Damage Control

By now many have watched the video of brother Rolando Jon Dizon, another “former” Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ). His name was read in the Worship Services worldwide, from Australia to New York – Expelled.  And as usual, the standard instructions accompany the expulsion; “do not talk to them. Do not approach them. They may be armed and dangerous.” Oh wait, that’s from the Cops TV show. 
Well, regardless of the instructions, we all know what this means, “battle stations” once again in the Central office. Even though brother Dizon emphasised that he was NOT in cahoots with Mr. Samson, to the Administration, it is still “Red Alert!”. They feel this is another attack and they must do everything they can to control the damage, so that no one will be “influenced” by the newest “enemy”.

How to do Damage Control (Central style):
1. Inform everyone to not believe them because they are expelled and there are all liars.
2. Inform their family or next of kin that they should not show any form of love to the expelled relatives.
3. Check for sympathisers. Look for anyone crying while the circular is being read.
4. Counter Attack. They will send out their attack dogs; usually Brother Joel San Pedro for English and Brother Marlex Cantor for Tagalog, with ground support from the Edsa Rally star Brother Arnel Tumanan.
5. Find as many photos as possible of the expelled. Edit and mock. If they have videos, find the most unflattering moment and capture it. Even better for mocking. In extreme cases, publish in the newspapers. (courtesy of H-Activ group)
6. Insult the hell out of them. This is usually started by one of the aforementioned Ministers, or trying hard to be relevant, brother Jethro Samson. There is also the Faceless MyINCDefenderStory guy. And of course, the young and the clueless STF. They will throw out some random information and the little piranhas will join the attack with very abusive language. Here are some examples already! My, they are diligent.

(NOTE: Contents contain strong language. Parental Guidance is advised):

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 13.28.39.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 13.39.12.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 13.29.27.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 13.28.17.png
These things are done for a couple of reasons.
1. It sends a message to all the other Ministers and brethren that if you  even THINK about doing this, this is exactly what we will do to you. We will HUMILIATE you and your family to death. Or till Lord Jesus comes and takes us ‘holy ones’ with Him
2. Once you are expelled, every syllable that comes out of your mouth are AUTOMATICALLY LIES LIES and LIES. So brethren should not even LISTEN TO or THINK about what the expelled are trying to say.

What is a bit embarrassing is that brethren who actually think about these things carefully are well aware that this is now standard operating procedure. Once there are those who speak up, some of these Ministers will post really harsh things, share vile, edited photos and then their followers will echo their tune.  I say it’s a bit embarrassing because it’s not just members of the Church who see these actions and reactions. People all over the world see how ‘members‘ of the Iglesia Ni Cristo act towards former members. 
It is getting to the point that brethren are just keeping silent about what the Administration and other Ministers are doing. Brethren now have to treat the Administration’s actions like one of those relatives we’re embarrassed about. It’s like your drunk uncle Jun who comes to the party singing too loud on karaoke, uttering foul language and you eventually have to say something when they start molesting your guests. That kind of embarrassment.

If the Administration feels they have to expel certain people, that’s on them. But there has to be a better way of dealing with them because the reflection on the Church…. is not looking very good.

What did Dizon actually say? Leave the family alone. They have suffered enough. Do all the INC members disagree? Do we want them to suffer some more? Is that our goal? Does the Church enjoy abusing people?

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 23.58.38.png

I remember one of the points of the Ministers; he said, if there is any corruption in the Church, should we not leave it to God to take action? Then I ask the same thing; if there are those who are already expelled, should we not leave it now to God to take action on them? Why the continued humiliation and vilification? Is that the role of the brethren? Why do the Ministers encourage such abuse? Is that what you want to teach the Church? Is the Administration so afraid of the “Defenders” that they have to take such desperate measures to belittle them? I mean we never did this to the Pope, Billy Graham or Joel Osteen.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 14.04.41.png

Lastly, if these things are happening, I’m sure some church members have to be wondering WHY this is happening. This is not some zombie apocalypse. There is no mutant virus spreading and infecting the brains of the brethren and making them suddenly turn. It simply means more people are seeing some things and they are not being answered. 
This is what is truly spreading. 
So instead of bashing and harassing the new “enemies” with offensive photos and accusations, can we look in the mirror for a moment? Can we ask ourselves, are we proud to say this is how we “protect” our beloved Church? Are we happy to say that this is how the Iglesia Ni Cristo behave when we feel we are being persecuted? Then you’d better hope your relative is not next.

I tried to make this post a bit lighter with humour, but bottom line, it’s a Sad day. I feel sad for another family lost. I feel sad for the harshness of brethren. The saddest part? All this has EVM’s stamp of approval.Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 14.21.41.png

“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally.” Ezekiel 34:4


17 thoughts on “Damage Control

  1. Banishment and humiliation are tactics used by other religious organization. These tactics are only effective for people who have no moral compass and do not have a solid ground to stand on. Sadly, there’s many of them.


  2. This is a link to a “Cutting Classes” post. Do church members really approve of calling someone gay?

    I guess as long as they are “ONEWithEVM” profanity is OK.


  3. Actually, I almost cried after watching Bro. Rolando Dizon. This is what is happening inside the Church right now. Let’s now face the reality: love and compassion are all but gone. Humiliation, mockery, character assassination. I don’t think that Christ Himself would approve all these things.

    To all those brainwashed and “oh-so righteous” OWE minions, say all what you want just to please the “most important man on earth,” I will just counter you with this pronouncement of Christ Himself:

    “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven.”

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    (1) He says he is not connected with Isaiah Samson Jr. and with the so called defenders (of the Capricho) but the ones disseminating his delusional video are the rebels themselves.

    (2) He himself admitted that what he said is entirely his opinion. Not facts. Not even the Biblical Truths he received in the Ministry. Similar to what Samson, Menorca and the other traitors are doing nowadays. Very different from the practice of True Ministers who don’t preach about their own opinion but instead declares God’s own oration based on the proclamation of the Church Administration.

    (3) He says he loves the brethren, he loves the Church. But why did He abandon them? Why did he betray the Church? Worst of all, why did he betray the Church Administration by not submitting himself to their instructions?

    (4) He denies that he is working together with Jun Samson, but follows his godfather’s example of spreading lies in social media about the Church Administration.

    (5) He talks about the suffering of the expelled relatives of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo. Remember that such ’sufferings’ are merely the consequences of their own actions. What about the suffering of the true brethren caused by the lies, insults and persecutions perpetrated against the Church, the Church Administration, the Executive Minister (Brother Eduardo V. Manalo) and his family by the likes of Angel, Lottie, Marc and Tenny?

    (6) He says that we must conquer evil with good. That is what exactly the true ministers are doing nowadays. We preach the unadulterated words of God which is His standard of what is good. Not what is good based on human standards. God’s words are good even if such words don’t make you feel good. That’s already your problem. We (true ministers) preach that only members of the Church of Christ will be saved on the day of Judgement even if it hurts the feelings of non-members. We preach that it is evil not to submit to the Church Administration. We preach that those who rebel against the Church Administration, people like you Rolando, will be cursed by God. We preach that those who have been separated from the Church of Christ will also not be saved. What you did just proves that you were never a true minister. What a shame.

    (7) He speaks of “character assassination.” Was our Lord Jesus Christ character assassinating when he taught the the Pharisees are a bunch of hypocrites and a brood of vipers? Was He no longer about love and compassion when he drove out with a whip all the vendors in the Temple and overturned their tables and benches? Was Apostle Peter character assassinating when he said that those who speak against the messengers of God, people like Dizon and his idols, are brute beasts and are waiting for destruction? Was Apostle Jude character assassinating when he said that false preachers or those who reject God’s authority, people like Dizon and his brood, are clouds without rain and shepherds feeding only themselves? Was Apostle Paul character assassinating when He told the Church that he gave Hymaneus and Alexander to the devil because of their blasphemy? Were they “stooping so low”? No they weren’t! They are simply doing their duty of safeguarding the flock against ravenous wolves like you who entered and lived among them in secret to devour them. This is what true ministers are doing now against traitors like you Dizon. And we will keep on doing so as long as there are people like you and your lot who seek to bring them to perdition.

    (8) The compassion and mercy he speaks of are based solely on what he feels and not what the true compassion and mercy taught by Christ. Christ is full of compassion and mercy but He himself declared that if the people will not abide by His teachings and not remain as His branch, then they will be cut off and be thrown into the fire. True mercy and compassion must always be in accordance with the laws of God.

    (9) He admitted that what he is doing now is a result of his disobedience to the Church Administration. This, in spite of the many chances given to him by the Administration so that his eyes may be opened and he may renew his ways.

    (10) He ends his video with proclaiming again his ‘love’ for the brethren. But where is he trying to lead them? To disobedience? To rebellion? To perdition?

    Sorry (not really) to disappoint you Rolando, but you are a dud. I would have written its filipino equivalent but then again you might whine and cry because your feelings got hurt. You will never fool the true members of the Church of Christ. Instead you will be remembered as the fool who thought he could succeed in going against the Church of Christ and its Administration.



    1. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

      They know not how cruel they are behaving..


    2. Running out of things to say? Copy and paste now is it?
      Reading the replies…
      Everything is just RECYCLED. Just like what is written here; it’s damage control. So what is done? Go to the standard playbook. What is that? Step one, DENY DENY DENY. Step 2. ATTACK the person. Insult. Mock. Really? You think by posting the WORST pictures you can make will strengthen the faith of the brethren?
      It’s getting embarrassing for you, isn’t it? Even the Ministers who are assigned to answer don’t have much to say.
      It’s sad actually. It’s like having a discussion and when you get on the losing end, you start hurling insults. “Look! He’s ugly! That means he is lying”!
      To answer this… thing you posted, I hesitated to say “replies” because these are simply Attacks. I’ll just simplify it, ugh…

      1 & 4. Same. Repeated. As bro. Marlex would say, “hearsay”
      2. He wasn’t preaching.
      3. When Jesus was about to be stoned, He didn’t stand around. John 8:59. He HID. John 12:36. He hid himself. There are times you have to hide from danger
      5. Suffering because of “consequences of their own actions”??! Really? So you justify the harassments by the brethren as the consequences of their actions? What, were the brethren out of control?
      6. From the video, all he said is he did not go the Philippines and leave the family alone. Those things justify the ATTACKS??!? THAT is the real shame.
      7. So you are saying that if Jesus and the Apostles had Photoshop back then they would have edited pictures of Judas too? Would they? Honestly?
      8. Compassion. Hmm. Are there different kinds of compassion to God? Isn’t it that God sent Jesus because He had compassion on mankind? God has compassion, that is why we are forgiven isn’t it? And yet, does the Administration have that kind of compassion?
      9. What “many chances?”
      10. Who says he is leading them anywhere? “Hearsay”

      A dud. Hmm, interesting word. That is what this is. This was written in English to make sure it is understood by the English speaking brethren. Make sure that they see that the Church has an answer! More “DAMAGE CONTROL”.

      One last suggestion. Maybe the “real” issues should be dealt with. Like explain why the “Leaders” had to talk to him in the first place. Explain what was the case against him why he was told to go to the Philippines. Why is the Administration SURE he is working with Samson? What is the evidence? If there is NO evidence, as Bro. Marlex would say, it’s “hearsay”.


  5. Mr Edwin…..

    Do you approve of Cutting Classes calling Rolando “sukindick Dizon” or implying he is gay? Do you also approve of their Twitter account posting pornographic cakes for Lowell Menorca? Do you approve of “Merle Schexnayder” calling Tenny Manalo a “bitch”

    This is not Christian behavior from “holy church members”. Nor is that “defending your faith.”

    Access The Truth and The Iglesia Ni Cristo are destroying the church and not helping it. Non members do monitor these pages and these kinds of things give our REAL detractors ammunition to mock INC members.

    Do us a favor…., shut up and let God take care of business and accept whatever the outcome is.


    Rolando Dizon, kung totoo ang pahayag mong wala kang kaugnayan sa Fallen Angels or spiritual terrorists, bakit ka pumayag na ang iyong video ay ipakalat ng mga so-called INC defenders (destroyers) at gamitin sa kanilang propaganda? Alam mo naman noon pa na wala nang hangad ang grupong ito kundi pabagsakin ang Iglesia at ang Pamamahala.

    Bakit sa ilang araw mong pananahimik at pagtatago pagkatapos mong iwan ang lokal at mga gampanin bilang ministro ay ipinakalat mo ang video sabay sa araw na itinakda ng mga Fallen Angels na kung kailan ay mayron diumano silang pasasabugin? Hindi ba isa ito sa plano ninyong pasabog? Ang problema lang ikaw ang sumabog, dahil nahayag ang tunay mong kulay- taksil ka sa Pamamahala, taksil ka sa Iglesia taliwas sa sinabi mong mahal mo ito. Bulay-bulayin mo ng iyong ginawa.

    Kung wala kang kinalaman sa mga nagrerebelde, bakit gayang-gaya mo ang style ng mga ito, tulad ni Isaias Samson, Lowell Boyet Menorca, Joy Yuson at iba pa na you tube ang pinuntahan upang magkalat ng kasinungalingan?

    Teka muna, sino ba ang tumulong sa iyo sa napakaayos ng pagkaka shoot na katulad din ng unang inilabas nila sa you tube na humihingi ng tulong dahil nanganganib daw ang buhay yon pala ay nagbibiro lang? Ano ang pagkakaiba ng iyong paraan ng pagpapahayag upang makakuha ng simpatiya sa paraan ng mga naunang natiwalag na mga ito? Wala!

    Kung wala kang kinalaman sa kanila, bakit kung ano ang kanilang sentiments na wala namang batayan ay siya rin ang sa iyo?

    Kung tapat ka sa iyong damdamin, bakit ka nagtatago? Bakit mo pinutol ang komunikasyon sa mga kinauukulan upang malaman sana ang kalagayan mo? Sa halip ay sa iba ka nakinig? Bakit binalewala mo ang pagkakataong ibinigay sa iyo noon bilang pagmamalasakit ng Pamamahala sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya at higit sa lahat sa iyong karapatan?

    Kung mahal mo ang Iglesia, bakit hindi mo sinunod ang pasya ng Pamamahala na ikaw ay madestino sa Pilipinas? Yaon ay para sana sa ikabubuti ng mga kapatid na pangungunahan mo at para sana sa ikabubuti ng iyong karapatan.

    Lahat ng sinabi mong dahilan ng hindi mo pagsunod sa pasya ay mga lumang isyu na kung saan ay nasagot nang lahat. Bakit mas pinaniwalaan mo pa ang sarili mong opinion?

    Nakalimutan mo ang katangian ng tunay na ministro: Walang katuwirang sarili, ang mahalaga ay masunod ang utos at tuntunin.

    At ako’y masumpungan sa kaniya, na walang katuwirang aking sarili, sa makatuwid baga’y sa kautusan, kundi ang katuwirang sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Cristo, ang katuwiran ngang buhat sa Dios sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya: Filipos 3:9

    Hindi mo ba napapansin na ang sinasabi mong opinyon na iyong sinunod ay katulad din ng opinyon ng mga itiniwalag dahil sa paglaban sa Pamamahala?

    Hindi mo rin ba napapansin na pareho kayo ng ipinagtatanggol at pinuprotektahan – ang isang ina at magkakapatid na tahasan ang paglaban sa Pamamahala at mga nanakit sa Iglesia?

    Kaya, harap ng mga katotohanang ito, pabulaanan mo ngayon na ikaw ay may kaugnayan sa mga tiwalag na walang hangad kundi ang sirain ang Iglesia.



  7. Is what they called Rolando on “Cutting Classes” pure of heart? Will “Merle Schexnayder” see God? If you read your bible you’ll know what verse was used

    Colossians 3:8 But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.

    1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.


  8. It still amazes and saddens me how “Christian-professing” people can be SO un-Christian. This is the same twisted and demented thinking that suicide bombers use before they blow-up a church with men, women AND children. They believe their jealous love of a belief is justification enough to commit acts of utter brutality. They see no shame in their actions.
    They are truly the blind…as are (sadly) those who call themselves “Iglesia” but choose to attack those who are now outside the Church. And I’m not talking about debating whether this or that is fact. I’m talking about photo-shopping childish banners in an attempt to humiliate and demean. It’s cruel and absolutely unworthy of anyone who claims to be Christian.
    If you – even for ONE second – try to justify such actions (whether they are done by you or someone else), then you definitely need to re-examine the quality of your faith.
    Would you want YOUR children to act in such a way?
    If the answer is “Yes”, then (IMHO) you really have no place in this world.

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  9. Mr. EDWIN D. DELACRUZ II is a sociopath. One can clearly see he finds delight in evil. If fuels the darkness in him. He’s not someone people would like to be friends with, unless the people are also sociopaths.

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  10. Expelled is expelled, regardless of whether it was for speaking up against EVM or getting a divorce. I bet not one of them would shun a family member who filed for divorce yet will assassinate the character of one who got expelled merely for being a part of a household.

    What is hypocrisy is these same people complain about being persecuted by their non member family.

    Are they actively missionizing their non member friends or coworkers? Probably not.

    Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.


  11. I have been well aware of the Church’s corruption for some time, and left almost 3 years ago realizing that this could have very well been a possible outcome.

    It’s very disappointing. You cannot go around assassinating people’s character, going out to slander them, and outright resulting to childish garbage such as memes and call yourself a Christian.

    Reality check INC members: Are you really worshipping God and Christ, or idols? Why is it now they are repaying evil with evil instead of evil with good? I with utmost certainty, would never teach the kids to hate other people with such a disgusting hatred. I dread the idea of reading the lessons to the kids that may be going around these days.

    Rethink things. What is the faith that you are fighting for?


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