Knowing the Enemy

In the last few months, great efforts have been exerted by the Church of Christ’s Council of Elder in searching for the proverbial “Deep Throat”, that is to say they want the whistle blower of the Church of Christ’s Leadership and exposing the corruption inside. They hacked people’s phones & Facebook accounts, raided Minister’s apartments and broke into computers to find the culprit. “Who was behind all these allegations?” The Council did everything they could. Everyone was a suspect. What then transpired was unimaginable. Several Ministers were expelled, and most shocking, so were the Executive Minister’s mother and siblings.

Since then, the Council has been on an ongoing hunt for other “Enemies of the faith” and those who have been found are furiously exposed on social media and even in the Philippine newspapers. The Church has not only announced their expulsions worldwide but they want to make sure that they are humiliated. They have gone through great lengths to make sure that all the brethren know and realize that “these are the enemies”.
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They demonize them, expose them to ridicule and make sure that other brethren will not follow their footsteps. Heck, I sure don’t want my face on the internet with horns. We get the point. They are the so called “enemies”


What the Church council or leadership fail to understand, is that it does not really matter whose face you put on there. The problems still do not go away do they? That is because those faces are NOT the issues. Heck 50% of brethren won’t even recognise them if they met them in the streets. You can post pictures of the Pope or Adolf Hitler, declare them to be Public Enemy number 1 and the lingering problems will not go away.


The issue is not figuring out who the real enemy is, putting a face on it, announce how evil they are and everything is resolved. The issue is that there are questions that brethren have. You can call all those who were expelled as “spiritual Terrorists” but it does not answer the brethren’s questions. Many may still be silent but you know they’re still there.

For one, there are many who have issues with the Philippine Arena. Does that belong to the Iglesia Ni Cristo? We poured in millions of dollars into a building that is not ours? If it does belong to the Church, then why are there such worldly acts and events being conducted there? One of the reasons that was given in building it in the first place is so that we do not have to rent venues like the Cuneta Astrodome and Araneta Coliseum and yet, brethren still end up paying to attend activities in the Arena.

Why are there multiple Special Offerings for everything now? Propagation is now separate from what we regularly offer? It was sufficient before. The Council keeps insisting and so the Ministers keep repeating in the Worship Services, that we are being told Not to Offer. That is not true at all. I have not read anything that says that and I doubt many brethren are being told to do that. But what the Council also fail to understand, is that brethren do not want to offer, not because they are being told to stop, it is because they can see the oddities. They themselves wonder what is up with all these Super Special Mega Offerings? Why so much emphasis on the command to offer, offer and offer. There are other commandments we would like to hear.

As I was saying earlier, you can blame Ka Tenny, ka Angel or Sherlock, Dr. Watson, A.E., Jay-zee, Beyonce, whoever! The issues are there. They are not resolved. There is Maligaya. There is Unlad. There the Foundation, the airbus, and on and on. We don’t care whose face you put up!! You can distort the faces of these people, you can draw 10 horns, 10 eyes and 10 tails – those do not answer the questions of brethren. Knowing the enemy is not the same as knowing the answers to our questions.

Taking away the problems are in your hands, not ours. Get rid of all these things that were never meant for the Church, the extravagance, the indulgences, the harassments, the money making schemes and go back to the true religion as God meant it to be – pure and NOT involved with wordly things, then all these things will go away. Is this just my opinion? Read James chapter 1:
“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

They’ve already failed at looking after the orphans and widows, try not to fail any further from being polluted by this world.


6 thoughts on “Knowing the Enemy

    1. The author wrote a lot of sensible ideas, and you only answer with that nonsense? You really are a mindless minion. I pity you.

      Btw: to the writer of this blog, God bless you. You’re right, it’s not about knowing who the enemy is, but answering the questions.

      They keep on searching for the notorious AE. So let’s say he is finally exposed, so what’s next? Is it the end? Or how about finally answering his exposés after he was revealed?

      (BTW: I’m not a tiwalag, like you always label the so-called “enemies.” I’m an active PNK officer here in our locale in Metro Manila)


  1. Well said… Again, it is not the Church that we are questioning, we believe in the Church, its sanctity, its truthfulness… There’s no other true Church out there, NONE… So please brethren wake up and help restore the Church to its pure untainted state

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  2. My thoughts exactly! This desperate resort to character assassination is despicable. But it doesnt matter whether they go to Klasmeyt or not, with or without video. Or whether they have mistresses and lovechild. That doesnt have anything to do with the oddities, as you put it, that we ourselves see and feel within the church. For one, why did we have to spend millions for fireworks and a month later, a campaign for tanging tanging handugan that even needed a 40-night devotional prayer! Search me! (head shaking)

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