The WF Syndrome

For those who keep up with Financial news or even just American current events you probably have heard of the fiasco of the Wells Fargo bank. Let me give you a little bit of background of what happened and then I’ll explain why I am bringing this up.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 22.00.07.png

Wells Fargo had the highest market valuation among any bank in America, worth over $250 billion. But in recent weeks it was revealed by Federal regulators that Wells Fargo employees SECRETLY CREATED 1.5 million unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. Employees created phony PIN numbers and fake email addresses to enroll customers in online banking services without the real customers’ knowledge. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that this practice was “widespread”.

The result?

  • Customers incurred over  $400,000 in fees, including annual fees, interest charges and overdraft-protection fees.
  • 5,300 employees were fired for their misconduct.
  • Wells Fargo is hit with $185 million in fines, along with $5 million to refund customers.

Why would so many employees throughout the company do this? Why would so many of them nationwide create dummy accounts? Answer, “to hit sales targets and receive bonuses,” according to Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

But why would so many employees be willing to open dummy accounts even when they knew this was a fraudulent act? Because they were pressured to produce. This is why some former employees filed a suit against Wells Fargo because the organisation “fired or demoted employees who failed to meet unrealistic quotas while at the same time providing promotions to employees who met these quotas by opening fraudulent accounts”.

According to one lawsuit, “Employees with a CONSCIENCE who tried to meet quotas without engaging in fraud were the biggest victims, losing wages, benefits and suffering anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment”

Why am I bringing this up even though this is already tackled by so many news agencies? You could just go to CNN, Reuters or Fox news or some other website and you can find more details about it. Plus, in reality we know these things happen to different organisations all over the world. And let’s just use Wells Fargo (WF) Syndrome for lack of a better term for now.

Now here is the point of all this; Picture now if you will, a “religious organisation” that has the same mentality and method.

What happens when a “Church” employs the same tactics as Wells Fargo?

What would be the result if all ministers in their respective District and Congregation had to bear souls with the same kind of pressure from its leaders?

What if the leaders want to show that the present Administration is “successful” and “truly blessed by God“? By showing Truly Amazing results?

What happens when the Church leadership wants unrealistic results and pressures the ministers to produce?

Would it not be exactly the same? There are those who would be tempted to “create” dummy accounts; some would make up a list of names of “bible students” even though those people who may have attended an event once, were not really interested in joining the Church or having bible study lessons.

Is this not what is happening now inside the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)? Oh, I’m sure some will object and protest saying I am “making things up again” or I am “lying” about Ministers. But let’s all be truthful and open-minded shall we? Let us examine symptoms of the WF Syndrome:

  • Unrealistic goals are set
  • Ministers are pressured to produce results.
  • The Warning: FAIL the standard and you and your family will have a one way ticket to the jungles of the Philippines
  • The Incentive: SUCCEED and you can get out of the Philippines and go to America and/or Europe to live the glamorous life with Coach handbags for your spouse and all the Gucci shoes your feet can put on.


 There are Ministers who are still striving to be virtuous and honest, but because of the unrealistic expectations, they are unable to meet the standards set by the Church leadership. But if the virtuous are not able to succeed and are then shipped out to some province, who do you think the “Incentive” will attract? The unscrupulous and the dishonest.

These are those who are willing to make up things — write names of people whom they just met once – as Bible Students; list people who may have just nonchalantly nodded their heads as “interested” in joining the Church; prey on those who just want a sack of rice to feed their family and thus would be willing to say “sure, give me a pen – where do I sign?” Or with new technology, they do Bible studies with people in different continents just to have a name on their report, better known as  “Viber Students”.  The underhanded techniques are endless.

Come on, you know these are true. Why do you think those newly assigned Ministers who barely speak English proudly declare that they were sent to your congregation because they were the “Top-Notchers” or “Number 1 in bearing Fruit”. Yet what do they find out when they get to America or Europe? They fail miserably in bearing souls, especially when they have to do it in an honest manner. And (God forbid) in English! Gasp!!

There are plenty of evidence all around, if you are willing to look. Below is (no, your vision is not failing) a blurred Form listed with bunch of people. The names are blurred to protect the innocent. But let me explain first. The list on the left are names of the so-called “bible students”. The list on the right should be where their signatures are IF they attend worship service.screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-21-57-08

What can you notice? The right mostly says ABSENT. And this remains unchanged week in and week out. What does this indicate? That these people (assuming they exist) are NOT really joining the Church. But it looks good to have a large number on paper does it not?

Isn’t this the symptoms of the WF Syndrome? Pressured to produce, these people will create fake lists to survive.

Given an incentive, the dishonest and ambitious will be creative. And sad to say for the virtuous, they get pushed out.


But let’s not end on a discouraging note. God is just. He knows and sees. If we can see, how much more with God? So this is what Scripture says:

“Food gained dishonestly tastes sweet to a person, but afterwards his mouth will be filled with gravel.” Proverbs 20:17

I love that, GRAVEL. HA! I’m picturing that with a particular arrogant minister. He will have his day. And speaking of days, it gets worse on Judgment day:

Revelation 21:8

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all LIARSthey will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

So I say to all those cheats, liars, the dishonest, deceivers and pretentious– you will have your day. We will not allow you to deceive us. Brethren feel the emptiness of your insincere prayers. The Church is not yours to abuse forever. The virtuous will rise and YOU. WILL. FALL



5 thoughts on “The WF Syndrome

  1. I can attest that this Wells Fargo Syndrome is true especially in Metro Manila as a whole. I know of some people in the Ilaw ng Kaligtasan (Light of Salvation) who would actually come up with random names just to make the locale or district leadership see that the ministers/workers assigned to them have a lot of Bible students.

    I’m not trying making stories up, because you know what we are saying is true. This is the reality even in the purok (area) level. The purok leader and the minister/worker assigned in that purok claim that they have 10+ Bible students, some claim to even have 20+. But in reality, only two or just one of them are attending; in some days are much worse, because there are none.


  2. Bullseye! This is very prevalent here in the US. I’m a living witness of this. I even know ministers that were sent back to the provinces of the Philippines because they have not met their quota.
    In every committee prayer the instruction is always get the name, phone numbers, addresses of everyone you invite regardless if they attend or not, they will be registered as candidates for bible studies. I very much doubt that even if that person only attended once that those names are removed.


  3. In my observation, this is true also in the district of Rizal. And if ever a Bible student is baptized, it will only become the headache of the katiwala… forever. Because they will not get expelled even if they don’t attend worship service for a long time. This is the common tendency after the baptism because as a new member they no longer get goody bags they are used to, they now feel less important. But to be fair, there are those who joined the church because of its doctrine, but there are only a few now a days.


  4. great article! that’s a bulls eye. But if I might add as a consequence when the WF Syndrome was revealed to the public, many of the depositors after learning of the scam went to the bank and closed out their accounts. I am one of them. Because why would you trust your hard earned money to people and their leaders who practice crooked ways just the earn a little bit more money? It is not the Bank itself which is the problem. WF has been trusted by people for well over a hundred years. But for some reason, the current bank leadership thought that it is not satisfied with the billions it’s been making these past decades and resorted to cheating and lying to satisfy its greed. As a result, the bank is now experiencing a huge exodus of depositor who will not tolerate this king of behavior and of course to protect their own money.
    There is a huge parallel here now… Because why would a person entrust his or her salvation to people who displays behaviors that are clearly not of God and Christ? It is clearly not the Church itself that is the problem, it is these new leaders that are now overcome by greed and evil that is turning off many brethren who truly understands what being a member of the Church and being a Christian is all about. We are supposed to be followers of Christ and not Men. Christ’s words are already written in the bible for us to follow. We all have heard it (the pristine version from the past administration) and understood already.

    So when a leader tolerates, or even worst, instructs ministers and brethren to demonize, mock and scorn his own helpless mother and siblings just to distract members from the evil that he and his companions are doing, then we as followers of Christ should pause and think – what would Christ do?

    And then we should all, especially EVM, be reminded of the last act of Christ before he died on the cross. Was it for the Church? Nope.
    The last thing he did was to make sure his mother will be taken cared of after he dies. He did this to show all of us how we should care and respect our parents.

    John 19
    25Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. 26When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! 27Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home.


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  5. This is one of the reasons why they don’t want every members to read these blogs from defenders or I rather say the true members of the Church. I remeber my says before “Dati ang mga inaakay yung alam mong nagsusuri, yung gusto mo pang nakikipag debate sayo kasi alam mong naghahanap ng totoo. Mas masarap akayin yung ganun kaysa ngayon na kahit sino nalang ipapatala mo tapos kapag nabautismuhan na kaming mga katiwala ang masakit ulo at laging napupuna dahil sa mababang porsyento ng sakop na sumasamba” I always remeber all of those words used by destinados sa local namin. Maganyaya tayo mga kapatid at sikapin nating maipatala at kami na ang bahala. Ang gagawin nyo lang ay mag anyaya. Mahirap po ba yun mga kapatid? Halos lahat ng nag daang mga destinado ay iisa lamang ang point ng mga sinasabi. The quality of akay is no longer important as long as may maipatala na mga pangalan. Maimbitahan isang beses then wala na after. And funny thing I remember that even politicians during election period are being invited in pamamahayag and treating as very important visitors. Before I only thinking that this is only happens on destinado that assigned to our local but now I know that is the reality in every local around the world. I know halos lahat ng kapatid sa local namin ramdam to especially maytungkulin. Let’s wake up in reality it is really happening. Sa sobrang tingin nyong banal kayo eh hindi nyo na alam mga masasamang lumalabas sa mga bibig at pumasok sa isipan nyo kapag nakakarinig kayo ng negative about EVM. Magsuri kayo yan ang laging tagubilin satin at sinasabi sa biblia. Follow God and Christ. Open hearts if don’t want to open your eyes.

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