malayong lugar,”mabulok na ba kapilya,basta kami nakatira sa MAGAGARANG MANSION!! di ba mga Sangoons n Tabachoy na panganay ni Edong? Sabi nga nung nagkoment kay ka SL 1 bilyong pesos yung mansion dahil galing pa raw ng ITALY ang mga materiales at kasangkapan sa loob ng Mansion.Wow ang bigat talaga “nila’ Jezebel,lakas KITA sa kapatid.!!!


  11. Naalala ko yung Mangagawang nadestino sa lokal namin, taong 1990’s.
    Hindi ko sya makakalimutan sapagkat sa kanya ko natutunan, na kung tutulong ka sa iyong kapwa, 3 lang dapat ang makaalam: ikaw na tumulong, ang taong tinulungan mo at ang Panginoong Diyos.

    Matagal na kaming hindi nagkikita ng personal, pero minsan nakita ko meron syang FB account. Gustung-gusto ko syang tanungin, nakalimutan na ba nya ang itinuro nya sa akin? Bakit nagbago na ang pananaw ng Iglesia tungkol sa pagtulong sa kapwa? Bakit kailangang i-publicize?


  12. Tanungin mo Bro.,ng malaman mo kung bakit “ngayon Pinagyayabang na nila ang Paggawa ng mabuti o kawanggawa sa kapuwa”? Nilalabag nila ang Utos ng Cristo sa Mateo 6:1-4 na LAHAT ng gagawin mong kabutihan o kagandahang-loob ay LIHIM (between you n God).
    Ang ginaya nila ay ang TATAY nila na Mayabang,Palalo at Pasikatero kaya INIHAGIS o ITINAPON sa lupa dahil Nakipantay sa Dios.!! Ezekiel 28:13-15 at Isaias 14:12-15 Sa Mateo 4:8-9 Nagsinungaling pa nga yang TATAY Nila,sabi “lahat daw ng nasa sanlibutan at mga kaharian ay IBIBIGAY Niya kay Cristo,sambahin lang Siya ng Cristo, akala mo Siya(diablo) ang may-ari ng mga bagay sa langit at sa lupa.!!! Napakasinungaling talaga eh wala naman siyang Pag-aari sa langit at sa lupa.Lahat ng bagay sa langit at sa lupa ay PAG-AARI ng DIOS,hindi ng Diablo— 1Cronica 29:11-12. Kaya NAGYAYABANG at Nagpapasikat yang Diablo kay Cristo,(hindi umubra,di tulad sa mga OWE nauuto) tulad “nila ngayon” mga pasikat,mayabang at palalo.!!!!


  13. Meron bang tao sa INC ngayun na indespensable? Maliban sa panginoong Jesus Cristo, Ang alam ko wala na. Pero sabi ng mga ministro, meron si EVM.


  14. Meron bang tao sa INC ngayun na hindi indespensable? Maliban sa panginoong Jesus Cristo, Ang alam ko wala na. Pero sabi ng mga ministro, meron, si EVM.


  15. Like POPE,like EVM== “nakikipantay sa CRISTO”.!! Publicity stunt!!! Ikinakapit sa “kanila” ang ilan o lahat ng “katangian ng Cristo”,kaya tawag sa Papa–Alter Christus, o Pinakamataas na Ama ng Kaluluwa sa lupa,kay EVM “Lord,Master, o SIR”– Panginoon sa Lupa.!! Parehong IBINAWAL ng CRISTO na Itawag sa “kaninomang TAO sa Lupa/!! Mateo 23:9-10


  16. Nalimutan ko pa–Pareho sina EVM n PAPA na “hindi nagkakamali at Pastor ng Kawan”.Talagang mga Panibagong Cristo sa lupa. A real publicity stunt at kinopya ang 2 mahalagang katangian ng Cristo!!! Mga HUWAD na Cristo at Lider!!,tama ka PDC n mga Bro.?


  17. Brotherly advice: I hope that we don’t lose track of our priority as true INC members, i.e., to make sure we never forget and instead keep trying to get as close as we can to the kind of worship services we used to render to God during the time of EGM and continue improving on it. Hence, we should take care that we do not get consumed by our revulsion to what is happening to the INC today under the leadership of EVM but instead always devote quality time to worship God in whatever form we can do. Personally, in the abence of a true TP in the INC today, I just try to see and pick up the good advice from whatever source I can get and let my heart decide based on my accumulated experience as an INC member since birth. For instance, to all the kindred spirits who long for the true INC which has taught us the true service and worship of God, may this short video touch our hearts and remind us never to lose hope and not let the NEGATIVES crowd out the POSITIVES in our lives. … The Miracle of the Chinese Bamboo Related inspiring verses I picked up from one of the Ecclesiastical Group Meetings of INCDefenders (Bro. Jun Samson’s group): 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 Good News Translation (GNT) Living by Faith 16 For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physical being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. 17 And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble. 18 For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on things that are unseen. What can be seen lasts only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever.


  18. Tama ka rin ka Tacio,totoo yan but we should not forget to continue to EXPOSE their evil deeds lalo na sa Patuloy nilang pandaraya sa mga kapatid na ihahatid nila ang mga kaluluwa sa kapahamakan by pretending na “tunay pa ang mga aral at tuntunin nila na Ipinasusunod sa mga kapatid.
    Malinaw ang sabi ng Cristo–kapagka ang BULAG ay napaakay sa Bulag,kapuwa sila mapapahamak!!! Hindi mo puedeng sabihin na Hindi mo alam o wala kang alam dahil Lahat tayo Nadoktrinahan o naturuan ng Tamang ARAL.!! Kanino ang problema ngayon,sa Atin na NAKINIG.Nakinig ka,Naunawaan mo ba? Kung nauunawaan mo Bakit di mo Pinanghawakan yung natutuhan o napakinggan mo? Bakit Binitiwan mo yung aral at payo ng matuwid na TP at basta sumunod ka na lang ngayon? Bakit di ka na nagsuri? Nasiyahan ka na lang na ,Pamamahala yan,tama yan,sa Dios iyan eh!!! Malinaw ang Payo at Turo ng Sugo at ka EGM— Ibatay o Ikumpara Ninyo sa Biblia ang TURO o ARAL ng SINOMAN,kahit “kami”,tingnan ninyo kung nasa Biblia,kapag Wala HUAG kayong SUMUNOD!!!
    Huag kayong HIHIGIT sa mga bagay na NAKASULAT na.!!!


  19. May Ikukuento nga pala ako sa inyo mga Bro.para maipakita ko sa inyo ngayon ang Malaking pagkakaiba ng panahon ng ka EGM at EVM ngayon. Ukol ito sa PERA/SALAPI!! Makikita ninyo ang pagiging GREEDY o Katakawan sa Pera ngayon kesa Noon.!!! Patay na ang taong ito at di ko gustong pintasan,ngunit ito ang istorya ukol dito. Nang Magdilim at Matiwalag si Dr.M.Gabriel (kilala ko ito dahil ISA ako sa naging Inaanak niya sa kasal,maraming inaanak ito sa kasal dahil ok ito noong di pa madilim) Naninira na ito at lumaban ng husto sa Iglesia.
    Ang isa sa Paninira niya ay ukol sa abuloy.Kinuento pa niya sa PNK pa lang ay nag-aabuloy na Siya hanggang sa matiwlag na nga siya. To make d story short,sabi nya milyong piso ang naibigay nya kay Manalo at nadaya siya mula pa sa pagkabata niya ukol sa abuluyan.Noong ipahayag niya ito sa Radyo veritas noon pag-aaring radio station ng Katoliko,kinabukasan sinagot agad ito ng ka Filo Ramos. Una sa pamamagitan ng Biblia pagkatapos nito alam nyo sinabi ng ka Filo? Melanio,kung GUSTO mo pumunta ka rito sa CENTRAL at dalhin mo listahan ng mga Inabuloy,handog at Pasalamt mo at ISASAULI namin sa IYO,walang problema!!!
    Mula noon no more paninira si Gabril ukol sa abuloy,ni hindi na sumagot o kaya pumunta ng Central.!! REMEMBER a sister I think a choir in FLORIDA? Nang itiwalag siya gusto niyan kunin ang LAGAK niyang 149 o 150 dollar sa Pasalamat? Ano ginawa ng EVM Church? Nagdemenadahan pa for 150dlr at AYAW isauli o ibigay ang pera nung kapatid? Natural sila,ang church ang NANALO,aba,tuwang-tuwa mga unggoy at nasa panig daw nila ang dios kaya nanalo sa kaso.!!! OMG 150dlrs nag-korte pa para lang huag Isauli,150 dlr ha ha ha napaka-suwitik!! Si ka Ramos nga ISASAULI lahat yung Abuloy,handog at Pasalamat ni Gabriel mula nung bata siya hanggang sa Natiwalag,itong EVM Church 150dlr NAGDEMANDAHAN pa at ng manalo,kakampi daw nila ang Dios!!! OMG!! mga buang na ,matakaw pa ng PERA.!!!! Totoo ang kuento kong ito,nasa Pinas pa ako ng mangyari ito.Kaya kung nagbabasa kayong mga OWE/STF, dito sa blog,MAHIYA naman kayo. 150dollar nagdemanda kayo,panahon ng ka EGM milyong halaga ISASAULI kay Dr.Gabriel ng Central,kayo 150x52pesos=7,800pesos di ninyo isinauli,nagdemanda pa kayo ha ha ha ha…mga SUWAPANG at MATAKAW ng PERA.!!!! Hindi ako nagsisinungaling mga Bro. TRUE Story ito.!!!!


  20. Itong kwento ko naman, tungkol sa ka-lokal ko, byuda at may 2 anak na babae na nag aaral sa high school at college. Nabubuhay lang sila sa kakaunting pensyon. Mang-aawit yung kapatid na byuda. Nitong nakaraang lingap-pamamahayag, inoobliga ang lahat ng maytungkulin na mag-donate ng bigas. Araw ng hwebes, hindi sya sumamba kaya yung anak nyang panganay ang tinanong ng katiwalang diakonesa tungkol sa bigas na donasyon. Ang sagot ng anak ng byuda: “eh paano po yun, kami nga rin walang bigas eh”.
    2 emosyon ang naramdaman ko:
    –nakakatawa ang pamamahala ni EVM, kumakalinga ng taga sanlibutan pero ang sariling mga kaanib hindi matulungan
    –nakakaawa ang mga kaanib na ginagamit ng pamamahala ni EVM para sa pansariling kapakanan at kasakiman


  21. Kaya tama si Bro.EDGE–PUBLICITY STUNT–Tumutulong sa buong Mundo hanggang Africa,ang KAPATID na CRISTIANO(daw) Ginagatasan at Pinahihirapan.Sabi nga ni Rizal,pinatatabang mga BABOY ang kapatid para maipagbili ng mas Mahal. LINGAP sa MAHIRAP/MAMAMAYAN— lahat PALABAS lang,pakunwari.ngunit Pinahihirapan ang mga Miembro–SILA Nagpapasarap at Nagpapasasa sa PERA at Pag-aari ng mga miembro.!! IPOKRITO silang lahat.!!!! sabi ni Judas Tadeo–mga KINAPAL na WALANG BAIT!!! Judas 1:10-11


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