Looking at the MDC (part 2)

(The Mystery Deepens)

I want to get straight to the point because there’s a lot to cover. For those of you who have been following my blog, you may be familiar with the post I had last month regarding the Maligaya Development Corporation or MDC for short and its connection with the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ, in English). There have been a few, very few people who have made negative comments on the many blogs I have posted. I am certain that many brethren (including those in the Central Office) have read my comments. My readership is up in the thousands and yet, those who have commented are mostly Defenders, which I thank you for sharing these posts. Those who are negative, don’t really say much to answer my questions. They would either say that “I am bitter” (I don’t know why, I am a registered member) or they.. come to think of it, that’s all they have said. Hmm. My point is, no one has really answered my questions. In case they missed the articles I am referring to, here are the links, please feel free to read them and answer my questions:
“Looking at the MDC” (This is part 1)
“Houses of Worship”

Might as well include this one – Was Brother Erdy Wrong?

On to the MDC again, or as Shakespeare once wrote, “once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, or close the wall up with our English dead” (sorry, waxing poetic for a moment)…
To put it briefly, the MDC is (supposedly) the “company” that handles the business that goes on in the Philippine Arena. (If you want the details, please read part 1). So far there have been no explanations as to why this mysterious “company” runs the Billion Peso Arena when there is not much information on them. From my past research, it would appear that the MDC is a “dummy or shell” corporation, meaning that it is a FRONT for the business being conducted by the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I have been waiting for anyone to answer or refute this. So far… silence. Even their Facebook account looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.30.56.png

Now is this the way a corporation should show itself especially since it deals with Entertainment? (Remember the Chris Brown fiasco?)

So I dig some more. I look at the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) of the Philippines to find more information about the MDC and this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.07.13.png

Why would this corporation not be registered? Was it removed? Or was it never registered? Does it really exist? So I went back to the place where I did find it registered before, (see part 1), of all places, SCENIC South Dakota, the other mystery of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, where we purchased the entire town. What do I find? This:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.12.27.png

Why does the MDC EXIST in the town of Scenic South Dakota and not in Philippines? You might say that is the INC registering itself in Scenic. No. THIS is the registration for the INC in Scenic:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 17.15.44.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 17.16.35

This registration is for the MALIGAYA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.17.54.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.17.58.png

As you can clearly see, the MDC is meant to be for BUSINESS purposes, NOT for church or non-profit purposes. The INC form clearly indicates on top as “FOREIGN NON-PROFIT”. The MDC is for “DOMESTIC”. It is a business. 2 entities. But why do I say it is a Dummy coroporation? A Front? LOOK at the signatories! It has IGLESIA NI CRISTO all over it. Here is the Articles of Incorporation for the MDC. Look at the names.

If you are wondering about Brother Fred White, he is also the Head Deacon of Scenic. And of course, the other “cast of characters” in this whole charade… as you can see.. none other than Brother GLICERIO B. SANTOS JR. and his son, Glicerio the IV. Brother Resty Lazaro… as you may be aware, is also the Church’s lawyer.

So if the MDC is NOT the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s business arm, then why are these names also on the very same form for the INC in Scenic?

Oh, and that address on the form for the MDC? After all, they are the “ORGANISERS” of such grand events like musical concerts and Fireworks displays; here is the view courtesy of Google Maps:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.26.47.png

I’m sure the Church will answer these questions. They will say “don’t believe the LIES.” So is the Secretary of State of South Dakota also lying now too?

Permit me to move to slightly different topic, but still related to the MDC. According to one of the diligent INC writers, Minister Brother Marlex Cantor, the World Record breaking Fireworks display was NOT from Church funds?? Here is his post:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 06.25.22 copy 2.png

 Is that correct? That would coincide with this article written in Eagle News:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 18.06.46.png

So if the Philippine Arena is merely the HOST. And the “Organisers” is once again, the MDC with Chief Operating Officer GLICERIO P SANTOS IV, (small world), WHO REALLY DID PAY FOR THE FIREWORKS?
1. If it is the MDC, wouldn’t that still then be the Iglesia Ni Cristo?
2. If it was not funded and only HOSTED by the Philippine Arena, why would it claim the World Record? Wouldn’t that be like USAIN BOLT breaking the 100 metres record and host Wembley Stadium claiming that THEY broke the world record?
3. If the Fireworks were not funded by the INC, organised by the MDC, hosted by the Philippine Arena, who should then claim the Guinness World Record?

After all, when there were Katy Perry and Chris Brown concerts, the INC was like “Oh no, no, no! We have nothing to do with what happens in those events. It is the MDC! Not us!” So which is it?

So are we still supposed to believe that the Iglesia Ni Cristo does not get involved with business matters? It does not run a business? The MDC is a legitimate company that is separate from the INC? I am truly interested in all the wonderful explanation(s) that will be given by Brother Marlex, or Brother Joel. Oh, and I almost forgot my faithful follower, Brother Edwin dela Cruz. I’ll be waiting. Actually, better than that. I also have other questions about Brother Marlex’s comments above. But I’ll leave it for next time.

Brethren, you don’t even have to believe me. Search for yourself. Dig around. READ. It is both fascinating and frightening what they are doing to the Church.

“Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”Luke 12:15


33 thoughts on “Looking at the MDC (part 2)

  1. Excellent expose and searches well done. Keep up the articles coming, I want to read more. Above all, May God be once more worshipped and glorified in a restored, pristine and truthful IGLESIA NI CRISTO !!!


    1. ^_^ You really have no guidance from the Holy Spirit that is why you are being given away to wrong moves. If you are truly a member of the INC , why hide? All you need to do is go to a Minister even in the Central Office and humbly and wholeheartedly ask questions and with their love in their heart, they will tell you what you want to know. (Y)


      1. If you will read my answer as to why we hide, go back and re-read my post entitled “Jezebel – addendum”, so I don’t keep repeating myself. As for asking a Minister, I actually did. The reply is, and I quote: “Don’t believe it”
        I hope that you do keep reading. One of these days, there will be enough questions with no answers that you yourself will think about what is truly happening.
        Thank you for reading Brother Edwin

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      2. Mr dela cruz, I believe it’s better if u will be the one to ask them. Then tell us what are their answers to.you. I will be waiting for your reply. Pls do so for us to get first hand information from u. So that you will also experience the consequences of asking them valid questions..Good luck and thank you.

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      3. right. if you truly believe what you have just said, keep on smoking whatever it is that you are smoking. It is obviously making you happy in your delusions.


    2. Hurrah!! He replied!! And what is his answer to the questions? Let me quote it for everyone: “You really have no guidance from the Holy Spirit…” Wow! There you have it! The answer to all these questions. Alright folks. Wrap it up. The mystery has been solved. Go home. Defenders pack it up please. Sir Edwin gave the answers. Thank you for your reply. As expected.


    3. You’re lying. It’s not there. I even signed up for an account just to see it and it’s not there. It’s not registered.


  2. After seeing Edwin Delacruz’s response, I looked on the SEC site myself and MDC does show up as “Maligaya Dev. Corp.” (but with no information available other than the name – no address, contact info, board of directors, etc.).

    So, I searched all of *.gov.ph (thanks google!) for mentions of them to see if there was any more info. Interestingly, they show up on the page http://www.laguna.gov.ph/business-tourism/hotels-resorts listed under “Where to stay in Laguna” with an address and phone number of “121 Jalandoni St., Purok I, Calamba” and “049.545.3983”. I’m not sure what’s at that address — Google seems to think that it’s not a real address…

    They also show up on this page http://www.erc.gov.ph:8099/GenerationSectors/ViewDetails/1512 as a registered energy provider (plant address = #430 E.,Rodriquez St.,Ave.,Gabao,Quezon City) and with the contact person of Atty. Restituto S. Lazaro (there he is again!)

    The only other references to MDC anywhere in *.gov.ph were press releases related to the Chris Brown lawsuit.

    For a multi-billion peso corporation, they sure keep a low profile…

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    1. Excellent research Brother. I took off the Purok 1 part and Google showed me this address: Jalandoni St, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines but no number. Any readers from Laguna – if you can confirm this, we would be grateful. Thanks brother Manny. Now I need to rest


    2. ^_^ Well, even top corporations here in the Philippines, as well as all corporations just like Maligaya Dev. Corp, are public domain. All of their files including Financial Statements are available to the public, of course for a fee because SEC will have to print them out for you. You can either get any of them personally at the SEC building in EDSA, Ortigas or have them delivered right on your doorstep thru http://www.secexpress.ph. This article was flawed from the start with your wrong info. It is very tedious to address every point and I’d rather do some other urgent and more important things as I know that you are all without the Holy Spirit’s guidance and are all against the Church Administration placed by God who does not err. (Y)


      1. Wow, “does not err.” So meaning to say, there are people other than Christ who do not err? So, are we now violating the basic doctrines of the church as long as you are #OneWithEVM?

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      2. Yes please go do your more important and urgent things. Or better yet, open your eyes a little and read all the information out there that points to you being misled. That would be a good thing for you.


    3. There’s not much of an internet presence for it either, but the “Villa Chiesa Resort” is listed at 121 Jalandoni St in Calamba City:

      FROM http://ph.ypgo.net/VILLA+CHIESA+RESORT-1637291206

      The phone number matches what is listed for MDC too:

      FROM http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104885
      “Villa Chiesa
      Ma. Makiling Village, Pansol, Calamba

      That same phone number is listed as “Water Fun Hot Spring Resort” on a page advertising it to expats:

      FROM https://www.expatads.com/20-Indonesia/posts/17-Advertise-Online/36-Advertise-Website/686891-Water-Fun-Hot-Spring-Resort.html
      “Phone: (02) 442-7777 loc. 177 / 178, (049) 545-3983
      Type: Resort
      Area: Pansol, Laguna, Philippines”

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      1. OH MY GOSH! It didn’t dawn on me until now. Villa Chiesa is the INC private resort. Or was. So now they use that address for the MDC? Is it open to the public now??!!


  3. ^_^ Antonio Dela Cruz (whether you have or don’t have the balls to admit that that is your real name), the one who does not err is God who placed Brother Eduardo V. Manalo as the current Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Unless you want to argue with that, then that you have to refute! (Y)


    1. I’ll argue with that. Can you PROVE that God placed him there? Did GOD tell you personally that he had placed him there?


    2. Let me see if I understand the logic here…

      “God placed Brother Eduardo V. Manalo as the current Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.” How did God do this? Did he write EVM’s name in the bible? No, so the only way in which you can say that God “placed him” there is to say “well, it happened, and it wouldn’t have happened if God didn’t want it to because God controls everything that happens within his church. Therefore, since it happened within his church, it is God’s will.”

      Okay – if that’s the case, then AE and the rest of the defenders are also God’s will and were “placed by God” since you can use the same argument “It happened, and it wouldn’t have happened if God didn’t want it to because God controls everything that happens within his church. Therefore, since it happened within his church, it is God’s will.”

      So, clearly opposing the defenders is going against God’s will, right? Or did I miss something in the logic… 😉


      1. ^_^ Manny Ebangelista (whether you have or don’t have the balls to admit that that is your real name), that also means that you do not believe that Brother Felix Y. Manalo was sent by God in these Last Days as His Messenger because his name is not written in the Bible, and that is why you were expelled or about to be expelled. Unless you are not and have never been a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo so that also means that you are just having a free ride! (Y)


      2. Brother Edwin,

        Yes – I am a member and have been probably longer than you’ve been alive, Brother Felix’s name is not written in the bible, but he has prophesy foretelling his reestablishment of the church. I’ve read the entire bible, and I didn’t find anywhere that it specifies his plan for succession. It also does not say anywhere that those who are sent to preach God’s word are infallible. I think you’re confusing God’s true Church with the Catholics.


      3. It is very clear that Brother Felix was chosen by God because his actions were foretold in the Bible. It is also very clear that Brother Erdy was chosen by God because his careful administration of the church followed the guidance of God as written in the Bible.

        Other than being the grandson of Brother Felix and the son of Brother Erdy, how has EVM shown that his administration of the church is following the guidance of God as written in the Bible? Is it that he has millions of people who believe he is infallible? No, the bible doesn’t say that this is the mark of a good and wise administrator. Is it that he has taken out billions of pesos worth of loans and is mortgaging the church’s legacy? No, Proverbs 22:26-27 is pretty clear about that. Is it that he has created a new symbol (the thumbprint) for his followers to rally around? No, that’s clearly idolatry. Is it expelling his mother who served the church admirably for her entire life? No, that’s clearly against quite a number of teachings (I won’t list them all).

        So, what is it exactly has EVM done that justifies the claim that he was “placed by God” or even that he is acting in accordance with God’s teachings? And before you say “Ka Erdy chose him and you just said that Ka Erdy was chosen by God” — I never said that Ka Erdy was infallible or that he never made mistakes. I know for a fact that if you asked him if he were perfect, he would answer that of course he made mistakes, because he was human and no humans are perfect. He understood the heavy responsibility that God had placed on him in administering the Church and he also understood the temptations of money, greed and power that the Bible warns us about as being the road to ruin.

        EVM’s actions have thus far shown that he has fallen victim to the lures of money, greed and power and that there is no divine guidance in his actions.


      4. If I do not use my real name, then you will claim that I should not be listened to because I am hiding behind an alias. If I do use my real name, then I will be expelled and you will claim that I should not be listened to because I am not a member. So, why does it matter to you?

        Personally, the one and only reason that I do not use my real name is because not only would I be expelled, but my entire family (including my elderly mother) would be punished and removed from their duties (if not expelled as well). I strongly disagree with this administration’s practice of punishing children for the actions of their parents and parents for the actions of their adult children, but I understand that this is the current state of the church – despite the fact that it goes against a number of verses and the teachings of our previous executive ministers.


  4. ^_^ Manny Ebangelista, as all of your cohorts are crying about on the roof, so you would rather have Angel or Marc Manalo (make up your mind minions) as the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. But it is very evident that they were the ones who are lured by money and not Brother EVM. Your band has not even presented real evidence nor even refuted the FACTS that were thrown to the Fallen Angels at the theiglesianicristo.blogspot.com by Pristine Truth. Nyahahaha! What do you expect? If you are already expelled, where will that lead you? Andif not yet, then you are about to be expelled by God. You are singing the same tune as Kore to Moses! As for us, we are all happy serving and worshiping God amongst His children in our congregational services.Don’t you just missed that? Nanananana! (Y)


    1. Now I am hurt. You said “I’d rather do some other urgent and more important things” rather than answer my questions point by point. And yet you have the time to chat with our fine brethren here. Can’t you take the time to answer some of my questions? Or perhaps ask your Pastor and bring the answers back here? Please feel free to come back!


      1. 😥 Oh i am soo soorry if i hurt your feelings. It is not my job to answer your doubts about the True Church. In fact, Pristine Truth & Brother John K, Magaling have been doing that: answering all your doubts “point-by-point” but after they do, you do not even bother to refute them! Why? Because they have proven that you are wrong, so what’s the point, right? I even commented on the first part of these comments that you are wrong in insinuating that Maligaya Dev. Corp. is trying to hide their registration in the SEC but you were proven wrong in your malicious attack due to your lack of information on the SEC process of securing public domain information. But you did not even bother also to apologize to your readers about your incompetence or outright misinformation-dissemination. So let us just begin with the end in mind, cut all the beating in the bush, and discuss the real meat or the real issue: you are going against God’s will by going against the one whom He placed as the current Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, so you are actually going against God and not against the one whom He placed in His Nation in these Last Days. If you are already expelled, why bother? But if you are still a member, why wait for God’s wrath? Even Judas did the same thing: he criticized the Lord Jesus Christ for using expensive perfume when He was being anointed! Be a good and real soldier: do what you are tasked to do, perform in your duty-bound office which you took oath from God, unless again you are not even an officer of the Church of Christ. My 12 & 15-year-old kids then have better understanding on their roles if that is the case. But criticizing the Executive Minister? You do not criticize your commanding officer, you’re supposed to encourage your subordinates and be good examples in bringing joy to those who look after our faith! Need i say more? Ugh! (Y)


      2. Brother Edwin,

        Is there anything that EVM could do or say that would make you question your decision to completely submit to and to obey him and his administration? If your answer is yes, then I’m curious what it would take for you (because clearly the rest of us have already reached our own personal thresholds). If your answer is no, then you are an idolater because you worship a man as if he is God. Idolatry is not just worshiping “graven images” like the Catholics. It is giving the same absolute loyalty and obedience which should be reserved solely for God to another.


  5. Dear Brother Edwin,

    You keep mentioning that this “article is flawed” because the “MDC is trying to hide their registration”. Where do I say that? I said: “Why would this corporation not be registered? Was it removed? Or was it never registered?” Those little things at the end – those are question marks. It means I am asking questions. What do you notice about my writings? A lot of questions. I just don’t throw accusations to the wind. I read. Maybe you should read all the articles I’ve written.
    Actually I am happy if you could find the Registration of the MDC for us. I KNOW it exists! I also found it in Scenic remember? My question was WHY does it exist there? I’ve looked around. There are no explanations WHY it is in Scenic. If you’ve found the clear explanation, please feel free to share with us.
    And you said “Misinformation”? So are you saying that there is no MDC registered in Scenic? So all that stuff on the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website are all Misinformation? (oh look! There’s that squiggly question mark again!)
    Now I must remind you, that chatting with all these people, who may be expelled, is technically going against the Administration.
    And as for who is going against God, well, we’d better look at all the writing shouldn’t we? But if we want to stick to this article alone, one simple question, really; Why does the INC have a business? There are many more questions really. Look at all those sentences with question marks, answer them POINT BY POINT, then tell me who is going against God.
    And if it is “not your job to answer them”, stop pretending that you know the answers.
    As for encouraging the brethren? I do that I tell those who want to step down because of all these things they see, to hang on. There are some who want to stop attending Worship Service, I tell them to continue. GOD’S TEACHINGS ARE TRUE. But it’s the people who fail in obeying them. Don’t tell me the Council is Infallible.


  6. Edwin Delacruz – if EVM told you to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, or walk up to Jon Dizon and empty a clip of .45 Cal bullets at point blank range into his chest, would you do it?


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