Dear friends,

It has been almost 2 years since I started this blog. I began writing for the sole purpose of airing out my anger and disbelief of how the the Church I grew up in has changed. I know the “Leaders” will declare that the doctrines have not changed. But many can see that what is happening around us is what is continuing to change.

I have said what I wanted to say not for the purpose of attacking the Church Leaders but to act as a voice for many others who feel the same way but cannot speak because of retribution by those who would do harm to our loved ones and families.

Again, they would say that it is “nonsense, we are a peace loving church”. Tell that to those who were held against their will, to the families of those who were harassed and especially to those who have lost their lives.

  • Yes we hear the same verses used about love; love our brethren, love of our fellowmen, love our neigbour, love our enemies – but tell us, is this what is being done?
  • If Sister Tenny is the leader of division, then why do we not see her speak up? There is nothing stopping her now.
  • You say Brother Menorca is making things up about harassment, so are you saying the entire Government of Canada was fooled by the simple evidence he presented?
  • You say the decisions of the Beloved Executive Minister is never wrong, so was it good those people died in a stampede in Africa last year?
  • Or to plant those olive trees where there is now a drought?
  • All these business ventures – these are not changes?
  • We were always taught that we do not put our faith in man because man is fallible. Why change now?

I can go on and on and not stop writing but what we are waiting for are answers.

I am not giving up. But for now I am stopping in my writing. I have my reasons. These words will remain here and I will be around.

To the leaders, know this – many of us are still watching. We still see your acts and your corruption. That has not changed. Just because we do not have the evidence in our hands does not mean you are pure. Your guilt will condemn you.

I may not speak for now, but my eyes will remain open.

“Condemning the innocent or letting the wicked go—both are hateful to the Lord.” 17th chapter of Proverbs


12 thoughts on “untitled

  1. The nation of God as of this moment; Romans 11:8,
    As the Scriptures say, “God has put them into a deep sleep. To this day he has shut their eyes so they do not see, and closed their ears so they do not hear.”

    So be grateful that you still know the Lord; Romans 11:20-22,
    “20 That’s true enough. But they were cut away because they did not have faith, and you are where you are because you do have faith. So don’t be proud, but be afraid. 21 If God cut away those natural branches, couldn’t he do the same to you? 22 Now you see both how kind and how hard God can be. He was hard on those who fell, but he was kind to you. And he will keep on being kind to you, if you keep on trusting in his kindness. Otherwise, you will be cut away too.”

    Rather, this is what God requires; Micah 6:6-8,

    6 What offering should I bring
    when I bow down to worship
    the Lord God Most High?
    Should I try to please him[c]
    by sacrificing
    calves a year old?
    7 Will thousands of sheep
    or rivers of olive oil
    make God satisfied with me?
    Should I sacrifice to the Lord
    my first-born child
    as payment
    for my terrible sins?
    8 The Lord God has told us
    what is right
    and what he demands:
    “See that justice is done,
    let mercy be your first concern,
    and humbly obey your God.”


  2. I’m gonna miss you if you stop writing for now, hahaha! But you have your reasons. You may stop writing for now, but for sure, like us who are frustrated, our eyes will remain open, we will continue resisting them in our own ways.


  3. Now that the Church is in chaos because this TP n HIS Sangoons STARTED it,we will never stop Watching their Evil Deeds n Evil Doctrines n Regulations implementing in the MEMBERS to continue to BLIND Them.We will not stop until we Die or until Judgment Day comes. No matter they reason out or Excuses—It is very CLEAR,They Changed the Doctrines n Regulations n used the Offerings in Businesses for their OWN Satisfaction for the LOVED for MONEY n POWER!! we will miss you Brother!! When in the time of ka EGM that d Sangoons n other SIPSIP na Ministro ay nagkaroon ng “MAMAHALING SASAKYAN O KOTSE,mga BAHAY at may mga NEGOSYO pa na restawran,Gasolinahan at marami pang IBA?? Tapos ang titigas ng LEEG nyo sa Tribuna na magturo ng SALITA ng DIOS?? Mga IPOKRITONG “nagbabanal-banalan” gamit ang BANAL at MALINUS na ngalan ng Panginoong Jesucristo!! Kakapal nyong LAHAT!! Sorry brethren ,especially Bro.EDGE, cannot control my feelings n emotions to these people WHO r maka-Dios daw at maka-Cristo,pwe!!!


  4. All the best to you INCFROMTHEEDGE, we will all miss your writing. I hope you’ll start writing again sooner than later. From ONE writer to a handful, from a handful, slowly but steadily it’s going back to ONE.


  5. Many thanks to you, INCFROMTHEEDGE. Your writing has inspired many to keep searching for answers that have been kept from us for so long and be aware that we should not just accept things hook, line and sinker.



  6. A news from Western Canada!! Bro.JOJI PINEDA,son of ka Vivencio Pineda(ka Vining) Does’nt WANT to Obey the “King n His Knights” and Planning to Expelled our Bro. n His Family. It said that there’s a News Blackout in Canada about this!! Let’s Pray for our Brother n His Family that NO Evil things Happen to them.These OWE’s n STF’s are already Planning “something” for our Bro. n Family,these so called God’s ” co-workers n true Christians”,really!!!


  7. I hope you won’t sign off for long ’cause there are not many blogs like this that expose the truth. I can’t log into WS’s INCreflections again. I don’t know what’s wrong. This happened in the past too.


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