How to Demonise an Angel

Below is a link to the article written by Antonio Ebangelista, better known in the Iglesia Ni Cristo circles as “AE”.  The article is about and including a very short video clip of the brothers Angel and Marc Manalo and their relative Brother Noel. Below is also a screen shot of the said video. This was shared by “Access the Truth” and other ministers like our favourite FB posting minister Brother Joel San Pedro.

The Obsession of Babylyn V. Manalo and Eduardo V. Manalo towards Destruction

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 21.46.45.png

The clip shows the 3 men standing and toasting. Yes, it’s a shocking video. They stand there, make a toast and then drink from a styrofoam cup. Yes that’s right! It’s right on the video. SO SHOCKING to see!! I never thought I would see the day that I would see these men drink FROM STYROFOAM CUPS!! OH THE HORROR!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 21.55.42.png

What? Oh, I see. I have just been informed that the shocking part is supposed to be that there is an incriminating bottle of alcohol on the table. Oh yes! I see it now.


Please pardon my usual sarcasm. I just want to make a point and I hope I will make it very clear in this article. I know AE already put in his comments and I hope he does not mind if I state mine.

First of all, the video looks quiet odd as if it was a well edited movie with CGI (computer graphics interface). I mean, isn’t it quite easy to edit and add that incriminating bottle right in the foreground? It only takes a few minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 22.45.22.png

Know what I mean?

It would be more fancy to add their images in the video. Would the Church council go that far as to make a fake video? It would not surprise me one bit. These are desperate times, after all.

But for argument’s sake, let us say the video is real. Let’s say those are the real persons. How do we know what they are drinking? It could be water; it could be juice; it could be milk for all we know.

And it’s odd isn’t it that they have to share one bottle shown in front of the camera and all drink from a paper cup? Not exactly a binge drinking party is it?

Again, for argument’s sake let’s say this is a genuine footage of the 3 actually drinking alcohol. Why one bottle in 3 paper cups? Very odd indeed. AE asks many more questions about this; please read his article if you have not done so.

So if the Church Leaders insist on demonising Brother Angel, then go ahead. My faith is not about him. It just shows the desperation of the Church leaders in trying to hold on to their power. Is it really getting that bad that they have to find ridiculous means to put down the fellow? I mean they’ve already put horns on him and the rest of the family.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 12.39.17 PM

Showing him as the “gun loving and gun toting mad man”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 22.54.25.png

They already Put him in jail.


And now, a “drunkard”, complete with comic style baloon dialogue.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 22.57.04.png

What’s next? A porn video? Oh, I think I just gave them another idea.

You think this is new? Non members have said a lot of things about Brother Felix Manalo in the past.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 21.36.50.png

Rapist? Do you think the true Church members were swayed? What is sad is that the Church Council is not seeing what everyone else is seeing.

Permit me once again to say, for argument’s sake, that is real footage of the men drinking alcohol and even “getting drunk”. What the Church leaders don’t seem to understand is that our faith is NOT BASED on these men or any man for that matter. I know that is the opposite of what is being taught now, that we must be “One with EVM.” Or “HE is the ONE we must follow” and so on. But that is not what EVM’s grandfather taught us. Below is the link I had shared before. It is Brother Felix Manalo’s preaching wherein he says, “Don’t listen to Manalo. I am a man. My brain is empty.” His point? We follow the true teachings – not the man.

So go ahead. Let these “leaders” continue to show “evidence that Brother Angel is the evil guy they make him out to be. It is only showing more and more the desperation of men who want to hold on to their seats of power. As they slowly change the doctrines, the more they show they are losing everything they are clinging to.

Yes, we feel sympathy for Brother Angel and the rest of ka Erdy’s family but our faith is not based upon them. It is in God and His teachings.

“It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man” Psalm118:8




8 thoughts on “How to Demonise an Angel

  1. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
    James 1:27 (NIV)


  2. The WAY they Demonise Ka Angel n Others were the WAY or the STRATEGY of Catholic Priest n Catholic Defenders in the TIME of Rizal n ka FYM.Remember Dr.J.Rizal picture or drawing on the catholic newspaper in UST “The Sentinel”? where they draw moustache like a Goat n Horn on Rizal Picture? Tha’s what they Did to Pictures of ka Tenny n sons n to the Ministers they Expelled!! Same Character,mind and evil Hearts of these so called”true Christians n proud to be an INC”??These Blind LEADERS n Followers of Them,think that we are defending ka Angel,ka Marc n ka Tenny that “we are one with them”.Yes we are one with them in FIGHTING for the Truth n Exposing Evil Deeds in this Administration.We are not one with them because we believed that ka Angel or ka Marc is or will be the leader of the Defenders!! That’s WHAT THEY(EVM-SANGOONS) are Afraid Off!! That’s the MENTALITY of “Insecured LEADERS”! As I heard maybe a month or two to a brethren when he asked ka Marc,ka Marc why not Come Out and lead d defenders? Ka MARC answers was “I AM NOT YOUR LEADER”,GOD will be the ONE to Place or Choose a LEADER,not ME!!See d Spirit of a man with Holy Fear n Respect to GOD!! Opposite of these people so called-GOD’s CO-WORKERS–Church Administrators!! Or as ka ERDY says in Tagalog “mga Tagapangasiwa o Tagapanguna”!! Tsk,tsk,tsk,I pity these Leaders n Owe’s VERY,VERY “Insecure” n little by little,THEY are the ONES Exposing their Wrong n Evil Doings!! OWES–find more NEW Verses in d New Version of the Bibles that WILL make You Happy n Proud that you USED in Deceiving more CHRISTIANS!! You are ALL smiling now because you found the words “corruption n donation” in d new translation in d Bible uhh?Imagine NOW you are Using the WORD of GOD to Deceived not ONLY Christians but also the people WHO are listening to you now in every Bible Exposition n Study!!


  3. That’s why this One with EVM organization is no longer the True Church of Christ. It is nothing but a pitiful empty shell pretending to be of Christ to deceive many to perdition. May God have mercy on more & more brethren & may He open many more hearts & minds to the truth. This NewGenINC is nothing but a corrupt organization that glorify their man leader(s).


  4. Actually, I really laughed so hard when I saw this one. You are right, I mean, whether this is true or not, it does not matter if you really think about it. This is only a minor mistake of some people. For all we know, there are ministers out there who are far much WORSE than these people. And this does not answer the question of many THINKING brethren about what’s been going on in the church.

    Let’s not look further. Worldwide giving of donations? Come on, since when did we insist the whole church to donate something? They even had the face to read some verses from the Bible to make it look legitimate. But if you really think about it, something weird is really happening from behind the curtain, and it has been happening ever since EVM took over.


  5. The name “CHRIST” means the “ANNOINTED” In the book of ACTS “it was a NAME CREATED BY GOD for our Lord JESUS!! Our LORD JESUSCHRIST is the “only Man” called the “ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of GOD”! These so “called (our) LEADERS of the Church NOW are so EVIL and DUMB” that STAIN n WRINKLES this HOLY name of Christ. This is also the Name that “Glorifies GOD”!! If THEY still have Consciense n FEAR in GOD,they should Repent now!! If not,then it only proved that “because they DID not Love the TRUTH”,GOD allowed Them to darkness n believe in LIES,instead of TRUTH!! As I keep saying before—these so called Leaders of the Church are “just USING the Name Church of Christ but TEACHINGS New Doctrines and IMPLEMENTING new Regulations that are not Based or accordance with the Bible.They are the “modern False Teachers” in our time!! They follow the path of many false teachers in this world,the so called “Prosperity Gospel Preachers”.Deceiving their members in the Church to GAIN WEALTH n Feed their OWN STOMACH!!!


  6. I am in no way encouraging men to drink to the point of being considered a drunkard. But, I thought others would like to hear a verse in the Bible about alcohol we have never heard in a Bible Study lesson:

    23 Be no longer a drinker of water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities. 1st Tim. 5:23


  7. An old Minister answered that verse in 1Tim.5:23.He told me that apostle Paul Advised Timothy to drink little wine because “maybe” in their time there is no medicine yet for “stomach ache or pain n some illnesses that can be cured by wine,so Paul wrote to Timothy to take or drink a little wine. For me,I AM not encouraging too,to drink wine or beer or liquor,but if you drink in “your home”,then you “sleep”,what sin have you committed? If a minister is reading this,kindly answer my question! If you are just drinking at Home and then you just sleep,what SIN have I committed? Like the Access the LIES showed that ka Angel,ka Marck n their friend were drinking(Juice/Soda or Liquor as “they”(access…) did to the pic.inserting a bottle of “liquor”?? DID THEY GO OUT of that room n GO somewhere n DO mischievous things?Access the LIES,what do you think if EVM n Sangoons are on the Special AIR BUS travelling “around the world”,do you Believe THEY are NOT Drinking Wine,Beer or EXPENSIVE LIQUORS? In Expensive HOTELS they are/were STAYING in every COUNTRY they GO/WENT,do you think THEY are not Drinking? Oh come on Owes n Access d Lies,tell the Truth!!


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