How do we measure success?

As we, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) members “celebrate” the 103rd anniversary by attending the Thanksgiving worship services and by giving praise to God, we must ask ourselves what we are thanking God for. If we will listen to the ‘pastoral letter’ of the Administrator, we are told that because of the “parade of success” the church enjoys. But is this how we measure success in the Church?

Let’s take a look at the events of the past year:

Real Estate!

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.10.24.png

We were able to PURCHASE more property. Not just land or a building, an ENTIRE TOWN!! Johnsonville!  We used millions of dollars of the offerings of brethren to purchase this 62 acre town!! Yippee!! Success!!! What shall we do with it? The same thing we did with our first town… NOTHING.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.15.10.png



To fight “poverty” in Africa, as one of the new battle cries of our leaders, we fed thousands of people cabbage in such places like Zambia!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.03.08

Oh. That’s right. Forgot about that. Move on, move on. The parade can’t look at that

Well, we were able to teach 200 Africans how to plant olive trees! Sort of.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 23.20.33

And it only costs less than 1 Dollar to pay them each day!! Yes! Success!!

And of course, we continue to show our love for our fellow men in other ways…

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.28.14.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.28.24.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 04.28.20

Ok, enough of sarcasm for now. I hope you get my point. So I ask again, how do we measure success?

Is it by he number of bodies of the so called enemies that pile up? Is it a success that the very brother of Administrator is sitting in jail? Or not even knowing the whereabouts of his own mother? Is she ill? How is she? Is she bed-ridden? 3 of his siblings, his cousins, nieces and nephews are still expelled. Many more of our friends and loved one are expelled. This is success?

Is our success based on the number of people baptised? Because if that is the case, then what about Brother Felix Manalo? He did not baptise millions. Is it the number of Districts established? Brother Felix only established 46. Is this a failure now? We now often hear of the number of chapels built. Brother Felix did not build as many. Would his grandson call him a failure? So how is success of the Church measured?

What about us members? We might as well ask, How is our faith measured? Is it by the Dollar amount we put in? Is our salvation now based on that number printed on that piece of currency with $, £ or ¥? Why does the Minister talk to us if our offering is a coin or a low number? Do we fail in God’s eyes if we give what our heart dictates?


What is success now? Having arenas with rappers and pop stars? Ghost towns? Eco farming? Is this the Parade of Success the Ministers are wailing about?

Let us not forget how it was before. Back then we were happy if our heart was touched in our gatherings, (even without someone squealing over the speakers) that was a successful event; if we had a local picnic, we ate together, played games and none of us got hurt, we were happy. When we had Thanksgiving and we offered our sacrifices  of thanks in our envelopes, perhaps a little embarrassed because of its humble amount,  nevertheless we felt God accepted us, to us, back then, that was a success. Because in truth, no amount is truly worthy of God’s graces. So how could anyone put a dollar amount and say this is worthy, this is not? That’s up to Him do decide isn’t it?

So no matter what is being blasted nowadays as another mark of Triumph of the Administration, let’s not forget what truly matters; NOT world records; NOT property and NOT eco farming. Success is if we can still praise God in a pleasing manner. (How do we do that if can’t even follow these new unsingable hymns?)

REMEMBER, God is not all about big numbers:

“The Lord did not love you and choose you because you outnumbered other peoples; you were the smallest nation on earth. But the Lord loved you and wanted to keep the promise that he made to your ancestors.” Deuteronomy 7:7-8

103rd year of the Church? Yes. A happy and successful one? You know the answer.

Pray for one another brethren. We still have a long road ahead of us.


11 thoughts on “How do we measure success?

  1. I absolutely AGREE w/you Bro. Success is NOT all The Guinness Book of Records or whatever this Administration is BOASTING about!! The True Success is,if YOU really FEEL the Love of God in your life ESPECIALLY in Every Worship Service to HIM.That ther is PEACE not only in your Life but the PEACE in Brotherly Love in the CHURCH.This is d one I am Missing Now w/c was really BIG difference then and now.Then,we don’t even Say or Shout to the world that we are one with the CA,but we KNOW in OUR hearts coz the H.Spirit dwells in US that we Truly Loved our TP in those days! Yes, on those time NO Brethren Expelled or NOT was not persecuted,tortured,kidnapped or Murdered by an ACTIVE member of the Iglesia! I remebered Expelled Minsiters,Churchwrkers,PD and some Officers that REALLY some of them GO AGAINST not only to the CA but in the TEACHINGS we believed inside d Church.But to my Knowledge ,NO ONE on those Got EXpelled was Persecuted,Harassed or Killed by any ACTIVE member of the Church.But now,YOU are a MORTAL Enemy if you say something about THEM eventhough what you are SAYING or EXPOSING is TRUTH! Just for the sake of Argument,are THEY more Successful than ka FYM?? Imagine,ka FYM was by HIMSELF when he Started Preaching this Church. The PERSECUTIONS he suffered cannot be EQUAL to EVM’s as they said He is being persecuted??Funny right? The SUGO most of the time TRAVELLED JUST WALKING to Unpavement Roads or Streets. NO Luxry CARS,Helicopters n AirBus.He was STONED while preaching or conducting spite of those things that He experienced,with God’s HELP he was able to Converts people,established locales,Dictrict ang BUILT MAGNIFICENT CHAPELS! ALL NIPA HUT N BAMBOO CHAPELS became Magnificent for the GLORY of GOD. He and ka EGM did NOT BUILT Barangay Chapels~!! The More and Better Success given by GOD to ka FYM n EGM was THEY were able to INSTILL in OUR MINDS the IMPORTANCE of OBEYING GOD’S Word(no adding nor subtracting) n HOW REALLY to LOVED each OTHER as Brothers n Sisters in the FAITH. They DID NOT teach US to Hate our LOVED ONES,even our enemies in the FAITH.Not like today–dont hate OTHER religions,but HATE the Defenders n some silent brethren inside the church.Hate those who are NOT OWE!! OK,OWE,just keep Boasting n Bragging,like your Father from the garden of Eden,d old serpent!!


  2. Brethren,WHO is now SUCCESSFUL,Ka FELIX Y.MANALO or EVM n Company? But remember this: Ka FYM n Ka EGM never BOAST or ANNOUNCED to the WORLD that they are Successfull!!! I remember in the book of Proverbs—LET other LIPS not your own LIPS praised you!! Right OWE’s/STF;s Ministers?? It’s not my Word,it;s from King Solomon!!!


  3. Speaking of having arenas with rappers and pop stars. The Next Big Thing will be happening on September 30, 2017 at PA for Bieber Tours. Ticket Prices:

    VIP Standing – P17,850
    Lower Box A Premium – P15,750
    Lower Box A Regular – P12,600
    Lower Box B Premium – P10,500
    Lower Box B Regular – P8,400
    Upper Box A – P5,250
    Upper Box B Premium – P4,200
    Upper Box B Regular – P3,150
    Upper Box B Sides – P1,575

    Now that the belieber fever is in Manila, expect that they will include this to their Parade of Success!


  4. That’s the REASON why they Built the PA, for BUSINESS,MONEY MAKING! Not for the GLORY of GOD!! They Still have the Guts to say,they Built it for God’s GLORY?? Hypocrites!! Di na kayo NAHIYA na pati Pangalan ng DIOS ay Gamitin nyo para KUMITA ng SALAPI?? EXPECT the Kadiwa-Binhi n BKLD to do Holiness??– Wild Dancing n Partying!! Watched n Observed the New Generation CHILDRENS of this NewGen INC!!! TAMA si ka ANGEL,they Built it For Money Making,not for the God’s Glory,kitang-kita na ang Katotohanan sa Ipinahayag ni ka Angel noon pa na PILIT Nilang Itinatatwa o Ikinakaila!! This is the PROOF that there is Anomalies in the Church(the Offerings),Where did they get the Money to Built this Huge Dome? From OUR OFFERINGS,right? I remember what ka EGM say’s–Ang IGLESIA ay HINDI kailanman NAGNEGOSYO o MAGNENEGOSYO at WALANG Utang o Nakasanlang mga PAG-AARI!!Ang SUGO may Negosyo ng Sombrero at Pagupitan,NGUNIT iniwan ang mga ITO upang Mangaral ng EBANGHELYO,ngayon “sinasabi NINYO,Mayaman na ang Iglesia sa pamamagitan ng mga ABULOY ng mga Kapatid,BAKIT Ginamit ninyo ang ABULOY na para sa DIOS” para MAGPAYAMAN KAYONG mga LIDER ngayon??Baliktad talaga KAYO,Nangangaral ng Ebanghelyo at ang Abuloy ginamit sa NEGOSYO? Saan NINYO dinadala ang Kinita sa mga negosyo–Inilalagay nyo ba sa kaban ng Iglesia o sa mga sari-sarili nyong mga BANKO Nakalulugod ba sa Mata ng DIOS ang mga Ginawa Ninyong ITO!! Katulad kayo ng mga “FRAYLE” noong panahon ni Dr. Rizal na GINAGATASAN ang mga katoliko para MAGPASASA at MAGPAYAMAN sa Pinaghirapan ng mga sumasampalataya para IALAY o IHANDOG sa Dios,ngunit Ninanakaw nila katulad Ninyo ngayon!!


  5. Totally agree with Edge. This is what the blind members fail to remember, that we are not all about numbers. Success is measured in quality, not in quantity.

    Yeah, sure, you can say that more and more people get enlisted for Bible studies. Some even receive baptism, but what next? Some turn into MS/TS or UWP. Why? Because the INC nowadays only care about the numbers, worries should only come later on.

    And locales kept on having problems because of the large percentage of members not attending worship services? They should blame themselves for this matter.


  6. Very good if Bieber Cancelled.Maybe Bieber will go to MOA instead of PA!! Ciudad de Victoria? uhm …uuhhhmmm!! You’re right ka Anton,must be Quality not QUANTITY.They don’t care for the Souls,they are saying it,but what they care for:Lots of members,LOTS of MONEY!!


  7. Sorry Bro.Edge,I have really hard time writing or speaking english.Most of the times my grammars or sentences are wrong. I just want to give my comments on ka AE’s site about Jezebel and will write in Pilipino. Bakit tinatawag nyo pang “kapatid yang si SanPedro eh “masamang ministro” yan na WALANG magawa kundi Sisihin at Siraan ang pamilya ngka EGM at mga Ministrong tiniwalag ng AMONG nya! Ako lang eh Binanatan ko na sya tungkol sa IKINALAT niya na si ka TENNY ang jezebel at HINDI nga Masagot ng magaling (?) na Ministrong ito! Heto tanong ko sa kanya noon:
    1.)Ang tunay na Jezebel sa Biblia—PAGANO
    2.) ” ” ” Jezebel ” ” — BATA pa o wala pang 80 anyos
    3.) ” ” ” Jezebel ” ” — Ander de Saya Niya si Haring Ahab
    4.) ” ” ” Jezebel ” ” —- Nagpapatay ng mga Propeta
    5.) ” ” ” Jezebel ” ” —– Inusig at gustong ipapatay si Propeta Elias

    Heto sagutin mo MAGALING na San Pedro o sinomang OWE na spy dito sa site:

    Kailan NASUMPUNGAN o GINAWA ni ka Tenny ang mga Ugali at Kasamaang ito ni Jezebel sa Biblia?
    si ka TENNY tunay na Cristiano at hindi Pagano.Si ka Tenny 80 plus na ang Edad.
    si ka Tenny WALANG Pinapatay na mga Ministro o Manggagawa o KARANIWANG Kapatid.
    si ka TENNY walang INUSIG na Sangoons o mga Minstro o mismong si EVM.
    Ito ang mga SAGUTIN Ninyo mga BUANG!! Lalo ka na San Pedro ka na Napakayabang.Pareho kayo ng kapatid mong si R.San Pedro. Dala nyo pa pangalan ni apostol Pedro–mahiya naman kayo!! At sa HULI,Kailanmam HINDI Ander de Saya si Ka EGM. Sino ba ngayon ang Ander de Saya???


  8. Hoy San Pedro,SINUNGALING ka talaga ano? Kailan Nagsalita sina ka Marc at ka Angel na sila ang TP sa Iglesia? Binubulag mo talaga ang mga Kaanib ngayon sa Makabagong Iglesiang ito ano? Mula nga noong July 2015 minsan lang Nagsalita ka Tenny at ka Angel at si ka Marc,wala ngang sinabi kahit ano—Saang utak ng demonio mo na naman nakuha iyang KINATHA mong salitang iyan?? Palibhasa hindi ka na sa Dios kaya kung ano-ano yang sinasabi at kung sino-sino Pinagbibintangan mo? Sa totoo lang–kung MAGDEDEBATE kayong mga OWE against sa mga Ministrong defenders,WALA Kayong mga SINABI!! Kung kaming mga simpleng kapatid,hindi ninyo masagot mga TANONG namin,paano pa kayo haharap sa mga Defenders Ministers?? Ang Palabintangin at Sinungaling –Anak ng Diablo,intiendes!!


  9. Kanina lang sa pagsamba ng July 27 ang sabi ng minister mula sa central…
    “Ngayun pa ba tayo manlalamig na kitang kita ang mga biyaya at tagumpay na ibinibigay ng panginoong Dios sa Iglesia? Ang mga naunang kapatid na nangamatay na Hindi nanghina..nanghawak sila sa mga pangako. Hindi sila nanlamig. Noon wala pang Philippine arena, wala pang mga mehoras ang Iglesia..ang kapilya ay mga pawid lang na di gaya ngayun. Hindi na nila nakita ang mga pagtatagumpay ng Iglesia”

    Excuse me po ministro Mg22. Hindi po kailanman napapalakas ng anumang material na bagay ang aming pananampalataya kundi ng mga dalisal na aral na aming naririnig na matagal nyo ng binabali para lamang kami mag abuloy, handog, lingap at magtipon ng mas malaki pa. Kanina sa pagsamba my naramdaman ka bang biyaya? Anniversary ng Iglesia? Mas marami pa ang tulog kasama na ang mga diakono sa likod mo.


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