The Jezebel Chronicles

There are postings on Facebook regarding the alleged notes of Sister Tenny Manalo, the widow of the late Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), Brother Erano Manalo. (I say alleged because we are not sure if there are additions). The hand-written notes are supposed to be exposing the truth about the “real Jezebel”. (for the new readers, the Jezebel name has been attached to her, based on the Biblical figure Jezebel who was an evil plotting queen who incited her husband, King Ahab to abandon the worship of the true God to turn to the worship of Baal, persecuted the prophets and fabricated evidence of blasphemy.)

So let’s break this down. First of all, if we will truly compare  ka Tenny, as some still call her, to the spirit of Jezebel, it is already wrong. Jezebel in the Bible used and abused her position because she was at the height of her power while her husband was seated as king. Ka Tenny could have and should have done that while at the “height of her power” when her husband was still alive. She had 50 plus years of marriage to do something. 46 years of ka Erdy’s Administration and no such events ever took place or was even rumoured about. Who have reports of her ABUSING POWER when ka Erdy was alive? ZERO.

Why would she now be the Jezebel when she is a widow in her 70’s and out of the seat of power? That does not add up does it? The Jezebel, or the spirit of Jezebel ABUSES the power she has, not after it has passed.

Carefully read about the Jezebel in the Bible who used her position to:

  1. Initiate the killing of God’s prophets who opposed her
  2. Organize her own special group of prophets
  3. Bring in Idolatry to Israel
  4. Falsely charge blasphemy against the innocent

It may sound eerily familiar of what is currently happening even without mentioning any names does it not?

I mean, are there not Ministers who were suddenly eliminated?

Was there within the last few years, a group that was established within the Ministry?

Idolatry? How much bigger can the Thumb be before you notice it?

And how many innocent brethren  have been falsely charged?

So let us think about this for a moment. Were these things fulfilled in Sister Tenny Manalo? Or is it currently happening because of someone else? THINK. I don’t even have to mention the name. (cough)

These notes are so-called evidence that was supposed to have been obtained from the house of the late brother Erdy. They went through the notes, published them on Facebook, for all to see and to show evidence that she is pretty much the “Mastermind” of the present turmoil, causing many to question the Church Administration, to stop worshiping, to stop giving offerings because of alleged corruption within the leadership and many families to be expelled for questioning the Administrator. Question: Are these ALL the notes they found? Or were they selected? If these are it, don’t you think it is odd, that out of all the things left behind, these are the ones that”incriminate” her?

Here are some of the so-called evidence – supposedly “proving” that Mrs. Tenny Manalo is indeed behind all this turmoil – assuming that this is all her handwriting:
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.19.36 PM.png

It says something about “4-5 lessons in October. Something about “Do not oppose the Administration. Correct! It is proper… But who did not follow the instructions of the Executive Minister E.G.M 46 years!???” Is this the HARD EVIDENCE of rebellion of ka Tenny??  What I see are notes about a certain “someone” who was not submitting to the instructions of E.G.M. hmmm…

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.19.45 PM

Is anyone actually reading the notes without the commentary from “ministers” that they are PROOF of rebellion?  LOOK CAREFULLY. What is even in “quotations”? Tagubilin of Papa. (Ka Erdy’s instructions). And especially the last part: “Punishment for Sin “EXPEL!” but compassionate, forgiven because son -he loves him and it is a scandal to the church.” I will not even influence you with commentary; simply READ. What does it say?
The date is June 2012. And? Special Project? What is it? It does not say. Whatever it is, she still does not forget to say “w/ God’s guidance…”. Interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.19.34 PM.png

If the mastermind (ka Tenny) is preparing her devastatingly wicked plot, why write it to the General Evangelist?  Whom by the way she has known since birth and can call him anything she wants. (It’s just like old timers calling “Eddie Boy”). Why tell Brother Bien about “STF and Babylyn”?

Next, let’s get down to the notes, this is going to be FUN actually. If she is indeed the “Brilliant Mastermind” behind all this and has been plotting for many years, would she be foolish enough to bring many things with her but leave behind her “incriminating” notes itemising all her evil plans and then say “THEY WILL USE THIS LETTER AGAINST US?” Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.19.26 PM

This is like the Soap operas where the bad guy talks out loud and says “No one must ever know my secret plan” (Then don’t talk out loud about it!). Someone could say maybe they are NOT SMART, which is why they left the evidence behind. If they are Not Smart and they caused all these “issues”, why can’t you make it go away? So are they brilliant and evil or bumbling careless amateurs? Which is it? These notes do not say anything about a REBELLION. Don’t see things that are not there!

Is this a MOVIE or a T.V. SHOW where the adversary must always REVEAL all of their wicked schemes? I feel like these “explanations and exposes” by the ministers are scenes from a movie where instead of killing the hero, the BAD GUY must first tell the details of the master plan!
“Ok, I will destroy the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and I will WRITE down my evil plans, step by step… here it is for the world to discover! I hope they don’t read my notes which I will leave behind.”

Does it feel like a movie to you?  Allow some ABSURDITY for a moment and let’s compare… 

Here are excerpts from James Bond movies where the villains ALWAYS EXPLAIN THEIR EVIL PLANS to 007…

From Dr. NO: “Missiles are only the first step to prove our power. East, west: just points of a compass, each as stupid as each other. I work for SPECTRE, ‘Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion’, the four great cornerstones of power.”


From GOLDFINGER: “Once the population, including the military, has been immobilised my task force will approach Fort Knox in motorised equipment along Bullion Boulevard, which runs past the depository here and intersects with Gold Vault Road. This fence surrounding the depository, as Mr. Strap reminded us, is electrified. It will be dynamited!”


And even animations and cartoon villains know they must REVEAL their plans…


or having diagrams of their diabolical plots


But my favourite is the revealing of Dr. Evil’s plan to ask for…. 1 Million Dollars!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.23.27.png

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, we do not live inside a movie. We don’t have the evil villains explaining step by step their master plans. So now are we to assume that these notes, the Jezebel Chronicles, are really a revelation of the devious plans? This is what I love. Let’s look at the actual segments of the Jezebel master plan for taking down the 100 year old church… (someone in Central has a vivid imagination)

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.19.18 PM


1.    Buy blouses
2.    Buy shoes
3.    Buy books
4.    Buy souvenirs
5.    Tell the General Evangelist of our Secret Plan

6.    Divide the Church

7.    Take over the world.

Oh boy, what a well made battle plan!

And maybe if ka Tenny is finally stopped from “jet setting all over the world”, is caught and handcuffed to be brought to justice, she will give her “Scooby Doo” moment and say  and admit: “my plan would have worked, if it wasn’t for these meddling kids…”


I am sorry if I have to joke about such serious matters but if the Ministers want to be taken seriously, then perhaps it should also not insult our intelligence by posting such ridiculous “evidence”. So this is your proof that Sis. Tenny is the REAL Jezebel. Or was it the TRUE Jezebel?  I’ve lost track, maybe we are up to the NEW and IMPROVED Jezebel.

In all seriousness though, all this talk about the New or True Jezebel by Ministers online, I ask, is this part of our doctrine now? Did ka EVM officially teach this as part of our belief system? Because why would Ministers post and share such things online? My mind is boggled.

Well, that’s all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed the lighter moments before going back to this miserable condition the Church is in. But before we conclude let’s read what the Bible actually tells us with when there is REAL EVIL and there are REAL ENEMIES:

Romans 12:19-21
Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”says the Lord. On the contrary:
“If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

These words are not from movies nor cartoons. These are the real words of God.
It’s a shame the ministers don’t post THESE VERSES on Facebook. Maybe then the brethren would not be so angry and vengeful. Maybe then, they would remember how to love and care. And maybe, just maybe, we will live as true members of the Church of Christ again.


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