The Golden1 & Episode 14

Just a quick post for today. I wanted to share today’s activities. I won’t take long so let me get on with it.

First of all, there was the special gathering in Sacramento California as part of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s 50th Anniversary in the West. Pretty tight security for a worship service. The District rented the venue called Golden1 Arena in Sacramento which seats 19,000, perhaps thinking many were excited to attend the “special worship service” officiated by the Beloved Executive Minister.

Sad to say, that only about 4,300 members showed up. If you take away all the Ministers and Officers and their families, there were probably about 175 people who attended. Not too shabby I suppose but perhaps a smaller venue could have been used and it would have looked much fuller. And if anyone will reply and lie that the venue was filled to capacity, please don’t. You would look very foolish if the pictures show the truth.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.30.11 AM.png

I did say last time to watch out for those fake glasses someone might be wearing


I will not dwell too long on the sermon of the Beloved one since it was the standard preaching about those who were expelled, who will not be saved and that he has the divine right because he “was selected” to be the Administrator during Brother Eraño Manalo’s time.

I do remember that time. Brother Eraño did let him take oath on that day. Uhhm, except one thing;  that was when the Beloved one took oath as a DEPUTY Executive Minister. There is a difference. And when Brother Eraño passed away, that mantle of leadership is not automatically taken. Just like a second head deacon does not automatically become 1st head deacon if the previous one dies. There is still a deliberation at the locale and then still determined by the Administration. How much more when it is the office of Executive Minister? Does one just assume it is his? What did Apostle Paul say?:

No one takes this honor for themselves but takes it only when they are called by God, just like Aaron.”

“In the same way Christ also didn’t promote himself to become high priest. Instead, it was the one who said to him, ‘You are my Son. Today I have become your Father.'” Hebrews 5:4-5

Aftewards, the Beloved one left the stage without meeting the brethren. Not happy with the turnout perhaps? Oh well, on to Southern California.

As for us, on to other things. Now as soon as I got home, I saw this link to the Tunay na Defenders episode 14 on Youtube. You know how I feel about this show from my earlier post. I can say that it has toned down a bit in the harassment part. Brother Pellien was not there this time yelling “Big Fat Liars” to people. But what I can say is this; Brother Joe Ventilacion truly is cocky isn’t he? I mean one mention of Brother Louie Cayabyab and Harvard Joe goes in that mocking mode, laughing at the man’s livelihood. I wrote an article a while back when our favourite FB posting Minister and another Harvard alumni, Brother Joel san Pedro also mocked Bro. Louie for selling water. Please excuse my language but are all Harvard graduates arrogant pricks? That is the man’s livelihood. It’s an honest means of livelihood. Granted he didn’t graduate from Harvard, like most of us mere mortals but would it be better if he robbed shops? Do you also mock those in the Philippines who sell cigarettes on the streets or those who collect empty bottles to sell?  At least he doesn’t steal church members’ offerings.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.45.37 AM.png

Two things I will say about episode 14; is the Administration really that desperate that they would get Brother Rolando Dizon’s own brother, Brother Zane Dizon, a minister also to try and reach out to him by appealing to emotion?

How bad was the episode? I am not questioning Brother Zane’s sincerity in reaching out to his brother, but what do the people controlling the show do? They PUT ON CHEESY BACKGROUND MUSIC for a sadder effect!!! REALLY? REALLY??!

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.43.17 AM.png

It’s like watching those Anti-Animal cruelty video with the music of Sara McLachlan. I’m talking about this video – (if you are an animal lover, and have never seen this before, please don’t cry):

Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video

Well, I did say that this would be a quick post. So there you have it. We started with a celebration, and we end up with the sad dog video. That’s life in the EVM era. Enjoy your week folks!



22 thoughts on “The Golden1 & Episode 14

  1. Please note that Joe Ventilacion, or whom Michael Sandoval calls Brader Jow Bentilashen, did not study not graduate from Harvard University. He was merely given a fellowship, which allowed him to use the Harvard libraries to do research on Hebraic studies and to interact with some faculty members reaching Hebrew studies. A fellow is not conferred a degree after. Jow loves to claim he graduated from Harvard but quoting Pellien, Jow “is a big fat liar.”

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  2. Please note that Joe Ventilacion, or whom Michael Sandoval calls Brader Jow Bentilashen, did not study nor graduate from Harvard University. He was merely given a fellowship, which allowed him to use the Harvard libraries to do research on Hebraic studies and to interact with some faculty members teaching Hebrew studies. A fellow is not conferred a degree after. Jow loves to claim he graduated from Harvard but quoting Pellien, Jow “is a big fat liar

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  3. 4300, even for the amount of officers and families up and down the Coast, is still pretty dismal.

    I think it is more of a show of affluence by those who did attend. And a chance to play tourist. And take food photos. Think about the cost for a family of 4. It is pretty easy to spend $2000.

    And those that DID attend claimed it was a blessing. How warped can you be if denouncing “Defenders” is “spiritual?”

    In regards to Episode 14, hopefully Ka Jon will pull out the stops. Michael Sandoval clearly mocks other religions (SDA, JW, ADD) on his page. Using Zane Dizon is clearly hitting below the belt.

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  4. People have simply lost excitement over EVM. Who would be? They see him almost on a weekly basis anyway thru webex. So why bother travel, spend money, get irritated by the over the top security and lose sleep over something you would see anyway on webex the following week? EVM also does not vary his sermons. Everything is cut from the same cloth. He is also in the States on a yearly basis since 2010 or 2009, so people are actually becoming inured of him.

    He should fire all his advisers for not doing their jobs. His advisers should have a better understanding of PR so people don’t get tired of him.

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  5. Well, EVM wouldn’t recognize tired brethren even if it slapped his face. He and his ilk are already drowning in their arrogance and pompous ego. The sad thing is even if he displays wanton disregard of the brethren’s offerings by going on world tours and staying in top-notch accommodations, some brethren will still show affection and will continue to venerate him. The effect of brainwashing and gaslighting indeed is hard to remove from many brethren’s conditioned minds.

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  6. Hi Brethren,I’m back.thanks for your concerned n was able to come back safe n alive ha ha ha.. miss all of you. Just rest a little bit n will join conversations n comments to Lord EVM!!


  7. Bro.Edge it is really UNACCEPTABLE to GOD’s Eye that “they” Dedicated or Offered a TEMPLE or House of GOD that are “Unfinished or Undone”.As you n others described,some not Fully Painted,missing Doors or windows etc. etc..You know why Brethren these kinds of dedications of houses of Worship were not approriate?, Because they don’t have the GUIDANCE of the Holy Spirit anymore.In Pilipino,BASTA MAIHANDOG na lang,basta may MAIPAGYABANG sila na Nakapaghandog SILA ng “bagong Kapilya”. They dont care anymore if that Chapel is INCOMPLETE or as in the bible says–It has BLEMISHES or IMPERFECTIONS!! Not like in the time of ka ERDY,when a Chapel is being dedicated or offered–it is Perfect in everyway n everything!! Yep Bro. episode 14 was nothing but just Insulting,mocking n DRAMA(they trying to make you cry,even Miguel was trying to soften his voice n as if He is really SINCERE)!! You know Bro what happened in Sacramento,this is what I can say–Note for EVM n Sangoons: Matthew 23:11-12 Amplified Bible HE who is GREATEST among YOU,shall be Your SERVANT!! Whoever EXALT HIMSELF(with HAUGHTINESS and empty PRIDE) shall be HUMBLED(brought LOW);and whoever HUMBLES HIMSELF–who has a MODEST opinion of HIMSELF and behaves accordingly–shall be RAISED to HONOR!! and in verse 10–And YOU must NOT be called”masters”(leaders),for YOU have ONE MASTER(LEADER),the CHRIST!! Sangoons,OWE/STF–how do you call EVM? “SIR”-equivalent of MASTER and LORD according to one of ka ERDY’S Letter way back 1990’s,ALL of you don’t REMEMBER it? You even have a GUTS to KISS EVM’s Hand!! Why is He the holy Pope now of EVM church? In LNT bible it says on the same Verses as I quote–The more LOWLY Your Service to OTHERS,the Greater You are.To be the Greatest,be a SERVANT!! But those who think themselves GREAT shall be DISAPPOINTED and HUMBLED;those who Humble themselves shall be EXALTED!! These are the REASON why EVM now is SAD,DISAPPOINTED to what’s happening everytime HE is Preaching whether LIVE or WEBEK-EK!!


  8. And this evm tour will lead to a series of changes again on the schedule of worship services. Remember the live webEK from Hawaii… It was schedule to start around 5am in the morning of Saturday in the Philippines. Not thinking how early those choir members should go up just to watch the beloved 1. The show end around 8am & not thinking that others have work to do. As expected change of schedule on Sunday worship services.


  9. Just want to changed the topic a liitle bit.What happened to “inc members” who killed mayor Bote? EVM is really Powerful right,no more NEWS about that ha? All media news in Pinas very QUIET now ha? Just curious,when it’s about evm church,even govt. like police,news etc all very QUIET! It’s like in the Middle Ages or Dark Ages when Catholic was VERY Powerful,everyone is AFRAID to talk or whatever coz you will be Persecuted n EXECUTED by the POPE at that TIME.Coincidence in OUR time now?? Or history repeat ITSELF,when the TRUE INC starting to TURN away in the True Faith n Teachings in the Holy Scriptures!! When a Religion ADD or SUBTRACT even just ONE WORD in God’s WORD,it’s already TURNING AWAY from the prestine Words of God in the Bible as apostle Paul says- in 1Corinthians 4:6 and Galatians 1:8.We HAVE to REJECT those “new teachings” as long it is AGAINST the bible,period!!


  10. Brethren,the Sacramento w.s.was in the Utube already.I don’t know but the Golden arena was FULL of members inside,more than 4300 hundreds!! maybe 10k-15k??? check it,watched it in Utube,they upload it already!!


  11. Just want to follow-up the episode 14.They(miguel n others) keep saying that “those were expelled,was expelled not in the Congregation or Chapel or Synagogue.They said,they were Epelled in the Church, w/c is the Body of Christ. My question to “them” is,HOW could anyone THEY expelled were really expelled from the Body of Christ,when the ONE WHO EXPELLED them is FAKE TP or FAKE Administrator? EVM is FAKE,so how can HE expel anyone in the TRUE Church of Christ? He should be the ONE get EXPELLED when HE DISOBEYED ka ERDY who was the TRUE TP.Si ka ERDY ang TUNAY na LAGAY ng DIOS!!Matuwid at Matapat sa DIOS,sa CRISTO at sa mga SALITA ng DIOS!!Walang binagong ARAL at TURO mula sa Biblia.Di katulad ni EVM n Companies,”walang takot sa Dios’ na NAGBAWAS at NAGDAGDAG sa Aral sa Biblia!! Iyan lang One with EVM saan sa biblia INIUTOS na Ituro at tanggapin iyan ng mga kapatid? Saan at ano ang batayan at ISINAKSAK iyan sa utak,puso at kaluluwa ng mga kapatid? Baka iyan NGA yung nasa Apoc. na may TANDA(hinlalaki ng kamay) ng KANIYANG Pangalan(Thumbmark na may “tanda”na EVM) na siyang Parurusahan sa DDA!!Revelation 14:11—who Worship the beast and His IMAGE,and whosoever receiveth the MARK of HIS “name”!!KJV. In RSV it says–these worshipers of the beast and its IMAGE,and whoever receives the MARK of it’s NAME!! We are the living Witnesses of this HUGE THUMBMARK with his name–We are One with EVM or One with EVM,right Brethren!!! This is only my opinion,I am not telling everyone to believed this,but it’s in the book of Revelation…’s up to you,mga kapatid…….


  12. The OLD INC w/c became Catholic Church–MARK on rightthumb and /or Forehead–using Right Hand Thumb making SIGN of the Cross STARTING from the FOREHEAD going down to lips and breast or chest. The NEW INC w/c became EVM Church–THUMBMARK with HIS(EVM) “Name” or O.W.E “coincidence”??? or History repeat itself?? Both will go to Lake of FIRE!! revelation 14:9-11


    1. For truth seekers and serious-minded Christians, this reddit is sheer waste ot time. It’s garbage, just like many administration-encouraged sites where bloggers hurl insults and inappropriate remarks to vent their unfounded biases and twisted beliefs.


  13. Ka Cebuano,I checked that site,it’s all about negative feed back about ka FYM. Sorry at sa pilipino ko ito isusulat sapagkat medyo HIRAP talaga ako sa English at alam ko na marami rin nagbabasa dito na Nakakaintindi o nakakaunawa ng tagalog. Maraming komento na mga INC pa iba,ang iba Umalis na ang iba natiwalag na etc.etc. Natural lamang na maraming Batikos lalo na sa Sugo sapagkat karamihan ng nagkomento ay Hindi naniniwala na si ka FYM ay Sugo ng Dios sa Huling Araw na ito. Ako sa aking Paniniwala at Pananampalataya-ito ang masasabi ko:Malinaw ang sinabi ng ka FYM–kung ang TURO o ARAL niya WALA at KALABAN ng Biblia,HUAG tayong sumunod at Maniwala sa Kanya.Ang sabi niya,sa BIBLIA kayo sumunod at Maniwala,HUAG kay Manalo. Ako sa biblia naniniwala at sumasampaltaya.Kung si ka Felix man ay makasalanan o manloloko etc etc na sinasabi ng mga AGAINST sa kanya,I DON’T CARE!! Ang itinuro niya na TUNAY na pangalan ng Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo at Ipinangaral ng mga Alagad niay o Apostol ay IGLESIA NI CRISTO.Nasa Biblia ito na nakasulat.Kung hindi matanggap ito ng IBA,bahala kayo.Malinaw na NAGTAYO si CRISTO ng Iglesia,natural siya ang nagtayo,DAPAT lamang tawagin sa pangalan Niya.Sa ibang talata ITINULAD ito sa Katawan at Siya ang Ulo.Ganun din sa mag-asawa na Siya rin ang HEAD.Kaya TOTOO na may INC sa Biblia,tanggapin nyo man o hindi. Napakalinaw din na si CRISTO ang tagapagligtas ng Iglesia o Katawan Niya,kaya tanggapin man ito ninyo o ninoman o Hindi TOTOO ito,dahil Salita ng Dios ang nakasulat sa Biblia. Hindi ba ganito sagot nung Bulag na tinatanong ng mga Fariseo,Eskriba na –di mo ba alam na Makasalanan ang nagpagaling sa mga mata mo?Ang sagot ng Bulag,ke makasalanan siya(Cristo) o hindi,wala akong pakialam,ang alam ko Bulag ako at ngayon ay nakakakita!! Kung may ILILIGTAS man ang Dios na HINDI Iglesia ni Cristo sa araw ng Paghuhukom,WALA tayong pakialam doon,ang MALINAW kapag pumasok ka o kasama mo si Cristo bilang SANGKAP ng Kanyang Katawan o Iglesia–TIYAK ililigtas ka NIYA.Tulad sa DAONG ni NOE,kung nakasakay ka noon sa Daong LIGTAS ka sa BAHANG GUNAW.Lahat ng di Nakasakay Namatay sa baha period!! Ang TUNAY na TUPA ni Cristo(tunay na INC) ay NAKIKINIG,TUMUTUPAD at NANANATILING sumusunod kay Cristo o sa ULO,hindi kaninomang tao!!Hindi nakikinig sa Aral at Turo na Bago o may dagdag o may bawas. Tandaan lang natin ang sinabi ng CRISTO–maging ang mga HINIRANG sisikapain ni Satanas na MADAYA at MAAGAW sa Dios,kaya di kataka-taka na”Marami ang Mapapahamak” kung sakali at maiaalis sa Puso ang pananampalataya sa mga Salita ng Dios.Mas marami talaga ang “mapapahamak,sindami ng Buhangin sa Dalampasigan”.Panahon ni NOE,8 lamang,panahon ni LOT 3 lamang apat sana ngunit sumuway ang asawa ni Lot.Gaano karami ang mga TAO noon? Si Moses mahigit MILYON ang inilabas sa Egipto,ILAN ang nakarating sa Lupang Pangako–2 si Josue at si Caleb.Ang pagliligtas ng Dios ay hindi sa marami o kakaunti–kundi iyong kung SINO ang Mananatiling TAPAT sa Dios at sa Kanyang mga SALITA!!


  14. Once again Bro.Jon Dizon PROVEN that the Tunay “daw” na Defender of Truth were LIARS.I will just quote ONE. When these MINISTERS of EVM mentioned that “there were 10 Ministers ABDUCTED!! Even I when “they mentioned it” before ka Dizon answer it,I was already Smiling silenty,BECAUSE –How MANY TIMES I heard the Calling of ka Tenny in her voice tape for help,not ONLY for her n her Kids,but also to those ministers that were Kidnapped.Ka TENNY “never mentioned” that THERE WERE 10 Ministers abducted!!! ha ha ha ha–THESE BIG FAT LIARS Ministers of EVM.Kung baga sa Magnanakaw HULING-HULI sa AKTO!! kawawa naman kayo,Sinugaling na ,Mandaraya pa at DUWAG sa Katotohanan– Rev.21:8–Lake of Fire to those who are Liars n Cowards!!!


  15. Sandoval, having had his butt whipped by Ka Jon, reverted to Soriano-bashing on his FB page. And, GP Santos and INC Philippines were served by Chris Brown’s lawyers (proof of service was filed 8/3). Somebody probably downloaded the document.


  16. Kawawa naman si Soriano,Nagtatago na nga yung Tao sa Hongkong,binabanatan pa ni Miguel?? Miguel–lahat ng tanong ni ka Jon SAGUTIN ninyo!! Kayo na mga “tunay daw” na maka-Dios AYAW nyong sagutin mga tanong ng Pinagtatawanan ninyong mga tiwalag!! Hihintayin namin sagot nyo mga “tunay na defendewr ng truth??


  17. Bro.Edge,ka AE have a picture in his site showing HOW MANY attended the ws at Sacramento.You’re right ONLY few! But when I watched it at Utube posted by OWE,the Golden Center was FULL,too many attendees,So these peole of EVM church “edited Again”that video showing LOTS of members attended that occassion ah!! These OWE’s are really Something !!


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