The Illegal Ministry

Some of you readers may have been waiting for my next article. I’m sorry to say that I’m still working on it at this time. It’s not because there’s nothing to write about; on the contrary, I’m trying to keep the articles short for easier reading.

But I just thought I’d drop this quick post since some of our readers may be wondering why their Resident Ministers are suddenly being shipped out. In various districts, especially around America, the Ministers are saying their farewells all of a sudden. Why the sudden transitions? The answer, sad to say are not as noble and pure as some would have you believe. It is more of a legal recourse, to avoid greater legal ramifications that the Church is facing. What is the problem you ask?

Let me first explain one of the ways that the Iglesia Ni Cristo has been sending Ministers from the Philippines to the United States.

The legal department of the Church has been using the R-1 Visa route which is specifically for “Religious Workers”. Here are the official notes on it:

R-1 Temporary Nonimmigrant Religious Workers

“An R-1 is a foreign national who is coming to the United States temporarily to be employed as a minister or in another religious vocation or occupation at least part time (average of at least 20 hours per week) by:

  • A non-profit religious organization in the United States;
  • A religious organization that is authorized by a group tax exemption holder to use its group tax exemption; or
  • A non-profit religious organization which is affiliated with a religious denomination in the United States.

This visa program is intended for religious workers whose lives are dedicated to religious practices and functions, as distinguished from secular members of the religion.”

In short, this is how a lot of the Philippine Ministers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are getting in to the U.S. So what’s the big deal, you ask? Nothing. If it is done according to the law. But the problem is how the Administration plays with the U.S. Government. Here is another part of the law:

“A prospective or existing U.S. employer must file Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, on behalf of foreign nationals seeking to enter the United States as a nonimmigrant minister, or a religious worker in a religious vocation or occupation.”

So what does the Church Administration do? They will instruct local congregations to “make a Petition” for a specific Ministers, as if that congregation is in need of a Minister and is “hiring” that individual from the Philippines, (as if) they chose to choose that individual, even though there are already hundreds of Ministers roaming the States already.

The U.S. Government approves the petition, the Minister goes to that specific congregation. Here is another trick. That Minister may not really be “assigned” for that congregation, they will just use them as a doorway to America but from there, the Administration sends them anywhere they want.

“USCIS may grant R-1 status for an initial period of admission for up to 30 months. Subsequent extensions may be granted for up to an additional 30 months. The religious worker’s total period of stay in the United States in R-1 classification cannot exceed five years (60 months).”

Another stipulation of the R-1 route is that the petitioned Minister should only stay for up to 30 months and maybe an extra 30 months. But as many of you know, they will often get around that as well. Why would they do this? Because the present Administration has this ARROGANT MENTALITY that they can do whatever they want, like how they act in the Philippines, deciding whatever and whenever because they have the law in the palm of their hands and in their proverbial pockets, so they have no fear of the law. But THIS IS NOT THE CASE in every country.

Well, the time has come that face the truth. The Immigration Office of the United States is now taking action and are finding out that a lot of the Ministers of the INC are NOT following the prescribed rules and are living somewhere else instead of where they were petitioned. Some have overstayed with expired visas and some not even supposed to be in this country at all. Remember, the R1 Visa is supposed to be TEMPORARY! The Department of Homeland Security is now investigating. That should cut down some of the Church Leadership’s arrogance!

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 5.39.14 am

Suppose the Minister has to be assigned to another congregation, instead of the one that petitioned him? What is supposed to be followed?

“Ministers, as opposed to other religious workers, may move from ministry to ministry within a denomination without a new petition, so long as the parent organization is the petitioner.  If it is anticipated that the minister will be moved between different locations within the same denomination, the parent organization should file as the petitioner rather than the individual organization, and list each ministry where the minister will be working on the I-129. In such cases, USCIS requires the group tax determination letter issued to the parent organization, along with authorization from the group tax exemption holder that lists each specific ministry that may employ the beneficiary.”

In short, they cannot simply pack up and go. RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED folks! They are not in the Philippines anymore where you can buy off any politician and ignore the laws!

One final note before I conclude; and this is actually a big one. These laws are actually for “A non-profit religious organization in the United States”. I am embarassed to admit, but the Iglesia Ni Cristo is no longer a NON-PROFIT organisation. As we have covered on many articles, the Church has become a for PROFIT group. JUST LOOK AROUND! What do you think the Philippine Arena is for? Why do they sell fish right at the gates of chapels? Why do you think there are eco-fisheries and eco-farms? Why is the Church so intent in building up Africa, with olive trees? Why do the Ministers and officers sell tickets to brethren? Why are Guns & Roses performing at the Arena? Why are there petting zoos and Museum of Death? Why are there souvenirs being sold? Do you think these are all being done for our SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING?!?! The simple answer is COLD.HARD.CASH. In other words. FOR PROFIT.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.17.54 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.45.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 02.38.51

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.17.05

In conclusion, the present Church Leadership cannot deny the fact that they are breaking the nation’s laws. We are still under the guise of a being a Non-profit organisation; the ministers are shipped in with the intent of them being moved around even without consulting the U.S. Government; And many of the Ministers, who now get to enjoy the taste of America, will do what they can not to be sent back the Philippine provinces, even if it means breaking the laws of the land.

As we close, let’s be reminded of the commandments of God, which the present leaders seem to have forgotten, or merely ignore now:

You cannot fool God, so don’t make a fool of yourself! You will harvest what you plant. If you follow your selfish desires, you will harvest destruction, but if you follow the Spirit, you will harvest eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8

“Place yourselves under the authority of human governments to please the Lord. Obey the emperor. He holds the highest position of authority.” 1 Peter 2:13 NOG

“Whoever opposes the existing authority opposes what God has ordered; and anyone who does so will bring judgment on himself. For rulers are not to be feared by those who do good, but by those who do evil. Would you like to be unafraid of those in authority? Then do what is good, and they will praise you, because they are God’s servants working for your own good. But if you do evil, then be afraid of them, because their power to punish is real. They are God’s servants and carry out God’s punishment on those who do evil. For this reason you must obey the authorities—not just because of God’s punishment, but also as a matter of conscience.” Romans 13:2-6 GNT


(all immigration information were quoted from





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  1. Tunay na KAHIYA-HIYA at NAPAKASAMANG “relihiyon ng EVM church n Company”,pati ang mga tinatawag na “Kamanggagawa ng Dios” sa Biblia o GOD’s Co-Workers” ay LUMALABAG sa BATAS ng isang Bansa lalo na dito sa AMERIKA masunod lamang NILA ang Masama Nilang mga Layunin!! Hindi na UKOL sa DIOS o ESPIRITUWAL,kundi sa LAMAN,sa Diablo!! Napakasamang KAISIPAN at mga Kaparaanan para sa mga SARILI NILANG Kapakanan at Kasiyahan!!! Tunay na wala SILANG mga INTEGRIDAD,KATAPATAN sa batas ng Dios at Batas ng TAO. Bale wala na sa kanila ang DALISAY na Kautusan ng mga Salita ng Dios pati na ang PAGPAPASAKOP sa BATAS ng TAO o GOBIERNO o mga HARI o GOBERNADOR na “ISINUGO” ng DIOS!!— 1 PEDRO 2:13,14,15 at 17-IGALANG ninyo angLAHAT ng mga TAO (lalo na ang Batas ng Gobierno)!! at sa ROMA 13:1-6 Pasakop sa MATAAS na kapangyarihan,sapagkat SIYA’Y “ministro ng DIOS sa Ikagagaling mo..IBIGAY NINYO ang sa KANILA (GOBIERNO) ay NARARAPAT!!! buwis na dapat BUWISAN!!! Kayo ba talaga ay “maka-DIOS”?? ang kakapal ninyo!!!


    1. During EGM’s time, the deployment of ministers outside the Philippines used to take a long time despite the obvious need for them in many places. In other words, the process was gradual, very structured and well-thought out. And there was genuine excitement among brethren because the petition for ministers was genuine and borne out of real need. Now, it is no longer the actual need for ministers that is the main consideration but other things. For instance, rather than believe their intensive propagation story line, I suspect that they simply are creating demand for an oversupply of BEM graduates as well as the need for “collecting agents” for money offerings. For how else can you explain why they are creating new locales and districts left and right and putting unnecessary strain on officers especially with their ludicrous strict implementation of “zoning” rules? I distinctly remember a recent observation of an old “thinking” deaconess in one of the pioneer locales in the US why they keep sending new ministers in their district when there are already so many of them assigned to the District Office practically doing nothing that important. Sarcastically, she commented that either their district is one of the “wealthier” districts that can support (pay for) many ministers or they are doubling their efforts to better squeeze more contributions from the brethren because of pressing financial commitments (such as PA loan repayments?). Whereas, before, it took years to establish a new locale or district and with well laid-out plans to ensure no disruption in worship services, now they don’t care if the re-zoning results in net loss of officers (especially in critical positions such as Head Deacons, Deacons/Deaconesses, Choir members, and Finance Officers.) And nobody dares question these moves because of the implied doctrine that EVM is anointed by God and cannot make mistakes. In other words, “Obey and never complain/question.”. But one consequence they did not expect is the decision of many adversely affected officers to simply step down from their offices and also make “adjustments” to their usual offerings.


  2. Alam nyo po ba yung O1 (Tagapangasiwa) dito sa distrito namin kung gaano ka-arogante? Ang itinuturo nya sa mga ministrong nasasakupan nya, maging proud daw dahil sila ang may pinakamataas na propesyon. Isipin daw ng mga ministro, kung may kapatid (sibling) sila na doctor o lawyer, pagdating sa pagsamba, lahat sa ministro nakatingala. Ganyan ang training sa kanila. Sobrang tayog, di natin maabot.


    1. Precisely, that’s the big difference between EVM-era ministers who emulate their “lord” EVM and behave as if they are the “big boss in the locale” versus the EGM-era ones who imitated EGM and led by example in being a “servant-leader” in the locale, especially during those times when the financial support they received were treated as “tulong” and not “suweldo” by today’s standards. No wonder one DM, during an officers ‘ meeting, arrogantly declared that they (ministers) don’t have to earn the brethren’s respect; it must be given to them.


    1. Guni-guni mo lang iyon. May nag-aakala ngang sina AE, WS at Ka Edge ay iisa din. Kung baga’y parang Trinity. Tutoo ang artikulo. Maraming mga ministro ang TNT at siyempre mga kapatid. Noon ay maraming nakakalusot. Kahit TNT ang mga kapatid ay pinagtatakpan. Pero sa maniwala kayo at hindi, may mga kapatid na TNT ang na-deport dahil ang nagsumbong kapatid din.

      Sa tagal ng INC sa Amerika, marami na rin mga kapatid ang nasa gobyerno tulad ng IRS, FBI, Pulis, Highway Patrol kahit sa Immigration. Maaaring gusto ng mga kapatid na magtrabaho sa gobyerno ng Amerika pero posible din nilagay ng INC sila doon bilang espiya at protektahan ang INC na tulad sa Pilipinas. Ewan ko si bibliko…baka sa CIA siya.

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    2. Hindi ko pa pala nasabi Ka Mario, gaya ng mga articles ni Ka Edge, gustung-gusto ko ring basahin ang mga comments mo, kumbaga sa pagkain, saktong-sakto sa panlasa ko. Hindi pa ako makasabay kay Ka Bibliko, siguro pag natapos ko na basahin ang bibliya, makaka-relate na ako sa mga talatang binabanggit nya 🙂

      Lagi ko nga palang sinusubaybayan ang bible studies ng Small Remnants, naghihikayat si Ka Jon Dizon na basahin ang mga kasaysayan ng bayan ng Diyos para maunawaan kung bakit nagbubukod ang Diyos ng grupo o pulutong ng tao, para sila ang magsagawa ng tunay na paglilingkod sa Diyos. Nasa Exodo na ako, sa panahon ni Moises. Dati, kailangan pa bumili ng bibliya, ngayon download-download lang, sa Google Play Store..


  3. The ministers flying from the U.S. should be examined by The US Customs and Border Protection as they usually carry cash in excess of $10K. Perhaps someone from the CBP should inspect Manalo’s Airbus prior to leaving the U.S. when he decides to visit? What about the open tax fraud committed weekly when donations are diverted to their bank in Cayman Islands?


    1. It happened to Pastor Quiboloy’s private jet and the fall guy was his business manager/treasurer. I don’t know the status of this case; but he hired the best American lawyer. He might get away on mere legal technicality. If Quiboloy could do that, what more EVM?


  4. Katotohanang-katotohanan ang mga “sinabi ninyo” na NAPAKAYAYABANG at NAPAKATATAYOG ng mga UGALI ng “karamihan sa mga “ministro ngayon’!! KAUGALI at KAASAL ng DIABLO na “AMA” nila!! Katulad na katulad ng Pinahirang Kerubin aka Satanas/Diablo!!! Kaya HINDI mga MINISTRO ni CRISTO ang mga IYAN,kundi Ministro ni SATANAS,sapagka’t ang Cristo ay Masunurin sa DIOS at MAPAGPAKUMBABA (very HUMBLE) iyang mga VERY HAMBOG!!! Dito sa lupa,Kanino pa ba MAGSISIPAGMANA ang mga IYAN!! Natural FOLLOW the LEADER/LEADERS di ba–lahat ng mga BAGAY na GINAWA at mga GINGAWA — “pinagyayabang sa buong MUNDO”!!! Ano ang DAPAT at MARAPAT na Ugaliin o Ugali at Asal ng isang TUNAY na ministro,heto ayon sa Inilagdang Tuntunin at Aral sa “Ministerial ETHICS”— Alalahaning LAGI na walang katumbas ang karapatan ng Ministro,”siya’y” LINGKOD ng DIOS (hindi ng Diablo)!! HINDI “siya” NAG-AASAL Panginoon!! HINDI “siya” Nayayamot sa mga PUNA sa Kaniya,HINDI “siya” PERPEKTONG TAO (si CRISTO lamang ang PERPEKTO)!! WALA “siyang SIDELINE”!! HINDI “siya” NAGSASAMANTALA sa mga kapatid tulad ng “pagmomolestiya,pagsasamantala, at iba pang mga bagay na para sa Kaniyang SARILING Kapakanan!! Hindi “pinaiiral ang PRIDE” dahil ito ay sa LAMAN,sa Diablo!!! Kaya mga BRO,sa panahon natin NGAYON,hindi na kataka-taka na MAG-ASA “Panginoon” ang mga IYAN,kasi mga sa DIABLO at Demonio na ang mga IYAN, dahil LAHAT ng NAISULAT na sa TUNTUNING ito sa panahon ng ka EGM ay NILABAG na ng mga Buang na IYAN,sabi nga ni Juan Baptista,Pablo at maging ng CRISTO–KAYONG MGA LAHI ng ULUPONG,mga ANAK ng DIABLO (lahat ng Lumalabag sa magandang Asal at Kautusan ng Dios sa Biblia)!! Like FATHER(d Devil),Like SON/Sons!! Mga “nagpapanggap na lang ang mga IYAN na ministro o anghel ng KALIWANAGAN” ( 2 Cor.11:13-14) subalit mga Ministro na SILA ni SATANAS!!! sana nga ka Mario CIA ako ng Mahuli lahat ng Ilegal na Ministro he he he at maitapon sa Timbuktu!! HIGIT sa lahat hindi lang ang mga tuntuning inilagda noon ang NILALABAG ng mga IYAN,kundi MISMO ang TURO ng ULO ng Iglesia–ang CRISTO– Marcos 10:43-45 Mateo 23:10-11 at Lukas 22:26,17:10


  5. correction: Mag-asal not Mag-asa Panginoon!! Di ba “lagi kong sinasabi, DALAWA lamang ang LAHI ng TAO sa mundo–Lahi ng Dios at Lahi ng Daiblo. Kaya kapag ang UGALI at ASAL mo ay LABAG o KALABAN ng TURO ng DIOS at CRISTO,”natural,lahi ka ni SATANAS/DIABLO” tama ba mga One With Evilman and Satan Task Force?? Tamang-tama NAPILI ninyong mga PANGALANG itatawag sa INYO!! Hindi NAGKATAON yan,sinadya iyan ng Makapangyarihan sa lahat!! Tulad ng KAYARIAN ng Phil.Arena,sa AERIAL VIEW katulad ni BAAL na ULO ng TORO,di nyo makita na mga OWE at mga Tagasunod?,kasi BULAG na KAYO!! Iyon ang pinipilit sa akin ng ISANG EVM,sabi,wala namang ULO ng TORO ah!! Ang ganda-ganda nga eh!! OMG sabi ko na lang ha ha ha!!


  6. Noon, marami tayong karanasan na nagpapatotoo kung gaano kasakdal sa pananampalataya at pagdadala ng tungkulin ang mga ministro.

    Pero ngayon, marami rin tayong karanasan na nagpapatotoo na ibang espiritu na ang tinataglay nila. Kaya nga siguro nasabi ni Ka Erdy noon na lahat ng mga manggagawang ito ay naging taksil, wala ni isa mang naging tapat. Bibigyan ko kayo ng mga halimbawa:

    1. Wala akong masabi dun sa ministrong mangangasiwa ng pagsamba. Ilang minuto bago ang simula ng pagsamba, nasa opisina ako ng pananalapi para maglagak, nakaawang ang pinto ng prayer room na naroon din sa loob ng pananalapi, nakita ko yung ministo naglalaro ng candy-crush. Wow, isipin mo naman yun. Nung araw naging guro ako sa PNK, bago ang pagsamba, wala kaming ginagawa kundi basahin ang leksyon at magbulay-bulay para di magkamali.

    2. Nung bumagyo dito sa probinsya namin ilang taon na ang nakakaraan, matindi ang pinsalang inabot namin. Mataas na ang bahay namin pero pinasok pa rin ng tubig. Araw ng Miyerkules noon, pagsamba namin, di kami nakasamba dahil mataas pa ang tubig. Kinabukasan, araw ng Huwebes, dumalaw yung destinado, medyo humupa na ang tubig, Tuwang-tuwa ako, akala ko concerned sya. Pero ang totoo, sa ibang bagay sya concerned. Sa handog namin. Yung darating na Sabado at Linggo kasi ay Pasalamat. Nung dumalaw sya, may dala syang sobre. Nakaka-wow di ba? Hindi man lang kami tinanong kung meron ba sa aming nasaktan. Hindi na namin naikwento yung karanasan namin nung nasa bundok kami, dahil dun kami inabot ng bagyo sa isa naming bahay dun, nawasak yun pero iniligtas kami ng Diyos. Interesado lang yung destinado namin na sa darating na Pasalamat ay wag naming kalilimutan maghandog ng sagana, baka nga naman umurong ang lokal.

    3. Yung destinado namin, nung nakaraang Ministers’ Night, nag-solicit sa amin, para daw sa pa-raffle ng mga ministro. Sinabi nya kung anong appliance, nagbigay naman kami. Alam nyo ba, nung nag-raffle na, ang sabi nung host, “ang appliance na ito ay galing sa destinado ng..” Proud na proud yung destinado namin, yung feeling na sya talaga ang nagbigay. Paano ko nalaman, yung kapatid ko, crew ng catering ng pagkain nila.

    4. Hindi na rin nila inililihim na may pa-raffle sila ng kotse. Andun ulit kami sa pananalapi, tuwang-tuwa yung destinado habang kinukwento na nagpa-raffle ng kotse, sayang daw hindi sya nanalo.

    5. Marami pa akong kwento, mga karanasan namin ito, hindi nabasa o narinig lang namin kung saan. Obserbahan nyo, hindi lang sila ang arogante, pati ang mga anak nila. Kitang-kita ko sa lokal namin, mga anak ng mga ministro, feeling nila bukod silang pinagpala at angat sa mga kadiwa/binhi. Tunay na espesyal.

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    1. Narito ang sagot ng isang ministro sa mga sinabi mo bro:

      Una, yong mga binanggit niya ukol sa mga Manggagawa o mga Ministro na sabihin na nating kung minsan ay nawawala sa kaayusan sa pagkakampanya ng mga bagay bagay o mga aktibidad: Hindi naman po bagong bagay yan. Alam natin na ang Pamamahala ay hindi naman ina-ayunan ang mga bagay na wala sa kaayusan. Lagi silang nagbibilin na laging i-ayon sa tuntunin at doktrina ang mga bagay na dapat gawin.

      Ukol naman sa mga Ministro na “Illegal”! Wala pong ganon sa paraang laging may “Immigration Permit”! Ang usapan dito ay ligalidad ng pananatili sa Bansa (anomang bansa).

      Ang una po kasi diyan ay : may permit to entry ba? (Visitors pass, work permit, student permit, etc). Kung mayroon permit to entry ang isang tao, maituturing bang illegal?

      Alang alang sa mga kapatid na nangangailangan ng espiritual na gabay, talagang lahat ng paraan na ay maaring gawin at ginagawa para sa mga kapatid.

      Kung minsan Student Permit para makapasok ng LEGAL: nag-aaral at the same time ay nangangasiwa sa Lokal. Illigal ba ito? Sa makikitid ang utak at laban sa Pamamahala: illegal ito kasi Student Visa, bakit nangangasiwa ng Lokal? Ito ang paraan para makapasok tayo don (noon) at mapangasiwaan ang mga kapatid!
      Noon araw ay visitors pass / tourist visa noong araw para makapasok ang mga Ministro sa ibang bansa para mapangasiwaan ang mga kapatid! Kung kinakailangan ang WHITE LIES, tulad ni Abraham – Gen. 20:2 (sinabi nila na magkapatid sila sa halip na mag-asawa) para sa bayan ng Diyos. Ang Diyos mismo ang gagawa ng paraan para sa Kaniyang bayan!

      Ang mga Ministro o Manggagawa lalo na dito sa US, lahat ay LEGAL na nakapasok, nakapasok tayo na may permit! Ito ang mahalaga, may permit mula sa immigration department. R1 ang VISA opo, kasi nga religious purposes. Na pag nagtagal at pinayagan ng Pamamahala ay nag pa file ng Resident Visa mula R1 ang legal office natin.
      (Hindi ito lingid sa immigration department ng US.)

      Isa pa sa dapat isa-alang alang ukol dito: legal department natin ang nag pa file sa Immigration Department. Ibig sabihin : ALAM ng Immigration Department ang ukol sa bagay na ito.

      Maituturing bang ILLEGAL kung ang isang Ministro mula sa petitioning Lokal ay nalipat siya ng ibang lokal? Hindi po kasi ay dito pa rin naman siya sa US nalipat. Maaring nalipat ng ibang STATE pero US pa rin naman. At ang trabaho pa rin naman ay para sa Iglesia!

      Paano nila maituturing na ILLEGAL ang mga Ministro o Manggawa, pag nalipat sila ng ibang US STATE, eh may Driver’s License po kami. Ako halimbawa: noong nasa Hawaii ako, may DL ako sa Hawaii; Noong nasa Southern California ako, may DL ako doon, noong malipat ako dito sa ILLINOIS ay may DL ako dito, noong malipat ako sa Miinneapolis ay may Driver’s license ako sa Minnesota…. PAANO NILA SASABIHIN na ILLEGAL ANG MINISTRO NA MAY LEGAL LICENSE??????? at ang trabaho pa rin naman namin ay para pa rin sa CHURCH?????

      Ang mahalaga dito ay LEGAL ang pagpasok ng mga Ministro at legal ang pamamalagi dito. Alam yan ng immigration department!

      Ito ang matindi na dapat bulay bulayin ng mga Tiwalag na Ministro na nagkaroon ng permit na manatili dito sa US sa pamamagitan ng tulong o aprobal ng Pamamahala!

      Wala silang UTANG na LOOB: sapagkat di nila inisip na kaya sila may permit ngayon dito sa US ay dahil sa Pamamahala, dahil sa Iglesia.


      1. Those sound like such sound replies. But let’s just simply put it this way, if there is nothing illegal about these Ministers, then why the sudden reassignments? If everything is legitimate, let them stay put!


      2. This minister and the rest of EVM’s apologists remind me of US President Trump’s Sr. Policy Advisor Stephen Miller who has been described as “obsequious factotum”. (Definitions: obsequious – obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree; factotum – an employee who does all kinds of work.). With my simpler vocabulary, I just refer to them as “lapdogs” especially when they keep emphasizing how ungrateful the expelled ministers are after being assigned overseas and now critical of EVM. Obviously, they raise so many side issues to deflect the conversation from the one important issue or complaint against EVM – his implied claim to infallibilty through his “Obey and never complain/question” dictum.


  7. I also wanted to add, along with the “farewells” of the illegal Ministers, that they will be announcing very quickly of their departures, and then they will go on their Local “Farewell Tours”. Brethren, be prepared to hand out $$$ and parting gifts to our Departing Brothers. They want to make sure they squeeze the members dry before they get kicked out.


  8. Masahol pa kay Judas Iscariote ang mga IYAN!! Si Judas “nangugupit” ng pera o abuloy sa Supot noon (Juan 12:6) iyang mga IYAN,BULSA ng mga kapatid ang Dinudukot!! Ang IBA derechaan kung MANGHINGI,gaya ng Alahas(relo at iba pa),Appliances o Amerikana at Kurbata,nakita ko yan!! Si Judas ibinenta o Ipinagkanulo ang Cristo sa halagang 30 pilak,ngayon IPINAGKANULO ang BUONG Iglesia ng MILYON/BILYONG SALAPI at di pa nasiyahan,INIMPLEMENT pa ang “donasyon” at kapatid na rin ang PINAG-REREPAIR sa mga kapilya,kaya nga may NAKURIENTENG Magkapatid sa isang Lokal jan sa Pinas,hindi naman Electrician,dahil nagtitipid o wala na talagang ABULOY at HANDUGAN,walang PAMBAYAD sa Propesyonal na Electrician!!! Totoo si Bro.EDGE,pag AALIS na yang mga TAMAD na iyan at walang ginawa kundi KUMAIN sa mga Handaan ng mga Kapatid–MAPIPILITAN ka pang BIGYAN ng mga pabaong SALAPI o whatever para SILA MASIYAHAN–make THEM Smile,like their BOSS!!! Bro.Big Jim,kaya nga TINANGGAP yang “tungkulin” sa Gob na Special Envoy,para may IMMUNITY!!Baka lahat ng kasama niyan sa AirBus mga DIPLOMATIC Passport ang mga DALA ng mga bu… na iyan!! Kaya “mahirap masita” sa Customs,NAPAKATALINO kc ng AMA nila (si TANING) lahat ng masamang kaparaanan ay NAIISIP at NAGAGAWA para tulungan Niya mga Ministro niya!!!


      1. Thanks bro. Court of Appeals…who made the appeal? Brown or INC ? Because if it’s now with the Court of Appeal, then the lower court has already rendered its decision. Favorable to which party?


      2. Brown made the appeal. It was ruled in favor of INC. It has to do mostly with Hague Convention. Philippines is not a signer. “Letters Rogatory” is a procedure where they have to get a court order in the Philippines to serve the summons


  9. … a bit of a side story …. “Belief is a powerful weapon.”
    I turned the TV off and went to bed when the score was 5-1 in favor of 7-time champion Serena Williams but I just learned this morning that her opponent made an “unbelievable” comeback and eventually beat her. What an inspiration to all of us wanting an end to EVM’s misguided, spurious leadership/administration! So, to all “thinking” and “principled” brethren throughout the world, LET US CONTINUE PRAYING TO GOD AND NOT LOSE HOPE!

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  10. Nais ko lang ibahagi ang Panalangin ni Haring David na TUGMANG-TUGMA sa nangyayari ngayon sa panahon natin,sa bayan man o sa Relihiyon. Narito mula sa AWIT 119:159-160,158,160 at 126 (MB Biblia) Mahal ko ang Iyong Aral,ito’y batid Mo Panginoon,Ang buod ng Kautusa’y,salig sa Katotohanan,Ang lahat ng Tuntunin Mo’y walang Katapusan.Nagdaramdam akong labis kapag aking Namamasdan,Yaong mga TAONG Taksil na laban sa Kautusan. Sa anomang di Totoo,muhi ako’t Nasusuklam,Ang tunay kong Iniibig ay ang Iyong Kautusan.Panahon na Panginoon,upang Ikaw ay Kumilos,Nilalabag na ng TAO ang Bigay Mong mga UTOS.!! Sana “nga” sa mag-iikasampung Taon ni EVM sa taong ito,KUMILOS na ang KAMAY ng ating AMANG MAKAPANGYARIHAN at IHAYAG na lahat ang LIHIM nilang Kabuktutan!!! Siya Nawa!!!


  11. Yes ka Raven,noon pang araw,dito sa Tate,FEELING talaga ng mga ANAK ng Ministro,”very Impt.Children Sila”!! Paano yung mga PD at MT kung TRATUHIN mga iyan “espesyal” kaya napapagaya pati mga Kadiwa at Binhi!! Nagsisipsip sa mga Ministro na pati sa mga anak nila ay IBA ang pakitungo o pakisama sa mga IYAN!!! Kaya kita nyo pati si TABA Angelo iba pakitungo ng mga member,lalo na mga ministro at mga MT!!!!


  12. Ka Mario,aaminin ko,sa mga bagay ukol sa Immigration ay wala akong gaanong alam,kaya gusto mang mag-comment dun sa ministro medyo hirap ako.Ang Comment ko na lang ay iyong WHITE LIES daw ni Abraham–kawawa naman si Abraham,matagal ng NANANAHIMIK sa lupa NADAMAY pa o ginawa pang Halimbawa ng ministro at sa Kasinungalingan pa!! Hindi naman NAGSINUNGALING si ABRAHAM–talaga naman kapatid NIYA si SARA!! Sa Biblia ba may “white Lies” at kung “meron nito” ,hindi ba ito kasalanan? Wala “kayong mababasa na kung merong white lies,HINDI ito kasalanan!! Walang INIWAN yan sa kasalanan,ke MALIIT,ke MALAKI,Kasalanan pa rin!! Genesis 20:12 magkapatid SILA sa ama,iba ang ina ni Sara!! At sa huli,”napakaraming ILLEGAL dito sa U.S may “Driver’s Licensed at NAKAKABOTO pa”, pero ILLEGAL,kaya di komo may Driver’s Licensed ka rito “LEGAL ka na, ” kaibigang ministro!!!! Yan ang sagot ng ministro di ba,may Lisensya sa Pagmamaneho kaya LEGAL siya dito kahit paso na papeles niya/nila sa Immigration!!!

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    1. Like I replied up there, if there is nothing illegal, why the moves? And you beat me to the punch Bro. B; There are a lot of illegal aliens who have driver’s licenses. That is no proof of legality. Certain papers don’t make everything legal. For example, if a certain individual has “diplomatic visa”, it does not mean everything he does is legal. They can go across borders and not all countries have the same laws. So carrying $10,000.00 may be legal in some places, but not in others.


    2. Ka Bibliko, nakaka-relate na ako sa mga comments mo. Tama ka, hindi nagsinungaling si Abraham. Pero ang na-take note ko sa kasaysayan ni Abraham dun sa Genesis 13:8 ‘Kinausap ni Abram si Lot, “Hindi tayo dapat mag-away, at ang mga tauhan natin, sapagkat magkamag-anak tayo.’ Sana nabasa ito ni EVM..


  13. Sorry Bro.EDGE,I mean to say NOT because he has or got a driver;s Licensed,it means he is Legal here.That’s the reasoning of the Minister because He got a Driver’s licensed though HIS Visa was expired,he is still Legal to stay here because He has Driver’s licensed!! That’s what I mean,those Illegal Aliens not because they got Driver’s Licensed DOES’NT Mean they are Legal citizen here in U.S. Again maybe my english is not clear,in Pilipino–sinulat ng Ministro na KATUNAYAN na kahit na Expired na ang VISA Niya o Nila dahil may LISENSYA sila,naniniwala SIYA na LEGAL pa rin ang pananatili NILA dito.!! Kaya nasabi ko na ang mga illegal o alien dito Nakakakuha rin ng Lisensya ngunit DI nangangahulugan na Legal na sila dito.Kaya nagkakamali yung Palusot ng ministro na PUEDE siya/sila mantili dito kahit PASO na ang Visa nila ngunit may Lisensya sila sa Pagmamaneho. Sorry too,gaya ng sabi ko,wala akong alam sa immigration Law,ang alam ko pag Diplomatic pasaporte mo,everything goes well sa mga immigration sa “lahat” ng mga bansa. sorry again Bro,!!o mga Bro.


  14. Kahit ULIT-ULITIN basahin ni EVM yang sinabi ni Abraham kay Lot,di TATALAB ka RAVEN.Wala ng Pag-ibig yang si EVM o di na nauunawaan ang salitang Pag-big,ano sabi ni apostol Juan 4:20,ito madalas ITURO at sabihin ni Edong– Kung sinasabi ng SINOMAN,AKO’Y umiibig sa Dios at Napopoot sa Kaniyang Kapatid.ay Sinungaling:sapagkat ang HINDI umiibig sa kaniyang kapatid na Kaniyang NAKIKITA,ay Paanong makaiibig Siya sa Dios na DI NIYA Nakikita? Kaya useless na sabihin o pabasa mo yan kay Edong–HINDI TATALAB!!! Napakalinaw ng sinabi ni Pablo,kapag ITINANGGI o ITINAKWIL mo na ang Katotohanan,PAPAGDILIMIN ka na ng DIOS,tanggapin NILA yan o HINDI–nakasulat na iyan di pa tayo lahat IPINANGANGANAK at kapag yan ang Ginawa mo sa halip na tanggapin ang katotohanan ay Itakwil,MAGDIDILIM ka na!!


  15. Bro. Disgusted, if Brown was the one who made the appeal and the decision was in favor of INC, for sure OWE’s INC will brag about it; but why are they not doing this? OWEs don’t know the technical aspect of it and for them a win is a win. I think Brown’s lawyer is dumb for not checking on this. And yes, EVM and his ministers would claim that God was on their side. They would ask the brethren to pray more and give more.


    1. Only super minion Embry is boasting. INC got off on a technicality at LA Superior Court because of the difficulty of civil lawsuits against foreign entities. The point is it is still tied up in the courts until at least April.


  16. Ka Raven,nagbabasa ka na ng Biblia,good.There are 2 books in the Bible that tha name of GOD/LORD “never Mentioned”!! Yan ang assignment ko sayo Bro.!! At bukod pa sa Sodoma at Gomora,may 2 city rin na Ginunaw ang Dios!!


    1. Parang si ka dizon ka pala po. My assignment sa next WS. Mga talata ng bible na namemention here at ni ka dizon, i searched ko lang sa biblehub hehehe..natutu narin


    2. Pag natapos ko basahin masasagot kita dyan ka Bibliko. Eto pa na take-note ko: Exodo 22:22-24
      [22]Huwag din ninyong aapihin ang mga balo at ang mga ulila.
      [23]Kapag inapi ninyo sila at dumaing sa akin, tiyak na papakinggan ko sila.
      [24]Dahil dito, kapopootan ko kayo at lilipulin sa pamamagitan ng digmaan. Sa gayo’y mabibiyuda rin ang inyu-inyong asawa at mauulila ang inyong mga anak.

      Baka ito na sagot sa kahilingan ni ka Mario na mawala na c evm, nang api kasi sya ng balo at ulila


  17. Ka MARIO kahit anong Kawalang-hiyaan ang gawin ng mga IYAN,talagang sasabihin nasa PANIG NILA ang DIOS. Sa kanila natupad yung sa MIKAS 3:11—Ang mga Pangulo(lider) niya’y nagsihatol dahil sa SUHOL,at ang mga Saserdote(ministro) niya’y nangagtuturo sa UPA(kaya kahit ano ipasabi kahit masama o mali,sinasabi o binabasa sa pagsamba) at ang mga propeta niya’y nanganghuhula(mga imbentng kuento) dahil sa SALAPI,gayon ma’y Sila’y “sasandal” sa Panginoon at “mangagsasabi”,HINDI baga ang Panginoon ay nasa GITNA NATIN?walang Kasamaang Darating sa akin.!!! Di ba Tupad na Tupad sa kanila yan,kasama namin ang Dios kaya Nagtatagumpay kami!! Ayos ba ka Mario!! Ang HINDI NILA alam yung nasa HEBREO 12:6,8 Sapagka’t PINARURUSAHAN ng PANGINOON ang KANIYANG INIIBIG,At HINAHAMPAS ang Bawa’t TINATANGGAP na ANAK.!! Datapuwat kung KAYO’Y HINDI “pinarurusahan”,na PAWANG Nararanasan ng LAHAT,kung gayo’y mga ANAK sa LIGAW KAYO,at HINDI TUNAY na ANAK.!! Kawawang EVM Church n COMPANY!!!! Walang “masamang nangyayari sa INYO?,eh HINDI pala KAYO mga TUNAY na ANAK(INC) ha ha hahaaa…..mga bu…..!!!!


  18. Namamasyal pala sila Edong n Sangoons sa ASIA!! Galing ng Thailand tumuloy sa Sheraton Hotel,tapos tuloy ng Macau at sa Grand Hotel nagpahinga at tutuloy o nasa Hong Kong na at sa Asiaworld naman pahinga!! Sarap talaga MAGPASARAP sa perang Kinurakot ano?? Kunwari lang Lingap sa OFW + Pamamahayag–“lagay is the best pra makapagmisyon ng tao!!! Kakapal ng mga ito talaga “kunwari”tumutulong sa OFW o mahihirap?,at nagdadalaw sa mga Lokal,sa KATOTOHANAN mga Namamasyal at Nagsha-SHOPPING lang para sa kanilang mga Sarili at Pamilya!!! Kapaaaalll!!


  19. Nalimutan ko,sabi nung kapatid na sumulat,KAMI DITO sa Pinas nagtitinda lang ng tinapa para mabuhay,SILA PASARAP ng PASARAP!! Oo nga naman,ang kakapal talagang TUNAY!! Sa totoo lang,BAKIT sa AFRICA pa tumutulong “DAW” sa mahihirap eh ang DAMING Kapatid jan sa PINAS na MAHIHIRAP!! Ni wala nga yatang Maitulong sa mga kapatid na Mahirap,di tulad ni ADD.Kc yung ko,kasapi kay ADD at isa sya sa tinulungan, ng ma-hospital sya. Sila edong sinong mga kapatid na mahirap ang tinulungan para Ipagamot sa Clinic o hospital ang isang kaanib?? nagtatanong lang po JUN $ANTO$ n company he he he he…pakitang tao? Paimbabaw?


    1. Talking about unduly burdening people, here is BREAKING NEWS ON MY FAVORITE EVM “AMERICAN TWIN”: After 35 days partially shutting down the government because of his refusal to sign the budget unless it included the $5.7B funding for the border wall he promised to his supporters, US Pres. Trump finally agreed to, at least, temporarily reopen the government for 3 weeks, i.e. partial funding of the government, with subsequent (not pre-requisite anymore) review/debate on his $5.7B border wall project. What a jerk! As pointed out by Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California, the partial shutdown “has been a nightmare” for furloughed Americans workers who “shouldn’t have had to pay for the president’s vanity project.”. Reminds me of EVM’s own “vanity project”, the Philippine Arena, which INC members are still paying for!


  20. Not only Baal Arena,also EVM Zoo,EVM Botanical Garden,EVM Sports Stadium etc etc in Ciudad de Victoria?,The latest was the LOKAL of EVM!! When DID ka FYM n ka EGM “established” THEIR “own” LOKAL like d LORD EVM?? Tapos WALANG PINAGBAGO o PINAG-IBA si evm sa 2 tunay at tapat na TP!!!! nothing has CHANGES according sa mga bulag at panatiko at NASUHULAN!!!


  21. May nagbalita sa akin na may mga ilang tnt na ministro dineport na!! At ibinabalik na raw sa ilang mga lokal ang mga Nakadestino talagang mga ministro dahil nakahalata na,na nag-iimbestiga na ang US authority sa ginagawa ng evm church!! Mabuti naman ng maputol na ang mga kalokohan NILA.!!


    1. My own confirmed story: There is a minister, well known to my relatives, who was sent back to the original locale/district that petitioned him.


  22. Ka Tacio,gaya ng madalas kong sabihin hindi ako gaanong BIHASA sa mga Batas at English.May ARTICLE yung kapatid sa incafraidnomore na bago ukol sa Fallen Angels,kung sino talaga kinatuparan nito at patotoo na PEKE si evm.Basahin mo Bro. at ganun din ka Mario at iba pang Bro. Maganda ngunit gaya ng sabi ko may mga ilang bagay akong di maunawaan sa mga Amendment na ukol sa pagiging PEKE ni Edong.Ito lang sana basahin nyo mga Bro.!!


  23. HOW I WISH WE CAN ALL FOCUS ON ONE CENTRAL ISSUE THAT OVERSHADOWS EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CHURCH TODAY – “ISSUE OF INFALLIBILITY OF THE TP”. That had never been an issue during the time of FYM and EGM because they had repeatedly maintained that, like the Pope, no man (except of course, our Lord Jesus Christ) is infallible. But then, since we believe that a TRUE TP is anointed by God, it is safe to assume that God will always guide him in all his decisions and actions, including correcting themselves if they make a mistake. And that has been proven many times such as the well known admission of FYM’s mistake in supporting Ramon Magsaysay’s successful election as Philippine President in the 1950s. We were so sure that FYM and EGM would not hesitate to admit their mistakes and explain their side and so the issue of infallibility, was in fact a non-issue during their time. WE WERE WHOLEHEARTEDLY UNITED WITH THEM AS TRUE TP. But now, with so many doubts surrounding EVM’s ascendancy to the TP position, he has skirted these cristicisms by hiding behind his implied doctrine of infallibility through his “OBEY AND NEVER COMPLAIN/QUESTION” dictum and accompanying threat of expulsion. So, instead of proving that he is indeed the LEGITIMATE TP and honestly answering the questions and criticisms against him, he uses all the biblical passages that explain the blessing derived from uniting with the TP and the curse for going against him. To a thinking INC member, it is so insulting to hear EVM and his MINIONS use the circular argument that “we should unite with and submit to him as TP because he is anointed by God.” This logical fallacy of begging the question uses an argument which assumes the truth of the conclusion it is trying to prove.



  24. Matagal na akong nagbabasa ng Biblia Bro.,WALA akong nabasa na ang mga Sinugo o INIHALAL ng DIOS na mga Propeta,Hukom,Hari at Tagapangasiwa ng Bayan ng Dios ay mga Perpekto bukod TANGI sa Cristo! Kaya Walang “mababasa sa Biblia” si EVM n Company na “INFALLIBLE” siya!! Kaya yang “bagong doktrina Nilang IYAN: ay LABAG at KALABAN ng Biblia!! Kung papaanong HINDI NILA AAMININ na LUMABAG,LUMABAN at SINUWAY “nila” si Ka EGM,ganun din WALA silang mababasa na INFALLIBLE si EVM (o Sinomang TP bukod sa Cristo)).!! Hindi nga NILA aaminin na PEKE si EVM at walang patnubay ng E.Santo—ano ang IBINABAHAGI niyang espiritu sa mga PINAPATUNGAN NIYA ng Kamay Niya? Mabuting espiritu o Masamang espiritu? Sapagkat si MOSES ang Espiritung sumasakanya ay IBINAHAGI ng Dios hindi lamang kay Josue kundi sa 70 matatanda sa Israel na kinatulong ni Moses na Pansamantala–BILANG 11:16-17.,noong nasa ilang sila. Gaya nga ng sabi ko,kahit NAGBABASA sila(OWE) dito,kahit na ang mga Sangoons at c EVM,hindi aamin ang mga IYAN na may MALI silang mga TURO /ARAL at c evm ay tunay na TP para sa KANILANG lahat!!!! Alam ko sasabihin ng ILAN,ang lakas ng espiritu sa pagsamba,iyakan nga kami eh!! Una,sabi nga ng ka EGM,hindi lamang PAG-IYAK ang katunayan na NARANASAN mo ang E.Santo,minsan kay ka lang Naiyak dahil nabagbag ang kalooban mo o nadala ka ng pagpapaiyak ng Nagtuturo!! Isa pa,kung ang pag-iyak ang katunayan na nadama mo “kuno” ang E.Santo,papaano ang mga ibang nagsasabing Cristiano na mga HINIHIMATAY pa sa lakas ng IYAKAN?? Ibig bang sabihin nadama rin nila ang “tunay” na E.Santo?? Jan magaling si TANING,kunwari E.Santo na baka nga MANGINIG ka pa ha ha h a gaya ng nasa SANTIAGO 2:19 ha ha h aa…. sumasampalataya ang Demonio na IISA ang Dios at NANGINGINIG pa!!!!


  25. The recent bombing of a Catholic chapel in Jolo and now the bombing of Mosque in Zamboanga could affect INC chapels in the south. It appears that the Muslim rebels are not bothering INC despite knowing that INC supports Duterte and the government.


    1. INC seems to have good public relations with the Muslim community in the Philippines and with liberals and CAIR in Seattle.

      Could Santos secretly be paying Abu Sayaaf leaders or is Central secretly holding one or more hostage?

      Also ask why “Splendor of the Church” fanpage no longer has posts about INC. Could there also exist a possibility that the Vatican is behind a lot of what is happening and there may even be a hidden partnership between them and EVM?

      INC supports Duterte; however, it seems like they and the Muslims leave each other alone.


  26. O baka magkakakulay o magkakabalahibo SILA !! Ano yung kasabihan sa english–Birds of the SAME feather flocks together!!! Malay pa natin diba mga Bro?


  27. Another similarity with my favorite EVM TWIN:
    President Donald Trump offered up some advice to a friend who admitted he behaved poorly with women: “Deny, deny, deny” the allegations. That’s according to the explosive new book from Watergate Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward, “Fear: Trump in the White House.”. “You’ve got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women,” he told the person, who was not named, Woodward reported. “If you admit to anything and any culpability, then you’re dead. That was a big mistake you made. You didn’t come out guns blazing and just challenge them. You showed weakness. You’ve got to be strong. You’ve got to be aggressive. You’ve got to push back hard. You’ve got to deny anything that’s said about you. Never admit.”
    No wonder LYING is commonplace to such people. Hence, in the INC, it is not just illegal ministry that we have to deal with but also IMMORAL MINISTRY.


  28. Talagang nagmukhang mga TANGA (o tunay na mga Tanga na) na naman sina Miguel n Company sa sagot ni ka Jon sa bstudy niyang bago!! Mga Maginoong ministro ni evm,sagutin nyo yung mga tanong ni ka Dizon!!Hihintayin namin yung episode #20 ninyo okay mga OWE he he he he—siono lumaban sa TP,kami ba/mga tiwalag na ministro o KAYO?? Sagutin nyo ng TOTOO ha? Huag na Kayong MAGSINUNGALING!!! Lubog na lubog na KAYO sa Kasinungalingan mga OWE/STF!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Para sa mga “ministro ni evm sa tunay daw na defender of faith”? heto mga verse sa biblia na TUGMA sa inyo: KJV revelation 22:11 –He that is UNJUST ,let him be UNJUST still: and he w/c is FILTHY,let him be FILTHY still: AMPLIFIED bible same verse– He who is UNRIGHTEOUS (unjust,wicked) let him be UNRIGHTEOUS still,and he that is FILTHY (vile,impure) let him be FILTHY still: LNT bible same verse– And when that Time comes,ALL doing WRONG will do it MORE and MORE;the VILE will become more VILE: RSV bible same verse— Let the EVILDOER still Do EVIL,and the FILTHY still be FILTHY,…. OK,ba Miguel,Jose and dalawang Bobi? ha ha ha..kaya SUMAGOT kayo sa mga tanong ni ka Dizon ng BOONG KATOTOHANAN ha?? Huag sisinungaling,kayo din,punta kayo DDA kasama nyo si TANING.!!!


  30. Read d answer of Bro. to M.Cantor!! I pity this OWE/STF– Pick up a ROCK and HIT his OWN HEAD,ha ha h a ha… no wonder coz the H.Spirit LEFT this guy n his co-ministers LONG TIME ago since 2015!!!! ALL of YOU can never WIN in a DEBATE with MINISTERS U expelled,not by GOD,but by Organization–evm church!!!


  31. Again, I ran into another uncanny resemblance of the INC leadership crisis to that of the US:
    ** In reaction to the statement of Trump’s Press Secretary that “God wanted Donald Trump to become President”, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona countered by saying that if God allowed this to happen, He “probably wanted to punish us for taking democracy for granted” and one huge word jumped out of her, HYPOCRISY. She cannot imagine that God would want to put someone as Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free World who does not understand the words TRUTH, HONESTY, HUMILITY, INTEGRITY, HONOR, FORGIVENESS, etc. And actually, to her, Donald Trump Is the ‘Antithesis of Jesus Christ’s Teachings’.
    ** And just like majority of INC members’ who believe in the WILL OF GOD, the Republican Christian supporters of Trump, as represented by the other commentator, maintain that God put Trump there for a purpose, however imperfect he may be.
    ** The only difference between the US and the INC is that the US has built-in checks and balances (congress, courts, impeachment, election, etc.) to directly and legally counter an unrighteous leader. In contrast, whereas the INC, starting out as a corporation sole with dedicated and trustworthy TPs in the person of FYM and EGM who humbly imposed checks and balances on themselves, the current TP placed himself ABOVE EVERYBODY ELSE with his “obey and never complain/question” directive which directly contradicts what is written in the Bible:
    Matthew 23:6-8 New Living Translation (NLT)
    6 And they love to sit at the head table at banquets and in the seats of honor in the synagogues. 7 They love to receive respectful greetings as they walk in the marketplaces, and to be called ‘Rabbi.’
    8 “Don’t let anyone call you ‘Rabbi,’ for you have only one teacher, and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters.
    Mark 10:42-45 New Living Translation (NLT)
    42 So Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. 43 But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, 44 and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else. 45 For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


  32. Wala tayong Magagawa o HINDI natin alam ang dahilan kung bakit pumapayag ang DIOS na maihalal ang isang Tao masama man sya o mabuti bilang LIDER.Tulad din sa nangyari sa Iglesia,bakit HINAYAAN ng DIOS na UMUPO si EVM gayung “marami” nakakaalam na PEKE siya,hindi Siya nanumpa bilang TP at HINDI napatungan ng kamay o Binasbasan ng ka EGM. Ganun din ang mga PINUNO ng mga Bansa.Bakit si HITLER naging lider ng Alemenya ay napakasamang tao.Yung isa pa noon sa Africa,I forgot His Name,kumakain pa ng tao di ba? Anoma nag kadahilanan at ang isang Mabuti o Masamang TAO sa paningin natin o maging sa Dios,ang AMA lang ang nakakaalam!! Sabi nga sa Deuteronomy 29:29–ang LIHIM ay sa DIOS at ang Hayag ay sa Tao!! Tunay na ang mga Pinuno o Hari o Gobernador ay LAGAY ng Dios.Sila ay mga SINUGO—- 1 Pedro 2:13-14 at mga MINISTRO Roma 13:1-4. Iyan ang nakasulat sa Biblia!!
    Naalaala ko na sa Africa,si IDI AMIN na cannibal pa!!!


  33. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”,_1st_Baron_Acton
    In researching the origin of this famous quotation, I came to realize that the very issues confronting the INC today had stirred up a storm in the Catholic world centuries ago and resulted in separations. Therefore, history is merely repeating itself. It is attributed to 19th century British politician, historian and moralist, Lord Acton (John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton), who borrowed the idea from several other writers who had previously expressed the same thought in different words. In one of a series of letters to Anglican Bishop Mandell Creighton, Lord Acton wrote the following in opposition to the moves to promulgate the doctrine of papal infallibility in the First Vatican Council:
    “I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way against holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”
    However, unlike EVM who expels and persecutes any member contradicting his “obey and never complain/question” decree, the Holy See considered it prudent to leave Lord Acton alone. Hence, in spite of his reservations, Acton regarded “communion with Rome as dearer than life” and unlike his mentor Döllinger, he did not become an Old Catholic, and continued attending Mass regularly and received the last rites on his deathbed.
    ** QUESTION: If this is also what will become of the THINKING members of the INC, I wonder what God will do to His corrupted nation?
    [Note: The term Old Catholic Church was used from the 1850s by groups which had separated from the Roman Catholic Church over certain doctrines, primarily concerned with papal authority; some of these groups, especially in the Netherlands, had already existed long before the term. These churches are not in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Member churches of the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches (UU) are in full communion with the Anglican Communion, and some are members of the World Council of Churches.]


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