Dear Readers,

Welcome to incfromtheedge. For those of you who have been following the issues cropping up inside the Church of Christ, I know that you want answers. Yes, there have been some who have attempted to give answers. But as we carefully examine their replies, they are actually not very satisfying at all.

I thank you so much for reading many of my posts. I am surprised at the number of visitors and readers here. Thank you for your patience and for putting up with some of my absurd sense of humour at times as well as for my frustrations and sarcasm on many other issues. We must continue to try to understand what is going on and find answers to these questions. We must remain vigilant that our Faith will not be destroyed.

Just to let you know, our dear friends on the “inside” have attempted various “tricks” but thank the Lord, I am still on. But I do need a bit of a break. So as we will have our short Spring Break, I hope you continue to check and follow my posts here. I will return shortly with new posts.

Before I go off to my Spring Break, here are some random thoughts in my head…

  • If you dedicate a chapel that is half done, isn’t that like offering animal sacrifice that is half cooked?
  • When EVM sees all these signs and banners that say “WE LOVE EVM” or when ministers pray “ang pinakamamahal naming kapatid” (our most beloved brother) does he think to himself, “They love me! They really love me!”?
  • I wonder if they realised that cashier on 5th Avenue NY was a member?

For now, I am still inc from the edge.

y 2



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