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As I previously said, I wish I had the time to answer all the absurd postings of people. Today, I will make an exception because I believe many are being told the same thing. So this is for everyone.

A Mr. Allan Villanueva has responded to my previous post about “The Present Truth” and claims he is an “Official member of the Church of Christ” but does not admit to giving “official answers” – that is, “from the Administration”. He is opposed to the use of the Circular of Brother Erano Manalo, our late Executive Minister regarding borrowing money.  You can just look it up on Facebook where he gives odd explanations whether “borrowing” is a good thing or a bad thing, stating that Brother Felix Manalo gave advice to Brother Erdy but it does not apply to EVM.

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First of all, if he is “not official”, how does he know that what Brother Felix said to Brother Erdy is a “Personal” advice that is “not applicable” to EVM? Was he there? Did Bro. Felix tell Mr. Allan, “this only applies to my son and not my grandson ok?” I seriously doubt it.

But let’s get on with what most are rambling about , to try and defend EVM. What is the one verse that they run to? Hebrews 13:17. So here it is, in all its glory…

“Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.”

Yes, it is a command to submit to the Administration. How? We submit to their authority. Not to their personality; not to character, but to the authority. What is the authority of the Administrator?

“God has given me the responsibility of serving his church by proclaiming his entire message to you.” Colossians 1:25

Their authority or responsibility is

  1. to Serve the church, not the other way around and
  2. to proclaim God’s message to us.

That is it! To be the servant of the Church and to preach. This reminds me of a movie called “With Honors” with Brendan Frazier and Joe Pesci. Pesci has a great line about the President and the Constitution:

“Crude? No, sir. Our “founding parents” were pompous, white, middle-aged farmers, but they were also great men. Because they knew one thing that all great men should know: that they didn’t know everything. Sure, they’d make mistakes, but they made sure to leave a way to correct them. The president is not an “elected king,” no matter how many bombs he can drop. Because the “crude” Constitution doesn’t trust him. He’s just a bum, okay Mr. Pitkannan? He’s just a bum.”

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The point here is that our “Great Church Leader” is in a similar situation. EVM is not an elected king. He can make all the decisions he wants, he is not king nor is he God. He is a man. All men have flaws. All sin. That’s Biblical. What is his part again? To preach the words from the Bible. We do not bow down to him nor serve him. THIS IS NOT A REBELLION – – what I am opposed to is the WRONG THINKING that we put the Executive Minister on a pedestal. HE is the one that serves the Church, not the other way around, just as it is with the rest of the Ministers. Isn’t that what the Apostle Paul said? “Is Apollos important? No! Is Paul important? No! We are only servants of God who helped you believe. Each one of us did the work God gave us to do. I planted the seed, and Apollos watered it. But God is the One who made it grow. So the one who plants is not important, and the one who waters is not important. Only God, who makes things grow, is important..” 1 Corinthians 3:5-7

That sort of shoots down those posts by certain Ministers who say that EVM is the “MOST IMPORTANT MAN ON EARTH” It scores you brownie points with him but it is NOT BIBLICAL.

And so you ask, what right do I have to question him? It is NOT questioning him. It is following the instructions of the Apostles:

“My dear friends, do not believe all who claim to have the Spirit, but test them to find out if the spirit they have comes from God. For many false prophets have gone out everywhere.” 1 John 4:1

John said DO NOT BELIEVE ALL WHO CLAIM… BUT TEST THEM…” Who was he talking to? Random strangers? Wasn’t it to the Christians? Why did the Apostles teach this? So we do not become blind followers. We are required to think and consider and examine what we are being taught. You don’t agree? Here is Paul’s letter. You know this, it was in the previous post:

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel that is different from the one we preached to you, may he be condemned to hell!” Galatians 1:8

Mr. Allan did not get my point. He thinks I am using this verse to justify attacking EVM. The point here is this:

      1. The Apostles said “EVEN IF WE OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN SHOULD PREACH…” He said WE. What does that mean? It is inclusive. We have to be aware of differences in teaching. How can we do that if they simply say, “SUBMIT! SUBMIT!”? Did Paul merely say don’t question me. Just SUBMIT?  We have to consider what is being said even by those who preach in the Church. What else? “AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN” What do you call Angels? MESSENGER or Sent by God.  Even messengers’ preaching should be weighed and considered. This is not an attack. That is doctrine. THINK ABOUT IT – Why do the Ministers state the book, chapter and verse? So that we would know where to check for ourselves. If you don’t believe me, I can post brother FYM’s voice explaining why he did that, but I already have that on my past posts.
      2. The second part of the verse says “DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE WE PREACHED TO YOU, MAY HE BE CONDEMNED TO HELL”. It is not an attack on EVM. Apostle Paul instructed that we COMPARE what we are being taught – that’s why he said – “Different from…” Got it? How can we tell what is different if we do not compare? And IF IT IS DIFFERENT, PAUL said it, not I, May he be condemned to hell” IF – that means there is a condition to be met.

I am certain some will say, why didn’t you do that with Brother Felix or Brother Erdy? WE HAD THAT OPTION. We could have questioned Brother Felix but he himself kept saying “Don’t listen to Manalo, for I am a man. Listen to the Bible!” He did not want us to depend on him. He simply preached the message. He even apologised in the podium, admitting he made a wrong decision.  (Read and listen to my previous posts- see below for links)

What about Brother Erdy? Why didn’t we question him, you might say. He also gave us the option. He said many times in his sermons, “I have done my part, I have taught you the message. It’s up to you to follow”.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with checking IF what we are being taught or what is being done is still Biblical. So when it comes to the borrowing from the banks – you say 2 things:

      1. There is no doctrine about borrowing
      2. What Bro. Erdy preached about was an advice to him by Brother Felix and not for EVM

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.02.52

So let’s just read shall we? If we are truly God’s nation and He blesses us, this is what the BIBLE says:

Deuteronomy 28:12 NIV

The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.

(RSV) The Lord will open to you his good treasury the heavens, to give the rain of your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands; and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.

(NLT) The Lord will send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do. You will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them.

(GNT) He will send rain in season from his rich storehouse in the sky and bless all your work, so that you will lend to many nations, but you will not have to borrow from any.

(BRG) The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.

 So I ask again, does GOD want his nation to borrow? 

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.43.09.png

So is this just advice to Brother Erdy? Why would he preach about it if it is just personal advice? So are you saying Brother Erdy was not using doctrine in the Worship Service but personal advice? Was it not BASED on Doctrine?

And let’s all think about this. If the present Administrator did not follow “the advice” of FYM and repeated by EGM, so does that mean he is NOT ONE WITH FYM nor EGM?

For argument’s sake, or say, to entertain you, Mr. Allan, let us say, it was just “a father’s advice”, should it not be heeded also by the grandson?

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future.” Proverbs 19:20

It is beneficial to heed advice isn’t it? It is for the future as well. What is advice?

ADVICE – Dictionary.com – an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.

It is a guide to action and conduct. So if it was “just an advice of The Messenger to Brother Erdy”, don’t you think it is beneficial to follow? We cannot always say “oh that advise is ONLY for him,  he wasn’t talking to me”. Sage advice is sage advice. It should be followed. The Bible attests to that:

Stupid people always think they are right. Wise people listen to advice.” Proverbs 12:15

So to Mr. Allan and to all the others who simply reply with the standard answers of:

      1. “Inggit kayo” (jealous)
      2. “Tiwalag ka lang” (you are expelled)
      3. “You want to Restore Tenny Church” – uhmmm, there is no such thing.

These are not “answers” – these are ramblings. Save your energy. The Bible already gave the “official stance”.

Oh and if you say I am “not an official member of the Church”, let me put it this way; the Worship Service lesson for this weekend will be about “Submitting to the Administration and giving offerings” Oh wait, that’s the lesson every week. Oh I remember now, it is CALLED “Helping our Fellowmen” (not only materially but more so, Spiritually). So pay attention ok? It might be beneficial for you.

The Infallibility of EVM (part I)

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6 thoughts on “On replies to The Present Truth

  1. They are now also teaching that all in the 2nd resurrection are consumed by fire in Rev 20:8-9. So who does that leave in the sea and Hades in 20:13 to stand in front of the throne in verse 12?

    So if the 144,000 Jewish (Rev 7:2-4) male virgins (Rev 14:1-5) are not INC are they going in the lake of fire


  2. The kind of reasoning from AV hurts me. To alleviate the pain I submit to what he say that his answer is not official, not coming from the Administration. I hope everything he says are just his. To forget the pain i just pretend that he is deliberately answering to inflict confusion. To inspire me, i just think that he needs to be awaken and learn wisdom.

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  3. To me who has experienced firsthand Ka Erdy’s God-inspired administration, your exposition is so thorough and clear that it makes me so proud that indeed what Ka Erdy said about the church not being turned away anymore in these last days is being proven to be true. How the current crisis will be resolved is up to God but in the meantime, the real test is in the hearts and minds of the brethren who have been taught and made to understand the pure words of God. We may differ in how we confront the many anomalies that beset the church today, a fair share of which even Ka Erdy had to contend with and which he vigorously denounced and worked hard to eradicate. I do miss Ka Erdy very much because I happen to consider myself as one of the “activists” in my college days whose questioning of church doctrines and practices even led to one overzealous senior minister to blurt out that we should all be expelled for asking such questions. You know what Ka Erdy told that minister? “Kaya nga nagtatanong ang mga bata ay para maliwanagan, bakit mo ititiwalag?” I don’t even recall the questions we were asking then. All I know is that I felt Ka Erdy’s fatherly concern for us and in the other instances that I was privileged to talk with him in person, I never doubted his genuine affection for the members of the church which all the more helped me become stronger in the faith.

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    1. Dear Hope Eternal, I don’t usually reply to the comments but yours brought tears to my eyes. You hit it right on the head. That is how I remember him too. Yes, I know some of those “activists” KMP’s but because of Ka Erdy’s nurturing way, instead of expelling them, they became such strong members, some of them became great and inspiring Ministers. I miss him.

      Thank you for that reminder.


  4. If somebody finds a hole in doctrine it should be fixed. Men are not infallible.

    Back in the old days, visitors and even members were encouraged to ask difficult questions.


  5. …(My Opinion Only, As an INC Defender, Brother R…)… I myself do not speak for the INC Defenders as a Whole… This post I am about to write is just my opinion and my opinion alone, maybe there are other Defenders that will agree with me, some will disagree, some will not even bother to read what I will write here, but everybody here has a free will, their own beliefs and control of themselves. Being a supporter and an INC Defender myself, since the beginning I learned a lot about who I am as an INC Defender. I ask myself how did I get to this point where I am fighting for something. I am just a simple person just trying to survive in this difficult and sinful world. Growing up INC, we were given hope that our Lord God will always be with us and guide us in this world and if we continue to remain strong in our faith and live a Christian life, we will be saved and receive eternal Salvation, for we are just pilgrims living in this world. Most of us INC Members continued to attend Worship Services and active in church activities, basically other than working in a job, going to school, spending time with family, basically the church is our life. Without church life as part of our life, without God in our life, our lives feels empty. We always had faith that Iglesia Ni Cristo in our lives is a necessity for what God expects from us and for our Salvation. Then this horrible event happened, when the Iglesia Ni Cristo church changed, it changed so much that many INC Brethren and some Ministers noticed these changes. There were secrets that came out, revelations that some considered unbelievable or shocking. Many stories circulated, some could be false, but many did come true. During these changes, the many INC Brethren as a whole accepted these changes, and continued to submit and do not question, they follow blindly as what they were taught since their membership, conversion or baptism, to submit and have trust in the Church Administration. Then there were also some few INC Brethren that also witnessed the changes and said wait a minute?, that is not right?, that’s not suppose to happen?, that is not what was taught during the time of our Last Messenger Brother Felix Manalo?, this was not allowed during the time of our previous Executive Minister Brother Erano Manalo?, or they would say what is happening in the Church now is total blasphemy or abomination. Many of these few INC Members and Ministers that spoke up and questioned these changes were either shunned, ostracized or worst…expelled, and many were Express Expulsion, without due process, something that was unheard of or illegal during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erdy. Changes like these shocked many brethren and as a double sword, it created fear amongst any typical brethren that will speak up or question these changes. Then there were the many revelations or dark secrets that came out. Example the massive Bank Loans, Private Businesses for Profit, Lavish Lifestyles of many High Ranking Sangunnian Ministers, Abuse of Power, Kidnappings and other Criminal Conducts. ect. Then there was the stories of Airbus and Wealthy Mansions. I can go on and on but I believe most if not all INC Defenders already know all these what I am trying to say. But the most important is the when the surprising video of Ka Angel and Sister Tenny came out and asking for help. They did not scream revolution or restoration, they were just asking for help due to what was happening during that time. This was the turning point of the Iglesia Ni Cristo as a whole. And this happened right before our 100th Centennial Anniversary, it was impossible that all the INC Members around the world was not aware of this what is happening after the video came out. Yes there was also the mysterious A.E. Blogs but many did not have internet access and many could care less what is on Social Media, But the A.E. Blogs and its revelations, did attract many INC Members that have already felt something wrong with the church, who themselves later became future INC Defenders, but the video was a calling to those who felt confused at first and realized there is truly something wrong inside the INC. though a few came out to TS 36 physically that day, but Social Media was on wildfire, news spread fast all over Facebook. then Live TV News Agency, National Newspapers, Social Media News caught on and you know the rest… I can continue the story like as if its an exiting Novel, Book or even a Movie deal, Example, like the many brave INC Ministers that stood up and refused to accept what is happening, they knew they will lose everything especially their livelihood and ministry, or the brave INC Minister that stepped down from the Podium during the Worship Service because his pure heart cannot bear it anymore, or the INC Ministers that spoken out the truth and afterwords him and their families get expelled and it did not end from there, there was the character assassination and oppression against them. Then there were the brave INC Members who were also expelled for believing in the truth and they too had suffered Character Assassinations and even Lawsuits, and many actually won their lawsuits against the powerful present INC. Yes what is happening in the church today is like a dramatic movie, but sad to say it is a reality, it did happen and is still happening now. The INC Defenders was not just created out of nothing or no reason. Maybe the corrupt present INC Sangunnian underestimated the INC Defenders, maybe the INC Sangunnian taught they can just express expel any INC Members that they see is a threat to them, they think they can just expel them and they will just go away, run away or wither away, What they didn’t expect is that they, the expelled members are very truly Active INC Members, many are handog or born offered in the Church, Many are INC Officers like Deacons and Deaconesses, some have High Offices in the Church, many are in Locale Treasury or Finance, some are devout Choir Members their whole life since their youths, Many expelled are also just regular INC Members their whole lives that are willing to give up their own lives for INC. Well it seemed the Express Expulsion without due process back fired on Sangunnian. So they tried a different approach to prevent more INC Brethren from questioning or leaving the faith or joing INC Defenders, they Sangunnian created a plan to use EVM as a just cause. They spread lies and rumors that the INC Defenders are attacking EVM or a threat to EVM, and it felt like a perfect plan, so the INC Sangunnian created the glorification of EVM, such as the OneWithEVM Movement, They even changed the logo, the slogan and created banners, they must of thought that typical INC Members will not fight or die for a Sangunnian member, but they will surely follow and fight and die for EVM, and whatever EVM says or does, all will follow, as example, we INC Members are taught to respect and honor our Fathers and Mothers, it is biblical and also the first in the 10 commandments, No question about that. But what EVM did to his own mother is truly a disgrace, a sin, against the commandments of God and outright wrong, But the mainstream INC Members kept silent and actually did not see anything wrong with that, most did not to even celebrate Mother’s Day because EVM told them so. So you see how blind and they do not see the right or wrong anymore, truly brainwashed. The whole INC follow and submit without even opening their eyes, especially the present INC EVM Ministers who were also Ministers during the time of Ka Erdy, many stayed silent about what is happening these changes. Most of these present INC Members that glorify EVM as if he is the only Savior to them, this is what our beloved late Ka Erano Manalo was warning about. The glorification of EVM and erasing the true doctrines we learned from our Last Messenger and our previous Executive Minster, amounts to what is called the beginning of an Apostasy or no longer the same church anymore, All the “Ako’y Iglesia Ni Cristo” slogans are being replaced by the “One With EVM” slogans. The original INC Logo is now no more and now the official EVM Thumbprint Logo. During the Worship Services, the sermons are less and less about our Lord God and Jesus Christ and more about EVM this, EVM that, Submit to EVM and the many Monetary Offerings, Special Offerings, and Special Special Offerings and Other Other Other Offerings that no longer makes sense anymore in the eyes of any member. Its like there are 2 new doctrines that will never be questioned and will be followed or else. and all present INC EVM Ministers are being used to rally up INC Members to give plenty in offerings, even through intimidation or threats, it is no longer coming from the heart as it was before, The Church has changed so much that even the INC Ministers in Social Media are behaving unchristian like behavior, they would post something so evil against an INC Defenders or Character Assassinate them. Go look for yourselves, visit any of their Facebooks, They also do the same and even worst to the INC Defenders Ministers. Go look again, you will see. Then after they post, look at the comments, look at all the INC EVM Members under them saying evil words or acting unchristian behavior. Look at any INC-EVM Ministers Facebook, look at especially Access The Truth Facebook, they mix church news and character assassinations, any non-INC member can spot this behavior with ease, look at their behaviors online and how they also encourage other INC Members to behave like them online since they are united with EVM. Where is the Christian love now? None. To be honest, I don’t blame these INC Members actions, they are just supporting and following blindly for many reasons, some just to show off to their ministers for personal favors, some say they are fighting the defend the church that’s why they act like this, but then their actions are very offensive and not realizing that what evil they write shows what kind of heart these members have, very cold and dark heart. The whole church is no longer “Iglesia Ni Cristo” I knew while growing up, it is something different, more darker, more sinister, an evil sign, the Right Hand Thumbprint that points up toward their Foreheads, and without their loyalty of EVM, they cannot buy or sell or even worship in the Chapel unless you accept EVM as your personal and true savior, down to your membership inside the church. The Church now is no longer pristine or clean, the mainstream public no longer respects the church, and even mock us now, it did attract many criminals though. Corrupt officials, shady businesses, Remember that Korean Contractor for Philippine Arena, What did Jun Santos really do to him, save him or to shut him up? Many corrupt Philippine Police joined the church, some are Police Generals, some are Mayors and Barangay Mayors, many corrupt Politicians joined for their own satisfaction or personal gain. Even Actors and Actresses and even Filipino Rappers are willing to join to gather more fans and attention, you see, the Church is stained with lust, evil and the corrupt. Hip Hop dancing and Hardcore Rap is now center stage during Grand Evangelical Missions, in front of Choir Members and the rowdy crowd. And then the Medical,Dental and Charity Drive as a disguise to recruit and to take advantage of destitute and poor people of the Philippines and attract them to join the church by taking advantage of their vulnerability. Most now that are joining the church is for something totally different, its not about Salvation anymore, or the love of mankind, its about boasting and Guinness World Records, its more like I’m better than you. My church is better than your church, But the most important to INC Sangunnian is about more and more people joining, meaning more Offerings, more money will be in the offering pouches, easier now to payoff the Billions of Loans that accumulated since the death of our beloved Late Ka Erdy… I know for sure, our beloved Ka Erdy will never approve of Loans in our church nor will he rally up Ministers to focus on offerings, Ka Erdy will never approve the Sangunnians living lavish lifestyles. Now here is the part I am proud to say and I have faith in….This is why our Lord God created the INC Defenders. INC Defenders started off very humble from its beginnings, from the time of Express Expulsions of active INC Members and to brave true INC Minsters stepping down, many inside the church saw and witnessed this growing organization called INC Defenders. Some wanted to join but they were not ready yet, many still stay silent and hoping they can wait it out, Yes INC Sangunnian and EVM Followers mentions our name INC Defenders all the time and mock us, intimidate us, lawsuit sue us and degrade us, possible trying to murder us by using throwing grenades at us or shooting bullet holes in windows, or threatening to harm us, but this just made us even more stronger, We started off communication in small groups, whether physically or Social Media basically for our own protection, Many did have dummy accounts again for our protection but most already came out. Then there was our physical Silent Vigils at USMO, then other locales, some vigils were conducted during the presence of EVM Pastoral Visits, then there was the famous Bakersfield airplane banner stunt and many others like in Locale in Florida and the many Defenders in Davao and their charity works, then there was our weekly EGM/GPM Online Live Services, a support group and a way to strengthen our hope and faith. then we conduct our daily nightly Prayer Panata teleconferencing, where INC Defenders and Active INC Members can benefit from as I did. Then so on and so on, the INC Defenders grew and spread all over the globe. The new established OneWithEVM Church noticed this and conducted an aggressive campaign to destroy the growing INC Defenders by using their own vast and wealthy resources like Legal Dept. ACTIV, SCAN and this new formed group Mandirigma or so called Warriors, as you know the word Warriors means to fight, war, kill, maim, attack, the aggressor, ect. But the word Defenders meaning to Defend, passive, non-aggressive, defend for peace, no attack, passive, just to defend only, ect. But the new “Church of EVM” or “Iglesia Ni EVM” failed to destroy the INC Defenders because they did not realize one thing… that God is with the INC Defenders for He himself created the Defenders himself, this similarly also happened before during the beginning of the First Century Apostasy, there were disciples and Christians alike that refuse to submit the new changes that Christ established, when the false teachers took over the leadership, many Christians refused to follow the new ways of the church of that time, yes many were killed or slaughtered but that was during that time, But this time, God knows what is happening to the church and with Judgment Day coming, he will not allow this to continue, because people needs to be saved or have a chance to be saved. Satan has already taken over the leadership of the INC. Our Lord God awaken some INC Members, made them “Awake” or “Aware”… they were called by our Lord God to Defend against the Unaware or the sleeping ones, the corruption, the evil that has taken over the leadership of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. So fast forward, from the humble but perilous beginnings of the INC Defenders, they never failed one thing, their right to Worship and to continue worshiping our Lord God during this time of sadness and pain because of what is happening to our beloved church. No man, not even EVM or his evil Sangunnian, can prevent us Defenders, true Iglesia Ni Cristo Defenders from worshiping our Lord Almighty God. As of this moment there are now Iglesia Ni Cristo Worship Services being established around the country especially in the Western Seaboard, and also Mid-Southern U.S…. and the INC Defenders are growing rapidly and God is calling many now to open their eyes and stay true to the Faith. The INC Defenders are not starting and will not start a new religion or creating a new church. Never will we do that, because that is an abomination to God, This OneWithEVM Church is a new church founded by EVM and his Sangunnians and we refuse to be part of it. Our INC Defenders Worship Services are exactly how it was before during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erano. The Holy Spirit is present to all our worship services. Yes we are fully organized and blessed. We have hundreds of devout members that regularly attend. Not all are expelled, many are still active registered INC Church Members and are joining together with us to worship our Lord God in unity. We have our Deacons and Deaconesses fully uniformed and ready to do their duty. We have our Choir Members who sing fully with their heart and souls and you can see the tears in their eyes while singing to God. We have our Secretariat that is in charge of the sign in sheets and administrative duties. We have our Treasurers and Auditors that are always be transparent and for the expenses of the worship services, and the saved the best for last is our powerful and dedicated Ministers that preach the words of God, the food for our soul, and for our spiritual guidance living as good and loving Christians. Our prayers from the Head Deacons before the services are pure and powerful… until the end of the services the Benediction. Afterwards, unlike a typical Worship Service of EVM where everyone felt tortured or leaving with a cold heart, after our Worship Services, there is socializing and food prepared voluntarily by Members and Officers. I have now witnessed Offering of Infants and Marriage Blessings. As like before, as Christians, we are now planning charity works and volunteer works but without showing off, or boasting or telling it to news media. All of this we do and also the socializing after our worship services, This is our fellowship, our brotherhood and sisterhood that can be seen here. We will always be faithful and active in our worship services, Like I said this is our duty to God that we all must give priority and worship to Him, not to glorify EVM or INC Sangunnain, for our Lord God and his Son, our Savior Jesus Christ… We will not allow the OneWithEVM Church to intimidate us or prevent us or force us not to worship our Lord God,… I have faith our Lord God will always protect his children and he will never forsake us. We will always continue to find ways to make God smile at us, we refuse to “Make EVM Smile”, EVM has smiled enough looking at his loyal million slave followers, we INC Defenders will only make God Smile and our Lord Jesus Christ Smile upon us, for this is truly a blessing to receive. I am sorry for this lengthy post, but I remained quiet for a while and posted here and there, but this time I had to take something off my chest. To those INC Defenders that are asking why Ka Marc, Ka Angel, Sister Tenny and Sister Lottie, why they are not speaking up? Especially why cant Ka Marc or Ka Angel become Leaders of the Resistance if thats what they say? Why cant Ka Marc lead the INC Defenders since he resembles Ka Erdy? Why Ka Marc or Ka Angel are not seen attending in EGM/GPM or our Prayer Panatas? Why they didn’t come out and make interview on Live News or Social Media? These questions is up to the person you are questioning to answer and nobody has the right to answer these questions but them, but I will tell you something about Leadership, Ever since the YouTube Video until now, I did not hear anything that Ka Marc and Ka Angel decided to be Leaders of our cause? Did you? Just say they decided to be Leaders of the INC Defenders, dont you think they would have already come out and say, “Maraming Kapatid Defenders, I want to lead you?” No No None, I never heard once that they want to take on a leadership role for the INC Defenders, and if they did, i think they would have said so by now. So there, the confusion was the confusion itself, the misinterpretation is the misinterpretation itself. I will tell you now, Ka Marc, Ka Angel, Ka Tenny and Ka Lottie are fighting their own battles, some are actually fighting for their lives and Ka Angel and Ka Lottie are standing their ground, they will not be pushed out of their home, the family home of Ka Erdy… They are standing ground against the powerful evil EVM Institution no matter what and to me, that has inspired me to stand my ground and fight for a good cause. So there you have it, No No No they are not Leaders of our cause, they are our Inspiration of our Cause… Do you think it is easy for Ka Angel and Ka Lottie to fight against a very powerful and wealthy organization that literally controls the Philippines? Do you think Ka Tenny can fight all those threats and Character Assassinations in the Social Media from INC Ministers themselves, Ministers who knew and love and respect Ka Tenny before, not even once did Ka Tenny spoken out after the YouTube Video, but look how the whole EVM Church as a whole attack her even until now, not once did Ka Tenny uttered another word other that video begging her son, EVM if they can talk and reconcile. Look at all the INC EVM Social Media Pages, they mock her and accuse her and mock her calling her RTC “Restore Tenny Church,” and sadly she never even mentioned that she will start a church in the first place, this attack is there way of instigating very old and fragile Ka Tenny to fight back, sorry EVM, your mother will never fight you, she is your own loving mother and is just hoping you will change your heart and mind and offer you to follow God’s commands and honor your mother before it is too late or if her life ends. So sad, very sad EVM loves his followers and ministers but cannot even love his mother, how much more he can say he loves God? EVM is a leader to millions and now the millions themselves will think its OK to dishonor their mother. They are doing everything to destroy this old, fragile, widow and mother, and presently her health is not good right now. And EVM condones and encourages this behavior. But you know what, God never left Ka Tenny and is always with her, why? because God sent INC Defenders to pray for her and support her and treat her with respect., we Defenders do it out of love and respect and as true Christians. So to all INC Defenders that are questioning who the true Leader is for the INC Defenders, ….It is OUR LORD ALMIGHTY GOD… Have faith dear brethren of the INC Defenders, Everything now is happening for a reason, Just trust our Lord God and to those INC Defenders that are also yearning to attend Worship Services to God, God knows what is in your heart, what you want and need, God knows you also yearn to worship him, Have patience dear Defenders across the globe, soon as the INC Defenders grow and spread more, there soon will be many Worship Services of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Defenders will be propping up around the world, Have faith. Did you know during the time of our Last Messenger Ka Felix Manalo, the church was still small, yes there are many INC Members that traveled to faraway places just to attend Worship Services and many were persecuted during their journey. But God allowed the church to flourish and spread to reach all that wants to worship him. Our Lord God will do the same for us. In God’s time, if there is no complete full restoration yet, in the future, there will be an Iglesia Ni Cristo Defenders Worship Services near you. Even I myself patiently waited since my unjust expressed expulsion and yes I yearned again to worship God… and I always attended online EGM/GPM Meetings and daily Prayer Panata as much as possible, it was hard and there are times i felt i was losing hope, but I know God never abandoned me and he even showered me with unexpected blessings i received recently, Many Defenders that know me personally have witnessed this… I love my God and Lord Jesus Christ, I will never fall away from the faith. I now regularly attend Iglesia Ni Cristo Defenders Worship Services at the Congregation of Southern California. We are growing and spreading, We are the true and faithful INC Members, …Ako’y Iglesia Ni Cristo…

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