Season of Giving

As we end the year, the Church Administration wants to end it with a bang. Ministers had a gathering in the now infamous, scene of three deaths and albatross of EVM– the Philippine Arena. Last 11th of December there were giveaways of TOYOTAs for the Ministers with the Most Bible Students, the Most Baptised as well as the Districts with the Most Baptised.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 15.07.22.png

Here are a few things that jump to my mind as I saw this:

      1. Where did the money come from  to giveaway cars? That is not Oprah Winfrey money
      2. Who will pay for the insurance and petrol of these cars? Rich brethren, I presume, where many of them ask for their goodies (many of you know what I’m talking about)
      3. If the “winning minister” is the most fruitful again next year, does he get two Toyotas?
      4. Why would Ministers need cars if they are just assigned in one congregation? It’s not like America or Australia where Ministers have to drive 5-10 hours to reach another congregation. The next congregation is about 1 kilometer away isn’t it? Wasn’t that the argument of our old friend Joel ‘Facebook Minister’ San Pedro? About the puny Barangay chapels being near? Will they drive their Toyotas to go around the block? Just cross the street for goodness sake!
      5. Do the ‘winning’ Ministers even know how to drive? Keep a look out for the number of fatalities in the newspapers. Oh wait, they suppress that too don’t they.
      6. Do you notice there’s nothing for Edification? That’s why no one cares about visiting the sick or the weak.  “Visitation? What? No Toyota for you!” Nowadays it is, “You have questions?” Expelled.

I might be sounding a bit sarcastic in asking these questions because of three main reasons:

      1. Because we all know these “giveaways” are from the offerings of brethren (that they will run over)
      2. Doing these kinds of awarding creates the wrong kind of mentality in the current and future Ministers. “Hey, I want a car too. I’ll join the Ministry!” And “I’ll do whatever it takes to win one” (even if that means the old ‘hocus pocus ‘ on the paperworks.) Isn’t that what we are seeing now? Come now, be honest folks. You know what your Resident Minister is doing.
      3. Most important of all, it’s Scripture: Feed the flock of God; care for it willingly, not grudgingly; not for what you will get out of it but because you are eager to serve the Lord.” 1 Peter 5:2

I know some will argue with me saying “you’re just jealous”. No actually I am not. I too have a vehicle. But I got it the old fashioned way- I purchased it.

Enjoy the holidays folks. It’s the season of giving.



5 thoughts on “Season of Giving

    1. – Just gossips
      – Fabricated

      I told a few of my OWE friends…they snicker, laugh and said “saan mo naman nababasa ang mga kalokohan na yan, you know imbento lang yan, paninira sa administration!”

      tsk..tsk..and I’m the one they pity – smh


      1. That’s what they label to whatever is leveled against the Administration. Libel will follow if your not careful:)

        Just arrived from the Pagsamba this early morning…waiting for my kids to finish and were off again for PNK…my wifey still in church right now.


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