Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 19.20.29.pngBy now most of us have watched that horrendous video of Dr. Dao who was dragged off the United Airlines flight. To be honest I watch a lot of violent movies, which most blockbusters are these days, but this was real life and I was transfixed by the video and the story. I think most of us were because many of us could relate to the man. Many people have their horror stories of airlines mistreating the customers. Most of us know how we are herded like cattle into our tiny seats, row by row. Many have been told that their bags are, “nope, too large” then get taken away to the cellar of some plane. We are told when we can stand to go to the loo, when to sit upright and when we can sit back. Some of us have been bullied by flight crew members with attitudes to “shut off that phone NOW!” and others have simply been bumped off a flight. This is why we react.

What if there is a church like that? What if church leaders tell you to give more offerings then question you when it is lower than the previous year? What if church leaders bully you in what to share and what not to share on Facebook, not to talk to your childhood friends or family? What if you are pressured into giving your thumbprint? What if church officials warn you that you will be kicked out if you don’t comply?

Would you be like those passengers on the plane? Or would you be like Dr. Dao who stayed put and stood his ground even to the point of being physically hurt and dragged on the floor, bleeding, because of his principles?

The funny thing is, this is what is happening now in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. People are being expelled, not because they want to leave but because they are standing their ground on what they believe in.

Let me say one thing here for everyone and for the INC Church leaders to understand: they make this out like there’s a rebellion. IT IS NOT A REBELLION. If anything this is the opposite- people are standing their ground because of what they were originally taught in the Church.

Some may say, why don’t you just leave? Why not find another church or start your own?

Well, just like the United Airlines passenger, Dr. Dao, why didn’t he just walk out and get another plane? Even though those security officers warned and pressured him, he stayed. They had to pull him out, smash his face in, drag him through the aeroplane, yet he managed to run back in, disoriented and bleeding, until they took him to the hospital.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 19.20.44.png

Many brethren are now bullied, harassed  and expelled if the Church leaders feel they are not “one with EVM”. Just like the dragging of the United Airlines passenger, this too, is totally unnecessary. These people have not done wrong; they did not break laws; they are not living in wickedness; they do not want to go to another church nor start their own; they just want to be left alone. That is why more and more are getting “spiritually dragged” because they are trying to standing their ground and refusing to be bullied and feel furious when they are kicked out.

Don’t use your “authority” to pressure and bully. Learn from the Good Book:

“Feed the flock of God; care for it willingly, not grudgingly; not for what you will get out of it but because you are eager to serve the Lord. Don’t be tyrants, but lead them by your good example,”

1 Peter 5:2-3



5 thoughts on “Dragged

  1. Part of Eph 6:10-20 is standing your ground. If you were told to obey the leadership or the bible, which would you choose? This is the test.


  2. Good analogy. A lot of people could relate to him. You know, those people who just want the truth and stand by it.

    For sure a lot of us here have experienced that at least once. Being called upon by the resident minister just because you’re talking about the things that are happening right now.

    Just wanna share this to you (this did not happen to me, but to my fellow officers who are aware of EVM’s atrocities)

    It was after our Holy Supper, when they decided to eat somewhere. I did not join them that time because I wanted to go home.

    1 week after, after the monthly meeting of our department, three of them were called by our RM, he said he wanted to talk to them in his office. They told me to wait for them because they wanted to eat somewhere.

    Afterwards, they asked me to eat somewhere “well-hidden from the other brethren.” From there, I could already sense that something bad happened between the RM and them.

    My suspicions were confirmed when they started telling me what happened: it was because back then after our Holy Supper, when they ate somewhere, their topic was about Ka Angel’s arrest. And unfortunately for them, a very fanatical OWE happened to be in the same place where they were eating and overheard them talking about it. I think you already know what happened next.

    Imagine that? Outside of the confines of our locale, and yet it’s still bad to talk about it? What’s so bad about talking about the issue of Ka Angel anyway? Is because my friends are thinkers? Is it because they saw through EVM’s evil plans?

    Oh and by the way: it seems that for our RM, according to my friends, you are not allowed to think about it if you are One with EVM. Convenient, huh?


  3. Good job Bro.Edge! you HIT them between the eyes! Bible Bot,I WILL CHOOSE the Bible not the Leadership,know why? If what they want ME to do is Against d Bible,I will NOT OBEY HIM or THEM. That’s what ka FYM n ka EGM said,”If its not in the Bible or Against d Bible DONT OBEY! You will not be Saved! It’s very Clear. That’s why I keep ASKING that OWE guy that keep defending EVM,why not asked EVM –what did He told to His Mother and Siblings that “THEY DID NOT Follow or Obey.I believed if it is in ACCORDANCE with the WILL of GOD,they will Listened and Obey EVM as TP.But if it is AGAINST d BIBLE or will of GOD,even I, I will NOT OBEY EVM,I dont care too if He or they expelled me! That’s the QUESTION that mr.OWE should answer not ONLY him but especially EVM n d SANGOONS becoz I believed THEY KNOW it too! It is Stupidity to believed they just said,Oh they dont want to obey n they go against the TP. TELL to the WHOLE Church,what really the reason that Ka Tenny and his siblings did not obey Him.LIKE MOST of the Brethren that were Expelled–Oh they go against n dont want to Obey EVM,that’s it?? TELL THE TRUTH not LIES pls.!! You can Drink,gamble,party goer, n do all the people of this world DO,BUT dont ASKED ABOUT Anomalies,Debt n Question about NEW teachings RIGHT AWAY —EXPULSION right mr.OWE?


  4. Bro.Edge,someone whispered to me that 2 Children of the late Bro.Teofilo Ramos were EXPELLED by EVM coz they cannot Bear anymore what’s happening in d Church under this Administration. I’m hoping some of the children of other Faithful Ministers in d time of ka EGM will do d same,standing on the truth/That soon they will expose what is really happening in d Church at present time.


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