More Expulsions. Seriously?

When I began writing last December, I thought I would write once to vent about my friends who were expelled and maybe one other one just to reply to people shooting down all my comments. Here I am 50 plus blogs later, I am still writing about people getting expelled and the people who reply are those who feel the same way I do.

Well, here are the new expulsions this past week…(it really is becoming a bad routine)

As I prepared to blog about something lighthearted, I hear more names being expelled and it puts a cloud over my day. One was Sister Jovita Nova and the other was Sister Mayumi Cantor Cruz. There have been many other expulsions, as we are all well aware but these two stand out more than the usual. One, Sister Jovita was 80 years old and a member of the Church many years.

Simple question, you mean to tell me, that NO Minister in the Iglesia Ni Cristo could convince this 80 year old woman, who have been in the Church for years to avoid being expelled?!? If what the Administration is saying is true and they made all the efforts to convince her, to “edify” her, would it have come to the point that she would be expelled??  You mean to say, all options have been exhausted and it came to the point that this 80 year old became REBELLIOUS and had to be expelled?? Please tell us – what were the actual steps that were taken?

As for the other one, Sister Mayumi Cantor Cruz who was announced not only in the Philippines, but even outside the Philippines! Why? How wicked is she? Is there a danger that she could lead a mass apostasy and rebellion against the Administration? Is she that well known and influential? For those of you who are not familiar with her, which is probably 98 percent of you, she was one of Brother Erdy Manalo’s secretary. She was well trusted and worked for him for many many years. That’s what most of us mostly know about her. And yet, the Administration deemed it necessary to announce her name to across the world? WHY?

I understand that Ministers who are “expelled” are announced everywhere because many brethren know them and they have a lot of close connections all over, but Brother Erdy’s former secretary? Did she make a YouTube video denouncing the Administration? Did she make a blog stirring up a rebellion? Did the Administration’s “undercover Gardeners” also raid her house and find cute “little notes” saying that she has “plans” to take over the Church? Who is she? The TRUE NEW and IMPROVED GENUINE JEZEBEL? Or maybe Jezebel’s REAL TRUE FAITHFUL ASSISTANT again with 10% extra for fighting stains? What label will she get?

What’s more, her brother, is none other than Brother Marlex Cantor, one of the die-hard Ministers writing for the Administration, trying to give answers on Facebook and blogs. He supposedly was “guided by the Holy Spirit” and so he reported his own sister for taking part in one of those online Defenders’ gathering. Hmm. Interesting. Brother Marlex, I like quoting you, because you often say “Hearsay”. Isn’t this also “hearsay”? Do you have solid irrefutable evidence against your own sister?

Be careful now brother. One of these days, you will be “guided” by one of those spirits again, “Marlex. Build an ark.” That’s why Apostle John said, “Don’t believe every spirit but test the spirits…”

So now that sister Mayumi is expelled, will all your co-workers post and share horrid pictures of your own sister with horns?

One last question, and let’s end with this (I’m really trying to keep my posts short). Does anyone remember that verse from Jesus, about forgiveness?

“Then Peter came to Jesus and asked “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”  Matthew 18:21-22, 35

If these ministers and the Administration feel these brethren committed sin, were they given a chance? Were they forgiven? Were they even visited? How many times? Seven times? Seventy? Isn’t that the Christian thing to do?

Or maybe I should just ask, do you still care for the Church?


5 thoughts on “More Expulsions. Seriously?

  1. Plus I heard that there was a brother who mumbled something during an exceptionally long lesson and the officiating minister heard him. He demanded that someone get his name, and not too long later, that brother was expelled.
    These expulsions are perfect examples of the current “nature” of this Church “…in these last days.” It is a bitter, hateful, spiteful entity where no true joy can be found any longer. People rarely receive spiritual reinforcement when they come to Church anymore. Instead, they are faced with darkness.
    So sad.


    1. so far that is not happening in my locale yet. but yes, we have brethren who will say loudly ‘Tsk’ to show their irritation if the minister is wandering in his teaching. Or if they heard something so blatantly ridiculous. One does mumble too loud even the prayer if the deacon or minister praying is becoming overly dramatic or becoming repetitive. So far it is not getting to that level yet.

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      1. In my locale, the loudest sounds occur when the Head Deacon (and during re-broadcasts of EVM) prays for “…the most important person in the world.” Even I have to stifle a giggle when I hear that phrase.


  2. Lately, I’ve been playing the “What If?” game in regards to the future of the Church. “What if EVM and his senior admin left today?” “What if EVM expelled all of his senior leaders and admitted his wrongdoing and wanted to stay on as EM?” and so many other similar such “What If?” questions. Going through this exercise has caused me to deeply ponder what is probably THE question…
    “What does ‘Winning’ look like when it comes to the Church?”
    I have been weighing a lot of different scenarios, and they are all filled with pain and hardship – even the best of them.
    So to you and your readers, I ask “If you could have ANY outcome you want to FIX the current troubles in the Church, what would it/they be?” (keeping in mind all of the other dominoes that will fall with that choice).


  3. I have my suspicions on why Sis. Mayumi Cantor Cruz’s name was announced outside the Philippines, something typically reserved for ministers. From what I’ve read she was turned in by her brother for praying during one of the group prayer meetings being held by those who are concerned for the Church. I believe it is because of this her name was announced over the world, as a message to everyone who dials in to listen to those meetings, as a warning that they could all be next.


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