another day, another…

Another week, another Worship Service wasted. Let’s get straight to the point. This is about the last Video re-run of the Executive Minister’s Worship Service last February 5. Was it illuminating? No. Where there any revelations of sorts? No. It was merely another repetitive sermon from EVM. Let me put it this way: The brethren are very tired of the same thing drilled into our heads over and over. Why?

The sermons are FORMULAIC

  • The beginning will be broad and can be about anything – from tragedies to persecution
  • Then it will go into about how important our membership is – that we can only have salvation in the Church
  • There will be a joke somewhere in the middle – to wake up when our minds start to wander
  • Conclusion will always be the same – obey and submit to the Administration so he can lead us to salvation
  • The ending is now always the same – EVM will “pray” for us – he will say “I ask God…etc…

It is repetitive! What are we learning? That we need him? How much do we need to be reminded??

Let’s go to the specifics of this sermon – EVM mentioned that it’s hard for him to visit the brethren throughout the world but he is willing to travel because he “loves” us. Hmm…

  • He said Russia was too cold then he went to Brazil which was too hot. Really? Are you Goldilocks??? “Oh this bed is too hard. This one is too soft!” ohh my, the sacrifice
  • Wait a minute, aren’t you from the Philippines? And Brazil weather was too hot for you?!?
  • And then to say that is a sacrifice to go to those places? Uhhmm, pardon me, Sire, but what about those people who live there EVERY DAY? It’s a sacrifice for YOU to visit for a few days in your Airbus and in your 5 star hotel??
  • And one more thing on this, are you not the one who make your own schedule? Would it not be then prudent to schedule your trip when the weather is “milder” for you as well as brethren who have to travel? Look it up – Russia is warm around June. Brazil is cool in July. Remember Solomon’s words? There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”
  • And why travel from Russia to Brazil, then to North California, then to Mexico? Does anyone else see the incoherent travel itinerary? Perhaps jet fuel (and offerings) could be saved if the itinerary was more, say, streamlined? I mean, is there an urgent need to go from Russia to Brazil? After all, Apostle Paul said, Everything must be done in a proper and orderly way.”

Then there is the EVM defense once again about expulsion of his mother and siblings. Again? Did he give a reason? NO. All that is ever said is that he loves the Church. I

  • t’s funny how he only mentions the teachings of Jesus regarding loving your mother and father. Why don’t you get your reader to read with emphasis?
  • EVM’s defense? Matthew 10:37. Let us study the verse (which was NOT read but only quoted in passing) Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”
  • JESUS DOES NOT SAY to HATE your mother. He DID NOT SAY to disrespect your mother. He NEVER commanded to EXPEL your mother. There are no verses like that in the Bible.
  • What Jesus said is that if you love your mother and father then the MORE you should God and Jesus. It does not justifiy Expelling your mother.
  • What does the Bible say that is truly EVIL? Just read – 2 Timothy 3:1-5 – no need for explanations: “Remember that there will be difficult times in the last days. People will be selfish, greedy, boastful, and conceited; they will be insulting, DISOBEDIENT TO PARENTS, UNGRATEFUL, and irreligious; they will be UNKIND, MERCILESS, slanderers, violent, and fierce; they will hate the good; they will be TREACHEROUS, reckless, and swollen with PRIDE; they will love pleasure rather than God; they will hold to the OUTWARD FORM of our religion, but reject its real power. Keep away from such people.”

Sound like anyone you know? (sigh) Another wasted week.


10 thoughts on “another day, another…

  1. I’d like to also add, the biggest disappointment in this Webex was how EVM had the audacity to say that we need to listen to our heads & not our hearts.
    He repeated it several times saying that this is how we should think.

    What kind a spiritual leader would ever say do not listen to your heart? Isn’t religion about peace & love?

    It boggles the mind the similarities between EVM & Trump. Deny Deny, create false news & discredit detractors despite black & white evidence. All the hallmarks of a dictator / cult leader all seen to many times in the past.


  2. He went to Russia to buy the most expensive Vodka, to Brazil to get the best coffee, to Mexico for drugs & tequila, and to California to pickup some UHD4k porn entertainment for the Airbus.


  3. EVM is being shoved down to the brethren’s throats. He kept justifying his expulsion of his mother and siblings with his nonsense, while they enjoyed every second of his insult towards them.

    I also noticed that he kept mentioning EGM. Was that to say that he was also obeying his instructions? “Use your mind, not your heart” he says? Yeah right, and yet. he was demanding respect and affection to the brethren? Making them believe that it was he who was being persecuted and insulted?

    And then at the end of his show, he will “pray” to God for the brethren, wanting them to cry just like what was usually happening during the time of EGM.

    Sad to say, his attempts of copying EGM’s sermon failed.


    1. I wish I could stop attending. Family can’t just accept that “I am DONE with EVM”. Another good article INCFROMTHEEDGE, keep them coming. You hit the nail on the head again of what I and many breathren are thinking these days. For those brethren tired of all this, maybe we could do a world wide walk out or day that we don’t attend to get this ball going that we’ve had enough of this!


      1. I probably still haven’t been expelled yet as I requested to a minister to be expelled and that was months ago. Still have not received a letter from the administration, maybe the due process takes many months or perhaps the only way to get expelled is to speak against the administration especially on social media because to be honest these days the administration is a lot more important than anything else. Then you have people secretly marrying or being in a relationship with a non-believer or committing many other sins like alcohol, etc and they don’t get expelled. We are all humans, we have our desires and feelings …. and yes the fundamental teachings of the church I think people in this world should try to follow, it will be a better world for sure. Even though I no longer go to the worship service, I still follow the teachings, etc.

        I was interested in joining the choir and possibly becoming an organist as I loved the most of the hymns and I always believed that most of the songs (my favorite hymn is #23) complete the worship service but in the end the worship service sermons I didn’t care about, they were always about the same thing, the administration, and pointless scare tactics, and when the Manalos were expelled in 2015 things really started changing and in the end I couldn’t handle all the gossip that was going on inside this church, like some of the nasty ministers making fun of the expelled Manalos on social media and also another reason why I stopped is that we are not sharing our faith properly.


  4. Looks like we are in for another worthless week. Mercifully they put in our locale to be on Monday. Perhaps they noticed the dwindling number of attendees and it impacted the meager collection, not to mention the Tanging Handugan. So they move it to monday knowing only the officers and their family will be attending.


  5. My sentiments exactly. Who scheduled for him to go there in the first place, us? He knew he was going there, he should know the weather would be not to his liking, then why complain? It’s not as if he was walking in the streets with freezing temperature or traipsing under the scorching heat of Brazil. And yeah, the author was correct, the Brazil weather is not that different than the Philippines’. That’s only my point. Punta punta sya dun tapos magrereklamo sya. Hay.


  6. Why can’t they just release the video of who was the one truly anointed to be the executive minister by the late EGM exposed so that this whole circus would be over specially to those that are still in the fence? Oh ya I remember EVM said that “I have to die first before they try to destroy the church” as if he really cares for my poor soul. More like a code word for us that says you have to kill me first and you will die if you try – Jim Jones at Guyana in the making anyone? So I guess even if they release it for all the world to see, this circus will continue.

    ABS-CBN should make a tela novela about this! – I promise I will not boycott them anymore.

    In closing the choir should make a rendition of Drake – Fake Love dedicated to all loyalist to EVM and hoodlums.


  7. It’s really mind-boggling to hear EVM citing verses ostensibly to warn the brethren about false preachers who use the same teachings but twist them to suit their purposes. I couldn’t believe my ears because what he was warning us against actually applies to him. To me, he is the one who did cause and still is causing division in the church because of his shallow justifications and hypocritical actions. If he believes that he was justified in expelling his mother and siblings, why can’t he just move on and stop making lame excuses and even allowing them to be persecuted? (Sound like Trump?) Better yet, why can he not display the wisdom of a leader such as what was depicted in the article “The Chief’s Sacrifice” by Pastor Roger Richards where the tribal chief was able to preserve the law and his love for his mother when he took the place of his mother who was condemned to receive 30 lashes for stealing? I didn’t realize the gravity of the internal strife within the Manalo family until EVM expelled Ka Tenny & children for coming out in the open which according to him caused division. What made me investigate to find out the truth was not the video of Ka Tenny & Ka Angel but the quick expulsion that ensued. I could not reconcile the fact that Ka Tenny who, as far as I know, was never linked to any irregularity in all the years that she was at Ka Erdy’s side in serving the church and who was only appealing for help, would be summarily expelled by her son. I could not believe what some ministers were spreading about Ka Tenny’s hunger for power and meddling in EVM’s administration of the church. Imagine the terrible repercussions of the expulsion – AE’s whistleblowing going viral, alleged forcible detention of some ministers leading to filing of court cases, documents on social media re the multi-billion peso loan used for the Philippine Arena and the related pledging of church properties as collateral, public display of the lavish lifestyle of top church officials, blatant harrassment of the 36 Tandang Sora residents, express expulsion of brethren who dared to speak against what they perceive as wrongdoings in the church, etc. And in my quest for the truth, I realized that I opened a can of worms because I discovered the glaring differences between what the church has become today versus what it used to be before. Instead of brotherly love, understanding and patience being exemplified by our leaders, it is hate, fear and intolerance that get propagated when the right of brethren to ask questions and seek the truth is curtailed. The emphasis now is on intensive propagation and offerings; edification of the brethren is taken for granted and is equated to holding CFO social activities, not actual visitations and sincere efforts to strengthen the faith of the members. Wouldn’t edified brethren be more effective in propagation? Worship Service lessons are not as spiritual as before and there’s overuse of Webex and pre-recorded services officiated by EVM. What happened to the goal of offering ourselves as living sacrifices when even prayers are read & pre-recorded and new types of offerings are added in contrast to EGM’s pronouncement that the usual types of offerings are sufficient for the needs of the church. And the most glaring difference of all is the impresssion that EVM is infallible and cannot be subjected to criticism which trickles down to the ministers especially the younger ones who are trained to act like “lords” who tend to boss the church officers around rather than as humble servants ministering to the spiritual needs of the members. And when we hear EVM insisting that there is no corruption because his detractors cannot show proof except to say “corruption”, we know there is something wrong because EGM was known to acknowledge and deal harshly with corruption especially among the ranks of ministers. At least EVM did not mention anymore his favorite argument that there is no corruption because the church is progressing. (By the way, has there been an honest tracking of the number of brethren who have been expelled and those weakened or adversely affected by what is happening in the church today?) And when EVM kept portraying himself as loving Christ and the brethren more than his mother and preach that we should condemn or hate the evildoers (kapootan ang mga kasuklamsuklam), we know that something is amiss because we have been taught to love even our enemies and it is only the evil act that they do which we should despise. It is
    saddening to note that even some long-time INC members have lost faith in being an INC member and are contemplating on leaving the church altogether. This was unthinkable during the time of EGM and I wonder if they will have stored enough of the spiritual blessings they enjoyed before to last them until God stretches His mighty hand in judgment.
    May God have mercy upon us all!


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