Then and Now

As it was discussed in the article entitled Erasing History, history is changed by those who feel they need to be legitimized in their position. The current leadership of the Church of Christ is simply demonstrating their insecurity and the need to wipe out the history of the previous Administration. There are ways this is done. One way is to destroy things that would remind us of the past – as we have seen done. Another is to simply expel those who are old enough to remember the previous Administrations and could see the difference with this present one.

Perhaps many are not aware because they are not informed of the facts. In the United States, some of the ones who were expelled are family members of the pioneering Ministers in America. The surnames are Suarez, Macaspac and Flores. And yes, Samson. If those names sound familiar, it is because those were the immediate family members of those who were sent to America way back in the beginning years of the Church in the West. Long before there were chapels built from the ground up. They were the ones who sacrificed and endured everything for the sake of the Church. Unlike today where the Ministers arrive in America and they automatically get houses and transport, back then they had nothing. They followed the instructions of the Administration and traveled to the new frontier without question because they knew this was God’s will. Now they are the ones who are expelled by the current Administration like a piece of rubbish. Not even a phone call from the Administrator to talk to them to find out what is going on. Instead he sends his little minions not even knowing who they are. This part of history is just – you guessed it – ERASED.

Another way of erasing history is simply “editing” important facts or unique details of certain events. Let us take a specific example. Below is a link to a Church video. Please watch first before you read on.

It is a dramatisation of the story of Sister Esperanza Castro who eventually became the wife of Brother Cesar Castro, who was a doctor and a Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. As you watch the video, you will notice that it is nicely made, complete with sepia colour and costumes somewhat appropriate to the era. (Aside from the main male character’s long hair). It comes out as a sweet simple story of a sister who did not want to be courted by a non-member of the Church of Christ. So after 5 years, he becomes a Church member, parents persecute them and they marry. The End. They live happily ever after. The moral of the story, stand by your convictions.

What is NOT emphasised in the story is what actually makes the true story memorable. Otherwise it is just another story of an INC member standing her ground and not marrying an “unbeliever”. This story stood out in the mind of Brother Felix Manalo so much that he mentioned their story in an actual Worship Service. Here is a link to that actual moment in the sermon: (in Tagalog of course)

FYM sermon

Please especially listen to the 3:20 minute mark and the 4:30 mark. What can you notice? He mentioned it not merely because she stood by her convictions but because the way she stood by it. There came a time Dr. Castro asked her to marry him but in a Catholic Church to appease his relatives. She told Dr. Castro “Even if, let’s suppose, Brother Manalo agrees with you, I will still not agree to it. I follow the commandments of God and NOT Brother Manalo”

She then spoke to The Messenger of God himself in a similar way. She said “even if YOU permit us to marry in the Catholic Church, I will not get married. I am true to my religion. Do not be angry but I am not following you but God.”

Everyone with me? Brother Felix was not upset that she was not just going to “submit” to him or she is not “one with him” – she didn’t care what his decision would be – she would not get married in a Catholic church – REGARDLESS of his decision. And he was GLAD about it. He was so pleased with her that he mentioned it to the brethren. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF ANYONE DID THAT NOW? It was pleasing for Brother Felix and yet something similar to that have happened in our time and the opposite have taken place.There were brethren who preferred to say “I am one with God and Christ” and their Ministers even rebuked them because they said they ought to be saying “I am one with”… well, you know… him.

Brother Felix Manalo was content with Sister Esperanza’s answers because she stood by her convictions. This simply showed that there is nothing wrong with disagreeing even with the Messenger of God, as long as we stand by our true conviction and our convictions are biblical. Does it contradict the current “I am One with EVM” campaign? That we must now follow without question and anyone who speaks up or disagrees would get the express expulsion?

Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if Sister Esperanza had said those very same words to EVM? Would she still be part of Church history or one of those names announced as expelled? History would be quite different wouldn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. I salute my cousin suarez abroad especially how they treated my mom when she was still alive then. They stood up for the truth even though they’re expelled. So am I.


  2. I listened to the links you indicated above and upon hearing FYM’s voice, it further reinforced my belief that the only way to validate, if not counter, the seemingly “slanted” (in favor of the current administration’s interpretations) lessons we hear today is to compare them with the actual past lessons from FYM & EGM. And in addition to your observations, FYM’s humbling pronouncements were so clear and powerful in the other adjoining recordings which I stumbled upon: “Walang laman ang ulo ko … ako’y hangal … inaakit ko kayo dito (sa mga salita ng Diyos) at hindi sa akin”. This is in direct contrast to the arrogant declaration of an overseas District Minister to one locale’s officers: “We (the ministers) do not need to earn your respect. You are expected to give it to us”. Furthermore, I also heard FYM’s apology for the mistake he made in supporting a candidate named “Magsaya” who later on turned inaccessible after being elected: “Nagkamali ako … talagang ako ang nagbalak, nagpanukala at nagpakahirap … sa paniniwala ko na magkakaroon ng isang mabuting gobyerno … nagkamali ako … nagsisisi ako at humihingi ako ng tawad sa Diyos at sa lahat ng mga tao sa pagkakalagay niyan ni Magsaya”. What a refreshing contrast to EVM who seems to assume a cloak of infallibility through his continuing controversial decisions and actions as unquestionably embraced by most ministers and members alike. How I wish we could set up a website where the actual preachings of FYM & EGM could be readily accessed by those who seek the truth. I repeat, only for those who seek the truth because there are those who are already set in their ways such as one “Logan Hunt” who posted and subsequently deleted his criticism of my recent posting in the


  3. It was very emotional for me. Even I was barely young when the first batch of ministers were sent to America, I did believe this was God’s will. This sample of great faith to uphold by Sister Esperanza Castro is only one in a million to happen nowadays. I don’t have to mention some prominent members of the current administration succumbed to temptation such as pre marital sexual orientation and whoever this unscrupulous leader is HE consented his pregnant daughter to marry an abominable preacher and the other daughter married someone who had already a wife! This is the current trend being practice in the Church leads by Eduardo.


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