Asking Questions

Ok, now that the fourth of July celebrations and “Unity Games” are over and done with, let’s get down to business – Let’s get straight to the point  – and there are a couple of them – regarding the last Webex Worship Service of the “beloved” Administrator.

I want to keep this very brief so bear with me if I may sound blunt. There is no sugar coating it

Administrator said that if brethren wanted to ask questions, they should do so. He said it is not true that you would “not be expelled” if you just had questions. But then again, he also so said, “it depends if they are asking questions or simply questioning…” So in other words, depending on your question, you could still get expelled. And if that is true that he would not expel you for merely asking questions, then why were even family members, children and infants EXPELLED?? Did the little children also ask the “wrong” kind of questions?

In the sermon last Sunday, he also cited several verses to warn the Church of those who are inside who would ruin our faith and our salvation. I have no disagreements with those verses. I totally agree 100% with the words of God. The only thing necessary is that those who are speaking them should carefully look around first because there are those certainly living the lie. Let’s look at some of these verses:

Jude 1:3

“Dear friends, I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to his holy people.”

I agree. We must defend the faith. Isn’t that also what the “Defenders” believe they are doing?

Why did the Apostles say we must defend the faith? What do we have to watch out for?


Jude 1:4 says:

“For some godless people have slipped in unnoticed among us, persons who distort the message about the grace of our God in order to excuse their immoral ways, and who reject Jesus Christ, our only Master and Lord.”

READ AGAIN:  those who “distort the message”, “

Why do you think that the lessons are just repeated / rehashed versions of the same verses over and over about obedience and offering? They “warn” that we will not be saved simply because of the shrinking offerings.


How does the Bible describe those who distort the message? Jude 1:11-13, 16

For the sake of money they have given themselves over to the error that Balaam committed. They have rebelled as Korah rebelled, and like him they are destroyed. 12 With their shameless carousing they are like dirty spots in your fellowship meals. They take care only of themselves. They are like clouds carried along by the wind, but bringing no rain. They are like trees that bear no fruit, even in autumn, trees that have been pulled up by the roots and are completely dead. 13 They are like wild waves of the sea, with their shameful deeds showing up like foam. They are like wandering stars, for whom God has reserved a place forever in the deepest darkness.

These people are always grumbling and blaming others; they follow their own evil desires; they brag about themselves and flatter others in order to get their own way.


Do these words look familiar? What is the new favourite joke of Administrator? “Are you sure that’s not about what’s happening now? Let’s break down the verses…


“For the sake of money they have given themselves over to the error”

Why do you think some “VIP’s” can visit their favourite Districts in America at will just to attend Unity Games (cough-cough)

There are now eco-farms in Africa. Tell us, how many of those people are actually brethren?  They’re not even farmers! How much are they paid? Are we now also paying the wages of non-members out of our offerings? Because obviously, as it was said in the YouTube video, that the planted trees will not be bearing fruit for another 5 years.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 23.20.33.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 23.23.09.png

So it bears the question, does our offerings really help the poor? Think about it, for example, we had a “Special Offering” for the Lusaka Aid to Humanity. How much offerings were given? Then what were given to the people? A bag each? What were in the bags? Mielie Meal and a head of cabbage. How much did each bag cost? Now compare that to the offerings given. We keep getting told the the brethren are all united right? So millions of dollars must have poured in. So I ask again, if 30,000 people were given a head of cabbage and mielie meal each, how much did it all cost? Millions of dollars? Puh-lease. Someone is benefitting and it is NOT THE POOR AFRICANS.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.08.17

They take care only of themselves. They are like clouds carried along by the wind, but bringing no rain.

Do many of you pay attention to the brethren during worship services? No answers during the prayers? An empty feeling isn’t it? Dry as the desert sands? Because those who are speaking are clouds with no rain. It’s not about caring for the brethren’s faith anymore. Do we get real lessons about how to deal with our everyday troubles? How can we take care of our family in troubled times? How can the married couples cope? NO. Because the lessons are not for US. It is always about OBEY them and OFFER so that there is something for THEM to use!

They brag about themselves

How many were ordained again this year? Wasn’t that the intro? Is that a world record? Officially Amazing (wink-wink)

Oh my, we are only in the book of Jude. Let’s move on…


Galatians 2:4-5

But because of false believers secretly brought in, who slipped in to spy on the freedom we have in Christ Jesus, so that they might enslave us— we did not submit to them even for a moment, so that the truth of the gospel might always remain with you. 

Too bad Administrator did not simply continue the reading to verse 6 which says:

“And from those who were supposed to be acknowledged leaders (what they actually were makes no difference to me; God shows no partiality)—those leaders contributed nothing to me.”

Funny how the Apostles did not emphasise “the leaders” the way it is emphasised now.  Speaking of enslaving…

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 23.24.00.png

While we are on this point, I want to bring something up that is very important. We are being pressed to have COMPLETE and TOTAL SUBMISSION to the Church Council without question. But if you will read the verse in the same chapter 2 of Galatians, Apostle Paul wrote about this one instance with Apostle Peter, who was a senior to him and was part of the Administration in the Jewish nation:


Galatians 2:11-14

But when Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him in public, because he was clearly wrong. Before some men who had been sent by James arrived there, Peter had been eating with the Gentile believers. But after these men arrived, he drew back and would not eat with the Gentiles, because he was afraid of those who were in favor of circumcising them. The other Jewish believers also started acting like cowards along with Peter; and even Barnabas was swept along by their cowardly action. 1When I saw that they were not walking a straight path in line with the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter in front of them all, “You are a Jew, yet you have been living like a Gentile, not like a Jew. How, then, can you try to force Gentiles to live like Jews?”


2 points I want to bring up here. Notice what Paul said? “I opposed him in public because he was clearly wrong.”


There was nothing wrong with Paul disagreeing with Peter. He even rebuked the Apostle Peter, who had personally been with Jesus.


Second point, even during that time, there were church members who disagreed regarding the practice of circumcision. Did the Administration just simply say let’s just EXPEL all those who disagreed with me? Was it a simple issue? By no means. It might seem to some when we hear it in Bible studies that the disagreement of circumcision was like only 1 or 2 days. This lasted for years. The book of Galatians was written around 53 A.D. While the book of Acts was written 63 A.D. People were not instantly expelled if they did not always agree.


What is my point? Nowadays, one could be expelled for simply asking questions, or being related to one who asked questions, for “liking” a post on Facebook and for offering less than the previous year.


So if you want to use the biblical term, distorting the message, go right ahead – that is exactly what we are witnessing.


Let me point out one more example to show the notion that no one can question every decision of the Administrator.


Notice how Moses is always quoted because he was a great leader and how Miriam and Aaron were punished by God for opposing him? (cue fear of the brethren). Well why are we never told about Moses’ father in law?


Read Exodus 18:13-19

The next day, Moses had the special job of judging the people. There were so many people that they had to stand before him all day.

14 Jethro saw Moses judging the people. He asked, “Why are you doing this? Why are you the only judge? And why do people come to you all day?”

15 Then Moses said to his father-in-law, “The people come to me and ask me to ask for God’s decision for their problem. 16 If people have an argument, they come to me, and I decide which person is right. In this way I teach the people God’s laws and teachings.”

17 But Moses’ father-in-law said to him, “This isn’t the right way to do this.


What can you notice? Moses did not flare up and say, “HEY WAIT A MINUTE! HOW DARE YOU? I AM ADMINISTRATOR!!! SUBMIT! DON’T QUESTION ME!


Jethro said to him: “Why are you doing this? “This isn’t the right way to do this.


Verse 24: So Moses did what Jethro told him.


Moses listened to his father in law’s advice. That is NO DISTORTION.

You think Administrator would listen? Look at what happened to family members who tried.

So let me end with a verse and with that same line Administrator likes to use as a joke:

Luke 20:46-47

“Beware of these teachers of religious law! For they like to parade around in flowing robes and love to receive respectful greetings as they walk in the marketplaces. And how they love the seats of honor in the synagogues and the head table at banquets.  Yet they shamelessly cheat widows out of their property and then pretend to be pious by making long prayers in public. Because of this, they will be severely punished.”


“Are you sure that’s not about what’s happening now?

(insert forced laughter from congregation)


I had so much more to say on the last sermon but I may just save it for another time. This is already long. Till next time.




11 thoughts on “Asking Questions

  1. Bro.Edge I would like to ADD that Moses Father in Law is NOT EVEN a Hebrew or belong to God’s People! If that was EVM, OMG Who are You to Give Advice to ME!! The Truth is,that Lesson is for THEM(OWE/STF n EVM’s Followers). He’s Funny,He said “stand firm,strong and fight for YOUR Faith.Then He say’s “what is d best thing to do–GO AWAY,AVOID THEM”!! How did you fight for your FAITH if you”RUN AWAY”? Cowards ha ha haha..If You really BELIEVED that God and Christ is WITH YOU,why Run and WALK away? It’s JUST PROOF that H.Spirit is no longer with OWE/STF–EVM n SANGOONS!! EVM if I asked YOU,How come you did not HEED or LISTEN to your FATHER’s(ka EGM) Adviced,you gonna ANSWER the TRUTH or you will EXPEL me and will be “read” in d Worship Services–Bibliko is Expelled because does’nt WANT to Obey n SUBMIT.He is AGAINST the C.A.!!! ha ha ha ha haaa MAGTANONG DAW??? at di MATITIWALAG–honestly,truthfully????


  2. I think the brethren are silently protesting by not answering during the prayers of webex mode worship service and especially when mat pareja screams his prayer about EVM


  3. Whether these 2009 INC fanatics accept or reject, their cult is slowly crumbling towards its ultimate end! It is managed by businessmen holding the holy bible to entice non-suspecting peoples to join for prosperity and jobs! By this manner, they treat these people like fools, good for nothing but mere prey to predators! The God of Heavens is gnashing his teeth in anger against these creatures who are taking advantage of ignorant, hungry, sick, poor, uneducated, isolated people in the world! THEY MUST PAY FOR THESE..!


  4. Bro.EDGE,if we will Analyzed Luke 20:46-47 as you mentioned,the “favorite” of EVM,and asked: Are you SURE that’s not about what’s happening? These Verses pertains to HIM n his Sangoons! They are the “teachers of the Law and Love to received RESFECTFULLY and GREETINGS by the BRETHREN wherever LOCALES they Visit,right? They Love Seats of HONOR in the Chapel or any RENTED Facilities of the INC Congregations!! Lead table at BANQUETS and Cheating the Brethren in their OFFERINGS and Pretending in PRAYERS as if they FEEL the Holy Spirit,right my co-Defenders? So THEY ARE the ONES mentioned by our Lord Jesuschrist in that Chapter and verses in the book of Evangelist LUKE not the Defenders!! Bato-bato sa Langit,ang Tamaan Huwag Magagalit he he he he he…….


  5. Bro Edge, you mentioned the “VIP’s” that can visit their favourite Districts in America at will just to attend Unity Games.
    Check out the VIP’s the flew to Connecticut from all over just to pose for a picture taking with JS holding their “proud to be & we love EVM banner in the purchase of a another Ghost Town in Johnsonville, Connecticut a 62 acres property all over FB. Round trip flights for everyone courtesy of every members of the EVM church.
    Makes me wonder what business venture are they thinking of this time. Haunted/Ghost Town attraction? INC Amusement Park? Farming? Oil mine?


  6. If I asked “JS” how come you and your Sangoons did not Obey ka EGM’s adviced to “ELECT” someone to replaced Him as TP or EM? Are you sure EVM n Cortez will not EXPEL me?? How come the OFFERINGS of the Brethren to GOD ALMIGHTY was USED in different BUSINESSES that were UNDER your Name n your SONS? Are U sure EVM n Cortez will not EXPEL me? That’s why EVM said,it depends on your/one”s Question,right? But if all of you are TRULY of GOD,you MUST answer Truthfully n Honestly,right or gonna still LIE??JUST ASKING QUESTION as Challenged to EVM”s pronouncement!!!


  7. When Ka Teny and her other children were expelled by EVM from the INC, I was initially forced to provide a lame justification in answer to my Catholic friends’ observation that the INC has fallen into self-destruct mode due to infighting even between members of EGM’s immediate family. To defend the INC, I had to tell them that the expulsion was on a “technicality” because, as INC members, we are not supposed to “wash our dirty linen in public”. In other words, there is a protocol being followed within the church to resolve any kind of issue and not air it out in public. Privately, however, I knew that Ka Teny and her children could not have simply just overreacted but that they genuinely felt that their lives were in danger and their claim about the kidnapping of some ministers was true. As has been proven by subsequent events such as the highly publicized ordeal of Bros. Menorca and Samson culminating in the continued harassment and eventual incarceration of Bro. Angel and the murder/disappearance of known INC defenders/supporters, many have come to realize that there really is something terribly wrong with EVM and his administration. And instead of displaying sincere love and care for the church by adopting the methods used by his father and grandfather before him, EVM allowed his mother and siblings to be vilified and persecuted along with all those who dared to question his decisions and authority. And as mentioned in this article, one of his oft-repeated justification for expelling his mother and siblings is the lesson preached even during the worship service about Myriam who was punished by God for speaking against Moses. But EVM, in obviously trying to compare himself to Moses through that story, has unwittingly allowed the discerning among us to read the entire chapter and evaluate for ourselves what kind of mind and spirit EVM truly has. For in the same story, we learned that Moses even cried to the Lord to heal his sister (Numbers 12:13) which EVM did not do for his family members. To top it all, it was God and not Moses who inflicted the punishment on Myriam unlike EVM who arrogated to himself the power to punish his family members. Now, I can’t blame those who cited biblical verses (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) re the wicked one to apply to EVM. Neither can I dispute the conclusion of thinking brethren that because of EVM’s many controversial decisions and pronouncements, coupled with his lordly (“astang panginoon”) behavior, he really has become the fulfillment of what Ka Erdy foretold regarding persecution from within the church. And as each INC member acts according to what his heart dictates in the face of this ongoing crisis within the church, my sincerest hope is that the Good Lord will provide the much needed guidance towards the righteous path in the true worship of Him and in attaining the promised salvation.


  8. Ka Hope,no one should you/we blamed if what we are TELLING is Truth,especially if it is quoted from God’s Word/Bible,and it really SHOWS that what we are Exposing is True and happening right now in this NewgenChurch headed by the “new Shepherd of d Flocks” (now?) Just ONE Teachings that they Introduced in this Church,it’s NO longer belongs to God and Christ,how much more if it is MORE than ONE? We are d witnesses today of MANY Changes in d Church.No more respect to the OFFERING to our Lord God! No more respect to the HOLIEST placed in the Podium,where they keep Character assassination to all they Expelled.Imagine we are there to Worship GOD,then even in d middle of ws,they will mentioned they so called “detractors” sometimes even before d beginning of the lesson or last part of d sermon “they will mentioned it”


  9. I mean, d Holiest part of d main Sanctuary–the Podium n d Choir loft.This is where the Minister Preached d words of God at the same time Preachings too how to Hate the so called detractors n enemies of Them.


  10. Sangoons n Evm—do you know who killed Bro.F.Villocino who just HELPING ka Angel? JUST ASKING Question. I hope “you” can HELP to find who Murdered our Brother in the Faith!!


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