The Week(s) in Review: Destruction and Donations

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now but I have been struggling to put into words what’s on my mind. I know there are people struggling right now with their life and all these disasters like the recent devastation in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico plus the current wildfires in California, so I’m confused with what the Church of Christ is up to. I can’t even explain it as I’m sure many are confused as well. Let me try to sort It out.

Right after hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the Church has been campaigning – but I’m not sure for what. I thought it would be for the hurricane victims so we should give aid like water and other materials. Instead we get a sermon on donations but NOT for the hurricane victims. I think many became confused after this because the DONATIONS were for OUR OWN chapels. How odd.

Why is there a need for Donations for chapels anyway? What is the purpose of the end of the year Thanksgiving? Isn’t that already for the chapels? In government, that is a crime because it is considered a form of double-dipping.

This is then followed by a campaign to offer for the 50th Anniversary of the Church in the West. Wait, what?  We get a lesson in giving donations but not to those affected by storms and now it’s for the celebrations in Hawaii and California next year? Am I missing something?

Is the administration using all these tragedies to boost contributions but for OTHER reasons? I’m just not getting it.

One, it is very insensitive to campaign for Celebrations whilst there are brethren and congregations who were affected by the storms, earthquakes and fires. They need to fix their homes and yet are being told to give for the Anniversary?  Did you know that in America, the government bodies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have waived many fees on insurance, fuel expenses and assorted monthly charges people have  because they understand many people were affected by the recent storms, fires and earthquakes? Meanwhile the Church, in the most insensitive way once again asked brethren for offerings for the 2018 celebrations while people are still recovering from the disasters.

Second, didn’t we just recently have a special offering for the VERY SAME Anniversary? We’re doing it again??

Third, why have a Special Offering for the 50th if the Church can’t afford it. Ministers are campaigning to officers to offer more because there will be 2 large venues that will be rented. So if it’s expensive, why push to have it at all? It’s like having a large Wedding reception in a grand hotel which you can’t afford but push to have it anyway and then turn to your guests and sayyou pay for it” so you can celebrate. Like my father always said, if you can’t afford to date, don’t get married.

And afterwards will the brethren have to say “Thank you po ka Eduardo”?

Let me cut to the chase. I know some will read this and say, “You see! They’re stopping us from giving offerings!” That’s not my point. My point is, it is improper to campaign to donate and yet it’s NOT for those who are in dire need of it.

And it certainly was never done to ask Offerings for a “celebration” by the previous Administrator. Like I said in a previous post, think back, did we ever have to offer for the 40th Anniversary Celebration? For the 30? 20? No? Why not? Because before, things were estimated, gathered, analysed and prepared first before even thinking of having large events. They never said we will celebrate but we need to gather money first. You know what that mentality is? It’s called the “BUY NOW PAY LATER” mentality. That’s how you get into debt people!

Permit me to repeat this, I’ve been quoting a lot recently, from Jesus:

“If you wanted to build a building, you would first sit down and decide how much it would cost. You must see if you have enough money to finish the job. If you don’t do that, you might begin the work, but you would not be able to finish. And if you could not finish it, everyone would laugh at you. Luke 14:28-29

What is one of the main points of Jesus? “You must see IF you have enough money to finish the job.” If you can’t afford something, DON’T DO IT!

Where in the Bible does it say that we have to rent 2 large venues so we can have a program? What is wrong with having a Worship Service in our respective chapels and giving our Thanksgiving? Aren’t we going to do that anyway? Why so much push to give for the Celebration? And more than one time?

And then if we don’t give much, we are under suspicion of being offended or being a Defender! For heaven’s sakes, it’s common sense!! Many brethren in Europe and Asia have have a set means of income. They cannot earn more than what they have. There is NO overtime for many of them. So if they set aside for their regular set offerings, that is it. The rest goes to their family and expenses. So please stop squeezing for more!

Plus look at the map of the United States; the ones hit by disasters are 3 of the biggest states – Texas, Florida and California. You think brethren in these areas don’t have enough to deal with? And the leaders decide, “Hey! Donate for the chapels and offer so we can celebrate next year!”

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 22.28.33.png

So how can the Church leaders command to give SPECIAL offerings pretty much every week for THIS activity and THAT activity while they cruise around all over the world at the brethren’s expense? Is it still special?

Perhaps the leaders should stop buying ghost towns with the offerings that it may be used for the repair of our chapels. After all, that is where the brethren expected it to go, wasn’t it? Which brother or sister put their offerings in last Sunday and said, “I hope they buy another ghost town with my offering today”?

Bottom line: Where are the offerings really going?

“They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger” Matthew 23:4 ESV

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 22.08.06.png



10 thoughts on “The Week(s) in Review: Destruction and Donations

  1. Where are d Offerings? As I said before–Offerings,Special Offerings,n Lingap are Mysteriously DISAPPEAR o became INVISIBLE!! How many times they gonna asked for offerings for the 50th Anniversary here in d U.S? Where was d Lingap offerings for Marawi city,Africa n Lake sebu in Pinas,I think a month ago? Where are d Boxes of offerings n Handugan in every webex ws officiated by EVM?As I said LOTS of MYSTERIES are Happening in this CULT CHURCH!! These so called “Leaders of the NewGenINC doesn’t CARE anymore to the LIVES n Livelihood of the MEMBERS as long as they can IMPLEMENT their own agenda,YOU have to Submit n Obey w/o questioning n complaining.ALL they want is to MILK the Brethren until the MEMBERS Died of Poverty!! ALL theyNEED is MONEY n Power to SUSTAINED their WORLDLY DESIRE n LIFESTYLE in this crooked n sinful world under d control of the god of this world!! These so called”Leaders or Shepherd of the Sheep ” are WOLVES inside their heart,soul n spirit(evil)!! Hiding in the name “Iglesia ni Cristo” but DENYING by their DEEDS d holiness of Christ’s Name.SHAME ON THEM!! Ka WS is absolutely correct,they ARE BUNCH of WIZARD of LIES!!!


  2. I share your frustrations brother but the blind will continue to be blind. They seek & find reasons to justify what the current admin is doing. Once I asked those question to one of my close friend, his reply was…”well maybe there isn’t enough brethren giving, the reason why the church admin ask for more special offering…maybe out of millions of brethren, many are “tisod sa abuloy” that’s why we need donations now, besides, ano naman masama sa donation?”
    No matter who you ask, their answer will be the same…maybe this…maybe that. Everything is a MAYBE, but one thing they are very sure of “they” are the only ones that will be saved! Period!!!


  3. We haven’t heard from you, INC Reflections, and INC Silent No More for awhile. I’m glad you and Reflections have gotten back to it this week.

    Maybe everyone is just giving up, caring less, and just waiting for the INC to utterly self destruct, but this is still our community and we need your collective voices. I feel it too, we are all exhausted and spirituality depleted by this administration. Brethren from all across this country share the same complaints to me. It feels like we’re just waiting for a sign to be revealed, for a spiritual life boat to appear and rescue us from this sinking ship. Nobody wants to admit it, but many already have laid anticipating eyes on other religions and are filled with doubts of the authenticity of our church. The flock craves spiritual nourishment, and there is none to be had here.

    Notice how the webex playbacks so vaguely talk about trusting God and keeping his words, yet we never really get to hear them. It’s always the same: * This is the true church. *Don’t leave. *The administration loves you.

    For anyone reading this, know that there are many of us out there looking for each other. There are many more awake members than you assume. Find a way to find each other. Don’t compromise yourself, but find a way to get this type of material out to other members.



  4. Another webX happened again last Sunday. Special offering for the 3rd week of the month goes to the district office budget but for some circumstances this offering will goes to “lingap”. It was a last to minute instruction on the meeting of officers of the church before the Sunday WebX. So it means 2 not just 1 “lingap” happened last Sunday. For what reason? According to them there’s an insufficient funds for the “lingap” that will be use for dental & medical mission. How does it happened? Never in the history of the church for the last 95 years before the reign of EVM those kind of things happened. There’s no enough funds, really? then why every minister have a new car park on the compound of every church? How could they preach that on this very day is the toughest time & too much difficulty will come for each one of us while they are comfortably sitting & driving on their luxury car.


  5. No enough “Funds” that’s what the PICTURES THEY want to show or Paint in the minds of the brethren, that because “there were so many converts n too MANY MEMBERS Now,(according to THEM) as IF the church CANNOT AFFORD to Support the needs of the congregation in every Locale or District.That’s why THEY NEED to IMPLEMENT Donations n every wk of Handugans. THEY are just pretending that abuloy n handugan n Lingap ARE NOT Enough,so that They can CONTINUE to POCKET the MONEY(offerings etc) for GOD(using the name of God,Christ n d Church name INC) to continue to STEAL ALL d Offerings n Handugans.”THEY ARE LIKE the sons of prophet Samuel,Balaam n JUDAS ISCARIOTE in our time,that because for the LOVE of MONEY they reject n turn their BACK to the TRUE FAITH!! Or maybe n I hope,most Members NOW KNOWS what’s REALLY Happening in this NewGen inc of EVM n Companies!,and they don’t want to GIVE MORE Offerings that are/were not Used for d Church but ONLY for THEMSELVES!!


  6. They just can’t admit it, the church has ran out of money, so that’s why they resorted into gimmicks like this donation thing. Of course they won’t admit it because EVM is always under the guidance of “God.” (I just wonder who that is)


  7. Yep, Head of a Bull—the God Baal in d time of Ancient Israel that turned their back and Faith in God!! Everytime they have Occassion or Celebration in that PLACED,they Glorify and Magnify their GOD BAAL.Like the Golden Calf in d time of Moses near Mt.Sinai!!


  8. last week ang hininging donasyon ay bigas..3 kilos per pack par sa worldwide lingap na gagawin this sunday..just in time na tex..nanghihingi naman ng pagkain para din sa worldiwe lingap.dina nakuntento ang pagpiga sa mga kawawang mga kapatid.


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