More WebEx / More Squealing

I really don’t feel like writing much about the WebEx worship service I just witnessed. Basically it was just another campaign to value the church, because more and more people are stopping in their attendance of worship services, tired of all the pretentiousness of it all – the “success” we continue to reap; the “blessings” and so on.

But what is truly noticeable, from the very beginning is the lack of spirituality of the worship service. Certainly, there were people answering in the prayers, but if you would simply watch the body language of the choir members behind administrator, one could easily see the boredom and sleepiness.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 06.42.56.png

So by the time the lesson finished, Matt Pareja had to do his utmost best to make the people cry by squealing louder and louder. Thus, it begs the question, is it really a spiritual worship service when the minister has to squeal like a pig to beg God to pour out his Holy Spirit?

Let’s get something straight, in the olden days, and I mean during the time of the Messenger, the ministers literally had to shout out their prayers for two reasons;

One , they did not have a good sound system at their disposal. They HAD TO should in order to be heard. Two, because of the lack of a good sound system and microphone, when God poured out his Holy Spirit, there was so much weeping and crying that they could not be heard.

The present church administration has the finest sound system in every worship service. He brings his own! Why would anyone need to shout when a whisper can easily be heard?

God is not DEAF. So who are you shouting at? Everyone can hear you fine. To be honest, in all the Webex Worship services I have attended, the brethren do not even answer!  Why would they? It is a repeat. A rerun. A PLAYBACK. That includes the days or in this instance weeks old prayer. Does God listen to a stale prayer?

Speaking of prayer in case you have not had a chance to read this post about prayers, let me share this with you. It includes the specific instructions of the former executive minister on how proper solemn prayers should be conducted. What we witnessed was a squealing session.

On Prayers

And why is the entire thing in Tagalog? Most countries outside the Philippines are English speaking. Didn’t brother Eraño Manalo give specific instructions regarding English? Here…(sorry for the poor quality)

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 06.51.42.png

More importantly, this is what the BIBLE says:

That’s how it is when you speak unknown languages. If no one can understand what you are talking about, you will only be talking to the wind.  There are many different languages in this world, and all of them make sense.  But if I don’t understand the language that someone is using, we will be like foreigners to each other”. 1 Corinthians 14:9-11







15 thoughts on “More WebEx / More Squealing

  1. Hmmm…those pesky repetitious, squealing recorded prayers, played-back a 1000x all over the world. The unending rituals that they do now. It stopped being a worship service a long time ago. Everything they do are just pretense, deceiving themselves & everyone else that doesn’t think & just keep drinking the cool aid. Obey without questions = blind obedience, same difference.


  2. The reason I am attending Webex ws is I want to know “IF” there will be Different Lesson.Sad to say,even the lessons are Just repetitious,it’s just like praying or reciting the “rosary” when I was still Catholic.The prayer of Matt is d same too though sometimes he try to changed it but keep falling on the same meaning.Even when EVM trying to adviced n persuading d H.Spirit—He’s COPYING ka EGM’s wordings,though sometimes he changed it a little bit. I remember what ka EGM n some old Ministers on those days they keep saying,YOU CANNOT Pretend if You really feel or the H.Spirit is really Dwelling in Prayers or on the Congregations. The HOLY SPIRIT knows Your heart n your inner intentions in praying. No One can Deceived d H.Spirit when it comes to Praying,he knows our hearts and intentions in asking for d H.Spirit to come to guide and intermediate Us to God and Lord Jesuschrist. Yep watched and Observed the Brethren,maybe d ratio between those who can “feel” the spirit and cannot feel is 1:20 or more!! Really sad Matt Pareja right??But a noticed a difference now–He mentioned EVM’s name JUST 2 times and He dont pray anymore to GOD to Punished n killed those they called “enemies” n “detractors”,why? coz we keep Exposing THEM in Giving Praises to EVM’s Name rather than CHRIST? How they “hate” the Defenders whom they called Enemies of EVM n d Sangoons??If Someone in your FAMILY make mistakes and you Correct him/her for their mistakes– ARE YOU Enemy of your Family? If you correct your brother or sister in d Church–are you “enemy” of them(bro/sis)? So ka EGM is RIGHT when He say”s— Mas mabuti ka at mas mabait KUNG Hindi ka na lang KIKIBO kahit may MALI kang nakikita o may Maling nangyayari sa Iglesia at Hahayaan mo na lang!! Ganito na nga ang Gusto ninyo ngayon,kahit may Mali ok lang,bayaan mo na lang KASI pag kumibo ka you gonna get Expel and you are going against the Church Admin.!!
    At ito ang tama para sa inyong mga OWE/STF di ba,just obey n submit no matter what! right?


  3. One more thing,in the time of ka EGM,if the w.s is Offering or Dedication of a Chapel,the Lesson is about–Why we built a temple or chapel,what is the importance of the chapel,what signifies why we built a chapel n how impt. is the Chapel to God’s eye n shows or teach why do we spend d money/offerings to build a house of prayers. Even if it’s not ka EGM was d one to officiate the dedication of the chapel d lesson is about those that I mentioned.Not about poverty,not About the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the Administration,nor remaining in d church but ALL about the Church/Temple IMPORTANCE why the Leader w/the help of the brethren BUILD/BUILT it! One more thing,OMG, U/We cannot Follow the Hymn singing,the tune is VERY Difficult to follow n remember!! How can U/We SING of PRAISES to GOD if you dont KNOW the TUNE!!Even the Choir members in the locale I attended too–CANNOT Sing Properly–I’m looking at them,they have a Hard time to sing too!! What’s d Problem of the HEAD of the Choir in Pinas??SISTER,we are not Professional SINGERS!! We can’t follow Your New Hymns n Tunes!!!!


  4. I’m sure those people were reading the comments of the “enemies.” It seems that Matt Pareja tends to squeal more and more as their “enemies” criticize them in their so-called prayer to God.

    In other words, they are trolling us more.


  5. BTW: with regards to that letter written by Bro. EGM: it seems that EVM is the only one exempted to that rule. Well, let’s be honest, I can really say that he is not really that good in speaking in English.

    I remember when I went to INC Life back then in NEU, someone asked a BEM student why EVM does not conduct English sermons in worship services outside the Philippines. The student said: “Para po ipakita sa lahat na sa Pilipinas galing ang INC.” (To let the people know that the INC came from the Philippines.) But I don’t believe in this nonsense; they just cannot directly tell the people that EVM is not really good in speaking in English since it will crush his ego.


  6. At least this time there were no “fallen angel” barbs.

    The beginning sounded like a Catholic mass with Santos reading and the ministers answering.

    But still Pareja’s “prayer” was the same as usual. Commanding God? He can hear us so no need to scream.


  7. All of use here have the same agenda last WWWS. We observe what’s new and the same. That’s we did not fall asleep. In the local where I attended the choir are not attentive at all, the PD is sleepy in front and many other near me are sleeping. I would say half of the attendees are late but were allowed to sneak in..another 25% came inside a minute before manalangin.. And this is the our TP officiating the WS. Wala na kasing bago na sinasabi.

    Matt Pareja…I know your reading this blog and many other…STOP your way of praying..paulit ulit…bawal yan paraan ng panalamgin mo..kaya ang mga kapatid ayaw sumagot sa panalangin mo.


  8. Ang panalangin ng isang taong may “tapat at matuwid” na puso ay dinirinig ng Diyos! At pagkarinig ng Diyos ay kanyang isinusugo ang Espiritu Santo para banalin at pagpalain ang lingkod Niyang ito!

    Wala ng pakikisama ang Diyos sa kasalukuyang liderato ng Iglesia dahil sa katiwalian at kasinungalingan, kaya kahit pa isagad ni Matt Pareja ang kanyang puwersa sa pagsigaw sa kanyang pananalangin, ay HINDI NA NAKIKINIG ANG DIYOS! Nilayuan na sila ng Diyos!

    Dapat na sana silang mabahala sa kalagayan nilang ito at isipin kung ano ang nararapat gawin at baguhin! Hangga’t nagbibingi-bingihan at nagbubulag-bulagan ang lideratong ito sa totoong nangyayari sa loob ng iglesia ay mananatiling “nakasara” ang langit sa lahat ng kanilang mga panalangin!

    Magbago na po kayo at magsisi para manumbalik muli ang espiritu ng biyaya sa inyong liderato!

    Huwag ninyo pong idamay ang kaluluwa ng mga tapat at matuwid na kaanib na masadlak sa paghihirap at kaparusahan! Maawa na po kayo!


  9. I agree with you ka Magna,dapat talaga Magbago atMagsisi na SILA! Ano sa palagay mo sa loob ng 8 taon na nag Sta.Cena SILA nagbago ba o mas Lumalala ang mga kasalalanan NILA? Kung nagbago SILA dapat Nagsalita na sila ng Katotohanan sa mga Pagsamba o kaya may sirkular o palibot liham na sa buong Iglesia,pero WALA di ba?Aywan kung ANO ang naging Damdamin ng AMA ng SUWAYIN NILA ang mga Tagubilin at Payo ng ka ERDY noong buhay pa ang ating kapatid.Kung NAKINIG SILA,marahil Hindi magkakaganito ang Iglesia na Nabilad sa kahihiyan at mga kung ano-anong anomalia at patayan . Pati tuloy ang Sugo at ka EGM na mga namayapa na ay Nadadamay pa sa pangangantiyaw at pag-uusig ng mga Galit o naiinggit pa sa Iglesia. Remember bago SILA Tumanggap ng Sta.Cena this year,Giniba NILA ang bahay sa TS,pinalayas sina ka Angel n company.Kinasuhan si ka Angel at ipinakulong.Pagkatapos ng PAGTANGGAP NILA ng S.Cena nagsagawa ng Lingap sa Africa,ano ang IBINUNGA–Kaguluhan at kamatayan ng ilang mga tao dun sa Africa! Kaya ang TANONG,Nagbago ba o lalong Lumala(sumama) Sila ngayon na may mga Pinatay pang mga kapatid na Tumutulong at Dumadalaw lang sa ka Angel!!


  10. Ako ay umiiyak habang iniisa-isa kong tinitignan ang mga larawan ng ka Felix Villocino na ipinoste ng ka AE sa kanyang huling artikulo!

    Ganito kalupit pumatay ang mga miyembro ng Iglesia Ni EVM!




  11. Tama,ka Magna,hindi na SILA sa Dios.Ang LUPIT talaga,binaril pa sa MATA at ilang bahagi ng katawan.Tinorture pa siguro sng kapatid bago pinatay! Ingkisisyon talaga,pahirapan ka muna bago patayin! Ayaw ko na Silang Tawaging “kapatid”.Kahit sinong OWE/STF na Min.n Churchwrkers di ko na Tinatawag na “kapatid”.Nasa biblia naman yan.Sabi ni Pablo ang mga kapatid na “lumalakad ng walang kaayusan at liko ang pamumuhay” puede mong tawaging HINDI kapatid at Pinalalayuan pa ng Apostol Pablo!Tulad ng pagpatay kay ka Fruto,halos lumabas ang utak at mata dahil TINADTAD ng bala!! Malupit talaga ang DIABLO!!


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