Like a hit movie: MURDER, MYSTERY and aww… LOVE

As the weekend approaches, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo around the world will once again be watching a re-run of the Administrator on the multiple screens.

Again, this is not an attack on the present Administration. This is a commentary. I hope we are permitted to have comments. After all, we are not in a fascist regime are we? Or are we?

This is just a simple response to the Webex Worship Services. I know it’s a tad late but what can you do, there’s just so much to say and recent events have prompted this.

In our last episode…

Administrator mentioned verses in the Acts of the Apostles chapter 5 about Gamaliel’s speech to the Sanhedrin. It’s interesting Administrator pointed out how those people like Theudas was “killed“. And so was Judah the Galilean was also “killed“. This was emphasised quite well. He even asked, after Reader Noddy Pareja just read it, “what happened?” – –  “KILLED”. As if sending a message to brethren that something may or will happen – so don’t you dare oppose him.  But let’s read the verses used:

“Some time ago Theudas appeared, claiming to be somebody, and about four hundred men rallied to him. He was killed, all his followers were dispersed, and it all came to nothing.  After him, Judas the Galilean appeared in the days of the census and led a band of people in revolt. He too was killed, and all his followers were scattered.  Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.  But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

The point of Gamaliel, which was not brought out, was if the Apostles were from God, just leave them alone. So why not do the same for those speaking up about corruption? If they are not of God, they will disappear. But if they are, then LEAVE THEM ALONE!


Lito Fruto

Which brings me to my next point; some of you probably heard about the death of Lito Fruto. At first I thought maybe it was a mugging gone wrong. But when you see the pictures one obviously can see that this was a “hit“. A deliberate and planned execution. An old fashioned gangland killing reminiscent of The Godfather. Is this what the Administrator was referring to that those who “oppose” would be destroyed?

I’m sure Administrator did not pull the trigger – I would never accuse him of that but that sermon sure was “timely”, as if sending a “message”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.15.17.png

What are we to believe, that Fruto’s death was an “accident”? Fruto ran into some bullets?? Are we to believe that this just a “coincidence“?

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.09.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.21.png

Hands up, who believes this MURDER was just a “coincidence?” Thought so.

I’ve read comments of some brethren who are full of glee that Fruto got killed, saying that’s God’s work. Really? God needs to use thugs with guns to wipe out enemies?  Remember what Moses said when Korah and others opposed him?

“Then Moses said, “This is how you will know that the Lord has sent me to do all these things and that it was not my idea:  If these men die a natural death and suffer the fate of all mankind, then the Lord has not sent me.  But if the Lord brings about something totally new, and the earth opens its mouth and swallows them, with everything that belongs to them, and they go down alive into the realm of the dead, then you will know that these men have treated the Lord with contempt.”

Moses did not need thugs to do God’s work. So if God wants to take action, he would not need to spray bullets.


Secret Identities

Administrator mentioned and even joked there are those who are commenting on social media who do not want to reveal themselves. Some are men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men. Gay, he joked.

There are those who must remain unidentifiable to protect not only themselves but their families from repercussions. And we have seen how vicious some members  can be. Not too safe is it?

By the way, while we’re on the topic, who writes Access the Truth? Who made the FB account Cutting Class? My personal trolls, Watchboy and Iggy? And many others who are also under a pseudonym. Are they also, in the words of EVM, GAY?Why are they hiding? Please tell us, we do not have an army of hackers peeking into people’s accounts. I mean, how else would EVM know their genders?



Lastly, as we near another weekend of Webex worship services, many ask, will we see more of the endless adoration of EVM? If anyone wants to stay alert and not let your mind wander during the prayers –  keep a score of how many times the ministers praying will utter the following words: Administration (Pamamahala), Eduardo V. Manalo (don’t forget the V!), or Executive Minister. Then COUNT how many times they will utter the “Lord Jesus Christ”. (Last time I counted EVM:9, Jesus:1)

That last Webex was pure Hollywood scriptwriting:.

EVM: “I love you”

Praying Ministers: “He loves us!!!! We love him tooooo!!!”


Perhaps some of you are old enough to remember Sally Field’s Oscar speech where she uttered the famous phrase: “you like me! You really like me”.

Then to be spoofed by Jim Carrey in the Mask: “You love me! You really love me!”

Or perhaps the younger generation can relate more to Barney the purple dinosaur with the popular closing song, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family”

The sad part is, we are not inside a movie.

So please, stop the drama. Stop the intimidation. Stop the nonsense and adulation. And especially stop the killing. Let’s go back to worshipping God.



Condolences to the Fruto family





42 thoughts on “Like a hit movie: MURDER, MYSTERY and aww… LOVE

  1. …(Recently, One Defender brutally Murdered. another Two Defenders kidnapped and still missing, and some High Profile Defenders are oppressed, falsely accused and set up and are now in Jail, many more Defenders are in hiding or seeking asylum in other countries and many more Defenders are in grave danger in their lives)… To all OneWithEVM Members, to those people and non-members who are invited or attend Grand Evangelical Missions of this OneWithEVM Cult Church, to those interested still to join or become indoctrinated, to those Bible students that will soon become OneWithEVM members, this message is for you… There is a war between good and evil…The “Good” are the present True Defenders that God has chosen as True Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo 1914, …the “Evil” are the current EVM Administration and their blind Cult followers of the OneWithEVM Church established 2009… As for the Silent Defenders who are still afraid to come out of EVM and its power, you have a lot of explaining to do when you meet God face to face… You decide which church you belong, Our Lord God will observe what choices you make… The true Defenders are still inside the body of Christ because they are not expelled by God, they were never expelled in the first place, The names in the Book of Life is written by our Lord God and only God has the pen and eraser, not the false administration of EVM… the ones who unjustly expelled them is a corrupt, weak, jealous and insecure Man, an EVilMan and his evil Sangunnian leadership… The big question is… DO YOU STILL WANT TO JOIN AND BE PART OF THIS “MOST DANGEROUS AND DEADLY EVM CHURCH”…??? The True Iglesia Ni Cristo 1914, still exist and the hand of our Lord Almighty God is protecting it from all evil and not even EVM cannot control or lead the true church… they EVM Cult Church established 2009 have hijacked and uses the name Iglesia Ni Cristo as face only… but the true Body(Church of Christ) is no longer there with that organization, when was the last time you ever felt the Holy Spirit in their Worship Services? The true Body(as Christ as Head) is where we, the True Members of the Church Of Christ belong and held on to their true faith, where our Lord Almighty God is with them and protecting them until God allows the ultimate cleansing and “Restore” the True Church back to its former stainless Glory and everything will be put back to its rightful place… Due to the present situation, while waiting for the inevitable Restoration, …undisclosed Worship Services Congregations are being established in various places around the Globe to continue our true Worship to our Almighty God until God permits the Church to be restored, and as for those who are afar off and far countries around the globe, their are online live GPMs and EGMs to continue to strengthen our faith, until large numbers are gathered to have a physical Worship Service… You may ask, When will things be back to normal again…??? In God’s Time, my dear true Brethren of the Faith, in God’s Time… God is truly testing us… Either we choose EVM as our savior.. or choose Jesus Christ as our Savior… The answer is upon you, and you only… (Special Message to all INC Defenders around the Globe: As taught to us by our beloved Last Messenger Bro. Felix Manalo and our beloved Late Executive Minister Ka Erdy, please remain steadfast and strong in the true Faith… Do not forsake the Worship of our Almighty God or else your faith can grow cold, Do not forsake the Worship Services if it is available to you,… NO MATTER WHAT… No matter what the situation is presently… True Christians worship God whether in good or BAD times or even worst…,) Due to these perilous and dangerous times and our sad and present situation in our beloved church, then the more we need our Lord God in our lives… (Glory Be Unto God,.. not evm…)


  2. Bro. R, that’s what I kept Saying ever since,the TRUE Defenders BELONGS to 1914-Aug.31,2009 Iglesia ni Cristo.As soon as EVM “became” the TP Sept.7,2009,the NAME Iglesia ni Cristo was PUT into SHAME!! It is not the Church that is Bad,its the LEADERS now in the NewGenINC!!! Who Silenced Bro. Fruto? Who are the Enemies of the Defenders?? The Catholics,Protestants,Mormons etc etc.?? Or those that are Bragging that “they” are of God n Christ” and “proud to be a member of INC”??Who are Persecuting,kidnapping,threatening n torturing the Defenders,that’s why we are/some are Hiding( our) their Identities,their loved ones,friends n relatives!! And they even have the BOLDNESS to say in Worship Services,that THEY are the ONES who’s LIFE are in DANGER and being PERSECUTED by the Defenders(their Enemies).WHO are in POWER? Who GOT Money? Who are Controlling the Government in Pinas,the DEFENDERS?? My Brothers n Sisters in d Church,OPEN your EYES n your MIND,still you dont SEE all these things that’s Happening inside n outside the Church?? CONDOLENCE to Family of our BROTHER!!


  3. Bro.Edge,I’m sorry but I have to express my comment in Tagalog. “Hanggang ngayon ay Iniisip ko pa at binubulay-bulay kung BAKIT ang isang Relihiyong Kristiano na Inaniban ko ay naging Marumi at Sumama dahil sa PAG-IBIG sa KAPANGYARIHAN at KAYAMANAN ng mga Tinatawag na NAMUMUNO sa INC ngayon!! Talagang LUBOS na akong Naniniwala na dahil sa PAGSUWAY Nilang Lahat sa TAGUBILIN ng ka ERDY,SILANG LAHAT ay Napuspos ng KADILIMAN ang mga Puso at Budhi!!Sinong Matinong “TUNAY na CRISTIANO” at may TAKOT sa DIOS ang gagawa ng mga Kasamaang ito na ang ISANG Miembro, Tiwalag man o Hindi ay PAGBABANTAANG Patayin,Usigin at Pahirapan kung ang Kaanib na ito ay Naninindigan sa KATOTOHANAN at Ayaw Makiisa sa mga Kasamaang Ginagawa ng mga Namumuno at mga Alagad nila! Tunay na Napakahirap isipin at tanggapin na ang mga ITO(EVM,SANGGUNIAN at LAHAT ng mga Ministro at Manggagawa) ay NAKATATAYO pa sa Harapan ng mga Kapatid sa panahon ng PAGSAMBA sa Tunay na DIOS at MANGARAL ng Kabanalan,pag-ibig sa kapatid,pagbabagong-buhay at sasabihin pa na SUNDIN nating LAHAT ang mga UTOS ng DIOS?Marahil noong Matanda at maysakit na ang ka ERDY,binale-wala na nila ito at ang nasa isip NILA,mamamatay ka na at si EVM ang papalit sayo.NALIMUTAN na NILA at HINDI na SILA Sumasamplataya na ang E.SANTO ay kasama ni ka ERDY kahit siya ay matanda at maysakit pa hanggang sa siya ay pumanaw na. Kaya WALANG SINOMAN sa Kanila ang nagkaroon ng bahagi ng E.SANTO na, na kay ka ERDY. Tulad ng kay Moses noon na ang Espiritung Sumasakanya(Moses) ay IBINAHAGI kay Josue!! Ito ang Tunay na dahilan kaya Lahat Sila na NAKIISA sa kamalian ng mga Namumuno ngayon ay WALANG Patnubay ng E.SANTO,sapagkat kung mayroon,HINDI Nila gagawin ang mga KASAMAANG ginagawa Nila ngayon.WALA ng Bumabagabag sa Budhi at Kaluluwa NILANG Lahat kaya ganyan Sila Kadilim at Napakasama! Dahil sa PAGTANGGI Nilang Pasakop at Sumunod noon sa ka EGM,Hinayaan na SILA ng AMA na Gumawa ng Lahat ng Uri ng Kasamaan!! PAGLUSTAY sa Abuloy at Handog sa Dios,PAGGAMIT (Paglapastangan sa kabanal-banalang DAKO ng Bahay Dalanginan) sa Tribuna para dito SIRAAN ang lahat ng Naghahayag ng mga MALI nilang mga Ginagawa,Pag-uusig,Pagpapahirap at Pagpatay sa mga Defenders na tinuturing Nilang mga KAAWAY!! Tupad na Tupad talaga sa kanila ang nasa aklat ng Isaias 1:23 “Ang Iyong mga Pangulo ay MAPANGHIMAGSIK,at Kasama ng mga TULISAN;bawat ISA ay Umiibig ng mga SUHOL,at Naghahangad ng mga KABAYARAN;” at sa Mikas 3:11 “Ang mga Pangulo niya’y Nagsisihatol dahil sa SUHOL,at ang mga Saserdote niya’y Nangagtuturo dahil sa UPA,at ang mga Propeta niya;y nanganghuhula dahil sa SALAPI,gayunma’y sila’y nangagsasabi,Hindi baga ang Panginoon ay nasa Gitna Natin?Walang Kasamaang Darating sa Akin!! Di ba GANITO LAGI ang mga SINASABI NILA? Nasa panig natin ang DIOS at CRISTO,Tayo ang mga Tunay na INC!! Di ba Tupad na tupad sa Kanila? Si Apostol Pablo ano ang sabi UKOL sa Kanila? II Tesalonica 2:10-12…sapagkat HINDI Nila tinanggap ang pag-ibig sa KATOTOHANAN,dahil dito’y Ipinadala sa kanila ng Dios ang Paggawa ng Kamalian,upang Magsipaniwala sila sa KASINUNGALINGAN;Upang Mangahatulan Silang Lahat na HINDI Nagsisampalataya sa KATOTOHANAN,kundi NANGALUGOD sa Kalikuan. Hindi nyo ba napapansin o nakikita na kung ano-anong mga bagong Tuntunin at mga Aral ang mga ITINURO na NILA sa mga Pagsamba.Ngunit palibhasa di tayo TUMITIGIL na ito ay SANSALAIN o ITUWID,ngayon ang mga ITO’Y Itinatatwa o Itinatanggi ng Ilang OWE/STF na ito ay itinuro o ipinatupad.Sanay na sanay na SILANG Umiwas at Magtanggi sa mga KAMALIAN nila—kanino kaya sila Nangagmana??Mga kapatid ko na Naninindigan at Nagmamahal sa KATOTOHANAN,Magpatuloy Tayong MANINDIGAN sa panig ng AMA,ANAK at E.SANTO at sa lahat ng Katuwiran at Katotohanang nakasulat sa BIBLIA na siyang mga SALITA ng ating Dios na Makapangyarihan.Manindigan tayo hanggang sa Kamatayan o Araw man ng Paghuhukom!!


  4. I heard the name of Bro. Lito read for expulsion. Though we are stranger to each other, being a part of same INC Defender’s Family, i am saddened with this news about him being ‘murdered’. The murder squad from EVM office are experts in their trade. I doubt even if these ‘dogs’ will be saved? Ditto with EVM et al…The dark days of the Catholic Inquisition is REVIVED…only, it is by the EVM Cult! And this Execution is directed towards against those expelled INC members and to those who will be caught are up against this Cult Of The Devil! Pardon me Bro. WS, when did this thing happened? Was it headlined on newspapers and other media outlets? What means did these Dogs employed to kill Bro.Lito? Thank you and i pray that the Lord God will protect everyone who are not “One With EVM”…and to this OWE Cult…tic toc tic toc..


    1. Watch-Man, I was wondering where you where. You didn’t comment on my previous post.

      I was waiting for at least some sensible answer but if that’s all you will say it’s not really worth replying is it? So I’ll just say this:
      Earthquake: natural disaster / unintentioional death
      Murder: man made / very intentional


      1. Oh so if the sermon is about terrorism, should it be attributed to the Church Administration? Sorry for missing me incfromtheedge (very apt name since you are not inside the INC), and so you wondered where I was (you said “where you where” instead of “where you were”). I am busy with other more important things so I really can not follow you all the time. I’ll just drop by from time to time just to break the monotony of my private job.


  5. It’s just downright saddening to see someone got killed, and much worse when people rejoice over it. I don’t know what’s gotten into the minds of these people (assuming they really have “minds”)

    To the OWEs, and people who chose to be silent and blindly obey EVM, keep giving money to the most important man on earth, at least they can use your money to buy guns to take down their enemies.

    And don’t give me that “we’re giving offerings to God, not to EVM” crap. At the end of the day, EVM will still be the use to use that money to hunt down his other detractors.


      1. I’m sorry, but that article is trash. Tandang Sora is heavily guarded. Basic necessities are not allowed. People who try to deliver them are harassed. Yet they JUST discovered that there a lot of weapons there? Well of course you won’t sense something is amiss here, but that’s how EVM conditioned your mind.

        Oh wait, why post an ABS-CBN article? I thought they are biased?


      2. ^_^ Oh Antonio Dela Cruz (if that’s your real name), I quoted ABiaS-CBN because that is the station that you are subscribing to even if President DU30 has already filed a case against them for receiving his money but not delivering the agreed contract.


  6. Hey man,Still defending your Lord EVM? Did you attend the Worship Service last Thurs.? What’s the TOPIC? about LOVE right? Do you know what’s the STF minister talked for the whole w.s.,it’s all about your Lord EVM,that he is being persecuted,blamed etc etc.The Lesson was about LOVE DISAPPEAR!!! Why are you giving us “your website”? what for? You’re SMART as the DEVIL ha?? when I/We go there “you will know who am I/are We”? Very CUNNING and big TRAP ha??Are U really for the TRUTH? OK,answer my Simple Question—When did ka FYM n ka EGM allowed the Ministers n Church workers to PREACHED in the Worship Services that THEY(FYM/EGM) are the Most Important MAN in the World and God PLACED them in the Church and will NOT make MISTAKES?? I know U believed that U r of GOD n CHRIST,right? so answer Truthfully my Question??This was the OWE’S n STF Ministers Preached since last Year that You’re Lord EVM was the the World n will Not commit Mistakes coz God made HIM TP of the INC. Dont LIE,U know were U gonna end up!!


  7. Mr.Watchman2054, another Question,WHO HATES the Defenders n those WHO are Helping ka Angel n ka Lottie n other defenders? The People of this World,the Catholics,the Protestants,other so called Christians religion or You/OWE/STF and the EVM n Sangoons Church? Tell us please the Truth!! WHO????


  8. So, at night’s EVM’s PPV, he indirectly compares himself to Daniel? They even used the words “corruption” to say that both EVM and prophet Daniel are not corrupt 😂

    Why not compare them again and ask the brethren if who between EVM and Daniel has billions of debts? 😂


  9. Bro.dela Cruz,I heard that too,that EVM COMPARED HIMSELF to Prophet DANIEL No CORRUPTION?? First of ALL,the one who told me that said THEY DIDNT Read what VERSION of the Bible they read that Daniel has no Corruptions.How COME they dont read ANYMORE what Rendition or Version of that Bible they are reading.May be PARAPHRASED or maybe They Intentionally “adding”it!! Who knows? They will think like this,anyway the Brethren will BELIEVED US,as long as we READ it from the Bible,No Question ASK!! That’s why they dont mention anymore the Rendition or Version of the Bile because we can find it in the INTERNET w/c Bible are they READING!!


  10. As we know the Story of Prophet Daniel–HE is REALLY a GOD of Man,just in CASE its True the word Corruption was there,WE BELIEVED that Daniel was Really a RIGHTEOUS Man and have HOLY FEAR in GOD,it is Written and the Words of GOD are TRUTH so Daniel is not Corrupt!! I dont about EVM,let the OWE’s n STF answers!! Specially the Sangoons!!!


  11. Since you love watching Mob Films, doesn’t it occur to you that Fruto’s death is more likely perpetuated by his comrades? Just like in the Godfather Movie Series that you so painstakingly clipped to be portrayed here? U


      1. Who is the godfather of Fruto? You know it is not Bro. EVM whom you want to crucify. You and your cohorts in the RTC church are Fruto’s godfathers, right? I’m not saying that it is your group who pulled the trigger. It is just also a possibility which you chose not to consider in this blog.


      2. Bro. Fruto told the public that there is only one person to blame if he dies.

        But, well, what can I do? Even multiple slaps in the face won’t wake you up from EVM’s brainwashing sessions.


      3. Well if somebody had a quarrel with his neighbor and said that, and then his other enemy also said that, or maybe his wife who abhors him, what do you think are the possibilities if he gets murdered? I don’t know who pulled the trigger on Fruto, nor who was the mastermind, but you are so quick to judge who is. God is the only one who knows and so I rest my case.


  12. WOW ang bigat mo talaga 2054!! Kaming mga naninindigan sa DIOS hindi gagawa ng Sinasabi mo.May takot kami sa DIOS,di katulad NINYO ,mga Nagpapanggap Lang!!Pangalawa HINDI kami mayaman at WALANG ninanakaw na ABULOY na para sa DIOS!!Kayong mga OWE ng EVM-SANGOONS followers ang MAKAPANGYARIHAN at pati GOB. sa PINAS kontrolado ninyo?? Kayo ang GOD Father na mga Mang-uusig sa Defenders!!Ang Galing ninyong magpanggap na mga maka-DIOS,pero kitang-kita na HINDI KAYO mga maka-TAO!!Huwag ka nang magkunwari. KAYO ang mga may SALAPI at KAPANGYARIHAN jan sa atin sa PINAS!!Ang kakapal ng mga APOG ninyo na Mangaral ng SALITA ng DIOS,pero Nakakubli sa puso ninyo ang GALIT at POOT sa mga Defender na NAGSISIWALAT at NAGHAHAYAG ng mga KATIWALIAN at Maling ARAL, na Isinasaksak ninyo sa Isip at Puso ng mga kapatid na walang alam sa Biblia at Tuntunin sa Iglesia na Itinuro at Inilagda ng 2 MATUWID na Namahala sa INC.Binago lahat ito ng mga LIDER na Pinakamamahal at Sinasamba ninyo ngayon!! May budhi ka pa ba o wala na rin katulad ng mga AMONG mo?? May alam ka bang Defender na nagpakulong,nagpabugbog,naghagis ng granada,o may Pinatay na WE/I am ONE with EVM? Ni hindi nga mapasok BASTA ng kahit Pulis,Abugado,CHR etc etc ang CENTRAL COMPOUND di ba? Unless may BASBAS ng SANGOONS o ni EVM!! Alam mo ang Nangyayari,kunwari lang wala kang alam…parang kasabihan sa English na “now you see,now you dont” di ba kaibigang Watchman?? ka talaga ng mga OWE ano?


    1. Eh bibliko, sa tono pa lang ng comments mo kahit walang sound ay dinig na dinig na sayo bumabalik yung mga pinagsasabi mo. Kitang-kita sa post mo ang galit at poot. Kabaligtaran nun ang patuloy na paninindigan ng milyon-milyong mga kapatid (na batid nyo rin na karamihan sa amin ay mga mahihirap lamang) sa panig ng nag-iisang kasalukuyang Tagpamahalang Pangkalahatan ng tunay na Iglesia Ni Cristo (ang painakamamahal naming Kapatid na Eduardo V. manalo) na kailanman ay hindi na matatalikod pa.


    2. And BTW (by the way), wala yata kayong tinatalakay na pagsagot tungkol dun sa mga katiwalian nila Angel at Marc Manalo noong sila pa ang namumuno doon sa Sound & Video Facilities Department ng INC noong nabubuhay pa ang Ka Erdie? Move on na kayo. Dalawa lang yan: di nyo maiwanan ang INC kahit na wala na kayo sa talaan kasi wala naman kayong ibang pupuntahang tunay na Bayan ng Diyos. O kaya hindi naman kayo makapagtayo ng sarili ninyong Iglesia dahil nga sa wala naman kayong hula ng Diyos na kayo ay sa Kanya. Meron palang hula sa inyo: yung tungkol sa mga tumalikod.


  13. Higit sa lahat na Ikinagagalit ko ay ang mga BAGONG ARAL na ITINURO ng AMONG mo.Kung naiinis man ako sa mga PAGHANTING nyo sa mga Defender,mas GALIT ako talaga sa mga BAGONG ARAL nyo na WALA sa Biblia.Iyon ang tinandaan ko na Sinabi sa akin ni ka Saturnino Francisco.Mas DAPAT kang Magalit sa mga TAONG Nagtuturo ng LABAG sa ARAL ng DIOS na NAKASULAT na sa Biblia.Hayan ang sabi ng Tunay na Ministro na may TAKOT sa DIOS.IKAW patunayan mo sa akin na si EVM ang Pastor ng Kawan ayon sa Biblia!! Ang TURO ng SUGO si CRISTO lamang ang TANGING PASTOR ng KAWAN,walang sinomang TAO ang papalit sa CRISTO!! Maliwanag?? O Madilim para sa inyong Lahat ng tagasunod ni EVM!!Alam ko naman kay EVM na KAYO Naniniwala at Hindi na sa SUGO at ka EGM,kaya kalaban kayo ng mga ARAL at TURO ng SUGO at ka EGM! Si CRISTO Lamang ang Tanging Pastor—sa INYO si EVM .Si CRISTO Lamang ang Pinakaimportanteng TAO sa BUONG SANSINUKOB—sa INYO si EVM,–Si CRISTO Lamang ang TAONG hindi Nagkakamali.Nagkamali–sa INYO si EVM!! LAHAT ng ITO ay PAKIKIPANTAY sa mga KATANGIAN ng CRISTO?? Sino ngayon ang ANTI-CRISTO? KAYO o Kami na nanninindigan sa NAKASULAT SA BIBLIA??Sino ang PANGAHAS na Nagsabi na “We are ONE with GOD,CHRIST n EVM(inalis ninyo ang E.SANTO) di ba KALAPASTANGANAN iyan sa DIOS at ,CRISTO at E.SANTO?? May Pang-unawa at tunay na Pananampalataya ka ba sa SALITA ng DIOS??


  14. Sagutin mo ang hamon ko kay OWE,Kailan ITINURO ng SUGO at ka ERDY na SILA ay HINDI Nagkakamali dahil LAGAY Sila ng DIOS sa INC? Na SILA ang PinakaImportanteng TAO sa buong MUNDO? Ito ang Itinuro ninyo ngayon sa mga Pagsamba Papuri at Patungkol ninyo sa ,sabi mo nga “Pinakakamahal ninyong Lord EVM”.Ito ang HINDI ninyo MASAGOT dahil HINDI ito KAILANMAN ITINURO NG SUGO at ka EGM!! Kayo puro Pagmamataas at Kayabangan!!!


  15. Mr.Watchman heto mga talata na kapag ang Isang Tao o mga Tao na ang Isipan o gawain ay Labag sa Kalooban ng DIOS…ano Tawag sa mga ito ng mga TAO ng DIOS,si Juan Bautista sa Mateo 3:7 tawag nya “Kayong Lahi ng ULUPONG”,(ito ang matandang AHAS na ang Diablo).Ang Cristo ano rin ang tawag sa ganitong mga TAO Mateo 12:34–“KAYONG LAHI ng mga ULUPONG”!! Si Pedro ng Mag-isip ng Mali,ano Tawag ng Cristo? Mateo 16:23–Lumagay ka sa Likuran Ko SATANAS!! Paano yan Mr.Watchman,mas MAGAGALIT ka kay Juan Bautista at Cristo dahil Tawag sa Tao o mga Tao na hindi Kalooban ng Dios ang Iniisip o Ginagawa ay SATANAS o DIABLO!! Ano pa tanong mo Mr.Watchman??? Kaya di ako Mali kung Galit o Naiinis ako sa mga Maling ARAL/TURO at kung ano-anong Malalaswang SAYAWAN at KANTAHAN ang pinaggagawa ngayon ng mga kabataan sa Iglesia.Kaya Masigla ang mga IYAN sa Puro KASAYAHAN at Sports na Pang-akit sa kanila para di na Sila mag-isip sa mga ARAL at TURO>Basta ENJOY sila at Natutuwa na Lahat ng Gusto Nilang KASAYAHAN ay PINAPATAGAN na ng makabagong INC na ito!!! Si Apostol Pablo nga pala sa GAWA 13:10 ano tawag kay ELIMAS–“IKAW na ANAK ng DIABLO”!! Basahin mo yan magaling na Bantay!!


  16. correction: PINAPAYAGAN not pinapatagan. Sa REVELATION mo mababasa na ang ULUPONG o ang matandang AHAS ay ang DIABLO REV.12:9.baka sabihin mo mr.Bantay inbento ko lang iyang lahi ng Ulupong o ni Satanas eh!!


  17. Excuse me bibliko, wala pong bagong aral ang kasalukuyang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan ngayon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Ang ipinapatupad nila ay ang mga simulain ng Sugo at ng Ka Erdie na pawang nakasulat lahat sa Biblia. Kung merong bagong aral ay walang iba kundi sila Angel Manalo at Mrs. Tenny Manalo dahil ang aral nila ay ang maghasik ng pagkakabaha-bahagi sa mga kapatid gamit ang YouTube at iba pang Internet Social Media. Eto yung nilabag nila: 1 Corinto 6: 1 Nangangahas baga ang sinoman sa inyo, kung mayroong anomang bagay laban sa iba, na siya’y magsakdal sa harapan ng mga liko, at hindi sa harapan ng mga banal? 2 O hindi baga ninyo nalalaman na ang mga banal ay magsisihatol sa sanglibutan? at kung ang sanglibutan ay hahatulan ninyo, hindi kaya baga dapat magsihatol kayo sa mga bagay na pinakamaliit? 3 Hindi baga ninyo nalalaman na ating hahatulan ang mga anghel? gaano pa kaya ang mga bagay na nauukol sa buhay na ito? 4 Kung kayo nga’y mayroong usapin na mga bagay na nauukol sa buhay na ito, ilalagay baga ninyo upang magsihatol ang mga taong walang halaga sa iglesia? 5 Sinasabi ko ito upang mangahiya kayo. Ano, diyata’t wala baga sa inyo na isa mang marunong na makapagpapayo sa kaniyang mga kapatid, 6 Kundi ang kapatid ay nakikipagusapin laban sa kapatid, at ito’y sa harapan ng mga hindi nagsisipanampalataya?

    Itinuro ng Ka Felix Manalo na kawan o Iglesia sa Mga Huling Araw ay magkakaroon ng isang bagong pastor at iyon ang Tagpamahalang Pangkalahatan ng Iglesia Ni Cristo na hinawakang tungkulin ng Sugo, ang Kapatid na Felix Manalo, at ng humalili sa Sugo, ang Kapatid na Erano manalo, at ang kasalukuyang Tagpamahalang Pangkalahatan, ang Kapatid na Eduardo Manalo. Ang Sugo ng Diyos ay hindi nagkakamali sa pangagaral ng mga Salita ng Diyos. Ang Sugo noong nabubuhay pa ang pinakamahalagang tao na nabubuhay sa mundo noon sila ay nabubuhay pa sa lupa. Gayun din ang Ka Erdie. Hindi tinawag ng sinuman sa mga kapatid ang Ka Eduardo na Lord o Panginoon, Ikaw lang ang nagbibintang nyan.Kung may tatawag sa kanya noon ay matitiwalag dahil sa maling aral. Kayo ang kampon ng diablo dahil ang Isipan o gawain nyo ay Labag sa Kalooban ng DIOS — ang maghasik ng pagkaka baha bahagi. Kaya nga kayo itiniwalag sa paglabag sa 1 Corinto 5: 12 Sapagka’t ano sa akin ang humatol sa nangasa labas? Hindi baga kayo nagsisihatol sa nangasa loob? 13 Datapuwa’t sa nangasa labas ay Dios ang humahatol. Alisin nga ninyo sa inyo ang masamang tao.


      1. ^_^ Well, just like your alias says: you are the LostSheep. You got lost because of your rebellion to the Church Administration. As the true Iglesia Ni Cristo today, We Are One With FYM, We Are One With EGM, & We Are One With EVM, and also as always and forever: We Are One With The Lord Jesus Christ & We Are One With The LORD God! So since you are NOT One With The Current Church Administration placed by God in this church, you can NEVER be one w/ Jesus Christ and God!


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