Was Brother Erdy Wrong?

In the last few months there have been outrageous things that have been said about Sister Tenny Manalo and her children. There have been countless numbers of counter accusations about the Special Task Force and Jojo de Guzman and so on and so forth. You may or may not believe all these allegations about the Manalo mother and siblings. You may or may not believe the allegations about the Special Task Force and Jojo de Guzman. But it makes me wonder then, before Brother Erdy passed away, he made some decisions that makes me think about what is happening today.

Let’s start with Brother Erdy dismantling of the Special Task Force. For some reason, he felt it necessary to not only stop this group within the Evangelical Ministry but to totally dismantle them and send the members of the group out of the Ministry and back to their respective locales in the States. I’m sure many of you remember this. Many of them came from California. I will not speculate on what ka Erdy was thinking or what moved him to do this, but the point is, he did.

Secondly, along with the dismantling of the STF, he expelled Jojo de Guzman. He not only removed him from the Ministry, he expelled him. In my years in the church, this was the first name I have heard announced all over the world. Again, I will not speculate on what Brother Erdy was thinking at the time. But nevertheless, he did. And he did it in such a way to make sure that everyone was aware of it.

So as I entitled, was Brother Erano Manalo wrong in doing these things? For whatever reason he expelled Jojo de Guzman, was he in error? He kicked out all those Evangelical Workers from the States and did not want to reinstate them. Was he in error? They were reinstated only after his death. Is that stating that brother Erdy’s decisions were wrong and must be overturned immediately?

And right after the death of Brother Erdy in 2009, the very same Jojo de Guzman was not only reinstated in the church and in the Ministry, he married the new Executive Minister’s daughter, 3 months after the death of the man who expelled him. So was ka Erdy wrong about him?

Brother Erano found out various things about what the STF was doing and saying; (aside from dancing in the Tabernacle). He found out that they were actually discussing that they were just “waiting for him to pass away and that they would be in the high positions” because of their friendship and association with brother EVM’s son, Angelo. Brother Erano was worried that the STF would be in high positions and be in control of the Church. This is one of the reasons he did not want them in the Ministry.

For the sake of argument, let us say that Brother Erano was wrong in his trepidation about the STF. Let us say that this was just an invention of maybe his family to influence the decision of Brother Erano. Let’s say it was all fabrication. Nevertheless, even if all this was made up, what we are witnessing now is exactly what Brother Erano feared; the very original members of the Special Task Force are indeed in positions of power. They were the ones who attended Angelo’s wedding and are the very same ones sitting as District Ministers. Brother FELMAR SERRENO in the United Kingdom; Brother REX ROSQUITES in Mid Atlantic. Brother JOJI CRISOSTOMO in Northeastern Seaboard and of course, the one and only, JOJO de GUZMAN sitting at the right hand of the Executive Minister. By the way, does anyone know what is his official title? (aside from Son in Law, that is). He has the power to call District Ministers worldwide and give instructions. He hands out the cash to Ministers during Pastoral Visits. And he has the power to get involved in anything he wishes, whether it is music, (yes those hymns are partly his doing); in the cases of brethren accused of being Defenders, and various activities he wishes to dabble in. In short, what ka Erdy feared would happen, has happened.

As for the later generations of STF, they are not yet District Ministers but they are also in seats of power. They have been sent back to the United States and Europe as District Auditors, District CFO, COE and/or LOS. The older Ministers? They are sitting in some locale somewhere striving to bear fruit anyway they can before get a call-up from the STF.

I feel for the old Ministers. I see their faces. They are just silent. We remember what you did for us brothers. We remember when you drove hours to visit us. We remember when you would visit our homes just to say hello and pray for us.

So whether or not you believe that it was the Holy Spirit warning brother Erdy about the STF, all those things he worried about have been fulfilled.

The age of the STF has arrived. The new world order is here and it is vicious. Brethren, prepare yourselves; it will get worse before it gets better.


3 thoughts on “Was Brother Erdy Wrong?

  1. You are correct, it will get worse but in the process more will start to stand up for what is right. More will sacrifice their lives and future for His Church. These true Christians will never allow Christ’s torture and death a second time on the cross.

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