The Present day Daniel

Hear ye! Hear ye! Behold! We now have the Present day Daniel!!

I’m sure many brethren are as shocked as I was during the Webex re-run upon hearing Administrator compare himself to Daniel. What can I say but Wow. And I mean WOW. That is a load to digest right now. I don’t even know how to react to that.

I have to admit my mind was slightly wondering during the hour plus long sermon, you know, usual stuff, obey, submit, obey, etc then he drops the bombshell that what happened to Daniel is like what’s happening now. Interesting…

Because Daniel was accused of corruption by the other administrators who were jealous of him and none was found. And it’s because Daniel was hardworking and upright. Hence, the comparison.

To trap Daniel, the others proposed a new law that no one could pray for 30 days. He was caught because he prayed to God 3 times a day kneeling towards an open window.

He was tried and found guilty and thrown into the lions’ den but was saved by God. Those who opposed him were killed instead.

Now really let’s compare…

Daniel was hardworking and upright. Present day Daniel preaches once a week flying in his airbus and 2 helicopters.

Present day Daniel has also been accused of corruption   But none was found. Says who? HE DOES.

Daniel was seen kneeling and praying 3 times a day because his window was open. We don’t see present day Daniel during the week. Does he pray 3 times a day? Probably. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Did you know Daniel only ate vegetables and drank only water? Present day Daniel? Hmmm…

Present day Daniel? More like present day Godfather. How else do you think these government people would go to him?  You think they wake up one morning and say hey I have lovely idea, I think I’ll visit the Great and Wise EVM today!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 16.02.45

Not bloody likely. There are Church members who are inside the government, the police, customs and so on that gives Administrator great influence. These insiders push for such visits and government people will do it knowing they can also benefit from such visits to The Godfather, er, I mean present day Daniel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 16.02.51.png

So here is the question, if HE is present day Daniel, would he not be afraid of the lions’ den? Here is the present day lion’s den. In his own backyard, Mindanao.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 16.16.29.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-29 at 16.16.51.png

Where is present day Daniel? Europe

Please go visit where there are more brethren in need of spiritual guidance and NOT  the best shopping centres in the world.

How does that song about Daniel go?

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain
Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 15.59.04.png


Oh Daniel.


7 thoughts on “The Present day Daniel

  1. Yeah Bro.,HE Compared himself to Daniel.I was Surprised too. I challenged Him and OWE’s to,to tell to EVM to go INSIDE the CAGE of a Lion in Manila or Malabon Zoo and let’s SEE if the Lion wont Hurt or Eat Him,there you go,EVM is really like prophet Daniel!! I dont think so that EVM is PRAYING 3 times a day on an open window in His Mansion!!His Blind and Fanatics Followers LIKE that lesson as they were Happy to the Death of Bro.Lito Fruto!!These Fanatics and Blind people are of God n Christ?? They are enjoying when a Defender is being captured,put to prison or being tortured or being put to Silenced by being Bribe by them or the last Resort is to make the Defender Silenced Permanently!! DANIEL didnt do this to his Jealous co-Administrators!! The KING was the ONE who Punished these Administrators. Soon our GOD will Punish THESE Administrators in OUR time!!


  2. Can we challenge the present day Daniel to visit the brethren in Mindanao? 😀 His asskissing minister would like to say that he still goes to the most dangerous places just to visit the brethren anyway.

    Pray? OWEs will say, “He is praying during the benedicition! What are you talking about!” Oh cut the crap, we want to hear him shouting and screaming to the heavens like his goon Matt Pareja. 😀


    1. My thoughts exactly. The ass kissing minister who led the prayer branded Marseille, France as a dangerous place. To the unthinking minions, the OWE leader would appear to be very brave and bold to go to such a “dangerous” place South of France. Well, the OWE leader should walk the talk and conduct a Lingap Pamamahayag (EVAngelical Mission) in South of Philippines in Marawi and reach out to the ISIS-linked Maute terror group and his boys if he’s really that brave.


  3. Bro.EDGE,as I Promised to you,here is the Lesson Outlined by ka FYM.It is in Tagalog but I know someone will tranlate this in English for you. I am doing this to SHOW to ALL of them(EVM,Sangoons,STF/OWE’s Ministers that they GO AGAINST the TEACHINGS of Ka FYM,the Last God’s Messenger in these Last Days. Sorry that I dont know really know how to write or outline it good.—-Ang TANGING Pinuno sa Iglesia ni Cristo(Title of the MINISTERIAL Lesson,#54)——-Sino ang Tanging Pinuno sa IGLESIA na Itinayo ni Cristo?—- 1.) Ang Binigyan ng KAPANGYARIHAN sa Langit at sa Lupa–Mateo 2:18— 2.) Panginoon at Hari si Cristo— Apoc. 17:14—3.) Pangulo ng Iglesia– Efeso 5:23,24;1:20-21,22-23 I. Sino ang Dapat Kilalaning PASTOR,OBISPO,at GURO sa Iglesia na itinayo ni Cristo? —– 1.) Si Cristo ang TANGING Pastor at Obispo natin— 1Pedro 2:25 — 2.) Si Cristo ang Mabuting Pastor— Juan 10:14,11,12,13,3,4– 3.)Magkakaroon ng ISA Lamang PASTOR—Juan 10;16,11,14 —–Ngayon MAGAGALING na mga STF/OWE–Sangoons and EVM,SAAN ninyo kinuha o Nag-utos sa inyo na Ituro na si ka FYM ang Isang Pastor sa Juan 10:16? Kalaban KAYO Mismo ng SUGO!! Kalaban kayo ng DIOS at CRISTO!!!Paano ngayon yan,SINO ngayon ang NAGSASABI NG KATOTOHANAN,KAYO o ang SUGO ayon sa Leksyon na GINAWA Niya Mismo!!! SAGOOOTT!!!!


  4. I know VERY well that this LESSON OUTLINED by ka FELIX Y. MANALO,the SANGGUNIANS,EVM n Instructors in Ministry—KNOWS this!! So mr.Watchman n mr.Owe,BOTH of you can ASK a Copy of this Lesson from THEM!!Kaya malakas ang LOOB ko na hamunin Silang Lahat na PATUNAYAN nila na MALI ang SUGO at SILA na NANGAGTURO na ang Isang Pastor sa Juan10:16 ay si ka FYM,EGM at ngayon nga ay si EVM daw?? Sino SINUNGALING,ang SUGO ng ituro niya na ang CRISTO ang TANGING Pastor o SILA dahil sa KAGUSTUHAN NILANG “Purihin at Ipantay” si EVM sa Panginoong Jesucristo?? Kung marunong lang akong mag-SCAN ng leksyon na ito ,ilalagay ko ito dito para lalong PATUNAYAN ko sa inyo na KATOTOHANAN ang Isiniwalat kong ito.Anyway nandyan naman LAHAT ang talata at paliwanag ng SUGO,basahin nyo sa Biblia, intiende??


  5. Bro.EDGE,where are our “brothers” who are “true Christians n of God n Christ”? How come Nobody answer my Question about the “Lesson Outlined n Prepared by ka FYM”? Sanggunians,who can answer my question about the “ONLY PASTOR/SHEPHERD” of the Flock? Remember,ALL STF/OWE ministers PREACHED that it is/was ka FYM,EGM now EVM!! Who is TRUE and Teaching the TRUTH?? All of YOU or ang SUGO na CHRIST is the “ONLY” Shepherd.No MAN can REPLACED HIM?? hay nakuuuuu!!!


  6. Ang SUGO said: If the Teachings of Manalo is NOT in the BIBLE,Dont OBEY! you will Not be Saved.OBEY the Bible,NOT Manalo!! Ka EGM said: WHOEVER he is,or WHATEVER he is,IF the Teachings orDoctrine is NOT in the Bilble,DONT Obey,Reject it!It’s NOT from GOD,its from the DEVIL!! GOD said in Deuteronomy 12:32– Thou shall NOT add nor Subtract whatever I haave Commanded thee!! Apostle PAUL said in 1Corinthians 4:6 Thou shall NOT think of men ABOVE that what was WRITTEN!!–huwag kayong HIHIGIT sa mga BAGAY na NAKASULAT na!! That’s WHY if any Religion Teach or Preach a NEW Doctrine or Teachings Different or not in the Bible,its from the ENEMY of GOD–the Devil/Satan!!


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