For Sister Tenny

I was going to post the next part about the Corruption but since it is February 2, I thought I would use this time to greet Sister Tenny Manalo.


Happy Birthday dear Sister Tenny. May our Father continue to watch over you even in these most difficult times. We will not forget how you stood by Brother Erdy’s side for almost 5 decades and showed us not just to be model members of the Church but as model spouse and mother to your children.

We pray for your safe keeping and good health. May our Father bless you and keep you under His loving care. May He also take care of your family – those who are always concerned for you.

People may speak ill of you – but that only shows their true colours. You see who are those who are willing to stand through persecution and those who will kneel to man because of fear.

We love you and we continue to pray for your well-being.

“The children or grandchildren of a widow must first learn to respect their own family by repaying their parents. This is pleasing in God’s sight.” 1Timothy 5:4


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