The Battle of Bakersfield

The INC Council has declared that this is War. If it was, then they were just outmaneuvered and out strategized.
What I am referring to is the this weekend’s Chapel Dedication in Bakersfield California. The Council assumed that just like the previous week, the Defenders would simply show up again and walk around. So, preparations were done in the District, led by the Council members. The resident Ministers were stressed out all week by the meetings and instructions to the officers and SCAN. They wanted to make sure that no such incidents would embarrass them again.

So what did the “Divinely Inspired” Council (sarcasm) plan?
They rented several buses to bring all these brethren to make sure that the Defenders were outnumbered.
They would use the buses as a blockade from the Defenders.
They quietly instructed SCAN members who had concealed weapons permit to bring their “toys”.
They prepared PLACARDS / PICKET SIGNS for Kadiwas and Binhis to carry around in front of the chapel. This was done so that the Defenders would not have a place there.
Let’s think about this last move for a moment and consider the possible outcomes:

1.   If the Defenders had come to rally, who would be in front of the chapel? The Kadiwa / Binhi – the Youth. There would be a mixture of Defenders and Kadiwa/Binhi! That would’ve been a sight to see.

2.   If the Kadiwa/ Binhi had refused to be mixed with the Defenders, would there have been some shoving around, hoping that the Defenders would be accused of pushing kids around? You would use your kids as BAIT?

3.   If there was a heated exchange, and emotions get out of control, there could have been some violence on both sides. Who would have been in the middle of such turmoil? The kids!
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.36.35 AM.png
The point here is that why would you put the youth in the front like that? I know the Defenders would not harm anyone, but did THEY know that? If they knew there would be no violence why would they bring weapons? If you expected some violent acts, why then would you use the youth as HUMAN SHIELDS?? Which is it?

Aside from the young human shields, what else happened? The Council members were sure that there would be a rally based on Facebook spies and trolls who spend their days peeking at the Defenders’ posts. So what was the result? They were outmaneuvered once again. If this was really a war, you would have been there like sitting ducks with your young human shields, the attack would have come from THE AIR, while the generals were hiding inside and then taking off before anyone else. Is this what we call divine guidance?

Fortunately, the Defenders do have Christian faith and would not harm children. All they want is for the good of the Church and for them to be able to serve in peace. Is this a war? I hope not. Because the Generals and all their followers are in deep trouble.


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