on Blood, Heresy and Facebook

As Rommel San Pedro continues to dig for more information on this writer, his relative, and my favourite General FB Minister, Joel San Pedro continues to post things online that are becoming not only sillier, which is amusing on its own, but dangerous as well, as he continues to go astray from the teachings we previously received in the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo). Let’s study what he’s been up to, shall we?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 23.21.12.png

Let’s start with this post; actually to be fair, he is not the only one posting this but many Ministers who want to score jolly points with EVM. That term, OBEDIENCE IS THICKER THAN BLOOD. This is “quoted” from the MESSAGE translation of Matthew 12:48 and Luke 8:21.

So I ask, Brother San Pedro, these questions:

  1. Why is only the MESSAGE translation that has that term?

Actually, I can’t take credit for this part. There is someone who already wrote a great article regarding the Message translation of these verses, please read, here is the link:


  1. Is that expression, found in ANY GREEK or HEBREW translations? After all, you are an expert in that are you not?

So IF those are NOT found in any of the “original” text / manuscript, would you not say that is SPURIOUS? Why would you tell the members of the Church that that is in the Bible? And if you claim that those words are in the Bible, and they are not, isn’t that ADDING? What did the Bible say in Deuteronomy 4:2? “Do not ADD or subtract a thing to what I’m commanding you. Observe the commands of the Lord your God.”.

And if someone adds, what happens?

“And I solemnly declare to everyone who reads this book: If anyone ADDS anything to what is written here, God shall add to him the plagues described in this book.” Revelations 22:18

Dangerous grounds you are treading on.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 23.21.52.png

Let’s get to the second one; You stated clearly that the current Church Administrator,  Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, EVM, is “the most important man on earth”. WOW. That is not only BOLD to say, that is HERETICAL. Is he more important that Jesus Christ? You know this verse don’t you?

“So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down, those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.” Philippians 2:10

Whether it is heaven or earth, the most important man is Jesus Christ. NOT EVM!

If you say that you are just referring to those living here on earth, that is STILL INCORRECT. Read:

“I planted the seed of the teaching in you, and Apollos watered it. But God is the One who made the seed grow. So the one who plants is not important, and the one who waters is not important. Only God is important, because he is the One who makes things grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6-7

Apostle Paul was referring to who do that work that EVM is supposed to do. So why would EVM be the MOST IMPORTANT? The Bible says: ONLY GOD IS IMPORTANT

That is why it also boggles my mind when there are these Congregations who have chapel dedications, the banners and streamers that should say “Thank God” or “Praises be unto God”, instead say “Thank you Brother EVM” For what? Building a chapel? Or coming to visit?

If it is for a chapel, is this not simply a command of God that he is fulfilling?

Go up to the mountains. Bring back wood and build the Temple. Then I will be pleased with it and be honored,” says the Lord.” Haggai 1:8

Or is it because he visited us?  “After some time, Paul said to Barnabas, “We preached the message of the Lord in many towns. We should go back to all those towns to visit the believers and see how they are doing.” Acts 15:36

Are these not his duties which he should be fulfilling anyway? To build chapels, to preach, to visit? And if he does them, should we praise him for it? Does that make him the MOST IMPORTANT MAN ON EARTH?

Do all church officials and Ministers get thanks every time they perform their duties? NO. Why not? Because we know the doctrine. Here is the reminder of Jesus Christ:

“That’s the way it is with you. When you’ve done everything you’re ordered to do, say, ‘We’re worthless servants. We’ve only done our duty.” Luke 17:10

The Lord Jesus Christ still gave that command. He did not say when he has done his duty, EVM becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN ON EARTH. He is still, like everyone else, a worthless servant.  Care to disagree with Jesus?

So anyone who claims otherwise, THEY are the ones who are going against the teachings of God and Jesus. Why do you think Brother Felix Manalo, EVM’s grandfather always repeated and emphasized, “Do not listen to Manalo. I am just a man.” Care to disagree with him as well?

Let me just add this third one on for good measure:

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 23.08.43.png

“Brother San Pedro” says he did not have Facebook before. Interrrresssting. I ask you one time brother, and please STATE CLEARLY FOR THE RECORD. You did not have Facebook before all these things happened in 2015? ARE YOU SURE? I am giving you a chance to change your answer. Remember, Revelations 21…

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and ALL LIARSthey will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

Final word to this FB-posting Minister, perhaps he should spend less time on Facebook and more on the basic doctrines. It is a dangerous thing when he says things that are not our Church doctrine.

I will leave this one for now. I will wait for the reply and then we shall we see. Lots of things the FB Minister has to answer doesn’t he? Let’s stay tuned dear readers.

(I hope he answers before this blog site gets shut down)



5 thoughts on “on Blood, Heresy and Facebook

  1. Matt 6:9-13 in MSG is not even recognizable as the Lord’s Prayer.

    MSG has been used against INC at an apologetic page because the name of the bird of prey is specifically called out in Is 46:11.

    Also read Matt 12:30 and Luke 11:23 in a real bible (KJV,NKJV, ASV,NIV) and there is no mention of “war,” “middle ground,” or “enemy.”


  2. While I may consider as informative and educational the ongoing exchanges between the INC ministers/websites and their critics (be they the expelled ones or the anonymous “whistleblowers” or just plain “conscientious objectors” to questionable INC practices), I nevertheless cannot help feeling a great sense of gloom and despair amidst this severe trial that the church is going through. Why? Because, after listening to Ka Erdy’s Teaching #1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38AC-RSBVAI) in YouTube, it’s quite obvious to me that we may be losing our focus which is the movement or campaign that Ka Erdy launched to get us closer to God and prepare for Christ’s second coming. I don’t understand why we cannot simply carry on where Ka Erdy left off. I hope somebody transcribes this video into text but this is how I understood it:
    1. He mentioned the coming of Elijah that will put things in order again before Christ’s second (Matthew 17:10-11). And the objective is the same as what the Lord Jesus Christ aspired to do during his short ministry on earth: to protect his church and not to lose even one INC member (John 17:12).
    2. And Ka Erdy clearly explained his concept of “50-50” sharing of responsibility for each INC member’s salvation. Half of the responsibility is carried out by the Administration with the help of the ministers and church officials in teaching the brethren how to prepare for Christ’s second coming. But the other half must be done by the individual member himself and it should be done willingly and not because he is forced to do so (which is not right).
    3. And then he gave emphasis to edification by pointing out that we should strengthen our faith and enhance our knowledge especially through our worship services. But he warned that it is not enough that we just attend worship services. We should also make sure that we live a righteous way of life because “God did not call us to live in immorality, but in holiness” (1 Timothy 4:7). Hence, while there are many doctrines that must be obeyed, he specified three sensitive issues that he felt were not being adequately addressed: proper marriage, love among brethren, and decent livelihood. He even gave detailed instructions which he hoped would be sufficient enough to convince the INC members to put their lives in order inasmuch as he may not be able to see them again anymore.

    This reminded me of the pronouncement of the Board Chairman of a large company I used to work for. During recessionary times when so many people are in need of jobs, he said that while he wanted to help others, his first responsibility is to secure the jobs and welfare of the employees of the company.

    How I wish I could feel the same as when Ka Erdy was here!!!


  3. (Confidential) I’m sure you have already received a notice from WordPress regarding the request of Rommel San Pedro to divulge personal account information (actually his second attempt in my case). Currently, AE and I are discussing how to address the issue since San Pedro seems persistent. He suggests that we discuss this together with the other bloggers concerned thru Messenger, Viber, or FB chat. If you wish you can contact me on FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011388556297&fref=nf .


  4. …(My Response to Mr. Rommel San Pedro’s personal warpath) …The “Fantasy” of “Rising Devils, Mr. Rommel San Pedro”… He really thinks highly of himself as if he will be the one to save the “OneWithEVM Church” or the Church of EVM… He thinks with his so called “Law Degree” or Library Card, that he will sue and sue all the thousands of Defenders and Bloggers and will take credit for destroying the Defenders once and for all. In his fantasy world, all the Defenders will fear him, run away and hide and shut down all their Facebooks. And all the Bloggers such as AE, SherLock, William Smith’s INCREFLECTIONS, INCFROMTHEEDGE, and the many other famous Defenders bloggers will all be revealed and sued and character assassinated and left for dead, and all the money from the lawsuits, the cash, Rommel San Pedro will offer it to EVM with pride… Rommel really wants EVM to smile with all that money he earned in the outrageous lawsuits. Then “EVM Smiles”… EVM smiles like a glorious champion, so invincible and powerful, that he truly feels he is the savior in these last days, if you are not One With EVM, then you are not One With God for he feels is the new savior God appointed. Then Mr. Rommel San Pedro being the one in the “INC History Books” to destroy the humble and weak Defenders, Rommel will receive so much attention, Even the famous INC Businessman Jun Santos gave him his well deserved Ministerial Monetary Raise, with a new car, and extra SCAN Protection Personnel for he is now an EVM-VIP and also add an Award Ceremony with a huge trophy bearing the colorful Thumbprint just for Rommel… Then the thousands in the crowd loudly cheers Ka Rommel, Ka Rommel, Ka Rohhhh Mmmmmelll… the whole Philippine Arena is thundering the name… Ka Rommel, Ka Rommel, Ka Rohhh Mellll…. and so on and so on… Even Rapper Andrew E will make a personalized hip hop rap just for Mr. Rommel San Pedro… Good for you Mr. Rommel San Pedro, your fantasy is so awesome… But eventually you will need to wake up and face reality…Our Lord God is still angry, The church is already destroyed, the Holy Spirit has already abandoned their worship services. The members have turned into a cult following, glorifying a man an EVilMan, more and more INC Members are become cold-hearted and full of hate (look at their own postings), other brave brethren are already leaving the church because they can no longer take it. Many more ministers are stepping down, Many more offerings being diverted to an unknown destination, more and more scandals are being revealed. Ridding the old generation EGM Ministers and replacing them with new generation EVM Ministers… and the church will be in more debt that they will do their best to milk every single penny out of the closed minded INC Brethren, and so on and so… so Wake up Mr. Rommel San Pedro, your breakfast is on the table… Back to reality…


    1. Until now I find it hard to believe what have been said against Ka Rommel and what have been shown in some videos, i.e., his belligerent attitude towards the protesters. I have not met him again since the time he was assigned to Rochester, NY, a very small locale, which used to be considered by some as a mere a training (or “dumping”) ground for neophyte workers. In the several instances that I was in contact with him, he seemed so humble and warm then, a far cry to what he has apparently become today (?) I hope my fond memories of him will not be overshadowed by his recent behavior. Perhaps another looming application of Lord Acton’s dictum: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”?


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