Are we really being persecuted?

I apologise to my dear readers. I have been intentionally quiet for some time. I’ve just been absorbing the events these past several weeks. There have been unsettling things that have been taking place that I will cover in the next few posts. But for now, let me go over the Fifth Estate. In case you don’t know what I am referring to, here is a link to the video of the show:

I watched the video from the Canadian reporters of the Fifth Estate, who produced “The Church of Secrets” and I must say that the church sure looks bad. Did the news people make us look bad on purpose? They didn’t have to, we did it to ourselves. More specifically, the leaders and the fanatics did it to our church.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.24.09 PM.png

The Fifth Estate didn’t manufacture those lunatics running around with the banners and flashlights nor did they have to make up that creepy guy that kept popping up everywhere. That was all Church people.



It didn’t help that there are videos of Ministers doing some kind of militant chant, led by General Rex. And what was that? Ministers giving a karate “hooah”?!

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.31.34 PM.png

Let me go off in a tangent here. What the Ministers were saying were part of verses in the Bible. What used to be inspiring verses to the members of the Church of Christ – promises of God to His messenger, has now been turned into some kind of combative battlecry – “THEY SHALL BE AS NOTHING!!” or “THEY SHALL PERISH!!!” HOOAHHHH!! Really? And who were they saying it to? The Executive Minister? Was it to make him… smile?  (church members’ joke)

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.26.30 PM.png

I’m sure the lessons in church in the next few weeks will cover this issue in one simple way. “WE ARE BEING PERSECUTED”. The church administration will make those reporters and everyone else who accommodate them, labeled as “enemies of our faith” –  harassing us because of our beliefs. But that’s not really the issue is it?

The problem here is that the council of elders are unwilling to answer any questions. It’s easy to shut the members up by threatening them that to question them is pure “heresy and rebellion”. But that’s not the case with reporters outside the circle of their powers. They will ask REAL questions; Uncomfortable questions; Difficult questions. But questions are only really difficult and uncomfortable if you can’t give the answers.

How unwilling and arrogant are the Church leaders? They were subpoenaed a couple of years ago to go into court versus Isaias Samson Jr. and what happened? The leaders didn’t even bother showing up to court. Oh, we forgot. Was that today? And the judge could not even do a single thing about it.

Back to the Fifth Estate – If there is nothing to hide, why not accommodate the interviewers? You can’t say the that our Great and Wise leader, the Beloved EVM cannot understand English, after all, he entertains diplomats all the time. But then again, he has never taught an English Worship Service.

What is disturbing about the Fifth Estate report is that it is demonstrating how the church has become such an obnoxious group. There are international reporters and what do the members do, to protect our fearless leader? Cover the shots with the “Thank you po, Ka Eduardo V. Manalo” banners and point their flashlights at the cameras.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.27.41 PM

Note: this is NOT what the Scriptures meant by “Let your light shine”  – let me continue this point…

 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

“that they may see your good deeds” – Slashing the reporters’ tyres is not really Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.22.10 PMconsidered a good deed is it? What makes it worse, is that there’s that creepy guy again, going, “hmm, how did that happen?”

I suppose that the Church leaders will say that all these are lies again and that we are being persecuted. Being questioned about corruption and crimes is not really considered persecution, is it? The Scriptures even clarified this:

“Suppose people say bad things about you because you believe in Christ. Then you are blessed, because God’s Spirit rests on you. He is the Spirit of glory. If you suffer, it shouldn’t be because you are a murderer. It shouldn’t be because you are a thief or someone who does evil things. It shouldn’t be because you interfere with other people’s business.  1 Peter 4:14-15 NIRV

If people are saying all kinds of things about us, is it because of corruption? Is it because the Church is being linked to grisly murders? Money laundering?  Is it because of all kinds of evil things? Then there’s a problem isn’t it?

Running away and hiding behind banners will not stop the questions – they will only grow. Remember, Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The Fifth Estate’s interest about dirt in the Church is only the beginning. Wait until the various governments start digging around. Let’s see how many flashlights can they point at them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.19.57 PM.png








23 thoughts on “Are we really being persecuted?

  1. I believed that IF you are EXPOSING the TRUTH,it is NOT PERSECUTION. Persecution is,you are the ONE who is in the SIDE of GOD,CHRIST and the TRUTH and “they HATE and Treat You as THEIR “Enemies”!! As Apostle Paul declared in GALATIANS 4:16 as I quote– Have I therefore BECOME “your” ENEMY by TELLING You the TRUTH? It is VERY CLEAR,”all of Them” believed that they are of God and Christ, but HOW Come THEY/the LEADERS are/were AFRAID to be ASKED or Interviewed? Is the rule inside the Church(EVM) that NO QUESTION n COMPLAIN “also Applied to OUTSIDER?? Ha ha ha–YOU OWE/STF and Your Leaders are of GOD and of TRUTH–are COWARDS and AFRAID to be Interview or Ask by a REPORTER? It is very CLEAR YOUR “hiding DEEP SECRETS” he he he.. You believed You are of God and Christ,so You believed that Your Enemies are of the DEVIL,right?? How come ALL of You are afraid of the “devil” if You are all of God’s SIDE?? Answer us/me PLEASE,PLEASE mga TUNAY na CRISTIANO at maka-DIOS!!(???) hay nakuuu mga DUWAG kasi at mga SINUNGALING KAYO–welcome to DDA!!!


  2. Unlike EGM who was humble and genuinely loved to be of service to the members of the INC as they fulfill their primary duty of worshipping and glorifying God, EVM wants to be treated as royalty (higher status) just like US Pres. Trump who angrily reacts when the press asks him hard-hitting questions and uses underhanded tactics to silence his critics:


  3. That’s Leah Remini’s show on Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are in deep with investigations of child molestation not reported and the related lawsuits could reach $200million. INC has become a clone of Watchtower in its actions (shunning expelled members, leadership being the mouthpiece of God, absolute obedience).


  4. Atty Don Orozco ang husay at ang galing mo— ano sabi mo…WALA “kaming itinatago”pero ni makita o masulyapan si EVM ng reporter AYAW NINYO at TINATAKPAN nyo ng Naglalakihang Banner?? ha ha ha..walang itinatago? Ano pa ang Kahusayan mo?? Tanong sa yo nung Reporter,BAKIT SINUSUNDAN ninyo kami? Ano sagot mo,Oh,Hindi Gusto ko lang siguruhin na “Magabayan(GUIDE You) kayo patungo dito. SAAN ka nakakita ng GABAY o GUIDE,nasa LIKURAN ng Gagabayan? You are GUIDING them,but YOU are at the REAR/BACK,instead in the FRONT?? Palpak ka talaga,Abugado ka ba Talaga? o Abugag_?? Ha ha ha ha. ISIPIN ninyo na kayo na mga Maka-DIOS? sa panahon pa ng PAGSAMBA KAYO gumagawa ng mga Kabulastugan/Kasinungalingan at Kasamaan–butasin o Laslasin ang GULONG,then ano sabi mo OROZCO–IT HAPPENS!!! ha ha ha ha….LIAR,LIAR!!! it happens where and what OCCASSION—WORSHIP SERVICE ninyo LEAD by your Beloved TP-EVM!! Di na kayo nakonsensya sa Okasyong iyan pa kayo NAGWALA!!!! Naiisip ko talaga di na TUNAY ang inyong mga Pagsamba at di na TUNAY na DIOS ng TUNAY na INC ang Sinasamba NINYONG mga OWE sa pangunguna ng pinakamamahal ninyon EVM.!!! Kahabag-habag naman KAYO/hindi nga pala kayo dapat kahabagan,kc ALAM na ALAM ninyo ang mga MALING Pinaggagawa NINYO!!


  5. I look up or google the Meaning of PERSECUTE and by these we will KNOW who are Persecuted and the Persecutor. PERSECUTE– subject to Hostility and ill-Treatment especially because ot their Race,Political n RELIGIOUS BELIEF. SYNONYMS: Oppress,Abuse,Victimize,Ill-Treat,Mistreat,Tyrannize,Torment,Torture and Martyr.
    Wow,OWE/STF,do YOU Understand those “synonyms” and Definition of PERSECUTE?? ARE WE the Defenders DOING all mentioned by the MEANING n SYNONYMS of PERSECUTE?? Ask yourself and YOUR Conscience!! Where is Now ka ANGEL and His Companies? Where is ka Tenny and ka Marc,WHY they are HIDING? Are WE the DEFENDERS were PURSUING them and others Defenders in Hiding? or YOU==OWE/STF,SANGOONS and EVM with Babylyn ARE the ONES—PERSECUTING THEM!!! Before (I dont know if am Correct?maybe NOT) YOU were the Protector? but NOW YOU are the OPPRESSOR and PERSECUTOR,I am RIGHT,right?? Am I persecuting you now or AM I Telling the TRUTH?? If you are telling the TRUTH and EXPOSING wrong doings or Evil deeds especially when it comes to the TRUTH of GOD written in the BIBLE, are we persecutor/persecuting the evm church!!! Example:Obey First and Never Complain,your FAVORITE and “just” Obey. We ALL know that we have to OBEY and SERVED GOD because of LOVE,FAITH,our HEARTS and FEELING is FULL of JOY in Obeying. No Coercion,Intimidation and Threat from ANYONE.ANYBODY,right OWE/STF and the so called LEADERS!! As I kept saying,what book and what chapter n verse GOD and our Lord JC commands OBEY FIRST and NEVER COMPLAIN??? Where Bien Santiago,the General Evangelist??how about you EVM n J$?? Lahat KAYO,ayon sa INYO ay mga KAMANGGAGAWA kayo ng DIOS di ba? Sige saan ITO INIUTOS o SINABI ng DIOS at CRISTO?? SAGGOOTT !!!


  6. Here is the verse to Support my Faith on how to OBEY and SERVED our God n our Lord JC. In 1 Corinto 16;14– GAWIN Ninyo sa PAG-IBIG ang LAHAT Ninyong GINAGAWA.!! Kung lahat ay dahil sa Pag-ibig–natural MASAYA ka,Hindi ka Napilitan,Hindi ka Tinakot,Hindi ka Pinilit di ba mga OWE? Lakip pa ang Tunay na Pananampalataya at BANAL na takot sa Dios–ITO ang mga Tama at TUMPAK na PAGLILINGKOD at PAGSUNOD sa DIOS. Di tulad ngayon–Ititiwalag ka pa ng mga Buang pag di ka SUMUNOD sa GUSTO NILA!!! kailangan ang “banal na takot” tulad ni Noe sa Hebreo 11:7 at kailangan ang pananampalataya dahil”kasalanan’ kung susunod ka ng walang faith Roma 14:23. Kaya sa Kabuuan ng TUNAY na Pagsunod at Paglilingkod sa DIOS,ito ang mga KAILANGAN–Pananampalataya,Pag-asa,Banal na Takot(paghiwalay sa kasamaan/o kasalanan) at Pag-ibig na ang bunga sa sumusunod ay Masaya,Di Napilitan at walang Tumakot na TAO o SINOMAN,maliwanag mga caballeros na OWE/STF at lahat kayong mga taga-sunod-sunuran!!!


  7. The Fifth Estate’s viewer reach is quite significant and this, for sure, sends shivers to the Special Envoy. More and more people, members and non-members alike, will be exposed to the evil deeds of this deadly church. It will be harder to missionize as this issue gets bigger. Lesser converts mean lesser funds in the church coffers, this is where it hurts the church administration the most. The noose is tightening.


  8. Bros.Disgusted n Mag,maybe GOD is using the CBC 5th Estate to EXPOSED more about this church-evm THEIR all wrong doings and evil deeds!! I have a Feeling that next year MORE evidences of Loans n Debts n others misdeeds will be EXPOSE!!! good luck to “them” he he..


  9. On the video above, blind followers running around like chickens without their heads just to hide and protect their mini-god EVM. You guys look ridiculous. What a pity to be used by spiritual leaders in most un-godly ways.


  10. YEP, we know too that’s what THESE Godly(sick) people will DO.!! We know “them already,expert in LYING”!!! Expert in SMEARING Campaign!!!


      1. It was thrown out against USMO but not GP Santos and INC Central. USMO because a subordinate can’t be held responsible for the parent.

        The next hearing is Dec 6. Brown’s lawyers submitted statements against the motion to quash. For proper service of the summons, “Letters Rogatory” has to be used since Philippines is not a signer of The Hague Convention.






  13. Bro.let’s C what will happen on Dec.6 !! What will R.San Pedro n D.Orozco,the “best” lawyers of EVM n JS here in CA!! Anyway “they” are (San Pedro n Orozco) GOOD in Lying n evasion when it comes to Truth. They can INSIST that the Church in CA is NOT Connected to Church in the Philippines,right? That was their First before,THEY ARE DENYING the locale in CA that it is not Connected or it is different from the Church (Central Office) in Pinas.THEY are like Peter because he was afraid to be Persecuted,He DENIES Christ 3 times!! And NOW this “people” bragging they are the True Christians and Defender of Truth..BS!!! Cowards w/o balls!!


  14. correction ka Roy Ledesma NOT INC,should be EVM CHURCH.Walang kinalaman ang mga TUNAY na INC sa kasamaan nila EVM n Companies.Ako,kaming mga Defenders nagngi-ngitngit ang puso at damdamin sa mga Tumulong sa mga ka Angel at nagtatanggol sa Katotohanan na Inusig,Dinukot,Pinahirapan at Pinapatay ng sinoman sa mga LIDER ng EVM Church.Sapagkat may balita ako,may ILAN sa Sangoons ang may mga Power na mag-utos di ng mga binanggit ko.!! Kaya di lang si EVM ang dapat sisihin.. bagama’t dapat din dahil ALAM niya iyan!!.marami SILA jan.!!!Hindi dapat masangkot o isangkot ang Banal at Malinis na ngalang CRISTO na gawa ng Dios Gawa 2:36 SILA na mga Tagapanguna ngayon sa Iglesia ni EVM ang nagsadlak sa Kahihiyan ng pangalang CRISTO!! Dapat talaga SILANG Managot sa DIOS!! Sabi ko nga dapat parusahan ang mga IYAN sa kumukulong TUNAW na PILAK at GINTO,hindi sa asupre!!!!


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