Make Every Effort

Some of you may be surprised if this post is actually a compliment to the Administration. I actually enjoyed the Worship Service this past weekend! It was a simple lesson. Well, maybe that’s not the correct word. It was a tad difficult for our Resident Minister because he had to explain the time between the 1st World Ward and teh 2nd World War or as the Bible refers to as “silence for about half an hour”. He struggled to explain it for… about half an hour. Sorry, bad joke. And he slightly messed up about the World War saying that after the 2nd half hour, there would be another war. But we know what he meant, I think.

But what made it an enjoyable lesson was because there was no attack on the Executive Minister’s mother and siblings. I was worried that they would also be blamed for causing the 2nd World War as well (they’ve been blamed for pretty much everything else) but there was no such attack whatsoever. The other thing I was expecting was near the end. I was anticipating that the conclusion was that the Bible is indeed the words of God and we should obey all the commands and one of them would be… to give offering, etc, etc. so “next week let us give generously”, etc… but…. no such application came! It was truly amazing!! I can honestly say that this was one of the few Worship Services that I enjoyed listening to in a long time!!

It brings me to a theory. Well, it’s not really a theory. I heard it from some Batman movie. Yes, I said Batman. It was said that all these characters like the Joker and Catwoman came about because of the existence of Batman. I somewhat agree with it. Please bear with me on this one.


The point of this is, if you think about all these things happening in the church, are the brethren’s reaction to the expulsion of Executive Minister’s own mother and his siblings. The action taken by the Administration has resulted in this. There has been outrage, greater sympathy and plenty of questions that were brought about by their expulsion. Yes, A.E.’s blogs were being read by brethren but no one was sure what was happening outside of the Central office. We still kept quiet. We all simply kept attending Worship Services. But when the Administration initiated the expulsions and the Worship Service lessons were in full attack mode, the result…. well… here we are.

As I said, it is just a theory. But listening to the lesson this past weekend, it did put me in a different mindset – a more peaceful one; a less sarcastic mind. So if you think about it, would all these things have come about if these matters were handled differently? If love had prevailed, would there be expulsions of families? Would there be rallies? And could all these issues and questions have been handled differently? Could the questions of brethren have been dealt with in a more Christian manner? Was everything done to maintain the peace and unity in the Church? It brings to mind the verse in Romans 14:
“Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

Every effort must be taken to what leads to peace. I wish this was truly done. The simple thing like the lessons this past weekend shows that. Instead, we have felt the attacks. We have seen brutality and the ugly side of brethren ganging up on others. If only every effort was taken to maintain the peace and mutual edification, things would be so different. But it wasn’t. Now here we are. Their attacks will continue. The harassment will still be there. We are beyond explaining away inconsistencies and corruption. But for one brief Sunday morning, I enjoyed the lesson.


6 thoughts on “Make Every Effort

    1. This comment is a reply to THEWATCHMAN2054
      Mayroon po bang utos ang Dios na maging masunorin kahit mali? Ang pagkaka-alam ko po kasi ay; ang Dios ay hindi parang dictador, inibigyan tayo ng laya na pumiling gawin ang tama or ang mali. Kaya nga pinagkalooban tayo ng puso at isip, ng konsensya upang gamitin natin, di ba?
      Ang balik kung tanong sa iyo, susundin mo pa rin ba kahit mali na ang ipinasusunod sa iyo?


  1. The Church Administration has never made an effort or taken one step to achieve peace. It continues to break down families and fellowships inside the church. This is a common practice of a few churches which is now part of the INC discipline.


  2. It’s just that I noticed that the ministers nowadays say that the 1st world war broke out on July 27, 1914 which is wrong.
    The actual date of the war is on July 28, 1914 in Europe. That means at the time the war started in Europe, it was already July 28 or July 29 in the Philippines and not July 27.
    I remember during the time of Ka Erdy that when the ministers are preaching about this prophecy, they only mention “1914” as the time of fulfillment and does not specify the exact date of July 27, 1914. Why? Because it would be a LIE.
    Does it mean that the prophecy was not fulfilled? Of course it was fulfilled. The date is as close as you can get considering that we are talking about a biblical phophecy here and it is also supported by other prophecies that was also fulfilled. But does it make it right for ministers to “sell” July 27 because it has more impact? Of course not! The prophecy stands on its own firmly without help. But it is very wrong to propagate something that they all very well know is a LIE.
    Richard L


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