There’s not  much I will add to this topic since it was already well covered by AE and William Smith. As you probably all saw, INC legal department acted quickly on this one to get the images of the passports removed because it showed 2 very important words: DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 18.26.16.png

This is how Administrator and family can get around the countries and airports with ease. I won’t delve into it too much since, like I said, it was well covered already.

My only question is regarding this, is, why does the Council scream “Separation of religion and government matters” and yet reap all the benefits from it?

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 18.36.23.png

When the Church leaders were to be investigated, all screamed “Separation of Church and State!! Go investigate that massacre!!

But when it came to charging Lowell Menorca, it’s “go get ’em officers!” Oh and what was that most heinous and wickedest of crimes he was accused of by the Council? Oh, that’s right, LIBEL.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 18.38.10.png


When the church leaders were required to go to court, it’s “what? Moi? Us? How dare you?” And they didn’t even show. Love the excuse: “oh we forgot” (in other countries that’s called contempt of court)

When you wanted Bro. Angel kicked out, the entire SWAT team came. What happened to that “leave us alone” dramatics?



And now these papers that show Administrator has Diplomatic status in traveling?? A right reserved for government representatives? So is he now part of the government? The very same government the brethren were told to yell at to leave us alone? My, what power one wields that can make the government yield such power to them. And cash.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 18.25.59.png

Perhaps he is “the International Man of Mystery” Yeah baby…(lyn)!


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 18.17.04.png







9 thoughts on “Diplomatic

  1. Yeah Bro.Edge,if the Govt.wants to investigate some wrong doing in the Church–NO! separation of Church and State!! But if the CHURCH want Something and do something in the GOVT.,They CONTROL it with Their POWER n MONEY!! This church is the ONE who is BIASED when it Comes to knowing the Truth!! History of Church APOSTASY is repeating again!! Remember the 1st Century Church that was APOSTATIZED? When those Bishpos and POPE became Powerful and Mighty,they PERSECUTED and MURDERED those CHRISTIANS that Defended the TRUTH and doesnt go or agree with THEM at that time? Same thing today/present time,CARBON COPY of Apostatized 1st century church this EVM n Company Church!!


  2. Remember Dr.Jose Rizal n the GomBurZa,they were Persecuted n Murdered by Catholic Authority because the GOVT, at that time was UNDER the CONTROL the Catholic Church under the authority of the POPE.This what’s Happening in the Philippines–Govt.Officials,Media,n others are AFRAID of the NewGenINC under EVM n SANGOONS!


  3. Well, so much for “separation of church and state” right there. EVM is the real president of the Philippines 😀


  4. What is the separation of the state and religion for your understanding?
    And bawal ba na magkaroon Ng diplomat, is that a passport or visa, Ang isang non government representative?


  5. Hindi po maari yun..kaya nga my mga iba ibang uri ng passport na nakalaan para sa ibat ibang uri ng kaukulan. Ano Maya ang dahilan bakit diplomatic passport ang ginamit ni ka EVM gayung meron naman passport na nauukol sa uri ng kanyang gagawin? Hindi ba tuwirang paglabag sa batas yun? OK lang sana kung mafia ang gumagawa pero tayo po ay relihiyon na nagsasabing syang tanging ililigtas ng panginoong Jesus


  6. If U have Diplomatic PPT no ONE can touch or Open ur Baggage in any Airports.U can SMUGGLE everything U want to smuggle especially Thousands of MONEY and bring it with U.I heard today that THESE Leaders are in Brazil again?Doing Humanitarian or “doing big Business”? Why not go to MARAWI and not only help the taga-sanlibutan but most of all the mga KAPATID na nadadamay sa Gierra!! Hypocrites! helping (daw) people in Brazil,but our very own Countrymen who need more help are Helpless in Mindanao? Mga Mapagpaimbabaw at Ipokritong mga “tunay na maka-DIOS”


  7. Clearly this Leonil guy has no idea about the law of the Philippines. He just knows how to bark just to defend his god.


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