The Year in Review:2018

As the year comes to a close, it is NOT my pleasure to look back at 2018. To simply put, it has been another year of disappointments and of ugly memories of ugly actions of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Administration. Without further ado, here are some of this year’s “lowlights”:


The Chris Brown Case

2019 is just around the corner and the case of Chris Brown still cannot be resolved. I am not really rooting for Mr. Brown to win because it is our offerings that is being used to defend against him. But at the same time, it is a little bit satisfying to hear that the thorn in the Church Council is still stuck in them because of their decision making and actions to use their influence to harass and detain an American entertainer. I don’t believe in Karma, but hey, as they say…what goes round comes around. Stay tuned how this one turns out.

The Garden and Petting Zoo

As the Church leadership gets bolder, knowing no one is speaking up about what they are doing, they have decided to open up a Botanical Garden in March, complete with a petting zoo. Of course nothing is free anymore.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 9.43.09 PM.png



The month of May should have been a solemn remembrance of the sacrifices of Brother Felix Y. Manalo. Instead it was used to conduct more ludicrous events planned by the Guinness obsessed Leadership. We had the world record breaking “Largest Picture Mosaic formed by people” and “Largest Human Sentence”. Why? Because hey, what says that we are the TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD more than having Guinness officials to declare that we are “Truly Amazing”?  For some reason, the Council has it in their heads that breaking records gives glory to God.



July 2018? What else? The Church Anniversary. But this year was supposed to be even more special because it was the 50th Anniversary of the Church in the Western world. The planning began early enough with rumours swirling about. There were plans to have simultaneous events both in Hawaii and San Francisco. After all, those were the 2 places where the Church begun in 1968. But those plans soon fizzled out when complications cropped up and lots of money came and went trying to book the venues. The Hawaii idea was scrapped and instead, it was just a rushed dedication of Ewa Beach Hawaii (which up to now is still NOT being used for worship services) and then after that it was on to California.

The Beloved Administrator officiated the “highly anticipated event”. After all, it was 50 years since his father went to America to officiate the first ever Iglesia Ni Cristo Worship Service. Many were looking forward to this event, hoping it would be an awe-inspiring sermon. After all, this was a very special occasion. For sure the lesson would be special as well, maybe recollecting the early days, the struggles of the pioneers, the trials faced in the new world. Instead, what did we get? The same theme we have had in the last few years: OBEY the ADMINISTRATOR. Quiet a let down wasn’t it?

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.19.57 PM

In fact, it was such a NON-Inspiring event that right after the worship service, 3/4 of the attendees left and did not bother with the musical program. Even the Beloved Leader decided to hide. Oh and yes, that was also the day the Canadian Reporters tried to do an interview with the Beloved One. All they got were flat tyres.

As for the rest of the Pastoral visit on the 50th year in the West? Pretty much fizzled out. The Administrator “Re-dedicated” one chapel. Dedicated another unfinished one and then hid in the East coast for a few weeks while his minions dedicated the smaller chapels “not worthy” of His visit. One very silent visit to Canada and then runs away back to Asia. What we thought would be a GRAND 50th ANNIVERSARY, went out with a whimper with the Beloved EVM silently sneaking out of the country (in his Airbus)



Let’s not forget how the FIBA World Cup Basketball Tournament went in the Philippine Arena in early July 2018. 9 Philippine Basketball players ejected for fighting. Yeah, that’s what happens in the Arena.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 9.34.43 PM.png

Online Bullies

And let us not forget that 2018 was also the year that INC also launched the new YouTube channel “Tunay na Defenders”. I’m not exactly sure when this show launched because to be honest, I cannot stomach watching the show. It is bullying disguised as religious preaching online. One of the worst ones is episode 13 which Brother Michael Sandoval, one of the show’s panelists, touted that they would PROVE that the Beloved Leader LOVES his mother even though he expelled her. The show ended up BASHING HER even more by calling her a LIAR. So the Beloved One approved this show?!?!?

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 3.13.58 AM
Who is really lying?


Guns & Roses

November was interesting. The Philippine Arena which was built from our offerings is now being used to hire musicians like Guns & Roses. Has our great leader ever even listened to any of their songs? Ugh never mind. I’ve already tackled this in other articles. As they say, the words fall on deaf ears. No one hears.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 11.06.22 PM


And just as the year is about to end, the Church somehow just cannot escape disastrous news. Two brothers were electrocuted INSIDE the house of worship in the province of Isabela. The odd thing about this is that one was a Minister, or a Ministerial student. Why would the siblings be messing around with electric water pumps? Should these not be done by professionals?

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.49.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.49.51 PM.pngWhy is this story so disturbing? Because the current trend around the world (of the Church, that is) is doing the renovations by “BATARES”. If you read my previous article, I briefly explained what that is. Here is the definition again:  Batares is an agricultural practice whereby several persons help each other in building a house, farming, constructing dikes, or other such manual labor.

What is wrong with “Batares“? It is the brethren who will work on the renovations instead of hiring professional carpenters and electricians. So we donate the money and materials; and we are also the same ones who will build. Get my point? Just like these 2 brothers who were “working” on the pump, these renovations are disasters waiting to happen. Because not everyone is a professional!

Why do you think that brethren are asked to sign a WAIVER? So that when any disasters occur, the Church is will not be the ones responsible for their injuries. Good luck with that brothers.


Finally, we cannot forget the Philippine Arena Countdown. It amazes me how brethren still cannot or will not see that the Church is now in full blown money making mode. Just look at this video on YouTube advertising the Countdown. Celebrities? Singers? How did we ever get involved in this world?

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.47.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.45.57 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 9.22.10 PM.png

Well, that’s about it. That was pretty much 2018 inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo. A worldly year. A year of money making, of bullying and more deaths. What will 2019 bring? Maybe 2019 is when God shows His wrath to the deceitful.


I will reach out my hand

    against those who live in the land,”

    announces the Lord.

“Then their houses will be turned over to others.

    So will their fields and their wives.

 Everyone wants to get richer and richer,

    from the least important of them to the most important.

Prophets and priests alike

    try to fool everyone they can.

 They bandage the wounds of my people

    as if they were not very deep.

‘Peace, peace,’ they say.

    But there isn’t any peace.

Jeremiah 6:12-14


21 thoughts on “The Year in Review:2018

  1. I can’t help comparing your article to statements made by people such as Michael Moore criticizing US President Trump, my favorite EVM alter ego. And borrowing from one headline, I would say that “2019 could even be crazier than 2018” as far as EVM’s antics are concerned. Note that they are already gearing up for what is touted as EVM’s 10th anniversary of dynamic stewardship of the church. In fact, the latest worship service was so upsetting because it was again a continuation of their preparations for next year’s focus on construction & renovation of chapels. They cited the usual verses to motivate brethren to donate generously and once again, they gave an update on EVM’s so called major accomplishments in his 10 years of stewardship of the church – 7000 congregations established, 134 countries and 125 nationalities covered, new ministers graduated, chapels constructed or bought, etc. I was tempted to stand up and ask for edification-related statistics which used to be regularly reported before: % not attending worship services broken down into habitual absentees vs. stopped attending, left without notice, % of active officers, etc. What was particulalry galling was the minister’s mention of the Philippine Arena which he pointed out that not only every INC member but all Filipinos are proud of. I wanted to confront the minister to explain to us exactly how the construction of the PA compares with the chapel construction, i.e.- how it glorifies God in the same way that chapels do. And when he announced that the district’s focus is 2 congregations which will have their chapels renovated through a district-wide special offering in early January, I immediately suspected that it would be a nice ploy to raise funds over and above what is required for the project so they can divert the excess funds to the scheduled repayment of the PA loans. Indeed, such STALE, SHALLOW AND UNSPIRITUAL worship service lessons, a trademark of EVM’s administration, also deserve to be included in your list of “lowlights”.


  2. The lowest of the “lowlights” has always been “idolatry” in INC. No one needs an executive minister to be glorified. Jesus is alive and we follow him as the son of God given to us. He is the only Head of the Church, our teacher, our highest priest, our prophet, our Messiah. His kingdom is forever and ever unlike the religious administrations of this world. Have a Happy New Year!!


  3. Here’s my simple short prayer for the New Year in Tagalog:

    Ama namin Diyos, tulungan Mo kami at ang Iglesia. Gamitin Mo ang Iyong makapangyarihan kamay at parusahan ang mga kampo ng kadiliman na patuloy na nagpapahirap sa Mahal na Iglesia at mga kapatid. Buksan Mo ang isipan ng bawa’t isa at ipaalam na kahit si Satanas ay kayang mag-anyong Kristo. Kung nasasakupan man ang katawang ni EVM ni Satanas ay panalangin namin na paalisin Mo sa lalong madaling panahon para mailigtas ang Iglesia. Marami na ang nagdusa at patuloy na nagdurusa. Ibalik Mo ang Iglesia sa dati Niyang ningning. Ama, maawa ka sa amin. Tulungan Mo kami.

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  4. Whether this evm church accept it or not THEY are all Worldly Spiritually,HEART,MINDS and CONSCIENCE!! All they have DONE this year are for EVM’S Glory and THEM!!They are JUST using God’s NAME pretending that what THEY ARE doing are for GOD!! HYPOCRITES,LIARS and DECEIVERS!! It’s OK for THEM to GLORIFY “BAAL Arena” their DIOS-DIOSAN na katabi pa ng Kapilya!! You cannot UNITE God’s HOUSE to BAAL House. 2CORINTHIANS 6:15-16. Sa “kanila,ang mga KALAYAWANG Palabas sa Baal Arena ay Kalugod-lugod at Tuwang-tuwa SILA!!Ganayan ang mga Israelita ng GUMAWA sila ng Guya o TORONG rebulto at NANGAGSAYAWAN at NAGPAKALAYAW kaya sa Galit ni Moses,Ipinukol ang tableta ng 10 Utos na kasalukuyang sinusulatng Daliri ng DIOS at ang bayan ay SUMUWAY na AGAD!! Dapat ganyan ang mangyari sa BAAL ARENA na Tamaan ng Kidlat o Malakas na LINDOL na mula sa DIOS tingna ko kung Hindi mawasak iyan na Earthquake Proof daw!! Sa kamay ng Dios at kapanagyarihan,anong GAWA ng Tao sa mundo ang HINDI kayang WASAKIN o GIBAIN!! Exodus 32:17-20 ang totoo gusto ng PATAYIN ng Dios ang Israelita,namagitan lang si Moses at napahinuhod ang Dios. Bagay sabi ni evm,basta sumunod kayo at AKO ang MANANAGOT sa Dios–hehehe–si Moses o Cristo pala si evm!!!!


  5. Hinahangad ko rin na ang taong 2019 ang Maghahayag sa LAHAT ng UTANG at mga SANLA na lupa ng Iglesia na sinalaula at binaboy ni evm n sangoons na tuluyan na itongMalantad di lamang sa buong Pinas o mundo kundi higit sa Lahat sa IGLESIA o sa lahat nga kaanib ng Upang madilat ang kanilang mga Mata sa Katotohanan!!!Mga Kasinungalingan na ITINATATUWA Nila ngayon na wala RAW anomalia o korapsyon silang mga GINAWA!! Ang mga Tao mauulol ninyo,ngunit HINDI kailanman ang TUNAY na DIOS at AMA na MAKAPANGYARIHAN sa LAHAT!!


  6. Also, a Central worker was killed in EVM’s Zoo this year and they kept that hush hush, killed by one of the bulls in the zoo. #baal literally

    And another Central construction worker fell and was injured and then developed amnesia after working on building Angelo Hot Dog Manalo’s mansion in Tandang Sora this year. His mansion built from the Worldwide Walk collections.


    1. First time I see you here. Yes, not so good things are happening in the Church these days and this year won’t be an exception. What I eagerly anticipate is the biggest news that EVM is gone…whatever way he disappears from this planet.


      1. Ka Mario, ang dapat gawin ng lahat ng kaanib sa INC, lumuhod sa Dios at magmakaawa na huwag mawala si EVM, dahil oras na mawala si EVM, kanya-kanya nang karipas ng takbo ang mga ministro dahil di na nila alam kung paano haharapin ang bilyong-utang. Ang mga miyembro, papalahaw ng iyak ang mga iyan dahil maraming maiilit na lupa at bahay-sambahan.


      2. Tama ka rin at may punto ka kahit na may bahid na kaunting katawa-tawa. Pero para sa akin, lalong babaon sa utang at gugulo ang Iglesia sa kamay nitong EVM na patuloy na sinasaniban ng masamang Espiritu. Hanggang hindi wakasan ang salot at laging sa kasalukuyang Pamamahala ay lalong magdurusa ang mga kapatid. Sa isang banda, nasa makapangyarihang kamay ng Diyos na rin ang lahat. Siguro hindi pa panahon. Sa tutoo lang, madalas akong manalangin na alisin na siya ng Panginoon. Kung ang kanyang nakaw na karapatan o buhay, bahala na si Ama. Dapat ngang iko ang panata ng lahat na tunay na nagmamalasakit sa Iglesia at mga tunay na kaanib. Salamat bro.


      3. Nagbibiro lang ako ka Mario. Ang totoo, mahirap isipin kung anong mangyayari pag nawala si EVM at ang tanging maiiwan nya ay ang santambak na utang. Matira-matibay ika nga..


      4. Alam ko naman nagpapatawa ka. Pero sa isang banda, hindi masama ang panata lalo na kung ang hiling sa Diyos ay mapaalis at mawala ang Diablo. Matagal ko nang suspetsa na si EVM ay sinaniban ni Satanas kaya niya nagagawa ang mga karumal-dumal sa Iglesia at mga kapatid pati na ang sariling ina at mga kapatid sa dugo. Magpanata tayo. Ako sa sarili ko nagpapanata ako.


  7. The Fifth Estate TV show in Canada had over 400,000 views. At the same time Leah Remini did an expose on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since about 1978 (Jonestown), there have been a number of scandals (quite a few in 1986) with Catholic priests, Televangelists, JWs and now Scientology. This fulfills Rev 14:7 (“hour of judgment”, mathematically 41 years and 8 months). Do the math from Nov 1978. The next event is the fall of Babylon in Rev 14:8.

    Did some of the OWEs ever think that the Seattle arson attack (the Thur before the synagogue shooting in PA) and this recent electrocution of the minister are warning signs? God is not happy with organized religion.


  8. WORLD WIDE WALK for the POOR??? he he he para pala sa PAGPAPATAYO ng MANSION,wow kapal na talaga ng mga Budhi at Kaluluwa NINYO,kung “meron pa” mga magnanakaw at manggagantso!! Kunwari PARA LABANAN ang KAHIRAPAN mga walang-hiya kayo!!Uagaling ugali kayo ni Judas Icariote sa Biblia na kaugali din ninyong lahat na nakadikit kay Edong sa pangunguna ni Juda$ $anto$ at Jezebel n all Sangoons!! Mga Bu…..!!!!!


  9. I watched on Utube d celebration in Baal Arena— Ok na OK BORING at walang KAAYUSAN kc di sumasama angE.Snto sa mga Kaguluhan at Kalayawan!! It really FITS to THEM in BAAL ARENA.Halata na WALA ng PONDO hehe he he–KAKAUNTI na ang paputok na dapat lang dahil Abuloy sa dios ang SINUSUNOG ng mga IYAN.!! Malaking kalapastanganan,kaya kitang-kita mo ang Show nila–Makamundo-Malayaw at walang Kaayusan.TAMA ang nasa BIBILIA–ang tunay na DIOS ay HINDI,DIOS ng Kaguluhan. Sila ang sa laman,malayaw at Mahaharot at magulo!!!!


  10. should be abuloy sa DIOS not dios,slip of my finger. DIOS-tunay, dios-hindi tunay o ang Diablo gaya ng — dios ng Sanlibutan!!


  11. I know the infamous Edwin Embry reads my comments. Here is a message:

    YOU are the cluelessFA. I am not an FA. An angel is a spirit being. A “fallen angel” is cast out of heaven and will thrown alive in the lake of fire (Rev 19:20) plus will be in Tartarus before (“chains of darkness” in 2 Peter 2:1-4). Oh yes, “an angel from the east” calls a specific number (Rev 7:2-4; 144K). The first resurrection is martyrs (Rev 20:4-6).

    What are you doing reading “apostate” material?

    Chris Brown immediately filed an appeal. By no means over. It goes to the fourth district CA.

    You are on the track, butthead, and the train is coming and going to run your sorry ass over.


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