Chasing Ghosts

This is not about sports. It’s about religion. Mine. But I will start with Basketball. I’m sure there are many in America and in the Philippines who are basketball fans. I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs especially Lebron James. He is indeed very great player. He’s been in 6 straight championships and has won 3 of them. But no matter what he does, he is always compared to the legendary Michael Jordan who won 6 championships.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 14.22.04.png

So as I was listening to someone on the sports radio, trying to distract myself from all the misery my brethren are going through, one of the commentators quoted Lebron James saying that he was “chasing a ghost”. He is trying to outdo the accomplishments of the past heroes, more specifically Michael Jordan.

This is exactly what we are witnessing now in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The very moment bro. Eraño Manalo passed away in 2009, the son, EVM has been trying to outdo his predecessors. I know people will say “No, he’s doing his duty– he’s doing it for God, blah blah”. But let’s look at this for a moment:

I’m going to keep this short so my trolls can put in their infinite Tagalog comments. Since 2009 there have been, and I’m going to use the term loosely, which has been overused lately in Church, INTENSIVE Everything. We’ve had Intensive Propagation, Intensive Renewal of Life, Intensive Edification (which we did not see much of but was declared anyway), Intensive Offering, and so on. Why Intensive? It is to say that we are being required to do everything with more Intensity. Why? To show results. Such as…

MORE are joining the Ministry, more Bible students, more this and that. And the point of it all? We are “successfulbecause our “leader” is guided by the Holy Spirit.

When did it become a mark of the Holy Spirit that we were able to break World Records? When did it become a proof of success if we gave away more donations than others? Or we were able to invite more than ever? Is this the sign of the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

If this is the case, then does that mean that Brother Felix or Brother Eraño was not as guided?? To put this in more concrete terms let me cite specific examples of what the current administrator said starting with last weekend’s sermon:

There have been 3992  ministers ordained and over 1400 chapels built since 2010.  What do you notice about these numbers? Everything begins with 2010. Why? That is when EVM began his reign. Why not say that IN TOTAL, the church now has so many ministers or IN TOTAL, there are so many chapels around the world. Instead, the cutoff is on HIS accomplishments.

Last year he even compared the statistics of HIS accomplishments to that of the Messenger and of his father. (These were actually mentioned in the worship service!!)

Number of Districts:

FYM: 46

EGM: 58

EVM: 31

Number of Ministers Ordained:

FYM: 325

EGM: 4224

EVM: 3178 (now 3992)

So what does that prove? Why mention it? If you want to give glory to God, why break it down this way?  Could we not simply say the total of Ministers ordained is 8541? Or there are now 135 Districts? Why would he say that? To make matters worse, the Administrator would even say that this was done in just 7 years (whereas these numbers reflect 50 years for the Messenger and 46 years for Brother Eraño)

And in an even earlier sermon, he even cited that he has been to countries that the Messenger has never been. To say that is ludicrous. Brother Felix began with zero members and zero money and you would say “well he never went to Russia”. The Church was in its infancy. Why would he?  It is pure nonsense.  (Besides, Brother Felix did not have an Airbus.)

That’s like Michael Jordan saying his TV ratings were higher than Wilt Chamberlain. Of course it was! Because the NBA was not global back then and not as popular. It is a silly comparison.

Why did it suddenly become a competition? This is not sports. There is no rivalry. When one compares themselves to the accomplishments of the dearly departed, you can never win. Why? Would it be wrong for EVM to compare his accomplishments? Before our trolls answer, GOD answers:

“You should each judge your own conduct. If it is good, then you can be proud of what you yourself have done, without having to compare it with what someone else has done.” Galatians 6:4-5

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3 ESV

This is not an attack on EVM. All we want to say to him is to stop trying to compete with the past. There is no rivalry! There is no victory in that.

Ahh… those ghosts that haunt EVM.


21 thoughts on “Chasing Ghosts

  1. This pursuit of numbers on a purely statistical perspective do appear to show ‘success’. I mean its impressive on a percentage basis considering its all done in a very short period of time. EVM must be patting himself in the back! But peel back the veil of numbers and the dismal truth stares back in stark reality. Lets look at them in detail shall we:
    1. Barangay Chapels – yep. you can build 100 of them with 50 people capacity, but it pales in comparison with the edifices that was done in the past. Officially we only have 1 temple compared to other religions who have literally hundreds and yet we suck in maintaining it. We cannot even paint it.
    2. Number of Districts and locales – Frankly this was made for growth purposes. It is no different in how existing locales are divvied up to spawn up new locales but still using the same chapel or worse other religion’s churches for lack of venue to worship.
    3. # of ordained ministers. – again numbers. But are they really ready? Granted that its EVM’s prerogative (as allegedly guided by the Holy Spirit -wink wink) to ordain the worker even if he does not have the “intensive” experience. The result speaks volume. We have fierce ministers who impose heavy burden to the brethren all in the pursuit of those ever increasing metrics. I remember our minister saying how is it that the 2015 TC is less than the 2014? He cannot accept nor understand that the brethren put more than they can for our Centennial thanksgiving and then they took a breather in 2015.
    4. # of new members – EVM keeps harping of the thousands of new members, and bible students. This should be good if the member did join motivated by search of the truth and moved by faith. Instead we have new members who are habitual absentees, easily offended, who can’t go to the chapel on their own, who expect to receive goods,etc.

    In short it all boils down to QUANTITY not QUALITY. Its not religious its more of a dog and pony show.


  2. Bro.EDGE you are ABSOLUTELY Right! EVM is Very INSECURED that is Why HE was/is Doing Everything to SHOW OFF to the Brethren that HE is BETTER than Sugo n ka Erdy.I noticed it too since He keeps COMPARING all His Accomplishments?? In GOD’s EYE there is no Competition.EVM forgot that GOD looks into our HEARTS not on what we BOAST or Done. If you do His will/commandments willingly and of faith and Love —STILL we are HIS(GOD) Lowly SERVANTS.Everything we do in SERVING GOD is Between HIM and us/you,that’s it!! No ANNOUNCEMENTS,NO NEWS,NO TELLING it to the Congregations and to the Whole World!! That is NOT HUMBLENESS,that’s ARROGANCE,like the Old Serpent!!Never heard ka EGM says.God is with me that’s why I was able to Build the Central Office,the Temple,the University bldg. and the Tabernacle and Magnificent Chapels!! The OPPOSITE of EVM,right??Specially ka FYM, He never BOAST to the Church that He was the SUGO and never BOAST that GOD is with Me,that’s why even I AM ALONE, I was able to Build magnificent chapels,missionized people and do something that ANYONE can do.Poor EVM,he is exactly the OPPOSITE of ka FYM n ka EGM,Eddie Boy you are so INSECURE,what are YOU afraid of if truly God is with you? Remember that’s what You and your Followers keep saying,” God is with Us and HE will never Leave our beloved Bro.EVM”!! Good/Bad luck EVM!!


  3. Eddie Boy,yesterday in your webex replay in Rome,you mentioned that the Defenders were “hiding” their names in websites.Wow,I didnt know You”re spying on us? How about your OWE’s, arent they “hiding their names too”? Who knows,may be one of them is you or your wife,right?You mentioned again about Corruption.The lesson was about the true religion,newness of life n faithfullness to God’s Laws.Then suddenly you mentioned corruption,the defenders were trying to hinder you in visiting different locales etc etc.then about your Accomplishments again in missionary n building of chapels?? I know you know this verse in the Bible better than Anyone else,in Matthew 6:3-4 as I quote”But when Thou doest alms,LET NOT thy Left hand KNOW what thy Right hand doeth:” That thine Alms maybe in SECRET:and thy Father w/c SEETH in SECRET himself shall reward Thee openly.That is WHY in Serving our Lord GOD,There are NO COMPETITIONS!!Whatever we accomplished in serving God and Obeying HIS will or Commandments,WE are STILL HIS lowly SERVANTS.We are ALL MEMBERS of the BODY of CHRIST. CHRIST is the ONLY Head,the ONLY Pastor,Nobody ELSE,whatever your Office in the INC is!!!


    1. Kapatid, kung wala ka na masabi, don’t say anything shallow..your bearing the name Iglesia ni Cristo as your name here..nilalagay mo lang sa kahihiyan ang iglesia sa paraan ng pagsagot mo!


  4. Bro.EDGE,I would like to share to you a MINISTERIAL Lesson Outlined by Bro.FYM 1966 Series.Its in Pilipino but I will TRY to translate it in English and ANYWAY,the VERSES were given by Ka FYM and you can read it in the Bible. “What should be ONE of the Character of God’s Minister? —a) He should FEAR God Exodus 18:21 —b) Holy Fear Hebrew 11:7 —How should One have a Holy Fear to God?— a)Fear of God is to HATE evil,Pride and Arrogancy–Proverbs 8:13,16:6 —– If a Minister became SUCCESSESFUL in ALL His Deeds/Accomplishments,should HE be Proud of it?—- a)This is HE should Say –we are Unprofitable SERVANTS,we have Done our Duty—-LUKE 17:10 —-b) Praises to God—MATTHEW 6:13 —- Whose MIND should Minister Have?—a) Mind of Christ Philippians 2:5 —b) Christ did not Hold onto His Quality —Philippians 2:6-7 —-c) He Humble Himself –Philippians 2:8 —-Whom should a Minister give the Praise,Greatness and Glory? a) To GOD alone IChronicles 29:10-11 This is Just One of the Ministerial Lesson I present to you Brother. Now if ANY MINISTER is not in Accordance to this Lesson Outlined by Ka FYM,we know NOW they ARE NOT of GOD.I REPEAT—anyone,anyone!!!!


  5. Ok lang ka PDC,DALA naman niyang NGALAN ay I am One with EVM not Church of Christ!! he is JUST using the Name INC to Pretend he is of Christ.Their favorite Logo now “We are One with God,Christ n EVM!! Kitang-kita sa paborito Nilang “THUMBMARK/THUMBPRINT,parang Katoliko, dala lagi ang TANDA ng SantaKrus!! ha ha ha haaaa!!!

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  6. I could say a great number of members are so BRAIN DEAD they became EVM Zombies of that kind! Woe to these creatures who SEE EVM their saviour and sanctuary! This dark regime will one day fall and never will it rise again. That’s the will of the Almighty One. Earthquakes happen frequently around the country. Pray the Great Edifice they’ve built will not collapsed once the Great One of tremors comes over…


  7. Magna,it’s not Surprising if there are Great Numbers of Blind n Fanatics Followers!! Those WHO will be DECEIVED are as many as the SAND of the Sea—Revelation20:8 Only Few will be Saved, the REMNANT of the woman—Rev.12:17 Brethren another “Pay per View” this weekend,May 27-28,webex from France.Put your Offerings n Hadugan first in the BOX and enter to watch EVM’s Showtime! Sarap buhay NILA,palamig-lamig lang sa Europe habang Summer sa Pinas,galiiiinnggg!!


  8. People who can think clearly should realize what EVM and his goons are doing right now is damage control. Bragging about the so-called “parade of success”? Come on, there are still a lot of chapels in bad condition. Barangay chapels? I don’t know, but I’m sure majority of them did not come from the church funds, based from what some of my friends and acquaintances were telling me; they came directly from the pockets of the brethren.

    The most important man on earth and his cronies are just making themselves look good, but in the eyes of many people, they are already exposed.


  9. Bro.A.dela Cruz,that’s what I heard too about some Barangay Chapels w/c they are BOASTING.Some of those LAND n Chapel Materials WERE Donated by some Brethrens.Not a single penny came from this Administration?Still they’re Boasting about it? Tell me Bro.,have you HEARD even ONE B.C (barangay chapel) was Offered n Officiated by EVM with the Sangoons?While in Abroad even just Hundred members in a locale,they will offer or officiate a Small Chapel with Their families too! Sarap pasyal eh,sa mga B.C it’s Far,Muddy,Dusty n unpavement road,you have to cross river,n rocky n dangerous roads.They can VISIT Members Around the World,but they CANT Visit members in B.C in the Philippines!! Wow Galing!! If EVM REALLY LOVE the Brethren,He should NOT be Choosy w/c Locale He gonna Visit! The MORE He should Visit Brethren THAT ARE Poor n Needy.How many is the Numbers of Members in the Phil. compare here in Abroad?? —To Bro.EDGE next time I will write here the Lesson about JOHN 10:16 that OUTLINED by ka Felix Y. Manalo and to this Lesson WE will KNOW WHO is the SHEPHERD refer to, in this VERSE According to the TEACHING of Ka FYM. What is the REASON I want Everybody to KNOW about this? Because these OWE/STF Ministers “INSIST” that the one Shepherd “mentioned in 10:16 of John was ka FYM,then ka EGM n NOW their Beloved EVM w/c. is a BIG LIE,a DECEITFUL Teaching in the Church today!! The title is: in Pilipino—Ang “Tanging Pinuno/Pastor” sa Iglesia ni Cristo!! in English– The “ONLY” Head/Shepherd of the Church of Christ!! Imagine from 1914-2016 NO teachings about this Topic,then Suddenly this year they Preached this in the Worship Services,for WHAT? to please EVM to be the SHEPHERD OF THE INC today?? hay nakuuuuu!!!


    1. Yep, you’re right. When I went to Ilocos sur to visit my relatives, I got to talk to one of my uncles (they are OWEs btw), and he told me that the money used to build most of the barangay chapels in their district came from the brethren’s money.


  10. Anyone here familiar how many actual converts we have during our centenial anniversary? If I’m not mistaken its 36T total globally. I am finding that printout of tagubilin handed over the MTs in our pulong where our TP through DM keeps on asking daw ” Where are those millions that showed up in the pamamahayah..kung sinunod lang sana ang payo ko na sunduin kung kinakailangan ang mga inaakay…sana..” to that effect.


  11. Let’s add cold blooded murder to the list of accomplishment. I’m sure someone read about Lito Fruto being gunned down execution style.

    The truth will come out.


  12. I heard that too,our Bro. was Gunned down after winning His case filed by this Administration.But sad to say,after winning His case,He LOST his Life!! I saw the Picture of his Car -,Riddled with Bullets n the Bullet that go thru his skull close to his ear!! Only evil n demonic intentions will do this heinous killings. I learned too that he was very close to ka Angel n a defender of Truth!!


  13. The numbers only prove that from bro. FYM to bro. EVM up to now na Ang Gawain ay nagpapatuloy at hindi para ikumpara kundi para ipakita na Ang Iglesia hindi Naghihirap, katulad ng sinasabi ninyo.


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