Jezebel Chronicles (part 2)

I have been attempting to avoid this topic again since I already covered it a few weeks ago (see Jezebel Chronicles) and I really detest having to look at the Facebook of a certain “Minister” who seems to spend every waking moment of his time just posting such negative stuff about Sister Tenny Manalo, the widow of the late Executive Minister, Brother Erano Manalo. I mean just the thought of a “Minister” bashing a 70 plus year old woman who does not even reply is just downright rude, offensive and Unchristian. Yes, I put “Minister” in quotations, to say, alleged minister. Because I’m sure true Ministers have better things to do than bash old ladies. They do visitations and bible studies don’t they? You know in certain parts of the world, his actions would be called “Cyberbullying”.

As I was saying, I did not want to revisit this topic but Brother Joel San Pedro continues to use his time in tackling this one topic of Sister Tenny over and over. It truly amazes me how one man can spend so much energy on one lady when he does not even have anything except a few slips of paper that are supposed to be “proof”. Once again, just refer to the previous said article for details. But now, Mr. San Pedro, or as to avoid mentioning his name, I’ll call him “Inspector Clouseau”. (I’ll explain in a moment). Inspector Joel San Clouseau has “found” a NEW piece of “evidence”. (Pardon me for the abundance of “quotes”. You will see plenty more) Behold!! The great piece of “evidence”:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.54.21 AM.png

What it says, “2-28-12 Things to do:
5 kids: Plan – to wait or attack – when / how / why”

“Jun Cook & Ariel – nabalita “na sinabi ni ___ na Sila lang (Angel & Marc ang hinihintay)
Something about they heard that so and so said.. they are only waiting for Angel and Marc.”

Ok, let’s comb through this. First of all, this is all under the assumption that this note is once again, the writing of Sister Tenny.

Secondly, If this is such a crucial piece of evidence that you want to show to the brethren to “PROVE” her guilt, why cover a portion of it? What else does it say Brother??

Thirdly, this was supposedly written February 8, 2012. That was over 4 years ago. So did they just get this recently or years ago? I am asking this because it says 5 kids. I am assuming that it is referring to the 5 siblings; Sisters Lottie, Eileen, Beth and Brothers Angel and Marc. So were ALL 5 siblings in on the plan? If all FIVE of the siblings knew THE PLAN, wouldn’t Sister Beth and Sister Eileen TELL their older Brother EVM about it? (“Hey Kuya, guess what Mommy is planning!) If they did not, why are they not in trouble? And if they did then… that would have been way back in 2012 right? Was anything done about it? Let me guess, that is why there is that giant Wall of Jezebel that the wife had put up? Oh sorry, Sister Tenny is the True Jezebel, I forgot. Now it’s just confusing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.30.34 PM.png

What is the plan anyway? To “attack Central”? With what? Weapons? The BOMB of PITY? The GUNS of ADMIRATION? The TEARGAS of… hmm… TEARS? Sorry, I’m trying not to ridicule the ridiculous, but it’s so tempting! Oh, and if you want the “details of THE PLAN” I guess you can always refer to the (Jezebel Chronicles) Part 1. Is it the part with Buying Souvenirs. har-har

Back to the note.…
Here are some of “Inspector San Clouseau’s’ investigation”. These are his words:
“Tenny’s notes prove not only that they were never in danger but that they themselves were orchestrating the attacks on the Church Of Christ and its leadership in their grab for greater control of the Church. Tenny came up with the plan “to wait or attack.” The people whom she and her followers recruited were looking to her sons, Angel and Marc, for the signal to begin their attacks.”

Tenny’s notes “PROVE(?!?) not only that they were never in danger…?!?!?

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.05.45 PM

This guy is one of the GREATEST DETECTIVES of all time! And he “PROVES” these things beyond a shadow of a doubt with a couple of pieces of paper. Amazing. To simply write “when, how, why”. It amazes me how the world’s Greatest Detective has figured out from those 3 words that it refers to attacks “on the Church Of Christ and its leadership in their grab for greater control of the Church” AMAZING!

Then, “waiting for Angel and Marc”, is a separate note altogether. How does San Clouseau figure that they were waiting for “Angel and Marc, for the signal to begin their attacks”? How did these 2 notes find itself together? Were they even written in the SAME YEAR? Just because one note says “hintay” (wait) and the other note says “waiting”, it does not necessarily mean that they are referring to the same topic. They could be “waiting” for a bus for all we know.

Since “Inspector Clouseau” seems to somehow magically able to transcribe all these cryptic notes into just ONE GIANT EVIDENCE against Sister Tenny. And it is obvious that they are the ones who blotted out the name of that person (where it says “sinabi ni…) Who is that? Why blot it out?

Now please pay close attention to the next few sentences so as not to be confused by the Inspector’s assertions and conclusions. He states, based on the notes, that “Tenny and her followers hoped that the big bomb, to bring to their side a flood of supporters, was their lying accusations on their Youtube video that their lives were in danger and the implication that the Church leadership was responsible.”

Did you even watch or listen to the video?? What does Brother Angel or Sister Tenny say that implicates the Church leadership? (guilt feelings, eh?) They asked for help. She mentioned that to help her children, to help the missing Ministers and to get to talk to Brother Eduardo. Which part of that video, that is less than 2 minutes, say that it was the Church Leadership behind the abductions? Hmm?

Next, Inspector San Clouseau writes: “Angel himself eventually belied those claims, and it was later discovered that Tenny was living safely and peacefully in the U.S.”
Brother Joel San Clouseau… That video was made around July 2015. The Church Administration was well aware that Sister Tenny was in the United States. How do we know that? Brother Matt “Noddy” Pareja himself went around the U.S. last year telling stories and discrediting them in various districts and locales of how Sister Tenny was in Texas. And to verify that, he dragged around the District Minister of South Mid West District, Brother Ed “Donation” Javier. Did you not know that? Was that not part of your amazing investigation? Do you need audio of “Noddy” P. to prove it? I have that as well.

Let me add this on. This was posted on March 22 by the amazing Inpector San Clouseau: “How about Marco and Angel Manalo? Weren’t they trusted by Ka Erdy?”… KA ERDY DID NOT ALLOW THEM EVER TO PREACH IN THE TEMPLE. Now thats fact and NOT fairy tale”

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.19.13 PM.pngInspector Joel, just because they did not preach in the Temple, they are NOT trusted anymore? Do you know how many Ministers have never preached in the Temple? Are they also not trusted? Should I name some Ministers who are older than you who have never even preached in the Temple? Are they also unworthy? They also are NOT TRUSTWORTHY? Just because YOU are amongst the “CHOSEN” few who preach there, that is no reason to insult Ministers who have never preached there. This is similar to the earlier insults you posted. Trying to insult ka Erdy’s children but at the same time, insulting many Ministers:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.06.40 AM.png
I don’t know if he ever read my reply to this. But here is the link: (see “Cheap Shots”) And here is a little excerpt from that article.
“So if they did their Bible studies in Culiat, or in Central itself, are they less worthy? Yes, they were there brother. Or did you not check that? And if they were in charge of TV productions, was this not also part of the Propagation of the Gospel and part of the foundation which is now called INC TV? Are those duties any less to God? So if they did not move around but lived in Central, are they any less Ministers? How about ka Erdy’s brothers who were Ministers? Did they also move around? Do you deem them also unworthy?”

Like I said, I don’t want to keep going back to the topics I’ve already covered but as you can see, Inspector San Clouseau just keeps repeating himself so I also have to re-post various answers and questions I have. I hope this reaches him as well. If he is the World’s Greatest Detective and he can come to those conclusions from random pieces of paper then I am sure he would be able to read this post.

  • Let’s get this straight. PROOF is different from ASSUMPTIONS.
  • ASSUMPTIONS are different from GUESSES.
  • GUESSES are different from ACCUSATIONS.
  • You do not have PROOF. What you have are ACCUSATIONS.

Let’s end on this:
“God is strong and always victorious; both deceived and deceiver are in his power. He takes away the wisdom of rulers, and makes leaders act like fools.” Job 12: 16-17

y 2


One thought on “Jezebel Chronicles (part 2)

  1. Joel San Pedro and Dino Bunag have falsely reported others in the ministry (including school) and this is before 2009. The latter even allows profanity on his Facebook profile (a certain “Merle Schexnayder” calling Tenny Manalo a “bitch”). Does God approve of so-called “Ministers of the Gospel” sharing lewd and sexually suggestive photos from “Cutting Classes Series” (and there are a few others doing it).

    Wake up JSP, AAT and DB … non members are closely monitoring your Facebook pages. Catholic apologetic and ADD pages are ridiculing INC members. There is even a fake “Lottie Manalo” profile created by fanatic Catholics. And don’t blame the so-called “fallen angels”; it takes two.

    God knows.


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