Expulsion of Children

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been, to be honest there were a number of reasons:

      1. Holy Supper is finally done
      2. No video Worship re-runs (which makes a lot of people happier)
      3. And I’ve been waiting for some of these readers to reply clearly (preferably in English) on some of the issues I’ve brought up.

So let me take on one issue at a time so as not to cloud the content. Let’s talk about Family expulsion. The Iglesia Ni Cristo Leadership insists there are no changes in the doctrine and to “prove” this the Ministers will start the sermon by stating that the lesson was “prepared” or “outlined” by either Brother Felix or Brother Eraño Manalo when they were still alive.

That is a silly point really because that’s just like some other Church who will claim they are Christians because they use the Bible. Of course they are! But where do the changes come? In the application of what they read.

So with regards to the expulsions. They say it is not a new thing to expel entire families. One reader who tried to defend it said: “children were expelled before because their parents were expelled. How will they be able to attend worship services?”

This is why we need to be truly aware and alert to these subtle little changes and lies slowly being put in. Let me explain by reviewing our doctrine we were previously taught

Whom does God command to be expelled? 1 Corinthians 5:13 states:

“God will judge those outside. ‘Expel the wicked person from among you’.”

Those who are wicked. What wickedness have children done? None.  That is why the INC does not even baptise infants.

So what happens when parents are expelled?

The children (in previous Administrations) were NOT expelled along with parents. They were delisted IF there were no other options that they could not attend children’s worship services.

Expel: force to leave or move out; remove from a position or office

Delist:to remove from a list

What is the difference? Expulsion, you get kicked out for wickedness. Delistment, is simply being removed from the registry maybe because they are hindered by employers and are unable to attend church anymore.

Why aren’t children expelled if parents commit sins or doing wickedness?

Deuteronomy 24:16 says this: “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor shall children be put to death for their fathers; a person shall be put to death for his own sin.”

In short, each answer for their own sins.

What is the proof that children are not (supposed to be) expelled? Look at part of the “expulsion form” where it asks about the children. It asks: Date child was offered/Should the child be delisted?/Reason/Guardian/Religion of Guardian

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 13.57.23.png

In short, even if the parents are expelled, the children could still attend even if the guardian is a former member or even of another religion. If there are those who could be brought to worship service then they are not delisted. But nowadays, as this particular form shows, all is needed is ONE mighty signature of the General Secretary Cortez, and the entire family is automatically expelled – parents and children alike, including their pet pomeranian. No need to answer and fill up the forms, just a stroke of one mighty pen.

Never in the past Administrations have there been announcements where children were expelled. It is unbiblical to expel children. Even more so in the Philippines where young children actually just walk or take a tricycle to the nearby chapel by themselves. Outside the Philippines the Administration used to ask first, is there anyone who could bring the children to church? Is the grandmother willing to take them to Church? Not anymore. Nowadays, as we often hear in the announcements, “…so and so AND family are expelled…”

What did Jesus say?

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”



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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what my dad told me, same examples, same teaching, the same verses. This happened to a few friends. Entire family expelled just because the minister cannot answer their inquiries in regards to what is happening to the Church. Some of these children are 1-12yr old, even older ones in college that have no clue they were expelled just because one parent asked a question regarding corruption. Besides family expulsions, they also ask the congregation to hate the expelled, never to talk or even look at them, such great Christian value to instill in young children in the INC.


    1. “ask a question about corruption”… Matagal ng tuligsa yan sa panahon pa ng ka Erdy Kaya noong 2007 ay sinagot na yan Ng ka Erdy.. Dahil yang tanong na saan napupunta ang abuloy at may corruption, lalo na at sa social media pa magtatanong ay gagawing trial by publicity lang, at tanda Ng ayaw magpasakop.


      1. Ikaw na rin nagsabi panahon ni ka Edry natuligsa, asan ang sagot ng ka EVM sa panahon nya? Pinatay ni ka Erdy ang apoy sa panahon nya, matapang na nagsalita ang ka Erdy na bukas ang opisina nya at mag siyasat kayo at kung may makita kayong di ayos, kahit isang pera maghiwa-hiwalay na tayo!
        Eh ngayon may apoy uli asan si ka EVM? Bakit ayaw nya harapin? Where are his balls? Bakit wala syang bayag magpatunay, ano kinatatakot nya? The present problem is now for him, no longer ka Erdy. Ano laging sinasabi ng ka EVM “there is no corruption/wala pong korupsyon” Yun lang napaniwala ka na? Did you even watch the MOVIE “Felix Manalo”? Kahit ang sugo sa panahon nya noong may detractors ang sabi ng Suso “ipatawag mo sila magdala sila ng ebidensiya nila, maglalabas ako ng ebidesiya ko” – Sorry pero sa pamamahala ng ka EVM all we hear him say is “wala pong corruption, sila nag bibintang sila maglabas ng ebidensiya” noong nag labas sagot naman “peke yan” that’s it! Ayaw mag labas din ng ebidensiya tulad ng Sugo at ng ka Erdy, ano kinatatakot nya, kala ko ba kasama nya ang Dios, bakit he can’t face the fire head on?


      2. Anong sagot Ng ka Erdy noong 2007 sa mga tumutuligsa noon? Hindi totoo, ano rin ang tugon Ng ka Eduardo ngayon? Hindi totoo yan. Anong tugon noon Ng ka Erdy sa mga nagsasabing may corruption? Ang mga kapilyang naipagawa at patuloy pang ipinapagawa, at ang mga mehoras Ng Iglesia. Hindi ba ganyan din ang sagot ng Pamamahala ngayon. Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi dalhin sa opisina ng central ang mga ebidensiya, HINDI SA SOCIAL MEDIA. At ang mga ebidensiya dapat tiyaking valid at hindi fabricated. Anong ebidensiya ang naiharap nila na totoo? yung deed of sale Ng lupang inaangkin nila, ang #36 Tandang Sora, na sa totoo ang lupang inaangkin nila ay nasa likod Ng new era. Ano pa? May nawawala raw sampung ministro? Ng siyasatin, Wala naman kahit Isa. Nanganganib daw ang buhay nila? Nung Gabi ring yun nagsalita sila na hindi sila nanganganib at yung paskil daw Ng tulong may bata Lang daw na nagbibiro. Ano pa ang kasinungalingang ipinararatang nila? Hindi raw ang ka Eduardo ang lehitimong Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan? Anong gusto nila? Makuha ang karapatan Ng Pamamahala. Ano pa? May utang daw? Sino raw ang collateral? Nung una Sabi nila ang mga kapatid daw, Ng malaman nilang hindi pwede ang tao, bandang huli sinabi nila mga mehoras na raw. Naghihirap daw sa loob Ng compound? Naghihirap ba yun gayong lahat Ng kasamahan nila ay nasa US, at maayos ang kalagayan. Kaya nga Sabi Ng ka Erdy kung mag uulat hindi sa Social Media at dapat nakalagdang malinaw ang pangalan. Bakit nagtatago? Kasi natatakot, anong ikinatatakot? Mahahalata na Wala silang ebidensiya at ang tanging hangarin Lang ay siraan ang Pamamahala at ang Iglesia.


  2. Hi, This is probably extremely off topic… I’m just wondering what is your (to the author of this site) stance on the doctrines of the church? i.e. the human-ness of jesus christ, only church to be saved (use of acts 20:28) etc… Do you believe they are correct?

    As for me, I was expelled not too long ago. But prior to that I was already beginning to question the validity of the verses used in the lessons. The question and answer method didn’t make sense for many of the things because I felt like they were taken out of context. I was just wondering if any other current or former INC felt the same?

    Since leaving the church, I have felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I feel liberated. It has allowed me examine what being a christian can really mean. I’ve started reading the bible for myself. There is so much love in the bible. God’s love and grace and forgiveness. yet the only thing I remember from the INC worship services were basically of fear.

    But to add to this topic. What I find crazy and irrational is that the INC makes everyone seem responsible for their own salvation. Meaning that if my parents are deacons or a minister that there is nothing they can do to earn salvation for me. Ok fair enough, since each person is judged separately at judgement day…..Yet they are expelling entire familys for the action of one. It’s very hypocritical!


  3. I know of a person whose grandfather was expelled for refusing the thumb. She and her mom were expelled because they merely lived with him.


    1. I can’t believe this! Could you provide more details? It probably was just the tip of the iceberg for him and he made the mistake of divulging his anti-EVM sentiments when he was confronted about the thumb. I know of some officers in our locale who refused to put their thumbprints on their R201 records during the re-registration citing various reasons, and to avoid further confrontation, they decided to step down from their offices. So far, they have not been expelled yet. I will be very shocked if the grandpa got expelled even if he kept quiet and didn’t make any added comments to his thumb refusal. In fact, I’ll be as incensed as I was when I saw the recent United Airlines fiasco that went viral: https://youtu.be/eU1HPwKrMrY


      1. It was a head deacon who refused to wear a thumbprint pin on his uniform. He was in NorCal. It never was required to begin with.


  4. As parents of two very young children,we’re so worried at first as to how to tell them that they can no longer perform their duties as CWS Choir and that we can no longer go to the chapel and attend worship service because our family was expelled.
    But with God’s grace and mercy,my children at a very young age understood very well what happened and why are we expelled….and that day I will never forget when we prayed….God embraced my children and they felt Him in their young hearts.That even after the prayer both of them still crying and don’t understand why.
    God loves my children and our family….and that they cannot take away from us!


  5. Expulsion of Childrens and infants are UNBIBLICAL! No matter HOW this ADMINISTRATION Try to DEFEND it,IT GOES AGAINST the Commandments of GOD ALMIGHTY.AS you mentioned those VERSES Bro.,to the OWE n ALL these EVM’s Ministers ,Church workers n Blind Officers,THEY IGNORE THOSE VERSES as long as they BELIEVED N FOLLOW EVM n R.CORTEZ. That’s WHY EVM n CORTEZ are Higher or Powerful than GOD.They CAN EXPEL anyone they want.I have a friend a brother in the Church,he told me when he was a CWS officer way back 70’s.On Sunday they went house to house and pick up childrens who will attend the w.s. He told me they even stop by at the family where the Parent or Parents were EXPELLED and asked Permission if they can pick up their kids for W.S.He told me some Parents were really mean but there are some who were very HAPPY that officers in the CWS have COMPASSION to their KIDS to bring in the CWS.That’s why STILL the Children of expelled parents can still go to CWS depending on their Parents decision. That’s why their REASON TODAY that Oh its OK to expelled the kids to because the Kids cannot attend CWS anymore.There is a way as my friends did before.But Officers nowaday HAVE NO MORE LOVE for the LAMB of CHRIST.That’s REALLY the PROBLEM TODAY in this ADMINISTRATION—No MORE LOVE w/c is the GREATEST of the three,HOPE,FAITH n L O V E! If you have no LOVE according to Apostle PAUL “YOU are USELESS”. Everything is in VAIN! ICorinthians 13;1-3,13


    1. Is it fair to blame only the officers? Yes, maybe its true that their love and passion is no longer there, but they are only under direction of the Ministers. Plus there are so many events and meetings and opening of new locales/extensions that the officers are probably spread thin.


  6. Yes! I completely agree. When my parents were expelled, my adult brother was also expelled; apparently, it did not matter that he was living over an hour away from us and was on his own. Apparently, he was included in the expulsion because of his association with my parents, my husband and I. It doesn’t make sense!


  7. Bakit kasama sa mga inaalis sa talaan ang mga anak ng mga itinitiwalag na lumalaban sa Pamamahala? Ano ba ang tuntunin na noon pa man ay ipinaiiral na ng Pamamahala? Kapag ang magulang ng mga anak ay parehong ititiwalag o ang kumukupkop sa mga anak ay ititiwalag, kasama sa hinihiling na alisin sa talaan ang mga anak. Bagong tuntunin ba yan? Hindi, sa panahon pa man ng Ka Erdy ay yan na ang tuntuning ipinatutupad.
    Ano bang karapatan ng Pamamahala sa pagpapasiya ukol sa mga bagay na may kinalaman sa Iglesia? Sa Mateo 18:18, ” katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, na ang lahat Ng mga bagay na inyong talian sa lupa ay tatalian sa langit: at ang lahat Ng mga bagay na inyong na inyong kalagan sa lupa ay kakalagan sa langit.” Katulad Ng mga Apostol na Namahala sa unang iglesia, Sabi ni Cristo ang lahat ng mga bagay na inyong talian sa lupa ay tatalian sa langit at ang lahat ng mga bagay na inyong kalagan sa lupa ay kakalagan sa langit. Alin ang tali? Sa kawikaan 3:3,1 ” huwag Kang pabayaan Ng kaawaan at katotohanan: itali mo sa palibot ng iyong leeg; ikintal mo sa iyong puso: 1 anak ko, huwag mong kalimutan ang aking kautusan; kundi ingatan ng iyong puso ang aking mga utos:” ang tali ay ang kautusan o salita ng ating Panginoong Diyos. Sino ang binigyan Ng karapatan na magpahayag ng mga Salita Ng Diyos? Ang Pamamahala (Col. 1:25, ” na ako’y ginawang ministro nito, ayon sa Pamamahala na mula sa Diyos na ibinigay sa akin para sa inyo upang maipahayag ang salita Ng Diyos,”). Paano ang pagtatali ng mga Salita ng Diyos? Sa Marcos 16:15-16 “at sinasabi niya sa kanila, magsiyaon kayo sa buong sanglibutan, at inyong ipangaral ang evengelio sa lahat Ng kinapal. Ang sumasampalataya at mabautismuhan ay maliligtas; datapuwat ang hindi sumasampalataya ay parurusahan.” Ang pagtatali ay sa pamamagitan ng pangangaral , pero dapat matandaan Ng lahat na Hindi lahat Ng napangaralan ay Natalian. Sino sa mga napangaralan ang natalian Ng mga salita Ng Diyos? Ang sumampalataya at nabautismuhan.
    Ano ang ginagawa ng Pamamahala upang matiyak nila na natatalian tayo at namamalaging sumusunod sa ebanghelyo? Sa Gawa 16:4, “at sa kanilang pagtahak sa mga bayan, ay ibinigay sa kanila ang mga utos na inilagda Ng mga Apostol at Ng mga matatanda sa Jerusalem, upang kanilang tanggapin.” Katulad ng mga Apostol na Namahala sa unang iglesia naglagda ng mga utos o tuntunin na dapat sundin o tuparin. Sa panahon natin ay mayroon ding mga tuntunin na inilagda ang Pamamahala ngunit hindi upang gumawa Ng doktrina. Ang tuntunin sa loob Ng Iglesia Ni Cristo ay sa ikatutupad ng mga doktrina. Ano ang halimbawa Ng tuntuning inilagda Ng Pamamahala na dapat nating sundin upang manatiling nasasakop o natatalian tayo? Kailangang ang bawat kaanib ay nakatala sa talaan Ng Iglesia upang matiyak na napangangasiwaan ang paglilingkod Ng bawat Isa. Ang sinomang Hindi nakatala sa talaan Ng Iglesia ay Hindi kinikilalang kaanib at hindi nasasakop ng Pamamahala. Kaya para makatiyak na natatalian sa langit ay dapat na matiyak muna na tayo ba ay natatalian sa lupa.
    Paano naman ang pagkakalag? I Cor. 5:13, Datapuwat sa nangasa labas ay DiyosJesucristo​ ang humahatol, alisin nga ninyo sa inyo ang masamang Tao.” Kaya may inaalis sa talaan o itinitiwalag. Ito ang ang dahilan kaya may inaalis sa talaan. Balikan natin ang tuligsa nila, Bakit daw kasama ang mga anak na 1-12 years old?. Alamin muna natin ano bang magkatuwang na pananagutan Ng mga magulang sa mga anak na inihahandog para matala? Kasama sa isinalaysay nila na silang mag asawa ang magkatuwang na magpapalaki sa kanilang anak sa mga aral na sinasampalatayan sa Iglesia. Ang tanong bakit kasama ang mga bata sa mga inaalis sa talaan? Mula pa man sa panahon Ng ka Erdy, sapagkat hindi na nila maituturo sa mga anak nila ang aral na magpasakop sa Pamamahala, ang maghandog at dumalo sa mga pagsamba. Ano Ng ituturo nila at kamumulatan na anak nila? Ang mga ginagawa nila na paglaban sa Pamamahala… Kaya nga Sabi sa Biblia, ituro mo sa bata ang daan na dapat niyang lakaran. Kaya kapag ang mga magulang o magulang na kumukupkop sa mga anak ay aalisin, kasama sa inaalis ang mga anak.

    Ano pa ang isa sa mga tuligsa nila? Si ka Radel ang nakalagda sa mga inaalis sa talaan, bagong bagay ba yun at may nalalabag ba dun? Wala, at yun ay sa panahon pa Ng ka Erdy. Sa panahon Ng ka Erdy sino ang nakalagda sa mga inaalis sa talaan? Ang inatangan Ng Pamamahala na lumagda, ang Kalihim. Sino ang gusto niyong lumagda dun at atangan Ng Pamamahala? Ang walang kinalaman sa Iglesia o hindi nasasaklaw ang pananagutang yun?
    Alam niyo ang talagang napatutunayan Lang sa mga post niyo ay, ayaw niyo sa Ka Eduardo Manalo at Wala kayong Alam sa kasaysayan Ng Iglesia. So Tandang Doro (Theodoro Santiago) na kanang kamay ng Sugo Ng lumaban sa Pamamahala, siya lang ba ang itiniwalag o kasama ang noong pamilya? Hindi ba kasama ang boong sambahayan. Sa panahon ng ka Erdy may mga kapatid sa may Quiapo na hindi sumunod sa pasiya ng Pamamahala na umalis sa lupa na kanilang tinitirhan sapagkat yun ay pag aari ng iba at gagamitin na, Kaya itiniwalag kasama ang buong Sambahayan.


      1. Read the entire verse.

        1 Corinthians 5:11-13King James Version (KJV)
        11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.
        12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?
        13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.


  8. There you go again with the flood of Tagalog trying to drown everyone else out with lots of letters not everyone understands. So let’s keep this clear and simple…
    1. Are you saying that the Administration DOES EXPEL CHILDREN? Show me an example where little children were EXPELLED during ka Eraño’s time. I did not say delist. I said EXPELLED.
    2. Show me an example where the expulsion form is all blank except for the General Secretary during Brother Eraño’s time, with just brother Bunag’s signature and nothing else.


    1. You are asking for example, pumunta ka sa Kalihiman at magtanong ka if they still have the approved R2-10 sa panahon ng ka Erdy. Isa lang napatutunayan Ng mga sagot at tanong mo incfromtheedge, hindi ka masiglang kapatid sa panahon pa Ng ka Erdy. Hindi ko na kailangang magpost pa nun, sa Kalihim ka magtanong na may alam sa tamang proseso.


  9. And that other part I just managed to translate – you said the children are expelled because the parents cannot teach them about obedience. Did I not ask you that last time? What about those who were baptised even though their parents are not members? There are those, even as we speak, who are between the ages of 12 to 18 whose parents are not members and yet they are missionised and baptised? What will their parents advise them? Should they then NOT be baptised?


    1. Bakit kasama ang mga anak na 12-18? Tama ka may sarili na nga silang pagpapasiya, anong pasiya nila? Sumama sa magulang nila, anong katunayan? Tanungin mo sila kung kanino sila susunod? Hindi ba sa magulang nila, like Isaias Samson ang anak niya ay kasama sa itiniwalag sapagkat kasama pa siya magulang niya sa nagkukwento at naninira sa Iglesia.


      1. Speak English! Is it right to expel a man’s daughter and granddaughter because their finances dictated they rent a room?


      2. The daughter is divorced and she and the granddaughter could obviously not afford their own apartment. The granddaughter was very active as CWS watcher and a college student.


      3. Did the daughter file a divorce while she was not yet a member of the Church or while she was a member? About the granddaughter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that being active is also not disagreeing with the Administration. Some of you admit that you are still active church goers, but have reservations for the Church administration.


      4. The grandmother was One With EVM. The daughter’s husband was the one who filed for divorce. If the daughter told the DM to shove it then the granddaughter is a victim.

        There are situations where one spouse is “One With EVM” and the other is against the Administration. 1 Cor 7:10-15 is about divorcing an unbeliever.

        So let’s say a person was expelled and wants to return but the spouse says “no way.” Is the Administration going to condone violating God’s commandments (divorce)?


  10. I feel sorry for the children who got involved. This is EVM’s way of instilling fear towards the members not to mess with him or with his cronies. Fear of EVM is much worse than fear of God nowadays.


  11. To this person who insists entire families should be expelled…. I know of instances where an expelled person lived in the same house as his relatives. And they weren’t expelled during Ka Erdy’s time.

    If you want to be technical about it, if your daughter or son marries a non member you should shun that person just as much as one who disagrees with the Administration. Even better yet, disassociate yourself with your non member family (sarcasm).

    Do you recall being persecuted for being the only INC member in your family?


  12. Here’s my question, were the parents also disagreeing or questioning the administration?
    It is the parents’ discretion, whether to disassociate then or not. What’s important is the parents did not go against the Administration nor were influenced by their children.


    1. Even though this is called the Church of Christ. The biggest problem is the administration is far more important to them these days. This is why all the worship service sermons are more aimed in that direction because especially with more people are questioning them and because they cannot handle the criticism so the worship service sermons are defensive. If I was the executive minister I’d use all criticism as inspiration to improve situations.

      I stopped because I got sick and tired of all this nonsense and drama, especially about EVM about the way he wants to make himself and the administration stand out. And you know what, this is never going to change with him and as much as defenders want their true beloved church restored = nada. Yes, you can be unequally yoked with a unbeliever, smoke weed, drink vodka, and get away with it, but if you speak against the administration you’re hated in a brutal manner. Look what happened to Angel Manalo who tried to speak up for the truth, they tried to do everything bad to him but God is always in his heart. He is always smiling, never arguing, bickering.

      The fundamental teachings of the church in a way we should renew our lives is fine ….. it is great advice. But the worship service sermons need to be less forceful and more uplifting and less threatening because this has simply become a joke. We should be able to go to Church and hear inspiring words of God in order to help us in our lives ….. but instead we always hear about attendance, offer, submit, obey EVM and his administration and it sounds like they are hesitating when they use name of Christ. They clearly have a problem when it comes to criticism so they get defensive as mentioned above.

      We should be taught to obey the teachings of God. Instead the Administration is there to manage the finances of the church, put finances towards building more houses of worship which of course is happening. But now these days they seem to pride themselves far more than anything else. You have those die hard INC members, especially younger members today who only seem to care about their beloved Eduardo, then your true believers who know which is what …. and then you have the rest of the population that seriously does not care about this nonsense.

      This is how I should see it. If I was the executive minister and if I expelled somebody, it will be done quietly and no circulars will be read in the congregation telling family members and friends to keep away from that person because I always believe that love should be kind. Also only that person who committed that sin will be expelled, not his family members and only if it was a very serious sin. But it seems like expelling somebody or an entire family today is like fun and games.

      To the OWE followers …. that is your choice in life. I am not stopping you. Just keep out of trouble.


    2. Let’s say you have an elderly father who disagrees with the administration. Are you going to throw him out on the street because of a difference in religious beliefs?


      1. If you harbor ill feelings or hatred toward another person who doesn’t agree with your religious beliefs it is just as punishable in the lake of fire as the person who is the unbeliever. Your name on an R2-01 is not a guarantee of salvation.

        Colossians 3:8King James Version (KJV)
        8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.


  13. There you go again! Nitpicking where convenient and at the same time clouding the question at hand by raising multiple issues not to help clarify points raised in order to arrive at the truth but the opposite, i.e. to obfuscate people so they are led away from a more focused and objective discussion of the question. Because EVM pales in comparison to FYM and EGM when it comes to effectively administering the church and earning (not demanding) the respect and trust of all the members, he is relying more on “brute force” and “technicalities” to find ways of slanting biblical teachings and church procedures to his favor. As I have been saying all along, the one key issue that must be clarified is whether the INC Executive Minister is infallible. There are 2 parts to this question: (1) What’s the church’s official doctrine and related explanations & illustrations regarding this issue, and (2) What has been EVM’s track record so far, i.e. decisions and behavior, that demonstrates his adherence to this official doctrine. Once this is clarified, then the rest of the side issues such as express & child expulsion/”delistment”, treatment of 36TS residents, corruption, bloc voting, loans for non-religious purposes, whistleblowing in public, select ministers’ lavish lifestyle, transparent audit of church offerings, check and balance within the church’s organizational structure, etc. can then be more meaningfully discussed, one at a time, and clearly resolved just like what was done during EGM’s time. To “devout but thinking” brethren who have no recourse but to hide behind pseudonyms in posting their comments here and other more progressive (not necessarily rebellious) forums because of the discouraging if not threatening environment of disclosure in the INC today, our consolation is in being able to share our memorable experiences inside the church after spending serious time and effort in scrutinizing and understanding its doctrines about God and the correct way of serving Him, then confirming its authenticity especially through the inspiring leadership and examples of FYM and EGM.
    As a parting salvo re this key issue, I end with this verse:
    Mark 10:42-45 And Jesus called them to him and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


    1. Considering World War III is practically imminent they need to get right with God. Very few of the 4 million or so INC members will be in the first resurrection. Rev 20:4-6, Matt 5:8, Matt 6:14-15.


      1. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for Christ (as written in Rev 20:4)?

        The Great Tribulation is still ahead (Rev 7:14-17).

        Not all 4 million INC members are worthy of the first resurrection. Most will be judged (Rev 20:12-15). People that hate are not worthy (1 John 3:15, 1 John 4:20-21, Matt 6:14-15) and the consequences are Rev 21:8


      2. Sapagka’t sa ganang akin ang mabuhay ay si Cristo, at ang mamatay ay pakinabang.
        Mga Taga-Filipos 1:21
        Hate? Kailanman hindi itinuro at ituturo sa mga kaanib sa Iglesia ang magalit kahit sa kaaway. Ang aral, ibigin mo ang iyong kapuwa kahit kaaway. Kayo Lang ang nagtatanim Ng galit, katunayan may mga kasamahan kayo na dahil sa Wala Ng ibang maisagot ay nanglalait at nagmumura pa.


      3. Sure, the formula is simple: kick out those whistleblowers & sympathizers out of the church and voila, the crisis magically disappears inside the church and is now outside the church! Considering himself infallible, EVM has never acknowledged his command responsibility for what has happened to the church. It is no wonder that his apologists concoct an intricate web of tall tales to deflect not just criticisms but simple questions such as “Was the Philippine Arena built through loans involving INC?” By way of comparison, I invite the readers to follow the ongoing saga of the mighty United Airlines as it tries to recover from the full blown crisis brought about by the shocking forcible ejection of a passenger doctor from one of their planes (https://youtu.be/eU1HPwKrMrY). At least the CEO, who initially downplayed the incident and even praised the employees involved, finally acknowledged his and United’s full responsibility for the “truly horrific” incident. And guess what, he even pointed out that all these could have been avoided if only his people used their “common sense” (http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-united-apology-20170412-story.html). Unfortunately, this is one precious commodity that EVM’s administration has long been in short supply of!


      4. Whistleblowers or gossipers? mga desperado na, pati airplane incident itutulad pa sa pagtitiwalag, hindi na Biblia ang sinasangguni kundi airplane incident na lang. Noon sa bayang Israel pag may inaalis sa bayan Ng Diyos, katulad ng lumalaban sa Pamamahala, katulad nila Datan at Abiram, nililipol Ng Diyos. Ngayon ipinapaalis o itinitiwalag. Reklamo ng reklamo ang mga NEWGENS at itutulad pa sa Airplane incident, Wala na talagang maisip na maayos lahat na lang inuugnay kahit walang kaugnayan, that is fallacies.


      5. Yeah, sure, that’s why EVM was quick to expel them in order to silence them and bombard them with malicious propaganda.

        I’m not quite sure how can that process be a solution to the problem though.


      6. Oo, dapat itiwalag agad baka makahawa pa sa iba… Parang kamatis lang pag sira na, alisin mo na. Process? What process would you want? like government, 3 taon na at kahit napatunayan na hindi pa tapos ang kaso?


      7. Diba ganyan naman..ang katiwa tiwalag dahil sa dami ng pagsalungat sa doctrina dipa rin inaalis..sakit ng ulo ng katiwala


    2. Do you really think there is a way to save the church from its downward spiral? Without dethroning evm and his coterie? To believe that is possible is just being naive. Sorry. There is no changing evm and his greedy, ungodly ways. He and his need to be ousted for there to be any chance at all of the INC ever becoming a true church again. Even given that, recovery is not likely to ever happen. Things are too far gone. Join me and leave the once but never again pristine church. There are better options out there. By far. Just don’t join scientology.


  14. Isn’t that exactly my point? Why then expel entire families when the children have nothing to do with the parents’ actions? You’re talking about Ka Samson’s son. He was already a BEM student. Already in college. I’m talking about 2 things which you contradict yourself:
    1. You said the children are expelled because the parents will give them wrong advice.
    2. Yet you say the children can make decisions for themselves.
    Then why expel them with the parents? Which is it?

    And why are you telling me to go to the secretaries? Why don’t you go? It’s YOUR “evidence”. It’s like me saying “unicorns exist”. Go find one. 🙄. (Why do I bother with you?)

    And FYI, I did go to the secretaries. Look what I found. See that picture up the page? Blank forms with 1 signature

    The point of that reader regarding “finances” is this Administration’s decisions to tell others to find another living accommodation when someone in the house is expelled. That was unheard of in previous Administrations. There were plenty of married couples where the husband said “I don’t believe Manalo is the Messenger” and the couple stay together. Bro. Eraño never commanded a spouse to say get out and find other accommodations. Because the Bible says “And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him.”


    1. Yes until now that is the doctrine, if a woman has a husband who is not a believer ….live with her…” Namamalagi ang aral na yan. Pero kung parehong Iglesia at lumaban sa Pamamahala, at magkaugnay, itinitiwalag.


  15. This person also must have never been a Catholic because the right thumb is used to make the sign of the cross on the forehead by a priest during Confirmation. At least somebody in the Administration wised up because officers and ministers no longer wear the thumbprint.

    And, BTW, here is Matt 12:30 in a REAL bible

    Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

    MSG is being used against INC in Is 46:11 because it SPECIFICALLY calls out Cyrus.


    1. Yup, they cannot even see that they all have received a mark in their right hand, their beloved thumbprint. Their new badge placed on their uniforms, Thumb mark logos scattered all over church compound, every broadcast & videos, so proud to raise their right thumbs for anything & everything. The badge of all those that will burn in the lake of fire.


      1. What are you saying? Everything they do is right! They can never go wrong, as long as they are One With EVM!


      1. Even the author of MSG stated it was not to be used for doctrine.

        Apologetics are using MSG against INC.

        Try reading Matt 6:9-13 in MSG.

        INC used ASV back in the old days and NKJV, NIV, Moffatt for the most part.


      2. The point I am making is MSG is a bad bible because a lot of it nowhere near resembles scripture.

        As far as the church situation, let God take care of business and accept the outcome. Both sides need to stop the dart throwing.


  16. The BLIND n FANATICS Followers of EVM are TRYING their Best to defend their Boss when it comes to Expelling FAMILIES.As Bro.EDGE mentioned in ICor.5;13 Therefore put AWAY among yourselves that WICKED Person. First of all this is SINGULAR not Plural.Second,put away the WICKED person.WHERE in the Bible can we read that an INFANT or CHILD ages 1-8yrs old are Wicked o SINNERS? Do not REASON OUT that because EVM was the TP,it MEANS HE IS BETTER THAN GOD.It’s Biblical,put AWAY Wicked Pereon not Infants or childrens that dont Understand yet what is GOOD n EVIL Even in Deut.32:33 GOD CLEARLY STATE “Whoever commit SIN AGAINST ME,Him I am going to BLOTTER OUT his name in MY BOOK. And in EZEK.18:20,4 it is VERY Clear GOD said the SIN of the Father is not the Sin of the Son n vice versa. DO NOT ADD or SUBRACT this GOD Commands.No matter these OWE’s Blind followers EXPLAINED, oh they INVESTIGATE thoroughly and the Executive Minister DECIDED to EXPELLED the whole Family even with small children or infant.Why DO YOU OWE’S BELIEVED THAT EVM IS better than GOD that GOD made Mistakes when HE said that the ONE who SINNED SHALL the ONLY ONE who should Removed from the Book of Life? My GOD ‘YOU ALL Fanatics n Blind Minions of EVM n Cortez “YOU dont CARE anymore about GOD’s Commandments as long as YOU can PRAISED n GLORIFY your MASTER n LORD EVM! All of YOU OWES–are EXPERT in Adding,Subtracting,Reasoning out,Evading and Denying everything Just to SERVED your Lord EVM n d SANGOONS!! Then ALL OF YOU HAVE a GUTS saying “I AM PROUD to be a MEMBER of the CHURCH of CHRIST”?? Shameeee on ALL of Youuuu!!! you should say I am proud to be a Follower of EVM Church or the NEWGENINC under EVM Administration.not the True Church of Christ that is Holy n Pure ADMINISTERED by our Lord Jesuschrist,the Apostles,ang Sugo n Ka EGM.


    1. may nalalaman ka pang plural at singular, ito pa ang Sabi mo “put away wicked person not infants or children…” Tatanungin kita, ang children ba hindi person?
      Pag sinabi bang alisin ang taong masama, Isa Lang ba dapat ang alisin? Pano kung ang gumagawa Ng masama ay dalawa o higit pa, hindi na na sila pwedeng alisin?


  17. Sorry,should be Exodus 32;33 not Deut.32;33. In Deut.24;16 it says,PARENTS are NOT to be put to Death for Crimes commited by THEIR Children,and the CHILDREN are NOT to be put to Death for Crimes commited by their Parents,aPERSON is to be Put to Death ONLY for a Crime HE Himself has COMMITED. This is GOD’s DECREE n PROCLAMATION.Nobody can CHANGED it,but sad to say,EVM n Cortez CAN and their OWEs Ministers and Church workers Agree with THEM. They are Better n Greater than GOD when it comes in EXPELLING members of the INC! Are these PEOPLE Really GOD’s SERVANTS? They can MAKE their OWN decision NOT GOD Decision n Commandment when Expelling a Father or a Mother,THEY Expelled CHILDRENS too?


    1. Hindi talaga pananagutan ng anak ang kasalanan ng magulang kahit ng magulang ang kasalanan Ng anak. Pero tungkulin Ng magulang na palakihin ang kanilang mga anak sa aral na sinasampalatayan sa iglesia. Paano maituturo Ng magulang ang pagsunod kung sila nga hindi marunong sumunod.


  18. To blogger with pseudonym Iglesia ni Cristo: Please answer this simple question – What is the church’s official doctrine regarding the Executive Minister’s fallibility? Is he infallible or fallible?


    1. “Iglesia Ni Cristo” needs to read a real bible for Matt 12:30.

      Matthew 12:30King James Version (KJV)
      30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

      Not a thing about “war” “middle ground” or “enemy”

      Also, Isaiah 46:11 in MSG SPECIFICALLY calls out Cyrus as the “bird of prey.” May want to think twice about using MSG. It is an abomination – look at how distorted Acts 20:28 is. Not a thing about Jesus’ blood being shed.

      Acts 20:28The Message (MSG)
      28 “Now it’s up to you. Be on your toes—both for yourselves and your congregation of sheep. The Holy Spirit has put you in charge of these people—God’s people they are—to guard and protect them. God himself thought they were worth dying for.


      1. I’ll repeat again my answer, apart from JesusChrist, there’s no other man who did not commit sin. Kung hindi mo yan maunawaan, talagang nakalihim na sayo ang hiwaga salita Ng Diyos.


      2. Mula pa sa mula pa sa mga Apostol, sa kapatid na Felix hanggang sa kasalukuyan namamalagi ang aral na maliban Kay Cristo, Wala Ng ibang taong hindi nagkasala. Kung ang gagawin niyo ay maghanap ng Mali ng isang tao fault finder lang kayo. Ano ano ba ang kasalanan Ng ka EVM, at ano ano Ang kasalanan niyo?

        “At bakit mo tinitingnan ang puwing na nasa mata ng inyong kapatid, nguni’t hindi mo pinapansin ang tahilan na nasa iyong sariling mata?
        O paanong sasabihin mo sa iyong kapatid, Pabayaan mong alisin ko ang puwing sa mata mo; at narito, ang tahilan sa iyong sariling mata?
        Ikaw na mapagpaimbabaw, alisin mo muna ang tahilan sa iyong sariling mata; at kung magkagayo’y makikita mong malinaw ang pag-aalis mo ng puwing sa mata ng iyong kapatid.
        Mateo 7:3-5


  19. 1 Peter 2:21-25 For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

    It is about Jesus having no sin and dying for ours.


  20. Here is the bottom line: we have to get it right with God.

    The far right “One With EVM” fanatics and the far left “defender” fanatics are equally bad. They have contempt of non members (such as Soriano). They put people down that don’t agree with them. The real INC detractors are taking advantage of this.

    Be prepared to accept God’s consequences.


  21. The sad fact is that the INC is no longed behaving like a church at all. The word Cult now comes to mind easily when thinking about this “church.”

    Repetitive sermons that exalt EVM more than Christ are not Christian at all and serve only the administration’s ulterior motives of fear and control.

    Delisting and expulsion of anyone asking questions, along with harassment and other controlling tactics are more common in a police state than in a church.

    How long is it going to be before everyone wakes up?

    It may be true that this was once the One True Church, but that boat has sailed and it doesn’t look likely to ever come back.

    After several years of giving the administration the benefit of the doubt, I have finally had enough and have given up on them and on evm in particular. Just looking at the way he treats his own family should be more than enough for everyone to realize that we are following a demon in preacher’s clothing.

    Say no more to this oppressive and unGodly administration. It’s all fine to dance around the issue and say that evm was appointed by God, but given his unGodly leadership do we really want to continue supporting him?

    Well, do we???


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