The week in review: Lyrics, Lies, and Loans

I wanted to reply to a certain Minister on his “alledged” answers to Bro. Rosal but there were just so much on the INC’s plate this past week – too much to pass up.

We finished last week with the brethren in various parts of the world crying out as the hours ticked as siblings were harassed again; food and water supplies being cut off completely.


The weekend came and Thanksgiving Worship Services were conducted all over the world. Just like the American Thanksgiving turkey that are eaten every November – without the gravy –  it is DRY. Some of my friends called and texted complaining about their gatherings. How no one could keep up with the lyrics and how spirit-less it was.

Personally, I enjoyed the hymns this time around. As I listened (I couldn’t keep up either) I tried to focus on the music, I kept seeing images of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway on stage singing them.

I realised why I was enjoying it, not because it was spiritual nor because of great lyrics, they were SHOWTUNES! How lovely! Great for professional singers, not great for old ladies nor the general public who tried to sing along with these “hymns” (ok, showtunes).

Isn’t the point of having hymns is so that everyone can sing along to praise God?

“Let the message about Christ completely fill your lives, while you use all your wisdom to teach and instruct each other. With thankful hearts, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.” Psalm 3:16

How do we fulfill this command if we can’t even catch up to these “showtunes”?


A few days pass and the harassment of #36 Tandang Sora seemed over momentarily as food and water  were allowed. Could it be a change of heart of the Administration? A miracle in the making?

NOPE. It was a ploy. It was a chance for the Church leaders to take videos and post on Access the Truth to DENY any allegations of harassment and the refusal of food and water delivery. What did the Leadership say? “It is not true! They get food, lots of food, see?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 06.17.43.png

Is that why they have to get it delivered thru the windows? Speaking of windows, the Church leaders also say “it is not true the windows cannot be opened, see?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 06.29.58.png

Good point. That’s true, the windows DO OPEN. Only to be blocked again by the extension of Jezebel’s Wall

Did anyone notice that Access the half Truth used as background music that song sung by Lou Bega? It’s called Mambo #5

a. Did Lou Vega give permission to use this song? He should be getting royalties for public use of it. (Those are hundreds of thousands of views Lou!)

b. (I am assuming Access was granted permission by the Administration to post the video, since the video is from them) Do they know what the song is even about? Here is what Lou Bega said:

On VH1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders, Lou Bega said: “When I wrote the song, I believed it could be the thing it is today. All people hate it completely, that’s what I thought. I knew it wouldn’t swim in the middle because it was too different from all the stuff that was outside, so I’m quite happy with it. Mambo makes you happy, Latin music makes you happy, its sexual, its erotic, energetic, I think that’s the point.”

Yup. I’m sure that’s the message the Administration also wanted to convey, correct?


Then on July 27, the Rappler published the damaging report about the LOANS of the “mystifying” Maligaya Development Corporation. Here are some of the main excerpts:

      • Based on the documents, the INC was one of the parties in loan agreements entered into by the Maligaya Development Corporation (MDC) with two banks: the Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (MBTC) and the Asia United Bank Corporation (AUB).
      • MDC, the borrower, was represented by Glicerio Santos IV, while the INC was represented by the church’s auditor, Glicerio Santos Jr. (READ: Part 1: Who is Glicerio Santos Jr in the Iglesia ni Cristo?)
      • Santos Jr was also the signatory for the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation (FMF) and the New Era University (NEU).
      • According to the memorandum of agreement among MDC, NEU, and INC, the church agreed to turnover the completion of Phase 1 of the Ciudad de Victoria project to NEU, with the participation of MDC.
      • NEU and MDC were to take part in the “financing, construction and development” of the project.
      • To finance this, MDC acted as borrower in a March 2014 omnibus loan and security agreement with lender MBTC. The latter agreed to provide P1,137,500,000 to partially fund the construction and development of Phase 1 of the project.
      • But in July 2014, MDC requested for P750 million from MBTC to repay its existing loan.
      • A month after that, MDC and MBTC entered into a second amendment to the omnibus agreement. MDC sought up to P3 billion to repay its existing loan, putting the total principal amount to up to P4,887,500,000.

So as I have written in past articles, the INC could “technically” say it does not have loans – because it is under the MDC name – but if we take away all the smoke and deception, we know those are the same people who are playing with the offerings of the brethren.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 04.50.40.png

Reply from the Church Leadership on this one? SILENCE. That reminds me, no one ever replied to my question about what the MDC is doing in Scenic SD? More SILENCE.

And as some Denying brethren will read this, I know they will also reply with the same thing in Tagalog: INGGIT KAYO!! (You are jealous). Yes. Gee. I am. I sure wish I too had Billion Pesos loans. That really makes me jealous.

What a week it has been to celebrate the 102 years of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. “Anniversary Everyone!” (I can’t bear to include Happy)

“The Lord your God will bless you as he has promised. You will lend money to many nations but will never need to borrow…”





One thought on “The week in review: Lyrics, Lies, and Loans

  1. AE posted about the fake priest yesterday and the best Access can do is attack a post 10 days old or emphasize the pissing contest between Dean Torres and Liezl Deocampo.

    “The train is coming down the tracks and you’re on them, butthhead!”


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