The week in Review: Weapons and Webex

The start of the new month began with action and adventure in the Philippines with the Manalo siblings in 36 Tandang Sora being arrested. For what? “Indiscriminate shooting”. So allegedly there were weapons inside the house which was used to shoot indiscriminately. Indiscriminate as in “done at random, without making a distinction”. So…

  1. If 2 officers were supposedly shot, then why are the charges indiscriminate shooting? I guess it was just the bad ricochet, maybe?
  2. How did they have all these weapons when all these guards would go through everything that went into that compound with a fine tooth comb?
  3. What kind of police work is it that you haul in 31 people, including women, children and dogs?!? Were they all armed and loaded? But then again, that Pomeranian did look quite guilty.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 14.34.38.png
  4. Oh and I love the Eagle News deep discovery, they were unlicensed firearms. Let’s dwell on this for a moment… hmmm… unlicensed… Philippines…hahahahaha. That’s quite interesting. I wonder if those officers would recognise  a license if they ever saw one.

Then you have the news teams who could not enter to interview the Manalos because they did not have the “blessing” of EVM. So let’s think about this…

  1. What does that tell you when the INC has the power to tell the police who they choose  which network will have access ?
  2. And we all know that the “Chosen” media outlet is none over than “Eagle News”. Surprise! Because we all know that the Church owned /controlled news outlet is the bastion of journalistic integrity and truth. So what does Eagle News do? They take lots of videos of… doors. Oh and a 2 second clip of the accused. Just like real journalism right? Don’t be like other journalists who would love to have exclusive interviews of the accused. Don’t bother with interviews of the people involved. Just show doors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 13.19.16.png

and more doors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 13.20.42.png


Then on the weekend we get, you guessed it, Webex Worship Service! Another opportunity to watch our beloved Leader tell us (for the umpteenth time) that we are in the right church. “So don’t leave it!” and “Stop listening to those naughty naughty Defenders!” It was actually quite an odd lesson. Here are some the highlights…

  1. He mentioned reconciling with your brother. How ironic don’t you think? What is that verse again? Oh that’s right…

23 “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.

25 Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court.

So tell us, who should go? The one at fault? Or the correct one? Which one are you?  And how long should you wait? Months? Years? Tell us wise Leader

  1. He then mentions about James 2:10 which states “For the one who obeys the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it”

Please answer this: “For God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ and ‘Whoever insults his father or mother must be put to death.” Guilty or not guilty?

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 00.03.23.png

  1. Leader EVM goes on something odd about finishing the race. So don’t run effeminately. Was that a joke? Rather odd. Imagine what the guests were thinking.
  2. Then he mentions about training and discipline. Example? Exercising but then eating a big meal. Do you realllly want to go there?
  3. The rest was as usual. Formulaic. Prayers for our most beloved, yata yada yada, Sermon goes for an hour, half time joke to wake us up, we are the true Church, etc…obey obey, worship, offer.. Conclusion..blah blah… I ask the Father… you know the routine… closing prayer… mostly about EVM, offering, prayer for EVM, oh yes also bless the offering and…. Bless EVM. The End.

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, the point is, I don’t know what his Council of Elders are telling him, perhaps something like, “Oh yes, you were great! Brethren love the Webex! They yearn for it. They flock to see you.” Here is the truth. And I’m not being mean: We don’t love it. I’ll be blunt and tell you why. I am not a kiss arse minister who will say you were Magnificent

  1. It’s annoying when the schedules of services are changed at your every whim. People have set routines. It’s unnecessary
  2. It’s in Tagalog. Non Tagalog brethren are then forced to READ hymns which are supposed to be SUNG. The entire sermon has to be read by Non Tagalog attendees. It’s like watching a Korean movie (minus the great complexion). You just end up reading the subtitles throughout the movie. If that’s the case why not just email the sermon to us?
  3. The prayers don’t translate well with all that wailing, “Amaaaaaa” and “Salamaaaaaaat pohhhhhh” All you hear from the venues as replies are  “U-huh” and deep sighs. Oh and lots of  crickets chirping.
  4. You must have a clue. Remember when these Webex services were scheduled on other days? No one went. Then it was designated to be on ONE of the weekend services. Brethren attended the OTHER schedules. So what do you do? Make ALL of them Webex. Hello? Read the signs! Brethren don’t want it! They avoid it like the plague!
  5. Lastly, are we really progressing or regressing? Think about it. Long ago we had audio tapes for worship services outside the Philippines because there weren’t enough Ministers. Brother Eraño Manalo then sent videos while Ministers were intensively trained in the English language until the time came that highly fluent Ministers were sent. So where are we now? Back to recorded videos and Ministers who struggle in English.

And then the Administration will proclaim we are witnessing the “Parade of Victories”?

My, what a week it has been.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 14.34.21.png


10 thoughts on “The week in Review: Weapons and Webex

  1. As always, thank you for venting out the same frustrations I have over the event this past week & the annoying, unorganized webex (so called worship service). Every webex that I ever attended (forced to attend since IT replaced the live worship services) they will appoint a time, yet, always and I mean always fail to follow it!!! If the scheduled time is at 9AM or 10AM or 11AM they always starts the recording playback 15-20mins earlier! WHY?!?! It’s recording, it’s not LIVE, and because of this half of the brethren attending “SEEMS” late when actually they are on time or a bit early!
    They actually think this despicable “RITUAL” is pleasing to GOD??? Man, what happened to all their brains? It’s been almost 2yrs and majority of the brethren either don’t care or just blind as a bat, just bow their heads, keep silent & keep on doing the ritual. What will you tell God & Christ when they asked you, “What did you do, during the dark time of the Church? Did you stand up & defend the church with all your heart, did you hold on to my words & obeyed it, did you speak up against the corrupt or did you do nothing, said nothing?” To the SILENT ones, what will you tell God? “…Uh, uh but we attended all the webex, we did not miss even one, we gave our offering, special offering, super special offering!” Yeah, good luck with that.


  2. Tungkol sa mga KASO na INIHAIN kina ka Angel at kasamahan,LAHAT IYAN IMBENTO LANG ng Pamunuan ng Makabagong INC na ito.Kaya Natatawa ako pag BINABANGGIT NI EVM at mga MINISTRO NIYA NA inuusig daw SIYA o SILA! Sa biblia sabi ni Cristo,yung INUUSIG ang DINADALA SA MGA HUKUMAN,GOBERNADOR O HARI madaling salita saPamahalaan.Kailan HINULI SI EVM n COMPANY at ikinulong?Sino ba nag mga ipinakukulong ngayon,SILA o yung mga sinasabi nila na mga NANG-UUSIG AT LUMALABAN daw sa Kanila?Sino ngayon ang INUUSIG at MANG-UUSIG?Sagutin nyo ka E.Zabala at Eagle News.Bakit KAYO LANG NAGBABALITA ukol sa nangyaring ito sa T.S? paano TINATAKOT ninyo ang ibang media people.Tama si Atty Saguisag,mas Grabe pa kayo sa martial law noon ni Marcos.


    1. Nakipagsapalaran ako at ang aking pamilya na mangibang bansa noong katatapos pa lang maluklok na pangulo si Cory Aquino dahil sa matinding pangamba sa magiging kalagayan ng Pilipinas hindi lamang sa larangan ng economic development kungdi maging ng peace and social justice. Tanging inspirasyon ko lang ay aking pagka-Iglesia ni Cristo na


      1. (karugtong) Tanging inspirasyon ko lang ay aking pagka-Iglesia ni Cristo na taglay ko kahit saan ako pumaroon. Ngayon ay baligtad ang nangyayari: bagabag ako sa palakad nang namiminuno sa Iglesia at matindi ang pangamba sa magiging kahihinatnan ng aking paglilingkod sa Diyos samantalang may banaag nang pag-asa ang Pilipinas sa pangunguna ni Digong Duterte. How ironic!


    2. what do you mean by imbento? walang nakuhang baril, hindi binaril ang mga pulis kaya kinasuhan kasi gusto lang? kasi ang alam ko sa imbento hindi totoo, tatanungin kita may nakuha bang baril o wala, may binaril bang pulis o wala? kasi kung wala talagang imbento yan pero kung meron, totoo yan.


  3. They find Rappler and ABS-CBN biased. Eagle news is the only fair news entity in the Philippines. “Illegal occupants of #36 Tandang Sora,” sure, you really are not biased when it comes to reporting. Now wonder almost no one watch you. Only the zombies and the minions are enjoying your little show.

    As for the beloved, most important man on earth, he is your typical combination of both a hypocrite and an oxymoron. For sure, a lot of brethren are now sick and tired of all his crap. And because he sermon is dry as always (even with attempts to crack lame, and somewhat offensive jokes), he will turn to Matt Pareja to say a very spiritual prayer. So spiritual that it always makes him look a woman being sexually abused.


  4. You know from the refrains of the ever popular hymn #86 it mentions “With faith unyielding I will trust your teachings” …. but do we really have that trust now? … It has been roughly a year since I attended my last worship and have no regrets because nothing much has changed in the lessons.


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