The Silence is Deafening

I just need to say this but I know it’s not for everyone. For some, they may read this and perceive it on the shallow view and consider it just silliness and nonsense. Some may see the deeper message. This is for them.

The Council certainly has been busy jetting all over the world – from north and south California – now a distant but very memorable visit by the Administration – on to Texas and Florida. To Jersey and Canada and then on to Europe and Israel. My what a busy quarter of a year! They encountered Defenders and expelled brethren. Such interesting posts on Facebook and YouTube during those weeks. (Although, it is interesting how some of these have disappeared like magic.)

But now, what is interesting, although, they may just be jet lagged (I certainly was these past couple of days), is that everything has gone very quiet. Is there something brewing? Are there disturbing developments and they are trying to figure out the next step?

Remember, one more misstep could cause quite a commotion and stir up the flock. The wrong message could create more questions. So what to do?

Yes, they say Obedience is Thicker than blood – wherever translation they dug that up – I wonder if that is even in the original text. But bear in mind that people do have deep friendships and large families. We are not machines that just turn off feelings at a moment’s notice. Some have known each other for years, even growing up together. Things are more complicated than expected isn’t it? You can’t always convince everyone that individuals have suddenly turned pure evil out of the blue.

Never underestimate people. God gave us the minds to think for ourselves and the God-given ability to discern what is right and wrong. We just have to use it. And for those who have used it, they can obviously decide when enough is enough.

Proverbs 17:23-24
“The wicked accept bribes in secret to pervert the course of justice. A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.”

And for those who allow themselves to be part of the Wicked Machine, remember, God is not blind. Do not take part in the perverting the truth. Don’t allow what Brother Felix Manalo sacrificed for to be twisted. If you don’t see any difference then pray hard. Let God show you.

While it is quiet, let everyone take the time to think. Contemplate on what is happening and why it is happening. God is showing something. LOOK. Look beyond the flash of cameras and the well edited videos. Look at your own locale. Look around the chapel. I apologise for being vague in this post. I hope some understand this picture:Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 23.28.24.png

Silence sometimes is indeed deafening.

Perhaps when everything is falling apart the Council may consider stepping down. Retire. It is an honourable way out.

I hope some of you understood what I am referring to.


3 thoughts on “The Silence is Deafening

    1. Hi Brother Edwin. I was wondering when you would write again. It’s ironic that you say I am silent. Actually, my last reply to you, I said how come you never replied on my other posts like the MDC or Houses of Worship or On Prayers? So who actually is silent? I truly invite you and everyone else to read and comment on those. Please refute everything I said on those pages. I will be waiting.


      1. He will surely reply you, just like the other brainwashed fanatics out there, it’s just expect them to reply with: “Bitter!” “Mga inggit!” “Mga tiwalag!” “Mga sinungaling!” “Fallen Angels!”

        You know the drill already, right?


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