As more and more names are read in the Worship Services, it reminds me of the names of people who died in the war or on September 11 or like many other terrorist attacks. The names are read to honour the dead. But in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), it is a sullen reminder of those who expelled. The changes continue.

I feel so sad as more people I have met and known are expelled. I talk to my friends and many more feel so downhearted and depressed when we hear these things. Church used to be so enlightening; so uplifting and spiritually fulfilling. Now it is just survival. Hanging on the what faith I have left, hoping that somewhere here there is still a trace of the blessings we used to feel. The expulsions at the end of Worship Services are simply a full stop to another heavy hearted Worship Service. We walk out, and many have grim faces especially when the names are familiar.

Perhaps many are not aware because they are not informed of the facts. In the United States, some of the ones who were expelled are family members of the pioneering Ministers in America. The surnames are Suarez, Macaspac and Flores. If those names sound familiar, it is because those were the immediate family members of those who were sent abroad way back in the beginning years of the Church in the West. Long before there were chapels built from the ground up. They were the ones who sacrificed and endured everything for the sake of the Church. Unlike today where the Ministers arrive in America and they automatically get houses and transport, back then they had nothing. They just traveled to the new frontier without question because they believed this was God’s will. Now they are the ones who are expelled by the current Administration like a piece of rubbish. Not even a phone call from the Administrator to talk to them to find out what is going on. They send their little minions not even knowing who they are. This part of history is just – you guessed it – erased.

The Bible says: “Expel the wicked man from among you”  1 Corinthians  5:13. Ever wonder what Wicked deeds these people being read have done? Have any of you read what Apostle Paul was referring to as “Wicked” in this chapter? Go on. Read the whole chapter. He discusses about incest and sexual immorality.  Does it sound like those people whose names were read?

It pains my heart because these are the pioneers – Those who laboured silently for years. They performed their duties wholeheartedly without a shred of question. Those days were not easy compared to today where you could see your relatives and friends with a touch of a button. You could talk to brethren anywhere in the world. The Pioneers did not have that. The Pioneering officers did not have that. But they all dutifully remained in their offices.

Now? Many old Ministers are swept away. For them to avoid seeing changes and speaking up, they are “retired”; placed in some far corner; or if they are too vocal – cast out. The Pioneering brethren who were still performing their duties when the “CHANGES” came, are either removed or they stepped down because they cannot stomach it. Brethren who grew up in the Church now easily thrown out like some old rags – without a second thought. Some pretend nothing is happening because it weakens their faith.

This is the reality. Whether we like it or not. Whether it is evident in your locale, this is reality.

You probably saw the video of the 2nd Head Deacon from Germany. That is reality. Spy on your family. Harassments. Hacking. Tell me things have not changed.

I know some moron will oppose what is written here. Saying things like “engot”, “tanga” and “inggit ka” – (if you don’t understand these words, good for you, it will just diminish your view of brethren). But regardless, those are NOT answers. Those are insults and they cannot answer our questions.

I don’t really have much else to say today. It is just another sad day. We just have to get through it.

I know I sound down and depressed. All I have today is this verse:

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for those who are gracious and compassionate and righteous..”Psalms 112:4

Stay strong brethren. Stay strong. It is going to be a dark black night.



(portion of) Blackbird (by the Beatles)

 Black bird singing in the dead of night

Take these sunken eyes and learn to see

all your life

you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly

Into the light of the dark black night…


One thought on “changes

  1. (My Response to some OneWithEVM Members accusing us of starting a New Church)…
    …Many OneWithEVM and EVM Cult Members would love to accuse us of starting our own church, that is their insecurity, Why? Because the EVM Worship Services are no longer part of God, look at their Worship Services the Holy Spirit is no longer felt, God has already abandoned the INC-EVM Cult Church. Look at the brethren, they don’t even cry anymore during the prayers, their sermons, its all about for the glory of EVM and offerings, monetary offering to secretly payoff the debt and loans that EVM and his cohorts have accumulated. These EVM Members are now taught to spy on each other to see who are Defenders or sympathizers, they preach hatred and destruction to all Defenders and others. They boast about everything that they do. They force all to accept the EVM Mark, the Right Hand thumb, facing up towards the Forehead. They shunned the family of our beloved Late Ka Erano, our true and previous Executive Minster that truly love the Church. And also if you even click like or post anything in Social Media that mentions Ka Erdy’s Family, you are automatically expelled, even the EVM INC Members that commit Violence, Murder or Rape are considered still Kapatid to them compared to us Christian Defenders. Please do not take my word for it, just pray to our Lord God and then observe what I am saying. Observe everything that is happening now in the current situation of our beloved Church. Observe the EVM Worship Services now, look at the changes made, it turned away from the original teachings. But always pray, so God will answer your prayers to understand what is really going on. Now back to the Worship Services of the Defenders. Please also observe our Worship Services. I will never force you to attend, but how will you know unless you observe and attend. No it is not just for the Defenders or Expelled or Delisted Members. Many are still active INC Members and still registered inside the church, but the difference is they do not give loyalty to EVM, these members give loyalty only to the original INC and give loyalty to our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ. Many are also members who want answers. If you attend our Defenders Worship Services, it is exactly the Worship Services done during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erano. Though small, it is growing rapidly. It is liken to the days of Ka Felix during his time. The Holy Spirit is strong and present. Look at the Defenders INC Members present during our Worship Services, most if not all, have pure tears in their eyes as each of us feel the God in our presence. The cries and pain we all suffer, we give it to our Almighty Father in Heaven, and in return, He showers us with love and hope in these perilous and saddened times. Then observe our Choir Members in their beautiful uniforms, they sing strong and beautifully from their hearts. These choir members, most of them are in the choir since they were children, fully dedicated to their services to our Lord God, many are also unjustly expelled for standing up for the truth, but they have never forsaken their choir duties to God. They will never disrespect their office and in uniform, unlike the EVM Choir Members that attending a HipHop/Rap Concert while in uniform, total abomination, total disregard to their offices. Then there are our INC Defenders Deacons and Deaconesses, also in full Uniform during our Worship Services, their dedication to their offices during the Defenders Worship Services can be seen. They lead the congregation in orderliness and overseer the members that arrive. These Deacon and Deaconesses are very strong in their faith and will never forsake our Lord God. Then our beloved Ministers of the Faith. Not once have our Ministers preach what is being forced by EVM to brainwash the congregation. Our Ministers preach from their hearts guided by the Holy Spirit, Our Lord God have given strength to all our Ministers to stand up against the evils that infiltrated our beloved Church. These Ministers are until now being harassed and threatened by the powerful and wealthy evil EVM Church, but not once did our Ministers stand down or lost faith. They remain in their Ministry no matter what, not under EVM, but under the true Iglesia Ni Cristo that Jesus Christ established. Yes, I am saying it now, there is a new religion and a new church that has been established, it bears a different Logo other that the Original Logo of the INC, this new church is called the Iglesia Ni EVM or OneWithEVM Church. That is the New Church, if you are wondering. But the Iglesia NI Cristo re-established by our Last Messenger in 1914 is still active, alive and well, it still exist because of a few Defenders chosen by God, these brave Defenders are chosen to defended the Faith… Now many OneWithEVM Members are now opening their eyes and they too are joining us in our true Worship to our Almighty God… The INC Defenders Worship Services are the continuation of the true Iglesia Ni Cristo Worship Services before EVM and his corrupt Sangunnian destroyed our beloved Church…”They tried to destroy us, but they did not know we are seeds, planted by our Lord Almighty God”… Ako’y Iglesia Ni Cristo…


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