New Year – New Issues?

Happy New Year to all!  Hope you kicked off your new year with a bang. In a good way, I hope. Some of you may have thought I’ve disappeared forever or I’ve given up. Far from it lads. I’m here to stay, much to the disappointment of certain individuals.

Much like many others, I’ve been thinking about the new year’s resolutions and I could only come up with three:

  1. To have a more positive outlook
  2. To exercise more. Hmm… make that – to be more honest with myself 🙂
  3. Be less angry, sarcastic and cynical

But I guess number 1 would bring about number 3.

I’ve been reading my old posts and one can easily tell there were many moments I wrote in anger and frustration. There were many times I wrote in my sarcastic tone. Mainly because of what I have been seeing and experiencing in the church I’ve been a member of. Maybe my writing will be less angry this year but probably there will still be a tinge of sadness once in a while but hopefully you will still see the truth I am pointing out.

I actually wrote an entire article as a year end review but I scrapped that. It was just too bleak. Why? To summarise, it was the year the Administrator’s siblings were kicked out of their homes and arrested; there was the death of those Africans in the Aid to Humanity fiasco; the deaths of the expelled; the revelation of the diplomatic passports; more ghost towns… I could go on. Do we really want to look back?

So let’s see what’s in store for 2018. Oh yeah, there’s the new case that the rapper Chris Brown filed against the Church. (Sigh)

Oh that’s right, have to be POSITIVE. P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E

So let me put a positive spin on this new mess that the Church Leaders have gotten themselves in this time; rather than sound like I’m blaming them, let’s just focus on the solution to this. To do that we have to understand why this happened. It’s simple really. The Bible (surprise!) gives the reason:

“No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.” 1 Timothy 2:4

The Apostles said soldiers must get involved in civilian life. Who was Apostle Paul referring to as soldiers? We read verse 4. Here are verses 2-3:

2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. 3 Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

Not the soldiers in the literal sense but those who teach the message are soldiers referred to here.

If you think I’m stretching this, let’s read the verse 4 again in the Phillips translation:

“Put up with your share of hardship as a loyal soldier in Christ’s army. Remember: 1) That no soldier on active service gets himself entangled in business, or he will not please his commanding officer.”

Why then would the church leaders/ council get involved in all kinds of worldly matters? In business affairs? So to answer CLEARLY our question, what is the solution?

DO NOT GET ENTANGLED IN BUSINESS! We are a church. We are a religious organisation.

Building the monstrous Arena, getting involved in show biz, eco farming, selling of trinkets, petrol, coffee table books or whatever it is will not bring about our salvation. That’s what being entangled with business means. You involve yourself with worldly affairs, then you will have to deal with all the mess that comes with it. That’s why the Apostles said DO NOT. That is the S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N.

Thus, let’s all be positive in this still fresh new year. God will do His part. He will tear down the nonsense that people do. He will straighten things out. Even if people insist that they are succeeding in their distorted plans, God will eventually set things right. Why do I say this? God declared it:

“I will put out My hand against the people of the land,” says the Lord.  “For from the least to the greatest of them, every one is always wanting something. And from the man of God to the religious leader, every one lies to get what he wants. They have healed the hurt of My people only a little, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace. Were they ashamed because of the sinful things they had done? No, they were not ashamed at all. They did not even know how to turn red. So they will fall among those who fall. When I punish them, they will be brought down,” says the Lord.” Jeremiah 6:12-15 NLV

Not my words. HE said it.

Happy New year everyone.






29 thoughts on “New Year – New Issues?

  1. First of all,the very reason WHY all this “messed up” happened in the “Church” because these so “called LEADERS’ did NOT Heed the Advice of ka EGM ,who was TRULY Appointed by GOD ALMIGHTY! THEY are the ONES who DISOBEY and did NOT SUBMIT to the Church Administration.Second,”these so called LEADERS now” are LOVERS of MONEY w/c is the ROOT of all EVIL!! How MUCH MONEY/OFFERINGS was in the Central Office when ka EGM passed away? BILLIONS!! We know what happened!! Everything TURNS into Business,not only that,because of THEIR GREEDINESS, some of the CHURCH Properties were SOLD n becomes COLLATERAL in different Banks. Until now ,THEY are still MILKING the brethren WHO knows nothing what’s happening in d Church.Those who are Blinds n Fanatics JUST Obey n Follow Them,that’s it! I think n believe, no matter we Correct or give Advice to THEM,even we quote “verses” from the BIBLE,these so “called LEADERS” and THEIR OWE/STF ministers n Church workers n Officers “WON’T Listen”. Because THEY believed THEY are of GOD n CHRIST! That THEY are the True “Christians”!! Not Only they becomes Materialistic,the Worst thing was THEY CHANGED most of the Church REGULATIONS and “injected some NEW DOCTRINES” that Poisoned the Minds,Heart n Soul” of MANY members of the Church!! They promote HATRED n DIVISION,instead of LOVE n UNITY!! That’s what they did,imagine,if someone in your family or relatives GOT EXPELLED,YOU HAVE TO HATE THEM!!Make FUN of THEM!!Destroy THEM in social Media!! Is This “Church Now”,TRULY of GOD n CHRIST?? Maybe “they” can answer it!! As I kept saying: This is not the True Church of Christ that started on July 27,1914 up to Aug.31,2009.This Church now under the Leadership of EVenturaManalo is the EVM n SANGGUNIAN Church or the NEWGENINC!!! Led by WOLVES in SHEEP Clothings!!!


  2. Aba Bro, Ingles na ngayon ang sulat mo sa Bagong Taon. Sino ang nagsalin ng Tagalog sa Ingles? Biro lang bro.

    Among the New Year’s Resolutions this Blog as well as the others like AE and WS is to come up with new articles regularly. As it is now, it takes so long and almost forever to read a new article.


  3. There will be NO New ISSUES in this New Year,unless these so “called Leaders” will REPENT and will RETURN to God and Fully OBEY the Commandments of God.If NOT,there will never be ANY NEW ISSUES!! As I Learned from ka SL site,just this New Year,a “minister from Lemery,Batangas MOLESTED a 14yr old Girl inside his Car!! This is “the NEW Year’s NEW ISSUE”!! Wicked n EVIL DEEDS at d beginning of 2018!!


  4. Kc Bro. pag ang comment ko ay para maintindihan ni Bro.Edge, kahit medyo pilipit english ko pinipilit ko para maintindihan niya. Pero kung alam kong tulad mo o iba pa na nakakaintindi ng tagalog,sinasagot ko o komento ako sa tagalog.Lalo na nga at may “komomtra o tumutol” sa mga komento natin tulad ng mga OWE!!


  5. At this point I’m genuinely curious how many people out there still believe that the INC is still the true church, and that this is just a time of cleansing. I would love to see your replies to my question, or even your general opinion with the use of the reply button below.

    Bonus question: How many of us INC members read the bible on a regular basis?

    Thank you


    1. Another question can be asked: Is INC now a Cult?

      How many members read the Bible? I can assure you bibliko here reads regularly. I once asked a Minister why members were not encouraged to bring and read the bible during the worship service. His answer was the brethren might be distracted and missed what the minister was preaching because they would be turning the pages of the bible. Some just write the bible verses mentioned in the worship service and compare these to the bible at home. Also, take note that INC warns people not to read the bible without the guidance and explanation from the Minister who was commissioned by God to preach meaning not everyone is authorized to preach the bible. There you go folks…how can you argue with them? Argue and you run the risk of being expelled.


  6. Brother,SAD to say,still LOTS of people especially our brethren in d Church believed that the INC “headed by EVM” is the true Church.But if we will examine it, the INC in d bible w/c re-emerged in d Phils. on July 27,1914-Aug.31,2009 was the TRUE INC. But this NewGenINC headed by EVM n SANGOONS is “different”,THEY are “just”USING the name INC but the SPIRIT,Regulations and Doctrines (some) have CHANGED. So if they already changed some of the Teachings,they are NOT of GOD anymore. ONLY FEW like us don’t believe that this NewGenINC is NO LONGER the True Church of Christ(INC). I am happy to tell You Bro.,everyday I READ the Bible.Sometimes in the OT but most of the times I read the NT. It is TRUE Bro Cinisaved,THERE are VERSES in the BIBLE that we cannot understand,especially the Parables of our Lord Jesus and some of the letters of apostle Paul as Stated by apostle Peter in his book 2Pedro 3:16 as I quote in tagalog–Gayon din naman sa Lahat ng “kaniyang”(Pablo) mga Sulat,na doo’y sinasalita ang mga bagay na MAHIRAP UNAWAIN,na ISINISINSAY ng mga Di Nakaaalam at ng mga Walang Tiyaga,na gaya rin naman ng “kanilang ginagawa” sa ibang mga kasulatan na Ikapapahamak din Nila!! This is the proof that “some” of God’s Commandments are really Difficult or Hard to “understand”.We need the TRUE PREACHER or MESSENGER to explain to us some words of God written in the bible. For example: who explain to us the number 666? The Woman sitting in the WATERS? The “almost half an hour” SILENCE in heaven? We don’t Know and Understand those things right?Who explained it to us,di ba ang SUGO at ang mga Ministrong NATUTO sa SUGO? There are so MANY verses in d bible that’s hard or difficult to understand.Those are or were the VERSES that we should ask to the TRUE MINISTERS.Other commandments or verses are easy to understand like,Thou shall not Steal,Don’t Forsake the W.S,Obey your parents etc etc. This is all I can say now about your question Bro.Eskinoledge n Bro.Cinisaved


  7. This one just came in from a Silent Defender:

    Hello fellow Defenders. We just have a message to relay. We already know about the violent history of the EVM Administration and how they also like to create fake and false/fabricated charges against Defenders. We’re constantly praying for the 3 they recently kidnapped [on whom the INC is trying to create fabricated charges as well].

    Also, just to let everyone know – Brother Thomas Boyle is a Silent Defender whom they recently implicated and has long been monitored by the EVM Administration. There is another one whom we will post about here, just to warn everyone about what the EVM Admin can do to him also because they might SET him up as well – isang dating tagapangasiwa na nasa paaralan ngayon. In case another news story pops up about this minister #alamnathis. He is another minister (former district minister) who is also a Silent Defender. Isa po siya sa mga naninindigan na pautuloy ituro ang mga tuntunin na ipinatutupad ng kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo lalo na sa paaralan. If he gets charged with something or set up and another story pops up, we already warned you here.

    They know that they say evm and they are hiding that you are murdered and family. If possible, let’s help them. Because they are also in danger of their lives. They’re following. [Evm and cohorts have already known the defenders, and you are murdered and family in hiding. If it is possible, let us help them, because they are in love with their lives, and they are pursued.

    Many more ministers and ministers the silent defenders who continue sending info po to us. Apart from you Tom Boyles is many more ministers and ministers that keep sending us information on the present happening in the church and keep that disagreeing in the evil happening now. We’re afraid we can also do in a former manager that is now mentor school they made you Tom Boyles.

    We don’t know right now and this is a moment if you had a reference to the council. We will keep you posted.


  8. Ka Cinisaved ,I just read it too. Now we have to wait what really the Truth is!! But if it’s true that Bro.Tom n his family were hiding or “kidnapped”already by the Sanggons,let’s pray for them. yes ka Mario says it’s a FAKED News from the EVM church.They did it when they Learned that ka Tom was a Silent Defender!!


      1. Good idea. What’s going on with WS’s Blog again. Is he still sleeping? He’s been sleeping for several days now.


  9. Is this familiar to you? What does this remind us of?

    The sexual abuse scandals that grabbed Hollywood by the lapels transformed the red carpet into an open fora. People witnessed Weinstein and a few other celebrities’ descent to disgrace, and the advent of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that followed.

    But while this progressive move in Hollywood is vindicating and laudable, it seems that such progress hasn’t translated well to the world of religion.

    What is being referred to as top secret sexual abuse documents of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church were recently exposed by transparency non-profit organization FaithLeaks, as reported by Newsweek. The documents have supposedly been kept under wraps by the church for almost twenty years.

    The thirty-three documents, written from 1999 to 2012, were uploaded in PDF form and have been made available for download in FaithLeaks’ online newsroom. The documents allegedly reveal communication between Jehovah’s Witnesses church leaders and legal entities, collectively called Watchtower.

    According to Newsweek, the documents show church leaders withheld from filing formal complaints immediately because of one of the accuser’s refusal to face her abuser, who happened to be her father. Her sister also complained against their father of sexual abuse. The documents further showed that in another case involving the same alleged abuser, the church leaders doubted the complainant’s (this time, not a relative of the man) credibility, because her eyes were closed while the assault happened.

    Years later, an in-church trial was held, resulting to the man’s temporary excommunication. The woman who refused to face the accused was also allegedly pressured by Jehovah’s Witnesses’ church elders to refrain from reporting to law enforcement officials.

    While the leaked documents only divulge case information up to 2012, Newsweek cited that the sect has been embroiled in other sexual abuse accusations in the past. As per report, Watchtower has yet to give comments.


  10. I dont read the PASUGO anymore–‘coz it’s ALL about EVenturaM GREATNESS and PRAISES for HIM by HIS Blind n Fanatics FOLLOWERS!!


  11. There’s a brother competing at Pilipinas Got Talent.

    Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Auditions: Jonacris Bandillo

    Brethren are all wishing him luck at youtube and social media. The program is at ABS-CBN. Would the INC leadership now call for a boycott of the Kapamilya network?



    Loyal garderner of Bro. Erano G. Manalo, his wife and son also arrested. Curiously, the wife was detained in Talipapa Police Station while father and son were detained in separate detention facility, Culiat Police Station. Both stations are infested with INC policemen. As of this time, there are 4 detained, including another security of Bro. EGM family. TIME TO HELP BRETHREN.


  13. Ka Cnisaved,kitang-kita natin ang ka-IPOKRITA at Hindi Pagkakaisa ng EVM Church,di ba?Bakit ang isang kapatid ay sasali o lalahok sa programa ng ABS-CBN na PINABOYKAT nila? Nasaan ang BISA ng salita ng TP ng MakabagongINC na ito o EVM CHURCH!!! Talamak na sa KASAMAAN ang Pamamahalang ito ni EVenturaM,wala ng pinapatawad basta alam na TAPAT ka sa mga KADUGO NIYA na Itinakwil at Isinumpa NIYA at ng kanya PAMILYA at Sanggoons,Uusisgin at ipabibilanggo ka.Ang Panatikong PULIS na hindi alam ang DALISAY na SALITA ng DIOS,sunod lang ng sunod!! Tama ang Cristo,kapag ang bulag sumunod sa kapuwa Bulag parehong mahuhulog sa hukay.(patibong ni Satanas)!! Natutupad ang sinabi ni Rizal sa mga ganitong uri ng kapatid ngayon :”binigyan tayo ng Dios ng SARILING ISIP upang unawain at malaman ang TAMA at MALI. Hindi tayo binigyan ng ISIP para maging sunud-sunuran na lamang sa bawa’t ISAKSAK sa ating ISIPAN ng sinoman!! Alalaong baga’y upang SURIIN ang Tama at Mali!!Bulag na TAGASUNOD ay parang HAYOP na sunod ng sunod sa TALI,kahit saan man ito Hilahin!!from Ebanghelyo ni Dr.”Gat” Jose Rizal


    1. Bro, pakisilip lang si WS kung gising na. Ilang araw na siyang tulog. Ang daming mga bagong issue at balita pero tahimik na naman ang blog ni WS. Bilhin mo na lang ang Blog niya para walang atraso sa mga post ng comments at balita. Tutal retired ka na at may panahon, Sige na!


  14. Ka WS is on again.It’s all about the Gardener’s Family na IPINAHULI ng mga “maka-dios at maka-taong “tunay daw na Cristiano” ngayon!!


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