The Command to Offer

This past weekend the Iglesia Ni Cristo around the world was treated to another Webex playback of the Administrator’s sermon. Topic of the sermon? Offering. Surprise.

I cannot answer for every comment on the World Wide Web but I honestly don’t find Defenders saying do not give offerings to God. I believe it is a command of God to offer. Isn’t this why Defenders are called such? Because they believe they are defending the true teachings in the church? But let us study what has happened to this once pure doctrine taught in the Church since it was mentioned in the lesson last Sunday.

“Go up to the mountains and bring wood and build the temple, that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified,” says the Lord.  Haggai 1:8

So let’s keep this simple.

  1. God commands to build the temple
  2. It is built as a place glorify Him

How is this done? By offerings of course. Did the previous Administrator, Brother Eraño Manalo do this? He certainly did. And it was glorifying to God and we felt those blessings.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 23.51.19.png

How about he current Administrator? Did he build a temple to glorify God? No. He built an ARENA. Remember they themselves admit this. This is not a house of worship. So why were Billions of our offerings used for something that is not for glorifying God? Why would God have to share a venue with the likes of Chris Brown and Andrew E?

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 16.30.31.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-13 at 16.34.52.png

Remember they admit that the Arena is also for the honor of the country. Why would you build something that God has to share His glory?

And remember, who was created for God’s glory? Christ. So shouldn’t the Arena be in the name of the Church of Christ? Why is it called Philippine Arena if all that we do is for the glory of God?

So when it comes to the offerings, we know it is a command, but it is to be used for the building of houses of worship; not venues of sacrilegious acts.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 16.34.05.png

And when it comes to the actual money that was used to build the temple, who was the one that offered the most? 1 Chronicles 29:2-5 tells us it was King David – with his own wealth.

“That’s why I have done my best to get everything Solomon will need to build it—gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, onyx, turquoise, colored gems, all kinds of precious stones, and marble.

“Besides doing all that, I have promised to give part of my own gold and silver as a way of showing my love for God’s temple. Almost one hundred twenty tons of my finest gold and over two hundred fifty tons of my silver will be used to decorate its walls  and to make the gold and silver objects. Now, who else will show their dedication to the Lord by giving gifts for building his temple?”

Then who gave the rest? The leaders (Did you see that Council members?)

“Then the leaders of the fathers’ houses, leaders of the tribes of Israel, the captains of thousands and of hundreds, with the officers over the king’s work, offered willingly. They gave for the work of the house of God five thousand talents and ten thousand darics of gold, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of bronze, and one hundred thousand talents of iron.”

Then the people rejoiced, for they had offered willingly…” 1 Chronicles 29:6-7, 9

Since Administrator like numbers and statistics, let us break this down in math terms and ratios:

(We will just calculate gold and silver to compare apples to apples)

David gave 120 TONS of gold and over 250 TONS of silver

The leaders gave 10,000 DARICS of gold and 10,000 TALENTS of silver

(1 daric is about 1 gram and 1 talent is about 75 lbs., so calculating that, it is only about 185 pounds of gold and 370 tons of silver)

In short, King David, the leader gave 1300 – 1500 times more gold than the others. (Depending on the scale we use, Greek, Roman or Babylonian darics & talents)

So it makes me wonder why so much pressure to give when it is actually EVM and his council that we must ask, if they have given enough in comparison to the rest of us.

And why did the people rejoice? Because they had offered WILLINGLY. No one pressured them into giving. No minister or levitical priest checked their setting aside if their offerings were going up or down. No one had to talk to their religious leader to explain why their offering was lower than last year’s. (I hope the Council is reading) Because the moment this is done, the offerings are no longer done with a willing heart. It is pressure to give more.

Remember, the doctrine is this:

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. 1 Corinthians 9:7

In conclusion, there are 3 things this Administration needs to understand from the members;

      1. DO NOT PRESSURE US in how much we should give. If a person gives $1.00, that is between him and God. Not them
      2. If you want us to follow the example of what you taught last Sunday, then you should too. King David gave immensely so much more than anyone else. 1500 times more. There is the challenge to you leaders
      3. Lastly, when a chapel is dedicated, DO NOT MAKE THE BRETHREN hold up stupid signs saying “Thank you po ,Ka Eduardo”.  ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BELONG TO GOD

8 thoughts on “The Command to Offer

  1. The one built their temple is EVM. It’s not God anymore. Hence, the “Thank You EVM” cries. As if the money used to build those was from EVM’s pocket.

    That’s the problem if you lose the ability to think for yourself.


    1. INC members do not know that all church infrastructures that are buitl are financed by EVM’s own money not from the members so he deserves to be praised. Dont get offended if we always say ” Thank you EVM for your magnificent mind and hands, thank you so much for all you have done, you are the greatest of all church leaders”.


  2. I hate forbes ranking 2016 for being bias in their ranking for 70 most powerful men in the world. Pres. Duterte is the 70th where is EVM is not included. He should be the 1st or second for he is the most important man in the world. He is the most powerful that no one can question him and he has the power to throw man into the lake of fire.


  3. There you go bro Eddie Boy, we know that you are personally reading this. Accept the challenge from your own sermon to give the most on this upcoming year-end thanksgiving like king David did. And like king David, let everyone know how much you gave to serve as an example to the rest of the lowly church members.
    That also goes to all you high ranking officials who we know reads and frequents the brethren’s blogs like this one. Announce to everyone how much you will offer this coming weekend like what the officers and heads of the church in king David’s time did. It’s obviously biblical so you don’t have any reason or alibi not to do it. It’s like putting your money where your mouth is, and to assure us lowly brethren that you are not hypocrites and just scheming to milk money from the unsuspecting brethren.

    The relentless effort to force/coerce the brethren to give more (and according to your lesson last night, give more than we could) by using verses to scare people that blessings will not come in our lives if the amount we give is not “big in number” (minister’s words from last night) is off putting and just shameless in your part. It’s all about money?

    You even use 2 Corinthians 9 to justify the yearly giving of big offerings but the verses never said that it needs to be done year after year. What the verses recorded is that the members prepared a year in advance a one time gift for the purpose of the ministry. There’s a difference there.
    Also, the first century Church placed EARNEST men in charge of the gifts collected to ensure that the offerings will be used appropriately. For the record, nobody inside the INC thinks that the Santoses headed by the sleazy Glicerio and his drug addicted sons are earnest men.

    And then you boasts that we are the only one’s building chapels nowadays to somehow justify the relentless campaign for more monetary offering and sells it as if it is for the glory of God and Christ. Look at the chapelettes that you are building (actually paid for by volunteer members and not from the offerings you gather). They are not appropriate for worshiping God. Is that how lowly you view the majesty of God? I don’t even attend worship services in chapelettes because they are an insult to the Almighty.

    In contrast, look at the chapels that other religions that you mock builds. They are breathtaking to look at. And why do they build them as majestic as they possibly can? Because they build them to reflect the glory of the Almighty.

    That is how we should be building chapels. As majestic as we possibly can. Anything less is not acceptable.

    The problem with you is that you think you can fool people with the numbers that you boast in your webex performances. Please realize that a 24 oz Kobe steak is way better and satisfying than a truck full of horse shit.

    And to you sis Babylyn, Well played. You set to destroy the family of Ka Erdy to placate yourself and your offspring, and unthinkable as that maybe. It happened. It just proves that people really cannot underestimate the power of evil… and of course having a weak and easily manipulated husband helps too.
    But know this, no one inside the INC truly respects you because of the evil things you have done to the Church. Even your henchmen ministers only bow to you and your evil schemes because of the power that they think you have inside the INC. But you do not have any power. They only think you do. The INC members do not think you have any power and soon your ministers will realize that too. The power inside the INC resides in God and Christ and not in men.

    bro Eddie Boy, sis Babylyn, Glicerio and family and the whole sangoonian. The day of your reckoning is fast approaching. In 2019, you will have to pay all the debts that you secretly acquired using the INC’s name and dignity. The lowly members will not be able to shoulder your debts. How can we? We don’t have the money. And one by one the INC properties will be foreclosed by the banks. You might not really care because you have stashed away the money in your personal accounts already. But you will answer to us and to God because we will not let crooks like you get away with stealing the INC treasury that was offered to God.


  4. All of these is traced back to the construction of that damned PA! The justification before was a way to advertise the success of the church and to entice more people to join. All the wrong reasons for us to be known. Used to be, people will join because they wholeheartedly believe our doctrines not because we are perceived to be ‘successful’.
    Instead we became known in an infamous way. And the resulting fallout showed missteps after missteps. Proof that God left this Administration to its own devices. Oh well, we just hunker down. It will take a while but eventually they will get their comeuppance.


  5. Andrew E., Chris Brown, Katy Perry.. (Ok, except for Chris Brown, which is another issue)

    Those names stepping into what was supposed to be a “holy place.” It makes me cringe of disgust. And to think that EVM has the final say about the events being done in the PA?

    Coming Soon: PBA Christmas games in the PA! That’s right! CHRISTMAS GAMES! 😀


  6. With the Year End Thanksgiving approaching this weekend you would think that now is the time to reflect on the year that is about to pass & despite the hardships we still have our life & strength & that we are grateful for these blessings.

    However in the current climate of the church, as you have so rightly said in the above all that the administration cares about is money & more money, Not the spiritual welfare of the individual but the money making potential of each congregant.

    In this weeks panata our District Minister led an hour long sermon on how we should be increasing in the amount of money being offered. He commented that in the recently concluded CWS Year End TG 4 locales had “regressed” in the amount that was offered & that we need to ensure that this is rectified.

    The DM & the administration are delusional if they think that offerings will increase, this is just the beginning of the downfall of the Church administration…


  7. When PA is featured in Man Made Marvels of Discovery channel, the narrator amazed that PA is being built all to glorify God. What happen now? Become a business by MDC which not part of INC they say. Isn’t it we should not pay for tickets during Church occasion held in PA? And upon checking the website of PA, you cannot find any words or sentence stating that this is built by INC and to glorify God.

    And by checking my FB, as usual many new pictures have been uploaded and guess what is the caption or text in the picture. “Thank you po EVM” “We love you EVM” we should thank our Leaders but do you still remember the last time you thank Christ and God?

    Let’s wake up to the reality. Don’t act like a robot.


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