The Obvious Lies

Hello everyone,

I know some of you have thought that I have given up writing. There are days that I just don’t feel like it. There are days that I am frustrated as heck at what I see and I want to vent here. But then there are days that I just don’t want to even think about all the wrongs that I see.

I suppose it’s one of those weeks. I listen to the sermons I say to myself, why do the Ministers of the INC just keep rehashing the same things over and over again? There are so many topics they could go on, but every week, they just repeat  – We must obey. We must give offerings. We must bear fruit and we must not step down from our duties nor leave the Church because there is no salvation outside!”

But then, I thought to myself, it must be getting really bad and the leaders can’t admit it. They will continue to proclaim “SUCCESS!” when the deep dark secret of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is that things are falling apart, isn’t it? Come on, dear Leaders – ADMIT IT! Nothing to be ashamed of. Oh wait. Yes, it is something to be ashamed of. You keep lying about your success because “God is guiding the present Administration“. Isn’t that the premise?

So is it really that bad? Let’s think about it…

Why keep pushing the brethren to OFFER MORE when, in theory, IF ALL the brethren were truly offering, then the Church leaders and Ministers would not have to keep pushing, would they? Money would be overflowing right? I suppose it’s not, is it?

Oh, and ya, sure, donations were a regular thing before. Sure. We grew up giving donations monthly. Sure boss.

Why always mention “don’t step down from your duties and don’t leave the Church?” Unless…. that is exactly what is happening. I mean, that is a bit obvious. Many of us have friends and relatives in different parts of the country and the world. They will say the same thing, more and more are being expelled. And the strange part, most of them are the older brethren. Those who have been in the Church for decades.

Why would Church members who have sacrificed so much, endured many things and have remained in the Church for so long, all of a sudden, are being expelled?

There is something definitely wrong with this scenario.

I know you can control the Philippine media and hide about scandals of Ministers, you can hide the truth about all these legal problems, you can even deny how the offerings are just being shuffled around to cover expenses that are lacking, no matter how you try to deceive the brethren, the more things will sprout out.

How does that saying go?

“To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.”

So go ahead dear Church leaders – proclaim success all you want. But the more you yell about giving more offerings and not stepping down – it merely shows the obvious lies.

“Silence those proud liars! Make them stop bragging and insulting your people.” Psalms 31:18



Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 3.13.58 AM
Who is really lying?

59 thoughts on “The Obvious Lies

  1. Ka PDC and mga Bro., nais ko lang Idagdag ito— HINDI ba “napakasama” ng Ginawa nila na LASLASIN(inflated those Tires) yung mga Gulong ng sasakyan DAHIL Galit sila sa mga/o sa Reporter? At GINAWA NILA iyan sa “panahon” na SUMSAMBA sila sa Dios o dios nila? Gawain ba iyan ng mga TAONG Nagsasabing tunay na KAISA ang Dios at Cristo? Sinong uululin nila,tayo na ALAM ang Mali at Tama o sila na mga Madidilim na nga at para sa Kanila lahat ng ginagawa nilang Mali ay Tama at ang Tama ay Mali–Isaias 5:20—tupad na tupad sa KANILANG mga Bulag at Panatiko.!! Mga tunay daw silang mga Cristiano”??? I doubt it–tunay silang mga PEKENG Cristiano!!!!!


  2. sorry mga Bro. MALI yata english ko na “inflated” dapat yata “deflated” di ba?Pasencia na mga Bro.inaamin ko naman na di ako magaling sa english kahit dito na ko sa Tate nakatira na.Sinisikap ko lang mag-english kahit papaano sana para sa non-speaking Filipino.sorry again mga Bro.baka mali pa rin yung meaning ko sa Flat na tire o sinadyang butasin o laslasin yung mga gulong.


  3. Brethren,Do you KNOW there’s a Babylonian King whose Name is EVIL-MERODACH but HE is a good KING? Not like EVilMan!! not kidding,check it in JEREMIAH 52:31-34–read it,this King’s name Evil but a good and generous MAN or KING,not like d Leader or TP we Know he he he he..


  4. I was reading past comments on ka SL and some on Hinaing and incdefender–I read “some” silent defender and OWE “defending” EVM on some or most J$ and R.Cortez evil doings.Like EXPELLING some family members,Ministers or church workers(suspending or transfering to other locales) that EVM DOESN’T Know?? If it is TRUE,then the Title TP for EVM was JUST Right–“TangaPamahala”,right Bros.?? Mali ba ako o Tama he he he he…


  5. The fulfillment of Rev 14:7. Started in 1978 with Jonestown. Numerous TV preacher and priest scandals in 1986. The Jehovah’s Witnesses being investigated for not reporting child molestation (Australian Commission plus two shows on A & E – one is Leah Remini). Fifth Estate is JUST GETTING STARTED with INC. Recently Scientology. Now Catholic priests and mega-pastors again.

    Ask yourself why Seattle had an arson attack. INC has houses of worship in some pretty bad neighborhoods before (for instance, Long Beach at Atlantic Ave before and LA; one could smell gunpowder after a service) but no vandalism.

    Worshiping in a Masonic lodge?


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