Love thy Neighbour

I’ve been reading many posts online and pretty much everyone is saying the same thing about the Iglesia ni Cristo’s new, grand undertaking: Aid to Humanity: AFRICA. The question is WHY?!

As usual  it was revealed in the Worship Service. And it was done in the most obvious  and ludicrous kind of way, because there are people in poverty there and they need our help. Shots of impoverished neighbourhoods, children playing in the dirt and Church Ministers handing out goody bags. Let me begin by saying these:

  • I am not opposed to the teaching of Christ that we should help our fellow men because we should “love our neighbour”
  • I am not opposed that many people in Africa are in poverty

But here is where we need to be clear – Why are all the members of the Church worldwide being encouraged to take part in this (SUDDEN) decision to send Aid to Africa? Africa has been in this situation for decades.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.10.12.png

Remember the 1980’s “LIVE-AID”? “We are the World? And all the campaigns to help those in Africa? Remember the efforts of the celebrities – Bob Geldof? Michael Jackson? Quincy Jones? They organised those benefits. They got Billions of people around the world to help. And now all of a sudden, the Church Administration had deemed it necessary to help Africa.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.09.11.png

This brings up questions:

  • Which countries are we supposed to help? Nigeria? Namibia? Ethiopia? Cameroon? Angola? South Africa? Guinea? Lesotho? You cannot just say “give to help Africa.” Remember Africa is a CONTINENT. Not a country. EVM could sell his Airbus and it still would be just a drop in the ocean.
  • Is this a one time thing? Because even if every single member of the Church helps, it will not feed all the people in Africa.
  • Would it be used to give out more goody bags? That will not last long

It may seem like this is really an altruistic and noble cause the INC is venturing in. But let us analyse this carefully. Why now and how accurate are all the accounts being told the church members? Let’s answer the 2nd part first…

We were told in the Worship Services that there are now THOUSANDS of Church members in Africa ever since Brother EVM went there in 2014. Before there was only 1 local congregation and now there are many.

  • Are there really Thousands? Remember, thousands mean more than 1 thousand people who are baptised. I CHALLENGE the Church Council to show pictures of every congregation in Africa of ONLY BAPTISED members. If the largest congregation in the entire continent barely breaks 100, how would that amount to THOUSANDS of brethren?
  • The lesson indicated that since EVM visited, the number of locales have grown. Tell us, how many members are there in each locale? During the time of Brother Eraño, before a place could become a locale, there were conditions that had to be met such as the serial number had to be over 50; there had to be key officers such as Head Deacons, Treasurers, Auditors and Secretariat officers,  CFO officers. So here is another CHALLENGE: show us that every LOCAL CONGREGATION meets all these standards, otherwise they were just called “extensions” or “Group Worship Services (GWS)”. Or has that been changed too now? Even 10 to 15 people can be a locale with a chapel? Is that how they declare that there are now more congregations and Districts?

Let me go off topic for a moment and use the old analogy  of the pizza pie. You can divide a pizza into 8 pieces to serve 8 people. Or, you can divide into smaller pieces, say into 16. But no matter how you cut it, the pizza remains the same size.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.11.33.png

So the Administration can make all its claims right now that the Church is growing ever so rapidly and “proof” of this is that District have split (such as NE & NW California and SE & SW California). No matter how you slice it, it is NOT PROOF that the Church is growing exponentially under the current Administration. It does not fool us. The Proof? Look at some of these congregations that were “split” – the brethren may now be registered into different names, but they are still worshipping in the same chapels. Those that did find another venue, what happened? Oh that’s right, they went back to the “mother locale” because they could not stand on their own. Welcome back Carson! Bowie! Norfolk! Too many to mention. So…accurate accounts? Not close.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 19.17.12.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 19.20.32.png

Anyway, back to Africa…our question now is, WHY is there this campaign?

It is not to feed those poor little hungry children we saw in the video, which really does tug at our heart doesn’t it? But it is to set up the business of “ECO-FARMING!” The General Auditor (to be more precise, his wife’s brainchild, sister Annie, who was seen on the video clutching tightly to her designer Coach handbag while handing out goody bags to the natives. Aww..touching scene wasn’t it?

  • So please tell us, all those people you met in Africa, are they farmers? Would they now be transformed into farming life? Are they aware of those eco-farming plans?
  • Would the Church also now have to continuously provide support for the overhead of these eco-farming or fisheries, or whatever other business plans is in store?
  • And when you start up the Eco farming business in Africa, would the workers ever see the profits from it?

Some of you may be wondering why I sound quite sarcastic like I am criticising this “wonderful” plan of the Administration. Perhaps I would consider it wonderful if it made sense. THINK ABOUT IT – Why would the Iglesia Ni Cristo pour millions of dollars of brethren’s offerings into Africa when 90% of the church members are in the PHILIPPINES where the large part of the population is ALSO and STILL IS in POVERTY??

In short the Administration is asking the impoverished members of the COUNTRY of the Philippines to help the impoverished CONTINENT of Africa. Does this make sense to anyone? Then what is the real reason this is being done? It is to fund the business ventures of the Administrator and General Auditor not just in Africa, but in secret corners around the world.

So keep in mind the words of the Apostles when it comes to giving –

“If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13:5

The current Church Administration may claim this as a “noble cause” we are being dragged into, but as the Bible says, even if you give everything to the poor, “without love, nothing is gained.”

As William Smith on INCreflections mentioned, 36 Tandang Sora, residents of the Administrator’s siblings continue to endure, with no electricity, cooking with rain water while their older brother tastes the good life flying around the world. So where is the love?

“Love thy neighbour” indeed





















8 thoughts on “Love thy Neighbour

  1. Great article once again. This is the very reason I promised myself not to participate in EVM’s call of “Tanging Handugan.”

    Of course, every thinking brethren will surely sense something behind their “noble cause.” Those people will not buy their twisted reasoning, using God and the Bible to make their stomachs big once again.


  2. I have read a great book which was written in a 1940’s.
    The author conveys that this kind of altruism is evil, why? Those charity organizations are taking advantage of poor, impoverished people to get financial gains.

    I have read it 10 years ago and understood why Ka Erdy did not create charitable institutions like sheltering homeless street children, etc.. When there are calamities, every locale is advised to give voluntarily not in cash but in kind. Used clothes, rice, canned goods. I cannot remember during that time that our church offerings are spent other the church needs.


    1. It’s no different from the very rich who form foundations to help the community; but the real intention is for tax purposes. It’s the smartest way to evade paying the correct taxes.


  3. …This Aid to Africa is no different to the Aid to Humanity that EVM does to our poor fellow countrymen in the Philippines. It is all propaganda and full deception to mislead people. The EVM Church wants all the world to believe they are doing right and they are growing and spreading. In reality, The EVM Church knows the easiest people to deceive are the poor, destitute or uneducated people. These poor people are the one who are easily deceived and bring to the EVM Church to add more numbers to its membership and what comes with that is more and more Monetary Offerings. That is why you will never see EVM Church propagate or missionize at Beverly Hills, BelAir or Upstate New York and other wealthy areas. Wealthy or Educated people are harder to deceive. Many people in the Business Management field truly knows that the present EVM Church has a perfect strategy for a successful money making business. There is a saying in the Philippines, that if a new entrepreneur wants to start out right, follow the footsteps of how the INC Church works… then you will have a master blueprint. Africa is considered a vast types of people and many are uneducated and ready to be put to use. EVM and the Sangunnians knows this… Do you know what else is in Africa other than a potential growing economy… the answer is Diamonds… yes diamonds. In Africa, there are vast resources of diamonds, gold, copper, oil and also other precious metals, this will make the INC owned Scenic South Dakota oil potential look like nothing. The diamonds and vast natural resources are in Africa and anyone with a vast amount of wealth, influence and power like the INC-OneWithEVM Church can make things happen there in Africa. Just like what they do in the Philippines where the system are prone to corruption, how much more Africa, there is more corruption. Wherever there is corruption, EVM will be there. There you have it Brothers and Sisters in the Faith… Another revelation that proves the INC is not the same INC we all grew up in… it is now an enterprise, a business enterprise with a perfect outline of a successful business. If i was a businessman, i am pretty sure, i myself would follow how the INC works. Today I would already be a millionaire. With Love, The True Members of the Church of Christ. INC Remnants…


  4. Ultimate heights of hypocrisy by the present administration pretending to be from God but all the more shows they have a wolf mind from wall street fleecing the brethren for cash and profit specially those uneducated and poor whose only hope is salvation from above. I say to EVM and cohorts to convert the Phil Arena into a casino and stop bothering us for our hard earned cash.

    The savior says “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” in this measuring stick alone they fail miserably!

    The church choir should lead the congregation and be singing Drake version of “Fake Love” for all the brethren to wake up to this circus drama.

    EVM will not step down willingly as he stated “They will have to kill me first before”…yada yada yada as if he really cares for my poor souls unless I have tons of cash. Its all a code word for “Try it and it may cost you the value of your life”. Sounds like a Jim Jones Guyana in the making..don’t say I did not warn you already!

    Hey admin perhaps you will delete this again? Its ok as you may see this in another blog.


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