Big Brother Is On the Warpath

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I too received the very same notice. I would not be surprised if the powerful Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) will find a way to:
1. Shut this blog down.
2. Find the identity of the writer
3. Sue the writer for defamation / libel / every litigious action they can take.

Thank you to WordPress for the warning. I know that they want to preserve the writers as much as they can because this is their business and it would not look good on them if every blogger would be sued and/or taken down every time someone disagreed with them. But they have their hands tied.

So, dear Readers, beloved Brothers and Sisters, as Mr. William Smith has just declared, please do not be surprised if the blog is suddenly shut down.


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Just remember the words of our Saviour:
“If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.” Luke 6:29


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5 thoughts on “Big Brother Is On the Warpath

  1. Big Brother’s house is burning fuelling it with hatred,greed for power and iniquities. I hope he will wake up before he will be consumed by the fire that he sets up.


  2. The subpoena referenced on INC From The Edge ( is NO LONGER VALID – The case of Isaias T. Samson Jr. vs Regalado Delos Reyes Case (#RIC 1606116) was DISMISSED on June 14th

    My legal council believes that INC attorney Rommel San Pedro is on a fishing expedition to find the bloggers using an invalid subpoena. According to the subpoena filed on June 10th, WordPress is required to appear at USMO in Burlingame on July 10th or else release the information on the bloggers to INC. However, given that the case was dismissed, this subpoena is now invalid.

    You can contact Ka Isaias to verify dismissal. If truly dismissed (and my legal council has no reason to believe it was not) this will take a load off the minds of the defender bloggers since they now no longer need to hire an attorney to file a Motion to Quash per the notice from WordPress.

    -Brother Manny


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