The Needs of God’s People

In just about one week, the members of the INC will be observing the yearly Thanksgiving. We have been taught that it is the proper thing to do to show we are grateful for the blessings we have received throughout the year.

The  Church leaders and ministers have been campaigning heavily to make sure that the brethren give plentifully. They made sure that it was heard by all the members to NOT LISTEN to the those naughty Defenders who continue to speak up about the Administration.

I know I must have said this more than once but I’ll say it again in case the Ministers accuse me of “hindering” members from offering or “teaching” others to not offer at all. I have NO problem with offering at all. I believe it is a Commandment of God to give offerings.

With that said, here is the real issue that I do need bring up:

After we give the offerings, what does the Church Leadership do with it? How is it used?

Before we go any further, keep in mind two of the main reasons for the giving of offerings:

This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of the Lord’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God”. 1 Corinthians 9:12

Let’s take the 2nd portion first;  offering is an expression of thanks to God. So whatever we, the Church members give, is OUR EXPRESSION of thanks to God. That’s between us and God. The Church Leaders have no business is judging whether we gave enough or not.

Now the 1st portion is also what I want to point out; the offerings are supposed to be for the NEEDS of the Lord’s people. What are the needs of God’s people being referred to? SPIRITUAL NEEDS. Such as? A proper place of worship. That is what has always been taught to us. That is the MAIN USE of offering our monetary contributions.

So here is the main point of this article; are the offerings being used for the spiritual needs of the people of God? Let’s take the most glaring culprit: the Philippine Arena. The ₽7 Billion culprit. The former Administrator, Brother Eraño Manalo took decades to save the offerings of the poor members, centavo by centavo, peso by peso, so that we, the Lord’s people would have beautiful concrete houses of worship. Landmarks, as non members even called them.

What does the current Administrator do in his first few years in office? SPEND the money to build the Arena. What for? To hold concerts for the likes of R&B artist Chris Brown, Pop singer Katy Perry and more recently, hard rock band Guns and Roses.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 10.23.14 PM

Can you honestly say that the offerings were used for our spiritual needs here? If you say YES then you are more blind than you will ever realise.

What else are the offerings to be soon used for? To buy brand new CARS for the “winning” Ministers on October 2019, marking the 10th Anniversary of the Beloved One’s Leadership. He wants to feel like Oprah Winfrey and hand out cars like they are candy.

And let’s not forget the all expense Trip to Jerusalem for the “most fruitful Minister” and his family, including pocket money. He should be called “most resourceful Minister”. It’s not easy to find names of Bibles Students when they are being copied from tombstones (if you know what I mean)

Where were we? Oh yes, our spiritual needs… let’s not leave the Arena yet, because remember, there is also now a Botanical Garden there AND! A PETTING ZOO (complete with merchandise you can buy at the souvenir shop) because as we all know, petting cute little creatures will really fill your spiritual needs!!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.16.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.22.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.17.54 PM.png

You know what else the Beloved Administrator spent our offerings on? His Beloved Ghost Towns! First there was Scenic South Dakota and more recently, Johnsonville Connecticut!! WHY? For our spiritual needs right? Just like what Apostle Paul must have envisioned.

The Leadership can argue that they have built “hundreds“of chapels with our offerings. Yes. HUNDREDS. Hence, this is equated to SUCCESS! Let us analyse this carefully.

First, the Church Leaders now count every piece of construction where a worship service is held as a CHAPEL, including those “BARANGAY” chapels – (Barangay literally meaning “village“). I’ve explained this before but for the sake of clarity and brevity, let me just summarise: Barangay chapels were (previously) considered

  1. Temporary
  2. Not dedicated – since they are only supposed to be temporary
  3. Called Barangay chapels for a reason – they are small because they were meant for literal VILLAGES – not for the neigbourhoods of Manila where millions of people are crunched together like sardines.

But now, these chapels are counted as “constructed” amongst the HUNDREDS of houses of worship where supposedly our offerings went. Oh I don’t argue that they were built with our offerings. But how much did it COST to build these things? One large congregation’s offering in Europe could easily fund a Barangay chapel in the Philippines because they only fit about 100 people inside. My point is, the Church leadership often proudly talk big about how many chapels they have built but in reality, these Barangay chapels cost pennies to build. I mean, how much did a few pieces plywood and lightbulbs cost? Where did the rest of the offerings go?

Let me add this about the Barangay chapels, because some Ministers (and by some, I really mean our favourite Facebook posting minister, Bro. San Pedro) would say that these were built because it is more beneficial for brethren to attend the Barangay chapels because it is constructed in their neigbourhood.

So tell us, if these are supposed to be beneficial for the brethren, that is, for their “spiritual needs” I suppose, what happens then when there are more than 100 church members in the neighbourhood? This is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 7.44.38 PM.png

So, be honest, do you think those attending out there are getting their spiritual needs met?

One more point about Barangay chapels; did you know there used to be classifications of chapels?

Class A were the CONCRETE chapels; Class B were SEMI-CONCRETE; Class C were the WOODEN chapels. Tell me, how would you classify Barangay chapels?

Alright, let’s move away from the miniscule Barangay chapels and move on to the chapels outside the Philippines. In the last few years, I admit there have been chapels that were dedicated, such as Ewa Beach Hawaii that are larger. However, I must point out, that Ewa was dedicated even though it was still not really complete. and officially and legally, not ready for occupancy yet.

But on to my other point. The chapels that have been recently dedicated were done in a particular fashion. What do I mean? Well, let’s compare from the previous Administration. In those days, chapels were distinct, immense, solid, magnificent structures that were made of concrete because they were BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP, like those below:


Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 9.12.23 PM.png
Montclaire California
Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 9.16.06 PM
Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija

Nowadays, the chapels are not really built are they? They are purchased old properties which are then “renovated“. How are they renovated? LOOK and EXAMINE them carefully. There are really no major constructions are they? Sure there is a new paint job, pretty lights hoisted to the ceilings and then on the outside? The Administration has learnt a new trick: prefabricated designs of stucco. See for yourselves.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.59.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 9.07.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 9.17.48 PM.png

And what is more interesting, that the old chapels that were built from the ground up were obviously constructed by PROFESSIONAL people; engineers, carpenters and painters. Nowadays? IT IS YOU brethren. That is why the Administration is so keen on what is called in Filipino as BATARES. What is that? I looked it up in the Dictionary and this is the meaning: Batares is an agricultural practice whereby several persons help each other in building a house, farming, constructing dikes, or other such manual labor”. In short, NOT professionally done. It’s the Administration’s way of saying, “you pay for it, and you also build it”. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN KIDS!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.58.38 PM.png

So where is the rest of the money? Check the pockets, people. CHECK THE POCKETS.

Don’t you ever wonder why the Administration keeps mentioning about giving offerings almost every Worship Service? Read Haggai very carefully and see why so much money is always needed:

“Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,” says the Lord. Haggai 1:8

“Now the Lord All-Powerful says, ‘Think about what is happening. You have planted many seeds, but you have gathered only a few crops. You have food to eat, but not enough to get full. You have something to drink, but not enough to get drunk. You have some clothes to wear, but not enough to keep warm. You earn a little money, but you don’t know where it all goes. It’s as though there is a hole in your pocket!” Haggai 1:5-6

Is God still being honoured? Does He take pleasure in what is being offered to Him? If so, why is it that the Church Administration is so desperate to push for more offerings? It really is like a hole in their pockets. Where does it all go?

So as the members of the Church drop the offerings in the offertory pouches, yes, we should be thankful for God’s blessings. Whatever we may offer, small as it may be, pray that it may be glorifying to God. But let’s also pray that the monetary contributions would not be pocketed by itchy greedy fingers, but really be used for the SPIRITUAL NEEDS of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.


28 thoughts on “The Needs of God’s People

  1. President Duterte refers to the Catholic Church as the most hypocritical institution. He calls the Catholic Church the most corrupt. Most of the INC members are former Catholics. Comparing the two now, do we see any more different ?


  2. A chapel is a waste if the commandments of God and teachings of Christs are not all relayed. How will worshippers would really know all the commandments of God? When the pulpit is not use for correction of members such as “Thou shall not kill ” even if only few are violating the law of God and the land. Jesus found similar violations done by many Synagogues leaders in his time on earth. The temple was used for blasphemy and he cursed it, in 3 days a new temple rised up. A one that is incorruptible and bring salvation. Not a material temple or chapel. It is done!


  3. Barangay Chapels is a waste of funds. It is not being planned well. So whats happening in the current administration is they force the brethren to donate in building this one & of course using a bible verse to motivate the blind fanatics not asking their selves where does my voluntary contribution goes????? simple answer, on the deep pockets of the ministers who exploiting us.

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  4. Most of the the lands where these kapilyitas or barangay chapels are built, they are donated by the brethren. Believe me, so far, I know at least 4 barangay chapels around the town where I live.


    1. I can confirm the information you are telling Raven & as the saying goes in the Philippines for those Barangay chapels “PANSAMANTALA o PANSAMANTAGALAN”..


  5. Reporting for duty mga Bro.kagagaling lang sa bakasyon. Yep,totoo,karamihan sa mga kapilyates ang mga Lupa ay “bigay” o donasyon ng Kapatid.Pati sa Lupa ayaw na nilang gumastos para pagtayuan ng TOTOONG KAPILYA.GREEDY is the word na kapatdapat sa mga IYAN!! Ang Iglesia nagsimula sa KUGON,PAWID,SAWALI at Buho o Kawayan hanggang sa panahon ng SUGO at ka EGM ay Lumakas at panay SEMENTO,BAKAL at piling KAHOY ang Ipinapagpapatayo.Nang “umupo si edong at Judas” ang MAGAGARANG DESENYO<KAGAMITAN at KASANGKAPAN sa pagtatayo ng Kapilya ay IBINALIK sa MURA at Mahihinang Kagamitan(mga Baranggay o kapilyates) para "konti lang magastos,basta may masabi na mayroong NAITAYONG KAPILYA!! Tama ang DIOS,Nagsisitira sa MAGAGARBONG MANSION<APARTMENT AT CONDO ang mga hinayupak na mga iyan at ang BAHAY ng DIOS "wala sa KALINGKINGAN ng mga Mansion NILA"!!! Hagai 1:4,9 Ang IITIM ng KALULUWA at lalakas ng LOOB magturo ng SALITA ng DIOS sa mga PAGSAMBA!! Kung yung HALAGA ng Lamborghini at Air Bus at Baal Arena ang GINAMIT sa pagtatayo ng kapilya,tiyak napakarami at napakaganda "siguro" ng mga kapilya. Tama si Bro.lahat ng ginagawa nating paglilingkod sa DIOS,lalo na ang mga ukol sa Abuloy at Pagpapaksakit sa pagtupad–IT's BETWEEN YOU(Us) and GOD!! Hindi tayo pakitang-tao o pakuento ng mga ginagawa nating kabanalan at paglilingkod sa Dios!!Sabi nga ng Cristo yung LIHIM mong ginawa,doon ka gagantihan o gagantimpalaaan ng Dios.Hindi iyong Nagyayabang ka at Ibinabandila mo pa sa TELEBISYON!! Mateo 6:1-4 at sa Kawikaan 27:2 huag mong purihin SARILI Mo!!Sabi nga sa katagalugan–Huag mong BUHATIN ang SARILI mong Bangko o Upuan!!


  6. Sa panahon natin,SINO kayang mga TAO ng Dios ang katulad ni Judas Iscariote na NAGNANAKAW sa SUPOT ng abuloy? Juan 12:6 at ipinagkanulo pa ang Cristo(ipinagkanulo ang kabanalan at kalinisan ng tunay na INC) Mateo 26:48 27:4-5. Katulad din ng mga anak mismo ng SUGO o Propeta ng Dios na dahil sa SUHOL naging mga MASAMA ,ito HINDI apo,mga ANAK mismo sa 1 Samuel 8:1-2,3–sinira ang Paghatol na matuwid o Katwiran(sa Roma 1:16-17 ebanghelyo o KATOTOHANAN) nagsalita ng kasinungalingan at di naging Tapat sa NAGLAGAY o Naghalal sa Kaniya/Kanila!!Ang Tunay na DIOS!!


  7. should be mga Tao ng Dios? or dios!! I don’t believed anymore these people are of God n Christ!!
    they are the Apostate Church in our time!! not the true INC !!!


  8. Ano ba at papaano IBIGAY ang pangangailangan ng mga Tao ng Dios? Ayon sa Cristo sa Juan 21:15-17 Pakanin ang kordero,alagaan ang tupa at pakanin ang tupa. At sa Gawa 20:28 itinagubilin na Pakanin ang Iglesia ng Panginoon o INC. Ano ang ipapakain na ito ang Magpapabanal sa tao kung ito ay Dinggin,Tuparin at Ibuhay–sa Juan 17:17 mga SALITA ng Dios.Papaano ang “pagpapakain ng Salita ng Dios? Natural ITUTURO ITO na Walang Binabago,Dinadagdag o Pinipilipit–dapat MALINIS,MATUWID at may kalakip na E.Santo para maging MABISA ang Pagpapakain o Pagtuturo!!At ang nagtuturo ay Marangal at Malinis ang PUSO,bakit kasi Halal ng Dios kaya dapat MARANGAL sa lahat ng bagay,di ba mga Bro.?Sabi nga ni Pablo sa Hebreo 13:17,18 magsitalima at pasakop(uy,paborito NILA ito),ngunit sa 18 NILINAW ni apostol Pablo ang pagsunod at pagpapasakop at kung Bakit dapat itong sundin–Idalangin ninyo kami;sapagka’t kami’y NANINIWALANG lubos na KAMI ay may MABUTING BUDHI,na NAGNANASANG MABUHAY na “MARANGAL” sa LAHAT ng BAGAY!!! Kaya TAMA sabi ko na “Karapat-dapat”iyong TATAYO sa Tribuna na Magtuturo o Magpapakain sa mga TUPA o TAO ng DIOS!! Kung hindi Ganito ang mga Magtuturo–WALANG BISA at HINDI sasama ang E.Santo!! Sabi nga ng SUGO ang ISANG MINISTRO na SINASAMAHAN ng E.SANTO–ang TURO o ARAL ay “walang Salungatan”,samakatuwid KAHIT SINO pa siya na ministro,kahit HALAL ng DIOS kapag ka ang Turo o Aral ay SUMALUNGAT o may SINALUNGAT sa mga NAKASULAT na HINDI ito sa Dios dahil WALANG PATNUBAY ng E.SANTO!! Sinundan ko lang iyong sinabi ng SUGO at mga patotoo sa Biblia na DI DAPAT magdagdag at magbawas o HUMIGIT sa nakasulat NA!! Lalo na at PIPILIPITIN pa ang mga TALATA at BIBIGYAN ng SARILING Pagpapaliwanag!! SINO kaya sa panahon natin ang mga nagsasabing maka-Dios at maka-Cristo–ngunit BINABAGO na ang mga kahulugan ng salita ng Dios para DAYAIN at ULULIN ang mga KAANIB na walang Malay? Hayaan na natin yung mga Bulag,Panatiko at mga Nagbubulag-bulagan,mga MINIONS ang mga IYAN!!ha ha ha ha–Kahit MALI sumunod ka,Pamamahala yan eh!! ha ha ha ,tapos Ligtas daw SILA??!!Papaano kayo maliligtas,sinabi nyo na o alam nyo na na MALI,SUSUNOD pa rin kayo? Ang TAONG MATINO ang ISIP o KUKOTE,hindi susunod sa INYO!! Mali na nga Susundin nyo pa,KAYO na nga lang!! Kami matino ang ISIP,alam namin ang Tama at Mali,sa TAMA lamang kami susunod lalo na at mga SALITA ng DIOS ang Pag-uusapan o TUTUPARIN!! Malinaw ba mga OWE/STF??


    1. naghihintay na lang ako na maka encounter ng kapatid na mgasabi nyan. kahit na madinig ko lang talaga lng sasabihan ko at gusto ko makita ang susunod nyang argumento 😉


  9. In Southern CA (both districts) locales are worshipping in chapels of other religions or even in Masonic lodges. Some have been renting for long times.

    Houses of worship are supposed to be renovated but that effort hasn’t materialized.

    The Chris Brown case is under appeal.

    Lawsuits against Jun Samson, Liezl Deocampo, Rovic Canono have been junked.

    Menorca and Canono aren’t dead.

    Victories? Somebody is blowing smoke up the brethren’s asses.


  10. Bro.Edge sa tagalog ako uli may sasagutin.Binalikan ko yung nakaraan mong panulat “10”,may nagkoment palang RICKY ukol sa ka FYM at sa INC na HINDI siya naniniwala ukol dito.Muli “hindi ako ministro”,di ko tutulan mga TALATA na ginamit niya.Ang gusto ko na lang sagutin ay iyong HULING paragraph na sagot nya kay ka Tacio na ito ang CONCLUSION ni RICKY: There is NO such Teachings from God or Jesus only INC members will be saved.It’s PAUL who said Christ is the Savior of the Body,the Church.This was one the cunning “insertion” verses in the Bible by corrupt scribes(that’s the other debate topic).Will you Follow Paul or Jesus.CHRIST is NOT a SAVIOR.He is a Prophet.It’s God who is the Savior only. Isaiah 43:11 I am God,beside me there is no Savior. I just quote it from his writings. Kaibigang RICKY,kami man ay NANINIWALA na Dios lamang ang Tagapagligtas!!Ang kinalimutan mo o HINDI mo “alam”,kasangkapan ng Dios ang Cristo para ILIGTAS ang Tao,heto sa Juan3:17 Sapagka’t HINDI SINUGO ng DIOS ang ANAK sa sanlibutan upang hatulan ang sanlibutan,KUNDI upang ang sanlibutan ay MALIGTAS sa “pamamagitan”(ni Cristo) Niya.!!Sa Lukas 2:11 Sapagka’t IPINANGANAK sa INYO ” sa bayan ni David ang “isang TAGAPAGLIGTAS,na siya ang CRISTO ang Panginoon”.!! Paano yan Mr.Ricky,sabi mismo ng anghel na mula sa langit,TAGAPAGLIGTAS si Cristo.Basahin mo ULi yung Juan 3:17 malabo ba yung nakasulat doon? Sabi mo,susundin mo ba si Pablo o si Cristo,heto sagot ko kaibigan,PAREHO,bakit heto sagot sa 1 Corinto 14:37– Kung INIISIP ninoman na siya’y propeta(baka ikaw ito kaibigan) o ayon sa espiritu,ay Kilalanin niya ang mga BAGAY na sa inyo’y Sinusulat KO,na PAWANG UTOS ng PANGINOON.!! So,maliwanag kung sundin ko si Pablo,si CRISTO sinusunod ko ,kaibigan,tama ba? Sabi mo walang Utos ang Dios o Cristo na member lang ng INC ililigtas ni Cristo,o heto kaibigan. Sa Juan 7:16 ..Ang TURO Ko ay HINDI Akin,kundi doon sa NAGSUGO sa Akin. at sa 8:28–WALA Akong GINAGAWA sa Aking SARILI,kundi sinalita Ko ang mga bagay na ito,AYON sa Itinuro sa AKIN ng AMA!! Samakatuwid kaibigang Ricky–LAHAT ng TURO ng CRISTO,UTOS ng DIOS di ba? Paano ka ILILIGTAS ng DIOS sa Pamamagitan ni Cristo? Heto kaibigan sa Juan14:6 Sinabi sa kanya ni JESUS,AKO ang DAAN,at ang KATOTOHANAN at ang BUHAY:”sinoman”ay DI “makaparoroon sa AMA” kundi sa PAMAMAGITAN KO.!! Papaano ka DADAAN kay Cristo kaibigan–papasok ka sa PINTUAN ng mga TUPA sa Juan 10:9, maging bahagi ka ng KATAWAN(Iglesia) Niya 1 Cor.12:27 alam mo na ang katawan o Iglesia Colosas 1:18. Ang sabi ni Pablo ang turo niya mula sa Panginoon o kay Cristo kaya tama sabi ni Pablo na si CRISTO ang Tagapagligtas ng katawan o Iglesia Efe;5:23. Paano ngayon,sabi mo si CRISTO HINDI TAGAPAGLIGTAS??Kalaban ka ng DIOS,ni CRISTO at ng mga Apostol lalo na si Apostol Pablo.Sige kontrahin mo ang mga talatang IYAN.HINDI ako ang tututulan mo nyan kundi ang Biblia!! Marami naman talagang mga “mangangaral,lalo na ngayon” mahusay at magaling sa Biblia.Ito lang Tandaan mo kaibigan,kapag ang ARAL at TURO ay “salungatan” hindi ka sa DIOS period!!! …mahusay ka sa mga talata Bro.hanga din ako,pero sumalaungat ka sa PAHAYAG mong sarili na si CRISTO ay hindi TAGAPAGLIGTAS.Isang MALI lang bro.pagdating sa salita ng Dios,HINDI ka na sa DIOS!!! At sa HULI heto ang patotoo na sa panahong Cristiano si CRISTO ang dapat NATING Pakinggan at sundin–sa MATEO 17:5 Samantalang nagsasalita pa siya(si Pedro),narito,ang Isang maningning na Alapaap ay Lumilim sa kanila(kina Pedro): at narito ang Isang TINIG na mula sa alapaap,na NAGSASABI,”ITO” ang sinisinta KONG ANAK,na SIYA Kong KINALULUGDAN,”siya” ang Inyong PAKINGGAN!!! malinaw na ba ito sayo kaibigang RICKY??


    1. parang panibagong aral na yata ang tinuro ka dizon sa small remnant na sa kasalukuyan ay wala ng TP na kailangan? kasi sa bible hangang 2 TP lang.


  11. Breaking news from the world of politics, specifically Russian meddling in US elections: Now, we can have an idea as to how EVM’s henchmen may also use high tech multimedia methods (ironically paid for from church offerings) to manipulate target vulnerable brethren in order to push their dubious agenda.


  12. There will be an early collection of thanksgiving offering for the year 2019 (which should be start next year not this year) & a year end special offering for 2018. I think the promoter of this would be santa junsantanas with the blessing of his royal highness king eduag evm singing “merry christmas & a happy new year” in disguise because loan overdue is ‘coming to town’.


  13. Bro.Edge,the abuloy n handugan were ALSO SPENT in ANNULMENT of actress SNOOKY.mga Bro check ka SL blog site. Suportado ng mga LIDER Financially ang annulment ng kasal ni Snooky sa asawa nya ngayon.Kahit sa BAWAL ng Dios na divorce o annulment ginagastos na ang abuloy at handugan ng mga buang na Lider na ito ng dating INC(EVM Church na ngayon).mga bulag at panatikong kapatid–di nyo pa rin ito alam o alam nyo–basta obey n never compalain!!
    ganyan ng kadilim ang mga pag-iisip ng mga Lider na ito na maka-Dios daw!!! ang bigat nyo talaga mga buang kayo!!!


  14. Ka PDC ang pagkaunawa ko sa huling turo ng ka Dizon,ang TP ng small remnant ay ang Ulo ng Iglesia,ang Cristo. I will listen again to be sure,but I believed the TP ay ang Cristo.Marahil kung aayusin nang Ama ang gulo o ginulo ni EVM,dun pa lamangmaglalagay ng TUNAY na TP sa TUNAY na INC at di evm church.


  15. Ka PDC busy ako at ngayon ko lang ULI watched ka Dizon.Tama ako ang Pinaka TP natin ay ang Cristo.At ang Fellowship natin sa mga Apostol o kung sinomang Pamamahala nilagay ng DIOS ay IYONG ARAL o UTOS na doon tayo may Fellowship.HINDI sa TAO tulad ng Sugo oka EGM lalong-lalo na c EVM.Sa ARAL tayo may Fellowship lalo na ang NAGTUTURO ay TUNAY,Marangal at TOTOONG INILAGAY ng DIOS,hindi PEKE. Panoorin mo rin at maiintindihan mo ang paliwanag ni ka Jon.Kasi may mga ministro ni EVM na ganito ang pahayag(nanduun din sa video) We cannot have Fellowship with Christ and God w/o the PRESENCE of the Exec.Minister!!Heto pa ang isang ministro na ang sabi:The PHYSICAL Presence of the Exec.Minister is the SPIRITUAL PRESENCE of GOD!! Maniniwala ka ba jan ka PDC? So EVM is the INCARNATE GOD in the FLESH?? ha ha ha paniniwalang Katoliko na yan.ganyan ang paniniwala ko noon,si Cristo God incarnate in the Flesh kaya nga si Cristo ay Dios–yan ang belief ko noong KATOLIKO pa ako.kawawa ang ministrong ito–katiliko na at maraming member magiging ganyan ang paniniwala dahil turo yan ng ministro ha ha h aha–LIGTAS SILA????


  16. Mga Bro.katatapos ko lang panoorin yung bible study by ka Lowell Menorca.Panoorin ninyo at LALONG nagpapatotoo sa mga KASAMAANG GINAWA ng EVM Church sa kanyang INA at mga KAPATID at iba pang kapatid na tumulong kina ka Angel at NANINDIGAN sa Katotohanan.May mga patotoo mula sa Biblia at mga Video at Pictures,di tulad ni EVM,”walang KORAPSYON sa Iglesia”,kanino kayo mga Naninira o sa AMIN”? ha ha ha h a ganun lang at naniwala na ang mga Bulag at Panatiko!! Hihina nang SENTIDO KOMON at suonod lang ng sunod na parang KALABAW na may TALI na kung saan akayin — sunud-sunuran lang!!!


    1. Thanks for reminding everyone about our beloved, true Executive Minister’s birthday. I hope those whom EVM and cohorts derisively refer to as “fallen angels” will make a big splash and more heartfelt commemoration than the hypocrites and blind followers of the OWE church (if at all they will remember him).


  17. I doubt it ka Tacio–if these OWE’s will remember our dear ka Erdy’s BDAY!! remember the Movie that mock ka Erdy’s family!! Sad to say,the eldest SON and Manugang ni ka ERDY were Evil!!Maging mga anak nila o apo ni ka Erdy say NOTHING about destroying ka Erdy’s REPUTATIONS!! Lahat sila nagkaisa na Siraan at Pasamain ang imahe ng ka ERDY at ka Tenny at mga kapatid ni Edong!!


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